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C5 Mercenary

After hundreds of years of war, in the end, all the powers reached a temporary equilibrium, and formed a structure that was mainly led by the Divine Dragon Empire, Walter Empire, Haosi Empire, and Ude Empire. There were even a few small nations that lived in the cracks, and every small nations also had tens of thousands of ties with the major powers, or directly became their subordinates.

The biggest power on the continent was the Holy Church, which covered every corner of the continent. Although they couldn't compete with the strength of other countries, they couldn't be compared to other countries. Other large powers also had their own guilds, such as the Mage's Guild, Warrior's Guild, Thief's Guild, and so on.

The larger mercenary group s each had a few thousand people and were also a force that could not be ignored. The main force were the three great mercenary group s, namely mercenary group Forster, mercenary group Sai Kendall, and mercenary group Se De.

After Fei Yu and You Lan had a sweet honeymoon, under Fei Yu's suggestion, they packed their luggage and bade farewell to the sorrowful You Lan, who had lived for a few hundred years.

Fei Yu didn't have a specific goal in mind at the moment. He just wanted to continue chasing after power and cultivate as well as travel across the continent to see the local customs and practices in order to decide on what kind of life he wanted to live. With the experiences of his past life, Fei Yu understood that in order to survive, one had to have the capital to survive. In his previous life, when he was practicing medicine and had seen the hardships of the human world, the poor could not even afford to take a bite out of it. The poor had no money! It was hard for a woman to make a meal without rice. Could it be that the poor would produce white money?!

How could Fei Yu let You Lan suffer along with him? While they were sightseeing, and while they were fighting, they would also get a rich harvest from killing demon beast crystal. Who would ever see a Elf King and a aurine stage expert being unable to defeat a few little Magical Beast! demon beast crystal s are still easily obtainable!)

The Forest Town was located at the edge of the Divine Dragon Empire, and was the closest place to the Elven Forest. Originally, no one lived in this place, and it was only used as a temporary resting place for the Mercenary and as a temporary storage for merchants.

Here, you can see visitors from almost all races; the best weapons and armor of the Dwarf; the most racially distinctive ornaments and artifacts; and... Gradually, the scale of the town expanded, and gradually, its name filled the entire continent. The big unions also set up branches here, and the Divine Dragon Empire even sent a large number of people to guard the town. Although the town was now equivalent to a medium-sized city, people still called it Forest Town.

In the evening, the residents of the town who had been busy all day had already started preparing for a relaxed nightlife. The staff of the various unions had also started to close their doors. Just then, two people walked in from the entrance of the Mercenary Guild. Seeing that someone had arrived, the members of staff from the Mercenary Guild immediately ran over and said: "Sir, Young Miss, what kind of mission do you have for me? or what else we can do for you, we can promise you that we'll satisfy you. "

Fei Yu said: "I'm sorry, we are here to become Mercenary."

After Fei Yu and You Lan left the Elven Forest, they planned to travel around the continent temporarily. They wanted to have an identity so that they could travel easily, thus they decided to register as soldiers.

Please follow me, the staff led the two of them to a counter.

"Please take care of the formalities here, Mister and Miss."

Behind the counter was a young and beautiful lassie, it could be seen that the way the Mercenary Guild operated was very shrewd. The Mercenary Alliance were mostly straightforward and straightforward people, and would rarely make things difficult for a delicate lassie.

"Miss, we want to register a Mercenary."

"Alright sir, please fill out the two points form. After that, the black man will pay the fee of one gold coin."

"Only then did Fei Yu remember that he had no money on him, so he said to the lassie:" Can I sell this demon beast crystal? "

Fei Yu did not know the specific situation of the Mercenary Union. You Lan had lived in the Elven Forest for hundreds of years, so she only had a basic understanding of the situation on the continent.

"Of course." The lassie pointed to a counter at the side:

"You can sell your demon beast crystal at that counter and ensure that you are honest."

