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C20 fight again

"Hahaha, I'm afraid you guys don't have any good intentions for appearing here at this time."

"It's nothing. I'll give you a chance to leave them and their money. You can leave now." A few people who looked like they were from Mercenary clamored.

"Ha ha-ha, the elderly are so old now, why are you not staying at home and trying to steal my daughter?" Fei Yu did not care about what looked to be the leading elder teasing him, causing You Lan and the rest to giggle.

"Young people need to be careful when they speak. Don't try to stand out and make sure that trouble comes from your mouth." The leader, a man in his fifties who wore a long magic robe and held a magic battle axe in his hand, spoke slowly and unhurriedly.

When the 50 year old man with a magic robe spoke, the others all went silent. It seemed that he was the leader of this group.

It seemed like this old man was really determined to get the magic guide that he had sensed. He actually sent out a magic guide, one must know that the status of the Magician on the continent is very high, a magic guide can be respected even in a country, what's more in a mercenary group, with a Big Sword warrior and an assassin, the other party really thinks highly of Fei Yu and the others.

"Hahaha, old man, you are correct. Since that is the case, what is the purpose of those people lying in ambush here?"

"Humph, you don't have to say any more nonsense. Do as they said just now to avoid hurting their relationship. Otherwise, the result will be hard to say."

"Oh, then I want to see what the result is. There's no point in talking any further, we'll see how it goes under the table, how about we fight a few rounds, one on one, two victories in three rounds, you guys win, we'll do as you said, if we're lucky and win, you guys can leave, what does that old man think?" Fei Yu did not want to continue the topic, so he just spoke the truth.

"Haha, I am fine. What do you think?" The old man turned around and looked at the people behind him as he asked.

"Master will decide everything." As they spoke, under the instructions of the elder, a space was vacated for the competition.

"Alright, Mr. Kerry, I'll be troubling you to go for the first match." The old man said to a man dressed like a swordsman beside him.

"I'd be happy to." The big man nodded in agreement, then he stepped out of the crowd and stood in the middle of the field.

"Alright, then who among the younger generation will be the first to go?" The old man looked as if he was going to eat all of them today.

"Yes." Kerry was a Big Sword soldier who was around forty years old. He was nearly two meters tall, tall and sturdy, and he held a two-handed greatsword the width of a human's hand. From his steady footsteps and the ease with which he carried the Big Sword, one could tell that he was not a bad opponent. Fei Yu thought for a while and said.

"Belis, how about you go?"

"Alright, alright. I'll go beat him up." It was obvious that she was still a militant, and she was extremely excited when she heard that she was allowed to fight.

"Then be careful."

"Got it." With the strength of the dragon race itself, even if it was a young dragon, it would probably be able to defeat a Swordmaster, let alone a Alice. Furthermore, the other party was just a Big Sword warrior. It was obvious that he was trying to bully someone.

"Come on, your opponent is me." She took out a handful of fine steel two-handed greatsword and stood twenty paces away from Kerry with her sword in one hand.

He thought that Fei Yu would fight, but who would have thought that a beautiful lady would appear out of nowhere. After looking closely, his expression could not help but become serious, and he cautiously adopted a fighting stance. Kerry realized that he could not see through the lady in front of him. The Cultivation Level of the woman in front of him was probably higher than his by a lot. It seemed like it was a fierce battle, and when the woman stood there so casually, he felt a strong pressure pressing against his chest, causing him to feel stuffy and his breathing to become disordered.


His body slightly leaned forward, and with a few quick steps, he dashed towards Beli. In a flash, he appeared in front of Beli, took a deep breath, and slashed down with the sword in both of his hands. His momentum was astonishing.


With a cold snort, she slightly raised her battle qi and brandished her sword to meet the attack. Only a loud "ding" could be heard from her earring, and when she looked back at the battlefield, she saw that she was still the same as before, without a single trace of movement.

He looked at Kerry's messy hair, the big and small wounds on his clothes that were made by his warrior power, the big wounds on his hands, which were already dripping with blood on the handle of the Big Sword, his face was pale and there was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth, his eyes were tightly fixed on Belis, he could not believe that he was defeated by a woman with just one move, and she was even holding a sword with one hand! No matter what, he couldn't be defeated like this. Thinking of this, Kerry readjusted his breathing, then suddenly gathered all of his battle qi. His whole body emitted a strong green light. He then jumped into the air and shouted loudly.

"Look at me ? Mountain Splitting Slash!"

While in midair, the warrior power gathered on the Big Sword, bursting out with a dazzling green light, hacking towards Beli from mid-air. In mid-air, a giant Big Sword figure, dozens of feet long, formed by the warrior power, whistled and hacked at Belis from high up in the air.

