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C7 Poisoning

Life was in motion, and potential was in oppression. Under the threat of life, everyone ran at their full speed, and their speed was definitely faster than before when they were running at their fastest speed.

You Lan snuggled up to Fei Yu's back and cast another recovery spell on everyone from time to time. Li Lian also added a wind system acceleration spell on everyone from time to time, and just like that, everyone continued to run tirelessly. After an unknown amount of time, they ran for who knows how far until tens of thousands of lights appeared in the distance, and they could no longer run.

Belus Town was one of the many small towns on the outskirts of the Magic Beast Forest. Looking from a distance, it seemed more appropriate to say that it was a small fortress made from a mixture of hard and heavy rocks, forming a thick, high protective wall made of stucco. On the wall, there were many pagodas, and on the other side of the wall, there was a wide and deep moat.

The little town had a small population. At first, it was the merchants and the Mercenary who used their low level Magical Beast s to make profits, but later on, more and more people realized that this business opportunity was for the sake of money and benefits. Many famous and unknown people from all walks of life, regardless of the danger, joined in one after another. When they arrived at the door, a few guards were vigilantly looking around. Judging from their performance, they were all experienced elites.

Kai Te greeted skillfully: "Thank you for your hard work, brothers." We are adventurers, so we don't want to encounter Dark Ant in the forest. We almost lost our lives, and finally managed to escape after much difficulty. Look, one of us is injured, can you let us in so we can have a rest? "" Okay.

The leader of the guards weighed the silver coins in his hand, then looked at the others without saying anything. With a wave of his hand, he let us enter the town.

The few of them were physically and mentally exhausted, so they hastily went to find a small shop to settle down. Just as they were about to rest, they suddenly heard a scream, and rushed out of the room, only to see that everyone was rushing towards Ka Te and An Delu's room. Originally, Ka Te and An Delu had already died from their small injuries during the battle, but they did not notice anything, and just as they slept, Kai Te, who was taking care of the two of them, discovered that something was amiss, but he could not find the cause of his unconsciousness.

As soon as Ka Te and An Delu got the room, Fei Yu noticed that the two of them were short of breath, their mouth had some white foam, their face was flushed with a light twitch, and there was a light strange smell in the air, it was easy to miss it. If it wasn't for the fact that Fei Yu was unable to find the source of the smell, question, and diagnosis in his previous life, it was obvious that he was poisoned, and since it was known that he was poisoned, it would have been easy to deal with it.

Animal poisons mainly consisted of blood circulating poisons, neurotoxins and mixed poisons. The onset delay time varied, the fastest was when blood circulating poisons usually acted up immediately, and the next was when the neurotoxins acted up approximately 1 to 3 hours later, and the slowest was when the mixed toxins symptoms started appearing 2-6 days after the injury. According to the time of the attack, Ka Te and An Delu should have been infected with the neurotoxin, and the specifics would only be known after the diagnosis was made.

"Perhaps I can cure them, but I need to first make a diagnosis and see if their injuries are as I expected." Fei Yu asked for their opinion.

"As long as you can cure them, you can do it, right?" Once he knew that Fei Yu could heal his companion's injuries, Kai Te, as the temporary leader, immediately agreed.

"Mmm, the method I use might not be the same as what you're used to. Don't disturb me during the inspection."

Fei Yu first removed the bandage to examine the wound. There was a red swelling around the wound, and it was no longer bleeding. The blood stains on the wound had turned purplish black, and blisters and blood bubbles could be seen around the wound.

He then asked Kai Te about the condition of the two before they fainted and found out that both of them had symptoms of chest tightness, vomiting, muscle weakness and so on. He had already determined that the two were sick, and that they were poisoned!

As for how to cure them, I only need to use the grass, edge lotus, green wood, Southern Star Manipulation and a few other types of Chinese medicine to make them. As for the grass, it is usually a plant which survived unharmed by the poisonous insects' venom and other common Chinese medicine, I saw them yesterday in the forest and easily harvested them. Only the grass is still there, it seems like I will need to use my own real Cultivation Level because so many people used it yesterday, making it difficult for the Dark Ant to chase after me. I will not let them laugh, so the group of Dark Ant will definitely die tomorrow. Do you have anything else to say? "

"Can't I buy it? "If it's faster like this, we won't need to trouble you to gather them. If they're too expensive, can we gather some money?" Kai Te continued with his speech. The others also agreed that they would be willing to pay.

"It's not a matter of money. Other people might not understand my method of passing down my family clan, so naturally no one would go pick those plants to sell."

"Oh, okay then. However, you must be careful along the way. Hurry up. After all, the two of them are still unconscious." Hearing Fei Yu's words, Kai Te had no other choice but to remind him.

Deep into the night, in Fei Yu and You Lan's room.

