Domination: Divine Doctor Hua Tuo/C19 Disturbance from peace
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Domination: Divine Doctor Hua Tuo/C19 Disturbance from peace
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C19 Disturbance from peace

Seeing Fei Yu shake his head, the two girls both thought that Fei Yu was very disappointed with their previous performance. Lowering his head, he timidly came in front of Fei Yu and said:

"Fei Yu, are we that useless to have just killed a few bandits?"

"No, no, baby, you've done very well. Next time it won't be like this."

"Really, of course, okay, you two can go in the car first, can't you?"

"Mn." "Mn." Lin Nuo and You Lan knew of their current situation and obediently agreed to get on the carriage.

"Alright, Beli. You go help You Lan and Lin Nuo to get on the carriage, I'll take care of the remaining bandits."

"Alright then." Just as she was eager to look at the remaining bandits, suddenly hearing Fei Yu's words, she stopped and helped You Lan and her group to get on the carriage.

Fei Yu turned and walked towards the bandits, only seeing the corpses of the bandits, only three or five of them were able to stand, and even if they could stand, their eyes were filled with fear, as though they would not dare to attack until they were dead. Fei Yu was too lazy to kill them, after all, he was not a butcher.

"All of you, come here."

"Hero, spare me, Hero, spare me, I have eighty mothers-in-law, I have a wife and children, my family dozens of people waiting for me to earn money to buy rice, Hero, spare me, Hero, spare me."

"Hero, spare me, Hero, spare me!"

"Hero, spare me, Hero, spare me!"

The sound of begging could be heard again and again. Fei Yu almost burst into laughter, why is it the same world as the original, snatching everything if they can't snatch it, begging for mercy if they can't, what a realistic bandit!

"Shut up, don't come with me. It's useless. Answer my question honestly. If you answer well, I won't pursue the consequences of robbing me. Otherwise, hmph, do you understand?"

"I understand, I understand. This little one will tell you everything I know. Hero, just ask, just ask."

"Alright, then I'll ask you. Who asked you to come?" Whoever is the mastermind, in fact. "

"This, this, this little one's family has no rice to eat anymore. I've been starving for half a month, so ?" So... Think Out... "I was trying to get some wild food, so..."

"Shut up, you're still being stubborn, and you're not speaking the truth? Did you see them? Don't even think about it when the time comes. " Fei Yu sneered as he pointed to the corpse on the ground.

"This little one understands, this little one understands." The leading man wiped off the perspiration on his forehead as his eyes rolled around non-stop. He did not know that Fei Yu had seen all of this.

"Since you understand, I don't need to teach you. Speak!"

"Hero, this lowly one is indeed from home ?"

"Enough. Since you want to be with your dead brother so much, I'll grant you that wish." After Fei Yu finished speaking, he picked up a big axe from the ground, looked at the axe blade and then looked at the bald leader.

"Is this your axe? "How did it get broken? I wonder if I can cut through the bone, what do you think?"

"Ying..." Hero, I am speaking the truth. Hero, spare my life. Hero. " Fei Yu also ignored him, walking to the back of the big sized man, and then throwing an axe at the back of his neck, the big man screamed out and fell to the ground with a plop, bringing with him a foul stench.

"Get up, don't play dead." Fei Yu's kick landed on the big sized guy's butt, making him flipped a few times before he crawled up from the ground.

"I didn't die. Hahaha, I didn't die." The burly man realized that he was still alive and started to shout uncontrollably.

"Yes, you're not dead yet, but if you don't say anything now, you're going to die soon." Fei Yu laughed coldly, the big sized man only felt his entire body shivering, the damn weather is so cold! It turned out that Fei Yu had only used his axe to quickly rub against the big sized man's neck. He did not even scratch the big sized man's skin, but he was so shocked that the big sized man nearly fainted on the spot.

"Yes, yes, yes, I said, I said." The big man turned around and looked at his men. Whether they died or were injured, only a few of them who could stand were scared out of their wits. It seemed they were doomed today. Whatever, just say it. At worst, the brothers will just leave this place.

"Speak, stop playing any tricks, or else ?"

A few days ago, a masked warrior came to find us and asked us to intercept a few of our men. The Captain didn't want this at first, but the masked warrior gave us a thousand gold coins, so for the sake of the huge amount of gold coins, he agreed.

"Who is that masked warrior? Why is he trying to stop us?"

"I don't know, Hero. This time, I really don't know. Even if you kill me, I don't know. That person was wearing a black mask the whole time. Don't say anymore. He didn't reveal anything." The big sized man looked at the gigantic axe Fei Yu was swinging in front of his eyes and asked in a trembling voice.

"En, alright, you guys go, don't let me see you again." Fei Yu saw that he could not get anything out of them, killing them would be useless, so he just released them.

"Ah?!" The big man could not believe his ears.

"Hurry up and leave. Wait for me to go back on my word?" "Wait, deal with your dead and injured subordinates first."

"Ai ai ai ?" This time, the big man understood and quickly agreed. Trembling, he stood up. Fei Yu did not care about how the big sized man handled the casualties of his subordinates, and sat on the windmill and left this place.