"You overestimate yourself." With one hand, she waved the Big Sword upwards. A faint golden colored dragon's dou qi flew out and crashed into Kerry's Mountain Splitting Slash, and Kerry suddenly felt as if he had been struck by a mountain. In the face of this force, his own strength was extremely insignificant.

With Kerry and Belis at the center of it all, all of the weeds began to fall down, and Kerry flew back at a speed several times faster than when he first arrived. His pretty ass landed on the ground in the shape of a sandflake, and after struggling for a while, he was unable to stand up. Kerry was unreconciled. From the beginning till the end, the female swordsman held a sword in one hand and did not use any battle qi (Beli used too little battle qi, probably no one other than Fei Yu could notice his.) He had been defeated so simply.

"Kerry, what's wrong?" the old man asked.

"I win ?" No... "Kill her." After saying that, Kerry could not hold on any longer. He spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted on the ground.

"We've lost this match." When the old man saw that Kerry was injured, he immediately admitted defeat and had his men bring Kerry back to heal.

"Alright, let this old man personally experience this match. May I know who will take action?" Seeing this, the old man thought to himself, "Not good. If I lose another match, it would be difficult. I have no choice but to take action."

Fei Yu turned around and looked. Lin Nuo, no, Lin Nuo had just obtained the power of magic guide, her application speed was much worse than those Magician s who had cultivated to the next level by relying on their own strength, Belis, forget it, look at how it was just now, it was impossible for Belis to go up again, why not let You Lan go up and fight with the old man. You Lan was now a middle ranked Elf King, a first level God Realm character, and's casting speed was much faster than that of Homo sapiens.

"You Lan, you go, be extra careful. This old man only has Cultivation Level s with magic guide. Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the usage of magic. This kind of opportunity isn't always available."

"I will, don't worry."

"Hahaha, little girl, don't worry. I came today to take you away, not to kill you." The old mage smiled.

"Thank you very much, old man."

"Haha, I wouldn't bully the weak with my strength. How about this, I'll let you use three moves. Within three moves, I can only defend, right?"

"Old man, are you sure you want to do this?" You Lan wanted to laugh. If he had really attacked with all his strength, even a Pharaoh could not be easily taken care of, much less a mere magic guide.

"What, you don't trust me?"

"No, alright, you get ready. I am going to cast my magic."

"wind shield!" "Guardian of Light!" The two of them couldn't forget to first cast defensive spells.

"Little girl, feel free to come. I'm ready."

"Well, then, look at my ? Large Fireball." Large Fireball and fireball were both five levels Magic, the difference being that fireball was only a group attack magic, while Large Fireball was an upgraded version of the Little Fireball, a single target attack magic, its power was tyrannical.

You Lan controlled her magic output, allowing the Large Fireball's power to only be on the level of six levels Mages. Even so, it frightened the opponent's magic guide greatly, she had initially thought that the little girl was only a fourth or fourth stage five levels Magician, but did not expect it to be so abnormal, just one Large Fireball was already on the level of a six levels Mage, who knew if the little girl had hidden her strength?

When he thought about this, the magic guide elder felt his entire body go numb, and immediately increased the output of his mana, strengthening the wind shield, causing the surrounding layer of wind shield to change color and become thicker, and even covering up the old man's figure, the old man even took out his beloved France for amplification.

magic guide felt that the wind shield shook slightly, and then let out a long breath. Luckily, he was able to strengthen the wind shield in time, so even if he did not block it, he would probably be embarrassed if he did not do anything. Right now, he was regretting that he did not allow the little girl to attack him three times, but he had no other choice.

With the help of the water element, a Ice block with a diameter of one metre, a disk that had sharp ice spikes at the edge started to spin at high speeds. The destructive power was great, because You Lan had injected his magic power into the disk, making the diameter of the disk increase to be around one and a half meters, the thickness also increased. The disc flickered with a light blue radiance as it rotated at high speeds and howled and rushed towards the magic guide wind shield.

Even if it was the Ice Revolving Slash he released himself, it would only be this much. Although he wasn't proficient in water magic, he was still a profound practitioner after all! Since when did the Walter Empire produce such a young and powerful mage? It could possibly be the empire's youngest magic guide. It was too late to say anything now, so the magic guide Elder could only endure it.

"Boom ?" "Kacha ?"

The Ice Whirlwind Slash fiercely smashed into the wind shield, causing it to shake intensely. The old man's face alternated between red and white, and he was finally able to endure it.

