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C8 ant nest

Sensing that there were still a large number of Dark Ant hiding inside the nest, Fei Yu did not hesitate as he waved his palm. With a low "Open!", he slashed his blade towards the nest.

With a chi sound, the nest merely caved in for a bit and immediately returned to its original state. Only a few pieces of debris were left behind.


Fei Yu was very surprised, although he had only used thirty percent of his power, it would still be at least the full power of a Swordmaster. Even the toughest rock would be smashed into dust, and the Dark Ant nest was actually only slightly damaged, it was truly strong enough.

"Empty Hand Technique ? ? Sky Splitting Slash!"

Fei Yu leaped upwards, and the right hand in the air raised up forcefully as it pointed to heaven and earth, the air around the right palm also shook for a moment, and as Fei Yu's body rose higher and higher, 80% of the Cultivation Level gathered at the right palm, the meat palm actually emitted a silver white light, becoming more and more intense, gradually becoming like a small sun, no one dared to look up, and when it reached the highest point, it let out a furious roar:


A crescent-shaped ray of light shot out from his palm, and under the urging of the strong zhenyuan, the surrounding air became distorted, as if it was visible to the naked eye. With a roar, it rushed down towards the ant's nest, the powerful attack becoming as sharp as a spear head, and the strong ant's nest became the strongest shield, but who could be more tyrannical?

Chi chi! "Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!"

With a soft chi sound, half a month easily passed through the nest. The nest was split into two halves by half a foot wide crack, which was then followed by some blood.

After passing through the ant's nest, the half moon's worth of power had yet to disappear, only slowly dissipating after passing through a few towering trees. Following that, with a deafening bang, the remnants of the zhenyuan exploded with a "bang" sound. It widened the hole that was about a foot wide in the middle of the nest by several times, splashing debris everywhere.

After a long time, everything was calm. No wonder it was so tough. In the middle of the nest was a spacious chimney pipe, from it radiated many complicated network of pipes, these network of pipe terminals were connected to many small pipelines that were as dense as spider webs, and the ant nest below the ground was a huge, semi-spherical "underground city". Many of the Dark Ant towns gathered here, the originally missing Dark Ant s were all gathered here!

In the middle of the "Underground City", there was a bowl-shaped altar with a diameter of about 5 meters, and a total of three meters, and a meter in diameter, and a fat white queen was lying on it. Surrounding her was a dense crowd of ant guards, and above her were also a large group of flying ant guards, and in front of her were nine glowing grape seed sized droplets floating, and in front of her were nine droplets of ant eggs. From now on, nine droplets of ant eggs would be absorbed by the nine ants, and a few meter wide deep mark was stuck to the edge of the altar, and one could even see the edge of the altar.

Fei Yu could sense the presence of spirit energy from the nine liquid drops of light that were floating in front of the Queen. It wasn't a very strong spirit energy, but it was very strange. It must be some Genius Earthly Treasure. Since he had seen it, there was no need to be courteous, he extended his hand and took the nine drops, then placed them into the Storage Ring's storage.

How could Fei Yu understand that those nine drops of liquid were the whole continent's most coveted holy goods ? ? Pax Mother Liquid s, meaning it was the best medicine to nurture saints and deities.

The Pax Mother Liquid did not contain much elemental energy of heaven and earth in itself, but it could act as a catalyst to speed up the growth of the Cultivation Level and increase the level of the Cultivation Level, it was something that could be encountered but not sought after. On the continent, only Dark Ant and Flamebee could produce Pax Mother Liquid, the habits of the two were shockingly similar, it was just a group of Magical Beast.

Moreover, every time a population develops to a certain stage, when the population is too large, it needs to split into two new species. Of course, after the generation of the new king and king, they have to lead a part of the population away to find another place to settle down, and only at this moment will the queen secrete nine drops of Pax Mother Liquid, catalyze nine healthy female ant eggs, and produce nine prepared ants.

In his early years, there were also some experts from the continent who had joined hands to search for Pax Mother Liquid, but they were helpless to discover that Pax Mother Liquid had to be nurtured for three years, and every single movement made by the wind and grass in between would cause the Pax Mother Liquid to disappear, and only after the last three days would it not dissipate, due to the following difficulties:

Firstly, it was unknown when the Dark Ant and the Flamebee would prepare to produce a new queen ant or bee.

Second, they had to go through three years of waiting, and if anything happened in the middle, all their previous efforts would be for naught. Moreover, they had to take it in time, otherwise, it would be useless even if the Pax Mother Liquid was eaten by the young;

Thirdly, you need to have a large number of experts, and Saint level characters are indispensable. Can you move the few Saint level characters that exist in the continent?

Fourth, the problem of compensation was not enough to invite many experts to take the risk. If the reward was too high, who could afford it? There was also the final distribution of the loot, which might cause a war.