Fei Yu and You Lan walked over to have a look. There was a spry old man sitting behind the counter, even though he looked very old, with a head of white hair. His face was surrounded by barriers, but he was in high spirits, and his eyes flashed with a bright light from time to time. With a single look, one could tell that he was a formidable old fox.

"Hello, old man. We are selling demon beast crystal s." Fei Yu spoke first.

"Oh? "Take it and have a look. You need to appraise it. I will give you a reasonable price." Looking at the two of them, the old man smiled and said, "As expected of the old fox, he was able to tell with a single glance that the two of them are not simple."

Fei Yu took out a few third or fourth stage demon beast crystal and passed it to the old man. He took the demon beast crystal that Fei Yu passed over and examined it carefully: "Three Level Four and two wind system demon beast crystal, looks like the quality is quite good." As he said that, he sized up Fei Yu and You Lan, then placed the demon beast crystal on a counter, took out a strange instrument and placed it on top of it. After a while, he took the apparatus away, "Hmm, not bad, of good quality," he said after pausing for a moment, "Three demon beast crystal s, each with 10 gold coins, two wind system demon beast crystal, each with 5 gold coins."

Fei Yu still did not know the price, and neither did You Lan. But it did not matter now, he happily accepted the 40 gold and left.

After filling in the form and handing over the gold coins, the lassie said:

"Sir, Miss, you guys don't have a rank, don't have a rank certificate, you can only start from the lowest level of First Class Mercenary. Are you sure?"

Mercenary and mercenary group were divided into nine levels. Mercenary and mercenary group started from level one and reached level nine. There was still a special [S] class, but there were only three [S] class Mercenary s in the continent. Every Mercenary or mercenary group must complete a certain level mission to obtain a certain amount of Mercenary experience, and they must also be certified as a Job Level. This rule was made to ensure the safety of Mercenary's life. If the conditions were not met, then he could not be promoted. He could only be a low-level soldier. He had to be restricted in accepting missions and posting information.


"Okay, please give the card to me."

"magicrystal card ?" Countless question marks appeared in Fei Yu's mind. Looking at You Lan, You Lan shook his head slightly, as he did not know what a Crystal Card was.

A hundred years ago, the continent's several Pharaoh had jointly developed the Crystal Card, and the large Guilds of the continent had jointly issued it with various countries. Once someone used it, this card would no longer be usable by anyone else. Possessing the identity function and money skills, he could record the nature, level, mission, honor, and other information of the mercenary group. He could also complete various services and promotions in the Mercenary Guild through the information transfer on his card. This card setting refers to the floating legend of the big novel floating legend setting, I hope you do not blame me Ou!)

"How do we deal with the magicrystal card?" Fei Yu asked.

"That counter style business alliance's office, do it there." lassie looked at Fei Yu like he was looking at an alien.

Fei Yu walked to the front of the counter.

"I want to set up two magicrystal card s. I wonder what the procedures are?" Two forms appeared in front of me: "Write these two forms and pay 10 gold coins each."

Finally, he had settled the magicrystal card and obtained two black card. This was the magicrystal card?

The other party's work was also done very carefully, informing him that he needed to drip blood on the magicrystal card to recognize it as his master before he could use it. Fei Yu could only drip a drop of blood on it, and the employee filled in Fei Yu's personal information onto an apparatus, which You Lan did as he was told. He looked at the crystal card in his hand, and realised that the magicrystal card was no longer a black card, the originally black card had turned translucent, and on the card, his name and a long string of code appeared.

After a few twists and turns, he finally settled on the identity of a Mercenary.

Well, congratulations, you two. You two are now at the First Class Mercenary, this magicrystal card is your Mercenary identity certificate, put it away properly. Although it can be used as a replacement if lost, but you need to pay 10 gold coins. The lassie reminded him with good intentions.

Evening, in a small town.

After he had finally completed the procedures for the Mercenary, Fei Yu finally let out a huge sigh of relief and walked out of the Mercenary Union as he held You Lan's small hand.

