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Domination: Divine Doctor Hua Tuo/C3 secret elven information
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C3 secret elven information

"I am an abandoned elf." With that, she threw herself into Fei Yu's embrace and cried bitterly. After a long while, she stopped crying and slowly told him her unfortunate story. Elves were divided into Fairy, Elf, Elf, Elf, Four-winged Elf, Elf, Elf King (Elf Elder), and Elf Emperor. The majority of the Elves had been stuck at this level for their entire lives, and the higher they were, the fewer Elves they would have, and the fewer Elves they would have. There were less than ten Elf King s, and there were only four Elf Elders, who would manage the affairs of the tribe when the was not around. Elf Emperor s were even rarer, and there was only one, sometimes not even a single Elf.

The Elves loved nature and worshipped it. They also developed a unique nature magic. The Elves not only had powerful magic, they were also more proficient in archery, but the number of Elves had always been very low. The reason was that Elves were very difficult to combine their powers, and sometimes only after a few years did they have a pair of Elves join hands. Furthermore, when Elves gave birth to little Elves, their Cultivation Level would drop, and the higher their level, the more powerful their Cultivation Level would be. Eight hundred years ago, an event that shocked the entire Elves Clan happened. With the union of two Elf King s, ordinary Elves rarely met, and this matter very quickly spread throughout the elven race, four great elders of Elves asked themselves to hold a grand wedding for the two Elf King s (the Elf Emperor had not existed for a thousand years), to celebrate the union of the two Elf King s. A few years later, the female Elf King indeed gave birth to a little elf.

In the blink of an eye, three years had passed and Wisp was about to be born. When she was born, the strong elemental fluctuation s had been felt by all the elves in Elven Forest, and after the full moon, the elven elders had personally given their blessings to Wisp.

After the chants were done, a milky white pillar of light appeared in the sky, enveloping the infant within it. After a moment, the light pillar dissipated, and normally, the infant's body would emit the same kind of magic attribute light after the light pillar dissipated, but the elders had waited for a long time and still did not see any sign of the baby (You Lan). According to the clan rules, elves who could not accept the blessings of the elven gods were ominous, were punished by God, and could not use Elemental Magic.

Not long after, the news of You Lan being a spirit that had received divine punishment spread throughout the Elves. From then on, the young You Lan became isolated, and You Lan, who had grown up, could only watch the other little Elves play, and use some beautiful, low-level magic.

No elf would ever be willing to play with You Lan, because she could not accept the blessing of the elf god. She was abandoned by the Elves. The Elf King couple could only look for their daughter silently. There was nothing they could do, when their daughter was 400 years old and already possessed a certain level of living ability, the Elf King couple used all their effort to teach You Lan a few non-Elemental Magic s, then sent You Lan out of the Elves. At the edge of the Elven Forest, there was this place without any strong Magical Beast. In these few hundred years, You Lan had already gotten used to being alone. Right at this moment, Fei Yu appeared, and felt a familiar natural aura from her body, causing his lonely heart to instantly collapse. It was no longer tormented by loneliness, and it was firmly occupied by Fei Yu. Looking at the haggard You Lan, Fei Yu felt a deep stabbing pain in his heart. What a pitiful elf, she had been forced to such an extent just because she could not accept this blessing (Fei Yu didn't know what the Fairy God's blessings meant to the elf, but of course, even if she did, he wouldn't change his perspective. He was a very protective person, and didn't want her family to suffer from unfair treatment).

He gently carried the exhausted You Lan who was sleeping in her arms and returned to cabin. He gently placed him on the bed and in her sleep, You Lan tightly held onto his clothes with her small hands, as if afraid that Fei Yu would suddenly leave.

Sitting on the side of the bed, with three fingers resting on You Lan's bowl of veins, although he did not know if the elf had the same kind of veins as a human, let's give it a try. You Lan's meridians gradually appeared in front of him, but fortunately, they were no different from a human's, as he carefully examined You Lan's meridians, and discovered that You Lan's meridians were extremely wide, although it could not compare to his current size, it could not be underestimated. However, her meridians contained a large number of elemental energy of heaven and earth.