Due to all of the above difficulties, the continent had gathered many experts before the war between the Gods and Demons, and there were two instances where they had successfully obtained Pax Mother Liquid s. However, each success would lead to a war and the losses were great.

Whether it was the Dark Demon Soldier Ants, the Dark Ant s, or the even stronger Dark Demon Soldiers that could fly, all rushed towards Fei Yu. In an instant, Fei Yu's line of sight was covered by the Dark Ant and Fei Yu was no longer panicking.

"Empty Hand Technique: Explosive Finger!"

Both of his hands started to dance in front of his chest, from slow to fast, and gradually to he couldn't see both of his hands anymore. A faint shadow danced in front of Fei Yu's chest, and his ten fingers continuously shot out dense finger wind, turning all the Dark Ant that the finger wind passed through into smithereens.

The advantage of it was that it allowed one to attack as one pleased. There was no time limit, and as long as one had enough zhenyuan s, it would be able to sustain itself for a long period of time. Fei Yu who was using the Explosive Finger suddenly felt a faintly discernable energy fluctuation. It was a bit like the fluctuations before the birth of a legendary Ares-class, and a bit like the energy fluctuation of a powerful creature. The distance was too far for Fei Yu to investigate even if he obtained the spiritual consciousness.

"Fei Yu... Fei Yu... "

A few urgent calls woke Fei Yu from his contemplation, causing him to be shocked. Fortunately he still had not stopped his hand from using the Explosive Finger while he was deep in thought, otherwise, he would have suffered greatly.

"Yes, what is it?"

"We don't have many Dark Ant left. We were the first to barge into their territory, so let's leave these Dark Ant behind!" You Lan could not bear it. Although the Dark Ant had injured his comrades, the Elves loved nature and loved life. You Lan could not bear to see this group of Dark Ant being exterminated.

"Alright!" Fei Yu looked around, only a few Dark Ant remained. Although the Queen and Queen Ant were still alive, and looked like there wouldn't be much of a storm in the near future, Fei Yu agreed and stopped attacking. The Dark Ant also knew that they had met a powerful existence, and retreated to their sides, not attacking anymore.

"Zi", You Lan saw that Fei Yu had agreed to his request so quickly, and happily gave his a kiss.

Under You Lan's request, Fei Yu did not kill all of the Dark Ant. It was still early after collecting the Ah Xing Grass, and she and You Lan continued their journey deeper into the Magic Beast Forest. There was still time, Fei Yu planned to pick a few more herbs in order to concoct some Pills s after returning.

While walking, Fei Yu noticed that there was a dense amount of Spirit Qi gathering in front of him. Usually, this type of dense amount of Spirit Qi would produce a few treasures. Sure enough, there grew an oval-shaped plant with jagged edges and dark green leaves. The back of the leaf was a light green with four layers of compound leaves. A thousand-year-old ginseng?

Ginseng, commonly known as "rod", was known as the "king of herbs". It gathered the essence of heaven and earth and grew up there, refined from ginseng over a hundred years old, it could quickly replenish the lost vitality and increase Cultivation Level.

In the tenth year, it would give birth to two layers of six leaves, give birth to three layers of nine leaves in a hundred years, and grow twelve leaves in four layers in a thousand years. In the future, it would increase by three leaves every thousand years until it reached the twelfth layer of thirty-six leaf ginseng kings.

Fei Yu carefully dug out a thousand year ginseng that was nearly a foot long, with a root hair that was five feet long.

Perhaps the Magic Beast Forest did not suffer any man-made damage, or perhaps it was because the spirit energy in this world was unusually dense, or perhaps no one recognized this kind of Genius Earthly Treasure, along the way, Fei Yu had harvested many strange flowers and herbs that were only recorded in the ancient records. Today, he had harvested even more strange flowers and herbs than he had seen in his previous life.

He made up his mind to return as soon as possible to take care of the injured and then travel with You Lan.

In the evening, Fei Yu returned to the store in a hurry with him. Fei Yu placed a small iron pot on a shelf in the middle of the small courtyard. There was no other way it could be done, there simply wasn't a medicine pot for decoction. The aroma of medicine quickly filled the small courtyard. No, in the noses of a few students who didn't know anything, although it wasn't really bad, it was indeed a strange smell.

Two hours later, in front of everyone's doubtful gazes, and An Delu were given a dark, bitter and astringent medicinal liquid. As they rested their hands on Ka Te's wrist, the zhenyuan began to circulate the medicinal properties of the medicine in his body, the poison started to slowly expel itself, and the poison in Ka Te's blood vessels also started to disappear bit by bit. According to the current situation, as long as two or three days passed, Ka Te and An Delu would be back to normal.

