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C15 rehabilitation

The moment Fei Yu left the principal's office, the principal was paralyzed on his chair, gasping heavily for breath. Although Fei Yu did not attack the principal, the coercion from the Divine level expert's mental fluctuations was still unbearable for the principal, and when he thought about the situation just now, the principal felt a burst of fear, it was just the pressure from the mental waves that almost caused him to get injured. After all, he was in the Pharaoh! Although he had just leveled up not long ago, it was still Pharaoh after all. One of the top nine rankers of the continent, who would have thought that he would be so weak when going against a Divine level expert like Fei Yu.

No, they definitely could not allow the Empire to clash with Fei Yu. They would rather sacrifice some people, the Prime Minister, the Prince, compared to the fate of the Empire, they ? I hope they don't kill themselves. I've done my best.

No, it was better to make some preparations first. Thinking of this, the principal ignored his trembling body that was still in shock, and hurriedly walked outside.

The capital of the Walter Empire ? ? Rigidite City Palace.

Emperor Gust was listening to Lan Te's report.

"Your Majesty, the Old official has something to report." After saying that, Lan Te placed both his hands together in front of his chest and made a few consecutive gestures. The emperor immediately narrowed his eyes majestically and asked in a serious tone, "Lan Te, are you serious?"

"Old official doesn't dare to joke around with such a thing." It turned out that at the top of the empire, there were a few officials who would be informed by the Emperor of a few hand signals. When a certain number of officials at the top of the empire were informed of a few hand signals, the Emperor would summon them alone in the secret room when a matter involving the life and death of the empire needed to be reported in private in order to prevent the secret from leaking.

"Follow me."

Emperor Gust got up and walked towards the deeper parts of the palace. After seven to eight turns, he finally reached a secret room that was decorated with elegant, ancient decorations. There were no windows or doors in the surroundings, and magic lamps lit up the ceiling and the walls were made of unknown materials.

As the guard retreated out of the room, His Majesty the Emperor sat in front of a desk and twisted a small sculpture on top of the desk. With a slight sound, Pharaoh Rand could feel a burst of Magic Ripples from the surroundings.

"Speak, there is no one here other than you and me."

"Your Majesty, do you know that a Divine level expert has appeared on the continent?"

"What?" Damn it, why didn't anyone report such a huge matter to me? " If there was a Divine level expert, then it would truly be unimaginable for him. But now that he heard that a Divine level expert had appeared, and he did not receive a report about it, he could not help but be furious.

"Please calm your anger, the news of the appearance of a Divine level expert on the continent is only known by a few people, it hasn't been spread out yet. It's impossible for intelligence to find out." After hearing what Lan Te had said, Gu Ji's anger lessened a little.

"Hmm? "Tell me, what exactly happened?"

"So it's like this ?" Lan Te narrated the matter of Fei Yu coming to the Academy to research on magic, just that he did not mention the fact that Fei Yu had given him the medicine.

Haha, Principal Lan Te, first of all, congratulations on finally breaking through to the Pharaoh, and having such a wish for so many years. How about this, we will personally host your bestowment ceremony in a few days, so that everyone will know that the Empire once again thought of the Pharaoh. " The Emperor nodded.

"Thank you, your majesty." Originally, after every Saint rank expert had been successfully promoted, the Emperor would personally bestow upon the Imperial Family a title of title and title.

"There's no need to be so polite. You have trained diligently for the sake of the Empire and have finally broken through. It is natural and proper that you have been bestowed the title and title of Royal Pharaoh."

"Your Majesty, this subject has more to report."

"Oh? "What else do you want? Speak."

"Reporting to the Emperor, from what this subject has observed, Fei Yu and the precious daughter of the Holy Knights of the Empire, Kanan Ge Mulinsi, are very close, and Miss Lin Nuo seems to have the same intention."

"That's good news. Since he likes you, he should pay more attention. Perhaps this is a good start." A member of the Divine level expert, what kind of assistance was this?

"But ?" "But ?"

"But what? If you have something to say, then don't hesitate. We will not blame you."

Thank you your majesty, but it seems that the Second Prince also has a favourable impression of Miss Lin Nuo, and Prime Minister's second son, Luo Jie, is also pursuing her, Old official is afraid that the Second Prince and Luo Jie will do some unsuitable actions, at that time, if there is a conflict, it will affect the relationship between the and the empire, and at that time, it will affect the relationship between the and the empire.

