Domination: Divine Doctor Hua Tuo/C6 Magic Beast Forest
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Domination: Divine Doctor Hua Tuo/C6 Magic Beast Forest
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C6 Magic Beast Forest

Fei Yu joined the temporary Mercenary's Adventurer Group. A few of them planned to pass through the Magic Beast Forest, but while walking, Fei Yu suddenly felt that the surrounding atmosphere was a little strange. He frowned on the inside, thinking to himself, could it be that there's some danger ahead?

The sky gradually became overcast and a gale began to rise. The wind whistled as it blew across the treetops. Was it going to change soon?

The closer they were to the deeper parts of the forest, the stronger the sense of danger became. Fei Yu didn't know if it was Magical Beast s or something else, he used to not have this kind of feeling even if he met with four of these Fifth Stage s. He only hoped that he had an illusion that he wasn't really unlucky enough to encounter high order Magical Beast s or a powerful bandit group, right?

As the name suggested, it was a paradise for Magical Beast s. The forest was vast and deep, filled with the traces of Magical Beast s, many of the larger mercenary group s had disappeared without a trace, they were believed to have all turned into ashes, and because of the large amount of Magical Beast gathering, this dense forest was named as Magic Beast Forest, meaning that it was meant to stop people from walking, so as to prevent them from becoming rations for Magical Beast s, everyone believed that there might be Holy Beast s or even Divine Beasts s in the depths of this dense forest, but only god knew the specific details.

When he first entered the Magic Beast Forest, there were some strange Low order Magical Beast s that popped out from time to time, and became a practice target for a few people. A few male students, in order to show off in front of a beautiful woman, even had a face full of contempt. These Magical Beast are too tasteless! One swing could kill one! However, his back was trembling and his hands were numb with pain! It made You Lan both angry and amused to help them treat it!

As the group went deeper, the surroundings became abnormally quiet. Forget about Magical Beast, they couldn't even see normal bird beasts and bugs anymore.

"Sha ?" Rustle ? "Rustle, rustle, rustle ?"

There was an unpleasant rustle, somewhat like the sound of leaves being blown by the wind.

"Sha ?" Rustle ? "Rustle, rustle, rustle ?" The sounds were getting clearer and clearer, closer and closer, more and more terrifying.

Fei Yu activated spiritual consciousness at full strength, and carefully investigated the surroundings, the strange thing was that he did not find any signs of Magical Beast, instead the rustling sound became more and more clear, Fei Yu focused on the sound, and followed the direction of the sound with all his might using spiritual consciousness to search, his efforts paid off, and finally Fei Yu found the source of the sound. So it was a group of ants, ants? Wait!

"You call this an ant?"

Fei Yu looked at the group of "ants". The group of "ants" were about an inch and a half long, a few of them were obviously the head of the ants, about two and a half inches long and half inches wide, their black bodies were shiny, some of them even had a metallic luster, and their bodies were clearly split into three parts: head, chest and stomach. They had a pair of tentacles on their head and three pairs of legs on their head.

Carrying doubts, Fei Yu secretly explained the situation he was' watching 'to You Lan, causing him to immediately exclaim:

"Dark Ant!"

There was a saying amongst the adventurers in the Mercenary, "We would rather meet the Fifth Stage Magical Beast, than the Dark Ant."

Dark Ant s, first stage Magical Beast s, omnivorous Magical Beast s, feed on stems, leaves, small animals, Magical Beast s, and even sick and dead Magical Beast corpses.

Dark Ant s were level one Magical Beast, they did not know how to use magic, and their individual attack was very weak. However, Dark Ant s were a type of moving and secretive social Magical Beast s, in each colony, there were tens of thousands to millions of Dark Ant s, among them the Dark Ant King who specialized in reproduction, the Dark Ant Queen, the Dark Magic Engineer, and the Dark Magic Soldier Ants. Usually, Dark Ant only moved around the nest, they would never forgive intruder who dared to come close to them and threaten them.