After that, it was done on An Delu's body, and in a moment the two woke up with reddened faces. Although they were slightly weak, but everyone could see that the two of them were fine, they just needed to recuperate for a few days. At this point, the mission could no longer be carried out. Fei Yu still paid Fei Yu according to the original remuneration, and Fei Yu unceremoniously accepted it. If not for him and You Lan, their team would have been forced to feed the Dark Ant.

On the second day, Fei Yu bid farewell to You Lan. The usual plot was just some 'take care of yourself along the way' and 'meet again due to fate', all sorts of nonsense that did not have the slightest bit of nutrition. Only Lin Nuo the little girl was silently standing at the side, not saying a single word. Why are you staring at me like that? In fact, Fei Yu has quite a good impression of this gentle girl, Lin Nuo.

You Lan looked at Lin Nuo with a profound look, and then looked at Fei Yu. It seemed that his aunt had set her eyes on Fei Yu, sighed, and pulled the little girl to the side to talk.

Fei Yu noticed that Lin Nuo looked like she had made a mistake. After You Lan chattered for a bit, Lin Nuo blushed red and looked at Fei Yu with a bashful gaze. He nodded slightly, as if he had reached a consensus with You Lan.

Big Brother Fei Yu, Big Sister You Lan said that you will go to the Walter Empire to see me. Lin Nuo stared at Fei Yu with her hopeful eyes.

"This ?"

"Your big brother Fei Yu will definitely go to the Walter Empire to see you, right Fei Yu?" You Lan looked at Fei Yu.

"Oh, yes, we'll see you in the future."

"Then you must come early! I'll wait for you. " The little girl was very happy to receive such a positive answer, so she excitedly went to meet up with her friends.

On the road to Magic Beast Forest.

"Lan, what did you say to Lin Nuo? Why did you become so happy in the blink of an eye?" Fei Yu asked in confusion.

"The secret will be revealed when you go see her!" You Lan laughed sinisterly.

"Alright, since you don't even tell the Hubby, then you have to follow the family rules." As he said that, he extended his hand towards You Lan's armpit, and You Lan ran away while laughing.

Once Fei Yu entered the Magic Beast Forest, he used the spiritual consciousness with all his might and felt the surrounding nature spirit energy. The Genius Earthly Treasure contained a large amount of nature spirit energy and once he probed where the spirit energy was dense, it would be very easy to find all kinds of spirit medicine.

Einstein once said, "Sitting next to a pretty young girl is like an hour, while sitting next to a shriveled old woman is like an hour.

Fei Yu had to find a place to take out the animal skin tent he bought, and together with You Lan, they set up the tent to prepare for the night. Fei Yu grabbed onto a Wind Rabbit, a level two Magical Beast that could use wind blades.

After roasting it, Fei Yu first picked out a piece of rabbit meat that was golden in color and gave it to You Lan.

The elves loved life, but that did not mean that the elves did not eat meat. As they chatted and laughed, Fei Yu suddenly felt that strange energy fluctuation. Like a creature?

"What is it?"

He sat down cross-legged and activated spiritual consciousness to search for the source of the sound.

Seeing that Fei Yu knew very well that something must have happened, he looked around cautiously, guarding against any threats that might be around him.

After sitting down, Fei Yu's spiritual consciousness searched for the origin of the undulations all the way, but due to the limits of Fei Yu's Cultivation Level, he was unable to catch up to more than five kilometers away. Fei Yu gritted his teeth and went all out, in the end he was certain that the undulations were coming from a mountain several tens of kilometers away, but due to the distance, he did not know anything else. Withdrawing the spiritual consciousness, Fei Yu only felt that his meridians were extremely sore. Just now, when he forcefully used the spiritual consciousness, if it wasn't for his meridians being abnormally tough, he would have already been injured.

"Are you okay? What happened?" Just as he opened his eyes, he heard You Lan's concerned voice.

"I'm fine, I felt a strange energy fluctuation just now, it was just used to track me. It was too far away, I can only get a rough idea of the location, are you sure you don't know the details?"

"What undulations?"

"I can't be sure. It might be a Ares-class, or a powerful Magical Beast."

"You want to go?" You Lan understood Fei Yu, and guessed that he must have thought of a risky plan.

"Mn, with my Cultivation Level, I should not be in any danger. At the very least, retreating is not a problem at all." Fei Yu comforted You Lan.

"Can you take me with you?"

"Fine, but you have to promise me that you will hide within my body when you are in danger. Don't take risks. As long as you are fine, I can handle everything." Fei Yu warned You Lan as he looked at him.

"Okay, then let's rest early." You Lan's small face flushed red as she sent an invitation in a reserved manner.

"Hehe, then I, Hubby, will not hold back!" Hearing that, Fei Yu who knew better laughed twice, carried You Lan's soft body and walked into the tent, following that, the Magical Beast in the forest heard the sounds of rain and wind for the most part of the night.

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