Due to You Lan's entire body's veins being filled with liquid elemental energy of heaven and earth, it caused You Lan to be unable to gather a large amount of Magic Elements in her body like the other Elves, which was the main reason for the failure of the blessing, and also the main reason why You Lan was unable to release any of the Elemental Magic. Fei Yu guessed that the blessing should be something similar to the process of creating the foundation of the Elemental Magic, but You Lan's meridians being filled with a large number of liquid elemental energy of heaven and earth, which prevented her body from being able to gather a large amount of Magic Elements, causing the blessing to fail. He leaned on the side of the bed, looking at You Lan's haggard and happy face, with a satisfied smile on her face, he slowly leaned on the bed, falling asleep. Fei Yu woke up with an itch on her face. You Lan was using a bunch of hair to stroke Fei Yu's face, and upon seeing that Fei Yu had woken up, he quickly jumped off the bed. Fei Yu blushed and said: "You have awoken, I ? I... "Go pick some elven fruits," Lu Li said as he quickly left the room. After a while, You Lan returned with a basket of sparkling wild fruits. After placing it on the table, You Lan handed a wild fruit to Fei Yu and looked at him. "Of course" Fei Yu already knew You Lan's situation so he wouldn't leave her alone. "Moreover, I can also let you use the Elemental Magic." Pa da, the fruit in You Lan's hand fell onto the ground as she excitedly said, "What you're talking about is ?. Yes... Really, Fei Yu. "" Of course, "Fei Yu replied affirmatively," You just need to prepare for a while, and then you can begin the treatment. It could be said that everything that happened to her right now happened because of this. When he heard that the nightmare that accompanied him for so many years could finally be removed, You Lan truly did not dare to believe that this was true.

After a long while, he cautiously asked in a low voice, "Really?"

"Really, baby, how could I lie to you? I just checked your body's condition, believe me, I can definitely cure you!" Since he had already decided to accept You Lan's feelings, Fei Yu would no longer be restrained and called him a treasure. I really... can I really use the Elemental Magic? " It's true, baby, believe me, you'll be ready soon. " Fei Yu hugged tightly onto You Lan's delicate body. Woo ? Woo woo ? * "Sob, sob, sob ?" You Lan buried her head into Fei Yu's chest and cried bitterly, as if she wanted to let go of all the grievances she had suffered in the past few years. Slowly, You Lan's crying became smaller and smaller, until it disappeared. Fei Yu looked down and could not help but laugh, it turned out that You Lan was tired from crying and had fallen asleep comfortably in Fei Yu's embrace. Fei Yu really did not know whether to laugh or cry. A few days later, You Lan followed Fei Yu's instructions and took care of his exhausted body. Then, they entered Fei Yu's secluded cave together. Before starting, Fei Yu had repeatedly reminded You Lan that no matter what happened, he must believe in him, and do not resist at all. After carefully controlling it to form a sharp, rounded, and sharp point, he was able to open it. Only after trying it a few times, did he manage to calm his heart, and began to drive more of the zhenqi to clear You Lan's blocked meridians as expected, not daring to be the least bit careless. After all, it was his first time using the zhenqi to treat's blocked meridians, and it was his own girlfriend, so he had to be a little more careful. After that, he controlled the zhenqi to form a sharp, smooth, and sharp point.

It was difficult at the beginning, but after opening up the first place, it became much easier. After some time, all of the blocked main meridians were finally opened, and they took the chance to lead the zhenqi in You Lan's body to slowly circulate. Just at this moment, the zhenqi in Fei Yu's body also started to circulate abnormally. Oh no, how could this be, the Shen Nong Fu actually showed signs of a breakthrough at this time? " When Fei Yu finished his closed door cultivation, he already knew that the liquid zhenqi in his body had already been saturated and his meridians had already expanded to a sufficient extent. All he needed was an opportunity and he would break through to the next realm. However, helping You Lan to open his meridians had already expended most of his energy, and there was still a portion of zhenqi in You Lan's body. If he were to retract the zhenqi in You Lan's body now, all of his previous efforts might have been for naught, and the zhenqi in You Lan's body had not completely transformed. If he retracted the zhenqi that was protecting his meridians, it was very likely that it would hurt You Lan, or even ? Thus, Fei Yu gave up on controlling the zhenqi in his body and focused on transforming the zhenqi in You Lan's body. After a long while, when the zhenqi in You Lan's body had completely stabilized and started to circulate according to the established route, he finally managed to collect the mind and zhenqi in You Lan's body. If it wasn't for the fact that his meridians were opened up smoothly and that he had to go berserk unexpectedly, he would have suffered quite a few injuries. Even so, the chaotic zhenqi s also caused quite a bit of damage to his meridians, the burning pain in his entire body caused him to no longer have time to think about the pain throughout his body, and he immediately focused his entire mind, working hard to control the chaotic movement of zhenqi, bit by bit. Only after a long period of effort did he manage to get all of his veins into the right path of the zhenqi, and just as if he was about to heave a sigh of relief, did You Lan's body forcibly enter his meridians.