The icicles scattered in all directions, shining brightly under the sunlight. Even though the area vacated by the Mercenary s was not small, there were still many people who were shot by the icicles and felt a chill when they were hit. The place where they were hit was faintly painful, the might of the Ice Swirl Slash was sufficient to prove the might of the Ice Swirl Slash. Looking at the magic guide, it didn't seem like there were any major problems, but in reality, no one knew. The ground around the wind shield was first burnt clean of grass, then trampled on by the Ice Revolving Slash, becoming riddled with holes.

"Old man, take my last move again ? ? Summoning of Fire Element!"

The Summoning of Fire Element had the strongest attack amongst all the Level 8 Magic, even the Fire Element s had to have at least have the magic guide to be released. If one wasn't an expert in Fire Element Magic, it would have to have at least reached the Magister or the Magister to be able to use it, how could he not be shocked?

The old man had already determined that You Lan was a Fire Element, but didn't he just ask for it himself? The other party was a Fire Element with the most offensive power out of all magic, and possessed considerable attainments in light and water. If he had known earlier, he would have never boasted about it even if he had beaten himself to death.

Following the disappearance of You Lan's chanting voice, a red light flashed in midair, and a three meter tall burning humanoid object appeared. However, its facial features were blurry, and the crackling sounds of the burning could be heard.

The Summoning of Fire Element summoned a humanoid fire element with an attack instinct, using the will of the caster to attack the enemy, although the humanoid fire element's attack power was strong, its weaknesses were also very obvious. Firstly, the duration of the summon was limited, as long as the fire element person summoned was exhausted, it would end, and the summoner could not replenish the fire element s summoned midway, and secondly, the fire element person had a low intelligence so they had to act on their own, the Magician could only decide the attacking methods were uncontrollable, every time they used the Summoning of Fire Element, they would consume a large amount of magic power, thus the magic power of a magic guide could only be summoned once and they would also have to chant a long and complicated incantation.

After receiving You Lan's command to attack, the huge and fiery fire element started to walk towards the magic guide with large steps. The intestines of the wind shield were about to turn green from regret.

Looking at the fire element's burnt footprints, everywhere she passed, the ground under her feet was roasted red and hot, this was truly a step at a time!

Finally, in the midst of the torture of magic guide, under the gazes of all the Mercenary, under the expectations of Fei Yu and the others, the fire element arrived at the wind shield of the magic guide geezer. Seeing this cyan colored "egg" that was not even taller than his own shoulder, the fire element man evidently did not care, as he raised his fist and smashed down fiercely with it.

The fire element man was clearly dissatisfied that he was unable to shatter the green 'egg' that was not even taller than his shoulder, and roared soundlessly. Then, he raised his fists high up and viciously smashed towards the wind shield, and when he saw the fire element man's posture, he knew that he was in trouble. This time, he had no choice but to go all out. "Phew ?" Following that, the battlefield was filled with smoke and dust, making it impossible to see anything clearly.

Fei Yu suddenly saw one of the assassins say something to the other Mercenary s, and immediately after, the Mercenary began to slowly move closer to Fei Yu's group. Fei Yu had not relaxed his surveillance of these people since the start of the competition, and now that he had noticed the movements of the Mercenary s, he secretly warned Lin Nuo, Belis and the driver to prepare to deal with the enemy's sneak attack.

After a long while, the dust and smoke dispersed, and they only saw that the place was charred black, the fire element's flames seemed to have dimmed, and looking at the other party's wind shield, which was already broken, the magic guide was in a sorry state falling to the side and just as he was about to stand up, he was unable to do so, his hair and beard were charred and a large part of his body was still intact. The Spirit Demon robe that he was wearing, due to having been protected by magic.

It seems that the damage to our magic guide is not light! Seeing the miserable state of the magic guide, You Lan knew that they had lost their fighting capabilities, thus ending the Summoning of Fire Element. With a peng sound, the fire element turned into dots of fire element and disappeared, which also meant that they had failed this bet.

"Haha, little girl, I didn't expect you to reach such a level at such a young age, I've lost." After saying that, the old man called for the two Mercenary s to help him back.

"Alright, everyone. Right now, you have already lost two of your three matches. Is it time for you all to go back and rest?" Fei Yu walked out and said loudly.

When the assassin saw that all the Mercenary had surrounded Fei Yu's group, he said: "That's right, we should go back and rest, so please cooperate a bit and follow us out, so as to not delay our rest."

"What do you mean? Didn't you just say that we would leave after answering all of you?" Fei Yu asked.

"Yes, we are leaving, but you must come with us." Right after he finished speaking, all the Mercenary surrounded Fei Yu's group with weapons.

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