The Dark Ant s had built a nest with great care, and were divided into several levels: On the ground floor was the sturdy "palace", where there was often a large group of Dark Ant King personal guard s, and their members were all Dark Ant s who had evolved into level two Magical Beast s, specializing in venom spraying attacks.

The most shocking thing about Dark Ant was their numbers. Even if one could kill a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, or even a hundred thousand Dark Ant? He was still buried by thousands of Dark Ant.

This was not the most frightening part, the most terrifying part were the Ant s that were born along with the Dark Ant, the Ant s, level two Magical Beast s, carnivorous Magical Beast s, various types of meat eating and even dead companions' corpses; the Ant s were able to cast wind system Accelerating Magic, which had a much stronger attacking power than the Dark Ant s, and were also a kind of social Magical Beast. Ants nests were usually built near the ant Nest, and the Ant s in each colony were around a tenth of the normal Dark Ant s.

was well aware of the terrifying wealth of the Dark Ant, and how terrifying it was to tell Fei Yu that it was. After Fei Yu thought about it, no matter how powerful he was, it was impossible for him to protect so many people at the same time.

Fei Yu explained to You Lan before he walked to Kai Te's side and said: "Kai Te, this quiet is a bit abnormal. There might be danger ahead, why don't we take a detour?" Fei Yu planned to not mention about the Dark Ant s first and see if he could make a decision to take a detour.

"Oh, what's not dangerous? Did you discover something?" Kai Te asked.

"Nothing, didn't you notice that it was too quiet? Forget about Magical Beast s, even normal birds and beasts have disappeared. "

Don't worry, this is the outskirts of the Magic Beast Forest. There aren't any Magical Beast s with great high order, so if there are any that are harmful, you can give us a bit more combat experience. " Kai Te said unconcernedly. His judgement of the environment was also part of the academy, but it was obvious that the well-developed Kai Te was not adept in this field. If he was an experienced expert or a slightly experienced Mercenary, he would have taken a detour around this place.

"But ?" Fei Yu even tried to convince Kai Te to change his mind.

"Don't say 'but'. If there's no other reason, then continue as planned." Kai Te was getting impatient.

Fei Yu did not say anything, he could not save the person that deserved death! Right at this time, the others also walked over, and the lively Li Lian interrupted:

"What happened, why aren't you leaving?"

"Fei Yu said that there might be danger ahead, and recommended that we take a detour." Kai Te replied in disdain.

"Danger, what danger, Magical Beast? It just so happens that you want to try my Magic Power? " Li Lian said excitedly.

"Try your Magic Power? Hmph hmph, you should be inviting Magical Beast to have a taste of your meat! Fei Yu thought, but he did not say that.

"According to the skill that a senior taught me, there should be a group of Dark Ant up ahead. We are not their match, let's take a detour." Fei Yu didn't want to reveal his real Cultivation Level at this moment, so he found a reason to say it.

"Dark Ant, say, there's a Dark Ant up ahead." Kai Te's expression became a little ugly, and the others were about the same. After all, many people had heard of the famous Dark Ant before.

"Are you sure there's a Dark Ant up ahead? Do you have any evidence?" Kai Te asked Fei Yu, a little worried.

"No, I was only able to deduce that there should be a group of Dark Ant s not too far away from here."

"So you're just judging based on experience. You have no proof?" Kai Te asked, as he returned back to normal.

I have evidence, but how can I tell you? Could it be that when I used a aurine stage expert, all the things in front were monitored by my spiritual consciousness? "

"Oh?" Kai Te let out a long sigh.

"Alright, now that Fei Yu has said that there might be a group of Dark Ant up ahead, we can take a detour. We'll take a decision now and agree to take a detour."

The three of them raised their hands. You Lan, Fei Yu and another Lin Nuo. Normally, when he looked at Lin Nuo quietly, he would never have thought that he would agree with Fei Yu's suggestion.

"Then," Ka Te looked at You Lan, Fei Yu and Lin Nuo, and announced, "The minority shall obey the majority, let's continue forward."

Looking at the few of them continuing to approach Fei Yu in danger, he walked to the two of them and instructed them, "You must get close to me when you are in danger, or else I won't be able to protect you two."