After the passion passed, You Lan was covered in sweat as she curled up into Fei Yu's arms like a kitten.

"Are you really going to pick herbs tomorrow?"

"Ok," Fei Yu responded to You Lan's question. He then started his gentle journey again, until the sightseeing trip began again as he huffed and puffed.

"Can you take me with you? I don't want to drink, so you want me to separate? "

"But ?" Fei Yu still wanted to say something, but You Lan's following actions caused him to move his words far beyond the boundaries of heaven.

"Mm ?" You Lan began to act coquettishly, raising her upper body, she stuck out her lily-white tongue and drew circles on Fei Yu's chest despite the softness of his chest being exposed under Fei Yu's burning gaze. Seeing that although Fei Yu was not very confident and stubbornly resisting, You Lan became more excited, at the same time drawing circles, her body was like a snake twisting in Fei Yu's embrace, aiya! Under this kind of attack, the iron-wielding man became soft on the fingers, causing Fei Yu to immediately throw away her armor and give up on resisting, he turned around and pressed You Lan down on his body while laughing sinisterly:

"Good little demoness. You seduce your husband to such an extent. Watch how I punish you, hehe ?"

"Hubby, I was wrong, alright ?" You Lan feigned a pitiful appearance, and even stuck out her head on purpose, continuing to tempt Fei Yu.

"Alright, little vixen. You still don't know your wrongs? Look at the advantages and disadvantages of this family law ?" As he said that, he caressed You Lan's snowy butt with his large hand, and slid down the smooth curves to the place where the grave was located ?

"Haha ?" Fei Yu pulled out his big hands, looked at the juice on his hands, then looked at You Lan and smiled wickedly. You Lan's face was completely red.

Fei Yu roared and pounced on You Lan's body. You Lan shyly coordinated with Fei Yu and separated his beautiful long legs, allowing Fei Yu to smoothly enter her tender body. His red lips opened and closed, and from the guest room, came out a moan that would cause one's blood to boil.

The next day. The two of them got up early, and after bidding farewell to the few of them, they started their second trip to the Magic Beast Forest, the way the two of them were enjoying the scenery, unlike the last time when they had to hide their Cultivation Level, they pretended to be cautious and cautious, the Magical Beast also felt the strong Qi of the two of them and did not dare approach them, on the way, Fei Yu stopped from time to time to gather herbs, causing Fei Yu to realise that the Spirit Qi in the world was abundant, and the effects of the herbs were extremely strong, and many of them could be seen everywhere. Fei Yu was extremely happy with this discovery.

A cluster of dark green grass s with three leaves attracted Fei Yu's attention. He saw that on each leaf of the grass leaf, there were three blue spots that moved unsteadily.

"Herba Flavescentis?"

was extremely excited. Herba Flavescentis did not have any attributes or drugs, but as a support ingredient, it could fuse any kind of different herbs, some of the herbs were extremely poisonous, and if you were to encounter them, they would fail to cure the illness, which would harm others, but those herbs had miraculous effects in a single prescription, so Herba Flavescentis did not need to worry about the problem of the herbs being cured, but according to the records, Herba Flavescentis were extinct. He did not expect that he would be able to see the legendary herbs today, carefully gather them all, and place them among the Storage Ring.

They continued to move forward and entered the territory of the Dark Ant again. Haha, little ants, wait for your death, I, Fei Yu have returned.

They had just reached the place where they fought yesterday and the mess on the ground had not completely disappeared when they heard the familiar rustling sounds of Dark Ant s in front of them. Haha, there's a path to heaven but you refused to go, there's no door to hell so you barged in.

He walked up and hid You Lan behind him, and casually took out a "Peerless" two-handed greatsword that he bought from a small town, wielding a sword with one hand. There was no other way, since Fei Yu was only familiar with the China Sword Arts, he could barely use it as a single-handed sword, and carefully observe the Dark Ant in front of him, hmm? A question mark appeared in front of Fei Yu's eyes. Why did the number shrink?

Fei Yu released his spiritual consciousness and carefully probed the area within a few dozen kilometers, not missing even an inch of the ground. Finally, about ten miles away from him, he found a gigantic nest with a diameter of twenty to thirty meters, surrounded by a large number of Dark Ant and river nests, encircling them so tightly that not even a drop of water could leak out. They were constantly on guard, and a large group of high level Dark Demon Soldier Ants, which could fly, were constantly patrolling in the air above and around the nest.