Walking on the bustling streets, the evening was really the busiest time of the day in the town. Buying, selling, and performing as a minstrel along the way, it was extremely lively.

Everything was so foreign and fresh to her, and everything was so interesting. She had never seen so many people coming and going, buying and selling things, and had never seen so many things either. Clothes, armors, weapons, equipment, little food ?

He looked to the left and right, the excited little hands were covered with sweat. Fortunately Fei Yu had made preparations beforehand so that You Lan could wear a large mage robe to cover his pretty body, otherwise, his beauty would definitely attract a large number of fans. Or perhaps, it might even cause a traffic jam.

stood there, bringing You Lan into the shop. Fei Yu had already wanted to buy some pretty clothes for You Lan a long time ago, but where would he go to in Elven Forest to buy clothes? Buying skin from a Magical Beast was more like it! No, that's not buying, it's stealing!

You Lan was quickly captivated by the beautiful clothes, the middle-aged female owner of the shop was like a eloquent lotus flower, boasting and bragging, tempting You Lan to take out a few clothes and not let go of them later, using her innocent large eyes to look at Fei Yu, Fei Yu could not bear to go against his will, so he bought all of the clothes and even spent 10 gold coins on the female owner after selling off the discount, happily telling her to come back, and give you guys a 20% discount!

Fei Yu couldn't help but sigh in his heart that he had run out of money again! It was time to find a way to earn some money. After walking past a few more shops, You Lan seemed to have understood that it took too much gold to buy clothes, so she didn't ask to buy anything else. Instead, it was Fei Yu who bought a lot of things that he thought he would need in the future.

It was the first time You Lan left the Elven Forest, and she couldn't sleep due to the excitement. She tossed and turned on the bed, and occasionally, she harassed Fei Yu, causing a man to unable to bear the excitement any longer, somersaulting Little Fairy. After bullying her for the better part of the night, the two of them slept until the third hour of the next day.

On the second day, You Lan and Fei Yu decided to take on some missions. On one hand, they could earn some income, and on the other, they could speed up their understanding of the social situation in the continent.

When he came to Mercenary Union, it was only because his level was the lowest level, and after searching for a long time, he still could not find a mission suitable for First Class Mercenary. The lassie who helped him out with the processing yesterday reminded him out of good intentions that many people nowadays would form a temporary group in order to receive missions, since this way, the requirements for accepting missions would not be very high! With no other choice, he discussed with You Lan for a while. You Lan pretended to be a light element mage of Level Four, pretended to be a fallen swordsman and sought a temporary combination.

Seeing that Fei Yu and Yue Yang had made their decision, the lassie pointed to a few people at the door and said: "You can look for them. They are all level 1 Mercenary s who plan to recruit a few temporary companions.

Fei Yu looked at the few people at the door. Four men and three women, not bad, pulled You Lan's hand and walked over.

"Hello everyone! My name is Fei Yu, and I have just registered my First Class Mercenary, and am swordsman of Level Four. This is my wife, and also a newly registered First Class Mercenary, Level Four Light Mage. Fei Yu smiled at the seven young men and women.

"Hello everyone! My name is Kai Te and I am also a swordsman of the five levels. We are lacking a Mage of the Restoration type, if you are willing to join us, that would be for the best! " The boy that called himself Kai Te said to Fei Yu with a smile.

"Hello! My name is Ka Te, I have just registered as a First Class Mercenary Thief. "

"Hello! My name is An Delu, I have just registered my First Class Mercenary, a Level Four Knight, as long as I can find a suitable mount, I will become a true Knight. "

"Hello! "My name is Telu, I have just registered my First Class Mercenary, a Fire Element mage." Hello! "My name is Ruth, and I have just registered my First Class Mercenary. I am a Water Mage of the Level Four." Hello! My name is Li Lian, I have just registered my First Class Mercenary, a wind system mage. " Hello! My name is Lin Nuo, I have just registered my First Class Mercenary, a earth system mage. " I, Kai Te, represent the cost to invite your wife, who is also with you, into the competition! " Kai Te said solemnly. Fine! We've decided to join you! " Fei Yu thought for a while and said. Thank you for joining us! " Kai Te laughed and said. This way, our team's professions will be complete, for the future collective action, please cooperate more ".