Just as Fei Yu finished speaking, before he could even say anything else, he heard a startled cry from the front.

"It's Ka Te," Lin Nuo said.

Just as he was speaking, the terrifying cry of a thief came from the front. Fei Yu thought that he had definitely met a Dark Ant, and this time, it was impossible to make a detour!

Hearing the shout, Kai Te quickly told everyone to prepare for battle, and quickly advanced towards the direction of the sound. Very soon, he saw Ka Te quickly running towards them, and when he saw Fei Yu and the rest, he shouted from afar: "Retreat, quick, there are a large number of Dark Ant behind you, if you don't leave soon it will be too late. Ka Te looked anxious as he screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Dark..." Dark... "Black Demon Ants ?" Kai Te's face became extremely ugly. He did not know if it was because he was sent down by the Dark Ant, or because he had just displayed an embarrassed expression, but just as he decided to continue forward, he immediately met with the Dark Ant. Kai Te even suspected that he had heard wrongly.

Ka Te ran over and shouted: "Why are you all still in a daze, hurry up and run, can't you see the Dark Ant behind you?"

It was only then that everyone woke up, and saw a black tide of Dark Ant not far from Ka Te's body. It covered the sky, and the densely packed Dark Ant s made people's hair stand on end, a few girls' legs were already scared stiff, their screams sounding out one after another. It was the first time Fei Yu had seen such a terrifying scene, and he could not help but feel chills down his spine.

Looking at how Kai Te was acting, he was already scared silly. After all, he had experienced too little at a young age and was not calm enough, so he decided to help them out. Otherwise, other than You Lan and himself, everyone else in the capital would have to feed the Dark Ant.

"Alright, calm down everyone down, now that the Dark Ant is near, we can't run anymore. Prepare to fight, the Warriors will protect the Mages in front, the Mages will prepare the fastest offensive magic, You Lan will protect the Warriors in front."

"Oh, omnipresent mighty Fairy God, listen to my prayers and grant me the power of light, Guardian of Light."

"The omnipresent mighty Fairy God, listen to my prayers and bestow upon me the power of light, the recovery of light."

The light element defensive spell "Guardian of Light" and the light element recovery spell "Recovery of Light" came out from You Lan's hands, giving the warriors in front a great amount of encouragement and help.

"The fire element! Please grant me the power of fire, give the enemy in front of me the greatest damage! "Fireball technique."

"The elements of wind!" Please grant me the power of the wind, give the enemy in front of me the greatest damage! "Wind Blade Technique."

"Ah, the elements of water! Please grant me the power of the cold, give the enemy in front of me the greatest harm! "Ice Arrows."

"The elements of earth! Please grant me the power of the earth, the greatest damage to the enemy in front of me! "Earth Thrust."

The others also released their best and fastest offensive magic. A large amount of magic covered the sky above the Dark Ant in front of them, and a few warriors stood in front of the troops, ready for close combat.

"Everyone pay attention now," Fei Yu shouted loudly, "We are not trying to fight the Dark Ant to the death, but to create trouble for the Dark Ant, create obstacles, delay time, and make it easier for us to retreat later. Warriors must not rush forward, and must tightly guard where we stand.

All sorts of different type of magic were continuously released from everyone's hands, causing a great deal of damage to the Dark Ant in front of them. Even so, the battle was still progressing in a disadvantageous direction for Fei Yu and the others. The Dark Ant s were fearless, as one Dark Ant fell and thousands of them rushed up. Kai Te and An Delu had already used their crude beginner level Dou Qi, and could only provide the mages with more effective protection, only being able to occasionally kill one or two Dark Ant s, causing a small gap. However, in front of thousands of Dark Ant, this small gap could not be maintained for even a second, and these gaps practically disappeared without a trace in an instant.

"We can't continue like this. We already fed the Dark Ant before we got too far away. Warriors, follow me. Mages, prepare your strongest offensive magic." Fei Yu observed the battle for a while and shouted.