On the windmill.

"Lin Nuo, is You Lan better now?" Fei Yu saw that Lin Nuo and You Lan were sitting on the carriage as they kneeled, their faces still pale white, they asked in concern.

"Much better." I'm much better too. " Lin Nuo and You Lan answered.

In the future, you will get used to it, and there's no need for guilt in your heart. If you don't kill them today, then you can imagine what your fate will be. In this world, only the strong survive, and the strong do not rely on words to speak of.

"Got it." Fei Yu saw that You Lan and Lin Nuo were still in a very bad state, even though he finally understood that the first time they killed someone, it was still unbearable for the two of them.

"They'll be better for a while." She was very curious about the method Fei Yu used to make people fall asleep. Other than magic, she could only use violence to knock people out, and this was the first time she saw a method that could make people fall asleep just like this, but it was a secret of other people's martial skills. It could not be asked, because this was a taboo for all races, not just Homo sapiens, so he had to endure it.

Several hours had passed and You Lan and Lin Nuo had gradually woken up from their sleep. Now, You Lan and Lin Nuo's expressions were much better than before, and their bodies had regained their previous rosiness.

"You're awake. Are you still feeling well?"

"Alright, it's nothing."

"Fine, I will tell you about today's battle situation. There are a total of 28 opponents, one five levels Warrior, with light orange dou qi, four Level Four Warriors, using light red dou qi, and the rest are all low level grass bandits, right?"


Lin Nuo, you are already a magic guide, you are two to three ranks higher than them. The Magic Power that you release is huge, so you should be able to use magic to take care of them all, but your magic control is still insufficient, look at the Earth Thrust you released today, more than half of it is outside of the enemy gathering area.

"I'm sorry, I'm useless." Lin Nuo's tears continued to roll down her cheeks.

"It's fine, it's fine. I'm just letting you know the flaws in it. Just improve it in the future. Don't be sad." Fei Yu consoled Lin Nuo in her arms.


"Alright, next is You Lan, the same question as Lin Nuo, the fireball you sent out has the strongest attack, but it only injured a few more people, and the rest have already reached on the ground, right?"

"Yes, I will try my best to improve it."

In the future, you need to increase your training in this area. Also, you need to save some magic power, you have to know, in a real life or death battlefield, most of the time, the last bit of power can be used to determine life or death, saving a bit of energy.

"En!" This time, not only You Lan and Lin Nuo, Beli also nodded in agreement.

Also, you two are not just weak Magician, your bodies have been modified, so it is very suitable for you guys to practice some martial arts. In the future, I will teach you two some martial arts skills. "

"Can I learn too?" Belis suddenly interrupted.

"If you're interested, let's learn together."

"Sure, sure." After interacting with each other for a period of time, he had already known that Fei Yu was a master of martial arts. Even if he was at his peak state, he might not be his match, and he even had many mystical techniques. When he heard that Fei Yu could teach his martial arts, he was immediately overjoyed.

The capital of the Walter Empire ? ? Rigidite City ? ? Prime Minister's House.

"Trash, rice bucket, what's the use of me raising all of you if even a few women can't handle it?" You still have the face to return and report, trash, you're all trash. " After Luo Jie finished reading the report in his hand, he crushed the report into pieces and threw it onto the ground, then angrily scolded his trusted aide beside him.

"Please calm your anger young master, it is this little one who is incompetent, this little one is incompetent, please forgive me young master."

"Humph, tell us what happened."

"It's young master ?"

"Trash, why did you find an unranked mercenary group, if you continue searching, you have to snatch them back for me."

"Young master, what if there's a leak?"

"What should we do? Be careful, once word spreads, none of you should think about it. Also, I don't want to see those Mercenary in the Empire, do you understand?" Luo Jie stared at his trusted aide fiercely, and said coldly.

"Understood." The man was terrified. He knew that if the news got out, his underlings would become scapegoats.

"If you understand, why don't you hurry up and do it? Are you waiting for the rewards?" Luo Jie bellowed.

"Yes, your subordinate will take his leave." The man with the blue belt climbed into the room.

"Humph, Lin Nuo, let's see how you escape my grasp. Fei Yu, you overconfident fellow, if you want to fight me, then just smash your body into pieces, hahahahaha." Luo Jie sinisterly muttered to himself, and started laughing loudly.

The capital of the Walter Empire ? ? Rigidite City Palace.

Reporting to the Second Prince, Lin Nuo and his men were attacked by someone from the mercenary group three days ago. The group of Miss Lin Nuo and her men were safe and sound, and the people from the mercenary group had heavy losses.

"Oh, got it, do you know who ordered this mercenary group to do this?"

"Please forgive my incompetence, prince."

Heh, useless trash, immediately go and find out who ordered the mercenary group to do so. At the same time, continue to monitor everyone's movements.


"Hmph, Lin Nuo, you will be mine sooner or later. Let's see who can snatch you away!"

Walter Empire Capital ? Rigidite City ? Cathedral Secret Room

Bishop of Ranald was still sitting on her teacher's chair, holding her wine cup and listening to the report.