"Alright, I only know that. I will warn them, so you don't have to worry about that. Also, since that Divine level expert is not willing to be known, then don't tell anyone else for now, wait until the result between him and Lin Nuo is over, you have to pay close attention to this matter, and at the most crucial moment, you have to add fuel to the fire. If you really meet someone who misses you, no matter who it is, it will be easy for you to do it, and you can't get into any mishaps, do you understand? "

"Old official understands. Old official will take his leave."


Fei Yu's residence.

As Fei Yu walked home, he noticed that there were some people monitoring him along the way, and even some people around the house paying attention to him. Although it was done secretly, how could it be hidden from a powerful Jindan Stage expert, no matter how secretive he was, he could not hide himself in front of the powerful spiritual consciousness.

"Lan, are you alright today?"

"Not bad. But there seems to be a lot of people outside. Not just doing something?" So it turned out that You Lan had also discovered something, but for unknown reasons, she did not bother about it.

"I understand. I will take care of it. Be careful when you go out in the next few days. If you have nothing to do, try not to go out." "Right, how is that Belis? Is there any trouble?"

"Fortunately, it's just that it's a bit weak and the Cultivation Level has descended."

"Lan, do you still remember that time when I inexplicably forged a homocentric for you to heal?"

"Of course I remember. Wait a minute, don't tell me you want to tell me that also ?"

"Yes, I don't know what to say to her, and I don't know if she'll accept it. Lan, as far as you know, is there any way to dissolve this contract? "

"Once a contract is concluded, it cannot be dissolved. But other than the master-slave contract s forcibly taking and controlling the slave formula, the other contracts would normally not have any negative effects. "

"Sigh, if that's the case, then there's nothing we can do about it. We'll talk to Beli about it later. It's the only thing we can do now."

"That's right, the other Dragon Knights are all sub-dragons like Earth Dragons, Wyverns and Swift Dragons. If Sister Belis doesn't mind, then you would be the first Dragon Knight to truly ride a True Dragon."

F * * k, riding a Belis, why is it so wrong? Belis is a female dragon riding a Belis, she shouldn't be in the sky, she should be in bed ? "Hehe ?"

"Dragon Knight, female dragon Belis, ride Belis. No, I only miss you, my wife. Can you let me ride you tonight?" Fei Yu smiled evilly.

"Think of all this dirty stuff, you're so bad you're dead." When You Lan saw Fei Yu's mischievous smile, he knew what Fei Yu was referring to. His little face was flushed red, and his small fists kept hitting Fei Yu, but no matter how he looked at it, it seemed to be massaging Fei Yu's body.

After playing around for a while, Fei Yu entered the training room and started meditating, just in case. Although his current Cultivation Level was not inferior to anyone in the continent in terms of aurine stage, and he was not afraid of any experts' frontal assault or sneak attack, as for the people around him, You Lan, althoughe was already a Elf King, although she had strong magic, she was still weak, as long as there was an expert's sneak attack, he would have to think of ways to increase You Lan's strength even though her relationship with him was still unclear. Although her relationship with him was getting stronger, she could not be harmed.

Fei Yu started to rummage through his mind. The Shennong's Grimoire had not only recorded the cultivation methods of Shen Nong Clan, but also the things that he had seen, heard, obtained and felt during his thousands of years of cultivation.

The biggest characteristic of a cultivation technique was that it did not conflict with any cultivation techniques. Using the life essence that erupted during times of joy, Fei Yu used it to strengthen his muscles and bones, increase the toughness of his flesh and blood, and increase the toughness of his spiritual cultivation. It was different from the other dual cultivation methods, which could only be practiced by men. For the first time, one needed to create a unique meridian circulation on top of it that corresponded with the rest of the meridians in the body, and after this meridian circulation was completed, one could ignore it. When one was in a state of joy, the technique would automatically circulate.

Thinking about how Fei Yu had to look through the storage ring, there, Fei Yu saw a few Storage Ring here. Although they were not as powerful as the ones he had, but they were still rare treasures, last time he gave You Lan one, and there were eight, he only needed to refine them and add them onto the appropriate array formation.

He took out a ring and used a zhenyuan to float the ring in front of him. With a wave of Method of on his right hand, the light red three kinds of true fire immediately surrounded the ring and silently burned it. The primordial flames were divided into three kinds of true fire, Six Flames, and Nine Flames.

Following the three kinds of true fire's burning ring, it started to slowly turn red and soften. Right now, Fei Yu didn't want to destroy the ring, he wanted to just refine the ring and add in a few arrays so that the ring would turn red and soften. If this continued, the ring would be destroyed.