"Could it be that the Dark Ant is carrying out some sort of important ceremony? That was why so few Dark Ant were sent here? En, I would rather kill a wrong person and not let go of him. I will deal with the Dark Ant before going back to the Dark Ant's lair to take a look. "

After that, he prepared to use the ultimate technique recorded on the Shennong's Grimoire for the first time. Back then, when Fei Yu woke up, he thought that the Shennong's Grimoire had disappeared, but only after the Jindan was done did he realize that the Shennong's Grimoire he saw before was not a real Shennong's Grimoire at all, as the Shennong's Grimoire was a treasure refined by Shennong. It only recorded the elementary Shen Nong Tang technique and some common knowledge of medicinal herbs on the surface, and the other profound arts were all imprinted on the Shennong's Grimoire. The offensive sword techniques that he was preparing to perform had come from the real Shennong's Grimoire.

"Sword Art ? Half-Moon Chop!"

After Fei Yu finished reminding his, he added a defensive spell on top of You Lan's body and then stood there quietly, his eyes focused on the incoming Dark Ant s. His heart was calm, but seeing that Fei Yu's legs were in a mess, his left hand was naturally behind him, while his right hand held onto the sword, and his right hand was naturally by his side, inhaling the faint silver-white colored Sword Qi s from the sword. With a low growl, his body leaned forward, and the Big Sword quickly swept forward from the left side. A streak of silvery-white light shot out from the front of the Big Sword.

This was the first time You Lan had seen such a powerful sword skill. She opened her mouth wide, staring at the mess in front of her with her cute big eyes. It was also the first time that Fei Yu had seen a sword technique display such power, she could not help but be startled, and following that, she went ecstatic, and shouted:

"Sword Art ? Chaotic Moon Slash!"

With one foot as the axis, it spun even faster and faster, gradually bringing about a gust of wind, causing the weeds in the sky to crumble, after a sudden roar, it rose into the air, spreading out its body in mid-air, holding the Big Sword with both of its hands, borrowing the high speed spinning power to slash out Sword Qi s that filled the sky, like a blossoming beauty, a fatal beauty, one after another the Sword Qi s smashed onto the group of Dark Ant s on the ground.

"Alright, You Lan, let's go together, we need to hurry up and finish this. Just now, I realized that there seems to be some sort of ceremony going on in the Dark Ant's nest, if we are late, we won't be able to make it."

"Alright, alright. Watch me!" Seeing that Fats was showing off his godly might, You Lan was eager to give it a try.

"rain of fire."

You Lan immediately used a level seven spell without chanting. As a forbidden spell, You Lan was able to cast it as well, without needing to chant at all, she immediately released a level seven Fire Element of magic rain of fire in the air above the two, causing the altitude of the clouds to drop and become thicker, as though it was going to drip with red ink. In a moment, You Lan pointed at the few remaining Dark Ant s in front, and the red clouds immediately started to rain heavily.

Fei Yu pulled You Lan's hand and said: "Let's go quickly and go take a look at the Dark Ant's lair. We might even be able to join in the fun!"


You Lan helped the two add wind system to her flight magic wings, and quickly headed towards the Dark Ant's lair.

"Buzz ?" Buzz Buzz ? "Buzz, buzz, buzz ?"

Before they could even see the nest, they could hear the high-leveled Dark Demon Soldier Ants flying around, and then they saw a "mountain", which was more than ten meters tall, with a diameter of twenty to thirty meters at the bottom. Sigh, seems like I have to end this quickly. Although being surrounded is not dangerous, it is also very troublesome, so I landed far away and discussed it with You Lan. Then, I decided to use my ultimate move to eliminate these Dark Ant s as soon as possible.

"Sword Art ? Gale Slash!"

Both of his hands frantically waved the Big Sword, and countless Sword Qi s rained down on them like a torrential rain on the ant nest and the Dark Ant around it. Just as he finished using the two-handed greatsword s, they were unable to withstand Fei Yu's tyrannical power, and with a loud bang, they were transformed into a pile of metal.

"Oh Great Elf God, please grant me the ability to use fire element, rain of fire."

You Lan once again released his rain of fire, but this time, in order to increase its power, she gathered a large amount of Fire Element Elements through chanting. Large chunks of red clouds shrouded the large area above the ant's nest, and before the magic had even started to show its might, only the aura of a person could be felt, causing the Dark Ant s to become restless.

Fei Yu's countless Sword Qi s and blazing rain of fire summoned the Dark Ant and ant nest at the same time. Immediately, the noise around the nest could not be heard for a long time, it was filled with smoke and it did not dissipate for a long time, in the end, it was still You Lan who used the Wind Magic to disperse. The Dark Ant outside the nest had basically been wiped out, and those who had escaped occasionally had long since disappeared. Through the spiritual consciousness's probing, Fei Yu realized that there was still a large number of Dark Ant inside the ant's nest.

"Oh? Since you guys are not coming out, I'll open the door for you guys! " When Fei Yu thought about this, he gathered thirty percent of his Cultivation Level and hacked towards the ant's nest.

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