Three days ago, Lin and the rest were attacked by 28 people from the mercenary group. Among them, one was a five levels Warrior, four was a Level Four Warrior, 23 was an ordinary warrior, the majority of them were killed or injured in the attack. The ones who attacked were Miss Lin Nuo and a woman named You Lan.

"Oh?" Are you saying that Lin Nuo has at least reached the Cultivation Level of a Great Mage or even magic guide? "

"Yes, according to the reports from my subordinates, that's how it should be."

"Interesting, a few days ago I saw Lin Nuo before, that was clearly a Cultivation Level whose Level Four was close to the five levels, it's impossible for it to have such a huge change, could it be that I made a mistake, it's impossible!" Looks like these people aren't as simple as it seems, passing down the information, adding on the people to closely monitor the movements of the few people, the original surveillance personnel have all been removed, and the most outstanding investigation team have been sent out, it is strictly prohibited to closely monitor their movements. "


"Also, did anyone order the mercenary group to do this?"

Currently, the clues are locked on Hubby's disciples, Luo Jie and the Second Prince. Further investigation is still needed to confirm this.

"Oh? "Well, are you sure?"

"Yes, quite sure."

"Okay, you have to pay close attention to the movements of the Hubby's Son, Luo Jie, and the Second Prince. If necessary, leave some clues for Lin Nuo and the others, understand?"

"This subordinate understands."

On the way to Elven Forest, amongst the windmill.

"You Lan, what's wrong, since we're talking about this, why are you so worried?" Fei Yu asked in concern.


"Really? Sister You Lan, don't worry about me and Fei Yu, Fei Yu will not allow the people of Elven Forest to bully you, furthermore, who in Elf King dares to be disrespectful to you right now!? " Lin Nuo interjected from the side.

"But my parents?"

"What happened to your parents? What's going to happen? " Fei Yu asked as he faintly sensed something in his heart.

"I'm afraid my parents will object to us being together."

"Yeah, the power of the Homo sapiens has expanded rapidly, the region has expanded rapidly, and the Homo sapiens has used all means possible to persecute the members of the other races on the continent, forcing them into a remote and desolate place. As a result, the other races of the continent have very poor impressions of the Homo sapiens, and would not interact unless it is absolutely necessary, let alone marry each other." Belis also said.

"Yes, Fei Yu." Lin Nuo also nodded in agreement.

"Fei Yu, I don't want to leave you." You Lan weakly threw himself into Fei Yu's embrace, stuck to Fei Yu's thick chest and remained silent for a long time.

"Don't worry, I won't leave you behind. Let me think of a way, how can I get your parents and clansmen to agree to let you come with me?"

"I don't know either. In the past, the Homo sapiens was used to secretly coming here to take away my clansmen and forcing them to form master-slave contract s. No one from the Elves has ever followed the Homo sapiens out of the Elven Forest on their own accord."

"Oh, don't worry. When the boat arrives at the bridge, it will naturally come straight to the point. I will convince your parents and clansmen to agree."

At this time, Fei Yu suddenly felt a wave of killing intent. An expert of Fei Yu's level was extremely sensitive to the enmity in their surroundings, and would be detected the moment there was an abnormality in their surroundings.

Suddenly, Fei Yu felt that something was wrong. Seeing that there was a small hill in front of him, he felt that it was definitely possible for a hundred or so people to hide such a huge amount of artemisia grass.

spiritual consciousness carefully searched the artemisia grass in front and quickly found that there were a total of eighteen people lying in ambush behind the slope. This time, they were not weak, there were actually one magic guide, five great mages, three Big Sword s, one assassin, and eight s.

In the past few days, Fei Yu felt that the people under surveillance had become more cautious after the previous attack, and their numbers had also increased, but he did not know how they were dragged out until now. Of course, Fei Yu did not know that the Bishop wanted the elemental crystal fruit, but now that the elemental crystal fruit had not been obtained, the people of the Church would not do anything.

"Be careful, there is killing intent ahead. I'm afraid there might be an ambush. Be careful." Fei Yu suddenly reminded.

"What!?" After Fei Yu's warning, the other three were slightly startled.

"There's a killing intent ahead. It should be an ambush, and it seems that it's not weak at all, there's a magic guide amongst them."

"Really? Then what should I do?" Lin Nuo was, after all, a pampered miss who had always been pampered since childhood. Other than training, she had almost never experienced any storms, so she was at a loss for a moment.

"Get off the car, we will meet them. This is a rare chance to practice."

After they descended the windmill s, Fei Yu looked at the slope in front of them and said.

"All of you, come out. Dozens of us have been intercepted, but you're all still hiding. Let's see what you guys can do!"

Just as she finished speaking, the dense grass on the slope not far away from the road suddenly trembled, and immediately after, a dozen or so people rushed out from the grass, and quickly surrounded Fei Yu and the rest of the windmill s, and stared at Fei Yu and his group like tigers stalking their prey!

In an instant, the atmosphere became oppressive, and the battle was about to begin.

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