Everything were prepared, and there was actually nothing much to prepare either. Fei Yu's things were all inside the Storage Ring, and Kai Te's group had long since prepared to set off after they had finished searching.

Along the way, Fei Yu came to understand that a few people were originally students of the Custer College s. The Custer College s were the highest ranked academies in the Walter Empire s, and not only could they enjoy 3% of the empire's income as education funds, the academies also enjoyed all sorts of privileges. At the same time, the Custer College was also known as the Walter Royal Family's Martial Arts Academy. The Walter Empire was also known as the only academy that was completely free and independent, no matter how strong and how much wealth one had, it simply could not work here. This was because the academy's teachers not only had authority in all fields, but were also strongly supported by the previous emperors.

Reasonable recruitment procedures had helped the Walter Empire discover and cultivate many outstanding talents every year. According to legend, Cust was the founder of the Walter Empire, one of the continent's greatest Dragon Knights, and one of the founders of the Custer College. He served as the first principal, and later on, the Empire used his name to pay tribute to his contributions to the Empire.

The magic faculty is divided into two levels, Magic Apprentice and Magician. (Higher level requires one to cultivate by themselves, Magic Academy can graduate once one reaches the Level Four level. At most, one can learn six levels in the school, or at most, four years in the school.) The martial arts faculty taught martial arts skills, and they divided it into three levels: Thief (Warrior, Knight) Apprentices, and Official Thief (Warrior, Knight). They also divided the classes into two different classes: Thief, Apprentice, and Official Thief (Similarly, each class's Level Four could be graduated, similarly, one could only learn six levels in the academy, and at most, four years in the academy.).

The rules of the Custer College were that once a class reached a certain level, they could go out and gain experience. The experience could also be considered a part of a normal teaching process, as the academies had to go out once every four years to gain experience, otherwise they were not allowed to graduate. This year, Kai Te and the others agreed to go out to train together, but unexpectedly, the light attribute Magician decided not to participate in it, and only Kai Te and the others were allowed to try their luck at the Mercenary Guild, to see if they could meet a light attribute Magician.

Amongst the nine people in the group, Kai Te had the highest professional class, so Kai Te became the temporary leader of the group. A few of them planned to cross the Magic Beast Forest, and oh no, it was a protruding horn from the Magic Beast Forest's border, what a joke, the closer they got to the forest, the more High level magical beast there were, so only a few of them weren't even enough to fill in the gaps between the teeth! It was said that there were Holy Beast in the middle of Magic Beast Forest. Let alone these few people, even if a few Sword Saint s were to go, they would only serve as food for the Magical Beast.

Amongst the few of them, only Kai Te had some experience with this method. Kai Te let the fast thief Ka Te take charge of scouting the way ahead while he, along with the knights An Delu and Fei Yu, took charge of clearing the way and protecting the fast thief Ka Te, the mage in the middle. Everyone lost their mood to chat and laugh. Even though they weren't really going deep into the Magic Beast Forest, and would just leave once they passed the borders of the Magic Beast Forest, the members of the team, including Kai Te, were still a little nervous, and were often scared by the wind and grass moving. It seemed like the Magic Beast Forest's terror was deeply rooted in their hearts, to be able to make people nervous just from the periphery edges!

Seeing how nervous everyone was, even You Lan was at a loss of what to do. Fei Yu encouraged and tightened his grip on You Lan's hands. Fei Yu released the spiritual consciousness to observe the distant situation. With Fei Yu's current Cultivation Level, he could not escape the spiritual consciousness's observation within a few kilometers. Very quickly, Fei Yu discovered that Ka Te, who was scouting ahead, was quickly moving forward. Just as he was observing his surroundings, Fei Yu suddenly felt a strange sense of suppression. He frowned.

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