The abnormal sign made Fei Yu and You Lan's body suddenly emit a gold light, the huge golden hexagram appeared beneath the two of them, it shined with a gold light and tightly surrounded the two of them, and in that moment, the light faded, and a beautiful golden tattoo appeared on You Lan's head. It quickly hid itself on You Lan's forehead, and Fei Yu, who was deep in flames, of course, did not notice all of this, it was even more impossible for You Lan to notice. Fei Yu endured the discomfort caused by the zhenqi's rebellion and checked her body's condition carefully. If the situation just now was as though several small rivers had merged into the rivers, causing it to boil and boil, then now, the river had entered the sea. The boiling water was roaring and surging. tried his best to control the whirlpool, hoping to follow the right path. Unfortunately, he had already expended a large amount of energy just now for You Lan, who was injured by the zhenqi, in addition to the last round of resistance, he had already used up all of his energy. For the large amount of spiritual force s that were used up in the chaos, it was like a cup of water on a cart of water, and not long after, the last few images that appeared in Fei Yu's mind. In the forest, in a primitive tribe, a tall and sturdy old man holding a pickaxe in one hand and an unknown plant in the other was explaining something to people. Another picture appeared, on a small hill, and it was the same old man who had painstakingly dug out a position he did not recognize. After the old man observed the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits of the plant, he took a careful sniff at the smell, and then he broke open the surface of the plant and carefully observed the liquid color of its secretion, recording its characteristics. He found a flat place to sit down, placed the plant in his mouth, chewed it carefully, swallowed it, and after a while the old man began to sweat. After a long moment, the old man finally calmed down and sat up ?. In another picture, the old man sat in a stone room, studying and writing on an unknown animal skin. After a long time, the old man finished writing and his hands formed many seals, releasing beams of light onto the animal skin, causing it to spin non-stop in the air and gradually turn golden. Why did it look so familiar? Fei Yu suddenly remembered, wasn't this the stone room where the Shennong's Grimoire was found? Then, the scene changed. The old man took out a sword, a jade cauldron, and a ring. After a series of complex gestures, the only people left in the room were the old man and a animal skin. Gradually, Fei Yu's vision began to blur. Gradually, there was nothing left in his vision, and he sank into darkness. After an unknown period of time, Fei Yu woke up. He opened his eyes, but You Lan was unconscious at his side, he immediately picked him up and held his wrist together, making sure that You Lan was alright and only heaved a sigh of relief after he had fainted.

The dense zhenqi in his veins were slowly circulating. Unlike before, the zhenqi now was not only able to benefit You Lan but it could also increase the recovery speed of his spiritual force, increase the speed of his magic, make him an Elven warrior, increase his cultivation of both magic and martial arts, and strengthen You Lan's physique. You Lan was extremely strong and strong.

After carefully inspecting You Lan's body, Fei Yu finally relaxed. As his mind withdrew from You Lan's body, he heaved a sigh of relief, then suddenly discovered that he was completely naked with You Lan, and that his clothes had already been torn into pieces by the zhenqi, only now did he realise that he had not noticed You Lan's body, that he was nervous about You Lan's safety just a moment ago, and that he had not noticed You Lan's tempting body, her white jade-like skin, her delicate and exquisite face, her pure white arms, her round and tender fragrant shoulders, two towering peaks of the Jade Maiden Peak. You can imagine yourself, ah, with a nosebleed), exuding a strong aroma, and one of the male organs faithfully reflects the will of its master, rapidly expanding, elongating, and standing upright, heavily pressing itself against the warm spot of the beauty in your arms, while the other began to explore with both hands.

"Huff ? Huff ?"

Instantly, Fei Yu's breathing quickened. If there was no reaction at this moment, then he would be a professional in the feudal dynasty palace ? a eunuch. Finally, the impatient Fei Yu abruptly bent over ?

"Mhmm ?"

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