First, the owner of the ring had to inject a certain amount of energy into the ring. The ring could use the energy from the ring, which could be used to form an energy shield with different shapes, it could be used to form an energy shield with different sizes. At the same time, the energy that was injected into the ring could not only form a shield, it could also form an energy spike.

Finally, Fei Yu refined a few demon beast crystal into dozens of pearl-sized, sparkling balls and sealed a few powerful instantaneous attack techniques. As long as he used the spiritual force to trigger the target to throw out the ball, it would not consume the user's energy at all. It's much better than a grenade.

When everything was finished, Fei Yu returned to the surface. It was already very late, so he took out the refined ring on the ground and gave it to You Lan.

"Lan, this is a ring that was refined once more. By injecting Dou Qi or magic, it can form a strong shield or sharp energy spike. Exchange the one on your hand for another one, you can use this new Storage Ring."

"Sure." As he said that, he changed the ring on his hand and attempted to inject magic power into the ring. Thinking about forming a small shield in front of him, a crystal clear shield formed in front of him.

"Ah, how beautiful." Sigh, woman, if you don't pay attention to the toughness of the shield, the first thing you notice is the beauty of it.

Not only is it beautiful, the shield was formed through an amplification magic formation, and requires two levels of energy above the owner of the ring to continue the attack before it can be broken. Even if the shield is broken, it will not harm the ring, and you can continue to use the magic power or battle spirit. As he spoke, he retrieved another ring.

"Lan, recently, there might be people who will take action against us. They will also take action against Lin Nuo. This ring ?"

Fei Yu did not know how to continue. How to ask his wife to give a ring to a possible concubine? This really wasn't very suitable!

"Do you want to give the storage ring to Lin Nuo?" You Lan asked with an unfriendly tone.

"Yes." Fei Yu braced himself and said.

"Did you fall for Lin Nuo and not want me? I knew it would be like this, sob sob." You Lan lowered her head and whimpered.

"Lan, no, I mean ?" "But ?" Fei Yu frantically tried to explain and comfort You Lan.

"Hehehe" You Lan raised her head and laughed coquettishly. Her face did not look sad at all.

"Idiot, I'm lying. Actually, I already knew that Little Sister Lin Nuo liked you since a long time ago, you also started to like Little Sister Lin Nuo, right?"

"How do you know?" Fei Yu scratched his head, he was confused, he himself also felt a little hazy!

My good Hubby, you don't have to worry. It is normal for strong people to have a few women on this continent, furthermore, didn't you tell me that the place you used to live was the same? As long as you have me in your heart, don't forget me. As he said that, he threw himself into Fei Yu's embrace, and it was hard to hide the trace of disappointment in the corner of his eyes.

"Is that really the case?"

"Really? Besides, at night ?" At night... As I get stronger and stronger, I can't take it anymore. I need to find a little sister to help me deal with you! " You Lan buried her face red in Fei Yu's embrace, not daring to look up as she said that.

"Haha, so it's a feint. Why? Darling, aren't you enjoying it too!" Fei Yu said as he scratched You Lan's face.

"Lan, then send a ring to Lin Nuo tomorrow." Fei Yu said after a while.

"Don't, go send it yourself. Little Sister Lin Nuo will want you to go, I will make Little Sister Lin Nuo sad."

"But ?"

"Aiya, no buts." You Lan started to act coquettishly in Fei Yu's embrace, her soft and delicate body wriggling about in Fei Yu's embrace. Fei Yu instantly felt that his confidence was lacking, and at the same time, his body started to react.

"Alright, alright, I'll go."

"It's good of you."

You Lan suddenly stuck close to Fei Yu and offered his a kiss., who was in close proximity to his, immediately felt the changes in his body, causing his face to turn even more red.

"Haha, Lan, you've gotten yourself in trouble, take care of it!" Fei Yu laughed a little complacently.

"You ? "Big bad guy ?" Sensing the change in Fei Yu's body, You Lan obviously knew what Fei Yu was saying.

"Haha, then I, this bad guy, am going to do something bad. Let's go!" As he said that, he carried You Lan, who had lost all her softness, and rushed straight to the bedroom in a few steps. He casually peeled out a fresh and tasty big white sheep, and then the enchanting sound of wind and rain came from the bedroom.

In the sky, the bright moon also shyly hid behind the muslin clouds.

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