Without the help of the Mage, the few Warriors had to endure the berserk attacks of the Dark Ant. Among them, Ka Te and An Delu had already died, while the rest of them were in a very poor state, and hoped that the Mages would prepare their magic as soon as possible, if not, everyone would be in danger, and just by relying on the few Warriors' situation was not good, the soldiers' defensive net might collapse anytime, and the situation would become precarious.

"The magic is ready, get out of the way." Right at the moment of crisis, You Lan's delicate shout came out, the mage was ready! Hearing this, a few warriors quickly jumped away.

"Wind Blade, Fire Wall, Random Firing of Ice Arrows, earth movement," Several Level Four magics were released at the same time as they rushed towards the Dark Ant. The Dark Ant seemed to have felt the immense power of these magics as well, and a sense of danger caused the Dark Ant to become restless, fleeing in all directions. Immediately, they gathered together into a crowd and were immediately struck by a few spells, causing a huge amount of damage. Blood and flesh flew everywhere, countless broken limbs littered the ground, the scene was like hell on earth. In just a few minutes, hundreds of Dark Ant were blown away, crushed into pieces, and dismembered.

Looking at the charred and black corpses of the Dark Ant s that were chopped into pieces by the wind blades, and the corpses of the Dark Ant s that were ravaged by the earth movement and the holy bomb piled up in front of them, the Dark Ant also seemed to understand how to be scared. It was as if the Dark Ant began to get restless and forgot to start attacking, this was a golden opportunity, he had to hurry up and take action, after all, hundreds of Dark Ant had died in this battle, and those deaths were so insignificant compared to the total number of Dark Ant.

"Pay attention." Fei Yu shouted to the few members who were frightened by the bloody scene before them. "Lin Nuo, do your best to create fissure between us and the Dark Ant, the more the better."

"Ruth, fill the fissure made by Lin Nuo with water."

"Tylou, heat up the water in the fissure. The hotter, the better."

"Li Lian, prepare to use the Wind Magic to cause trouble for the Dark Ant.

"You Lan, cast the recovery spell for everyone."

"Everyone listen, when we retreat later, every warrior class will bring a mage class person, so don't turn around and run as fast as you can. Dark Ant have their own area of influence, and before long, we will be safe from them." In order to survive, everyone did their best to do what they could, in a moment, Lin Nuo had created dozens of fissure s in front of the Dark Ant, the more the better. Ruth had already started filling the fissure with water, Tylou had also started heating up the water in the fissure. The Dark Ant had already recovered from the fierce attack and was ready to move.

Not knowing why, Fei Yu suddenly had a bad premonition, as though something dangerous was about to happen. Finally, while everyone was anxiously waiting, before the Dark Ant could attack, the mages finished their preparations. More than ten gigantic fissure s laid horizontally in front of the Dark Ant, filled with boiling hot water, rolling and still emitting hot steam, and after a few Dark Ant tried to rush into the fissure to be boiled into meat soup, the other Dark Ant stopped their advance, and prepared to take a detour around it from other routes. This was what Fei Yu wanted, to have this effect in order to buy time for everyone to retreat.

"Buzz ?" Buzz Buzz ? "Buzz, buzz, buzz ?" Right at this moment, a strange noise came from the sky. Fei Yu's bad premonition had come true.

"Not good, it's the Ant. Tailu, release more fire walls, stop the Dark Ant from advancing, Li Lian, speed up the magic, we need to withdraw from the area of influence of the Dark Ant before it arrives."

After Fei Yu finished speaking, he carried You Lan, and carried Lin Nuo who was standing at the side, as she quickly began to retreat. The others also followed suit, and quickly escaped with their mages, bringing along a few weak mages. The only thing that remained were the obstacles that continued to obstruct the Dark Ant's path forward.

You Lan snuggled against Fei Yu's back, and from time to time, gave everyone a set of recovery magic. Li Lian also added a set of speed recovery magic to everyone, and just like that, they continued to fly tirelessly. After an unknown amount of time, they ran for who knows how long, until ten thousand lights appeared in the distance, and they could no longer run.

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