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C9 Flying Sword

In the early morning of the next day, the two of them got up early and rushed to the mountain Fei Yu had decided on.

Along the way, they would occasionally meet one or two Magical Beast, and as the two of them went deeper, the closer they got to the mountain, the fewer Magical Beast they saw. On the way, they would occasionally meet one or two Magical Beast, and as the two of them continued to go deeper, they closer to the mountain, and the number of Magical Beast became fewer and fewer.

Legends said that High level magical beast, Holy Beast, and Divine Beasts all had their own territories, and other Magical Beast were not allowed to exist within the territory. Could it be that the one who released the energy fluctuation was a high order Magical Beast, or even a Holy Beast, or even a Divine Beasts?

The entire mountain was isolated in the forest. The thousands of meters tall mountain peak, from bottom to top, gradually had fewer flowers and trees, and the only things left on the mountain peak were the bare rocks and the pure snow. The two of them quickly climbed up, You Lan had the Wind Magic and the cultivation technique, they were not ordinary people, so there was no problem at all.

At the top of the mountain, there was a huge rock encircling a one-kilometer-wide oval lake. The lake was clear, bright like a mirror, but deep like the bottom of a lake. Bubbles would occasionally bubble out from the bottom of the lake, and the steam would rise up like smoke.

Facing the hot spring, Fei Yu could clearly feel that the undulation was coming from below, but after probing for a long time, the spiritual consciousness could not find the bottom of the lake, there must be something strange in the water! Fei Yu made up his mind to give it a try.

Fei Yu said: "Lan, there's something strange in the water. It's actually able to stop my spiritual consciousness's probing. Will you wait for me at the top? "

You Lan said. "Not good, Fei Yu, let me go with you, it is not enough for me to stay in your body."

After You Lan finished speaking, she turned into a golden light and entered Fei Yu's body, and said:

"Okay, now I can go with you. You don't have to worry about my safety. If you protect yourself, I'll be fine."

Fei Yu laughed and shook his head, then jumped into the lake. The zhenyuan protected his body and separated the lake water, as for the air, it was no longer important to the aurine stage experts.

When he started to dive into the lake, it went extremely smoothly. However, the further he dove, the more pressure the lake water felt to be, and the less light there was, causing the lake water to become dark and gloomy. Fortunately, Fei Yu's spiritual consciousness did not need any light.

When they reached a depth of a few dozen meters, the pressure was already enough to make Fei Yu feel uncomfortable, so Fei Yu had no choice but to add a few more Cultivation Level onto the shield.

Suddenly, Fei Yu's body lightened up, and he left the lake's surface. He found himself in a huge red space, and beneath his feet was a huge pool of red-gold magma. The boiling magma bubbled and bubbled from time to time, emitting an unpleasant smell.

In the middle of the huge pond was a stone platform that seemed to be an enormous altar with a diameter of a few meters. A small stone bridge that was over a foot in width led all the way to a cave at the side of the pool, and in the middle of the altar, there was a fiery red Big Sword. The part that was inserted inside the altar was three feet long, nine inches wide, and an inch thick.

The Earth Flame Sword was the weapon that the Dragon King carried around a thousand years ago.

When Dragon King was young, he coincidentally found materials that were about six feet long, nearly a foot wide, and were about an inch long. They were neither gold, stone, nor wood, and were extremely tough.

The Dragon King was pleased with his tenacity and decided to use this piece of top quality material to forge a set of Ares-class s. Unfortunately, even the adult Golden Dragon's dragon flames could not do anything to this piece of material, and because of this, the Dragon King traveled across the continent for many years, visiting many different talented and skilled people, but none of them were able to recognize it, let alone create and train them.

Dragon King was disheartened, and returned to the Dragon Island to hide with the materials.

A month later, he came to inspect the material and saw that it had already turned into a dark red color. He was overjoyed, and after another month of looking at the material again, he found that it was still only a little dark red in color. Disappointed, he discovered that the dark red material had softened a bit compared to before.

Dragon King made up his mind. Every month or so, he would use his own treasured sword to carve materials, and after hundreds of years of damaging dozens of Ares-class s, he would finally carve a six-inch long, nine-inch wide, one-inch thick two-handed heavy sword. Dragon King himself named it the Earth Flame Sword.

Maybe it was because of being refined in the earth fire for a long time, the Big Sword actually became fiery-red, and after being refined, the core fire could no longer soften. Dragon King really did not know what kind of fire could dissolve it.

The Big Sword weighed over a thousand kilograms, and not even the dragon race could use it. From then on, it was always the personal weapon of the Dragon King, and it was said that in the Great War of Gods and Demons a thousand years ago, the Dragon King used this sword to kill several tyrannical god race, and in the end, they were outnumbered. They all perished together with the gods, and this Ares-class also disappeared without a trace.

Fei Yu landed on the platform and looked up, the light above his head started to shine, he did not know that the capable man had actually set up a restriction at the bottom of the lake, which prevented the water from flowing down, and at the same time blocked Fei Yu's spiritual consciousness.

Fei Yu was sure that the energy fluctuation was coming from the sword, but it was different. Fei Yu was a little suspicious, he released the spiritual consciousness and looked around, quickly discovering that there was another wave of energy fluctuation in the cave. Oh, Fei Yu finally understood, there were two different types of energy fluctuation, but the source of the two waves was too close, and he himself was too far away, so he was unable to unleash the full power of the spiritual consciousness.

He followed the foot-wide stone bridge into the cave. As he moved forward about ten meters, he suddenly saw a space that was similar to the space he was in a moment ago. However, this time, the object on the altar was no longer a sword, but an egg.

Fei Yu looked at the big "egg" in front of him, which was a little taller than him, and the other wave of energy aura came from the big egg. It was very obvious that it was alive, but what exactly was this? What kind of creature could produce such a large egg?

Fei Yu asked You Lan in his heart:

"Lan, can you recognize what this is?"

"It's the aura of the dragon race, but the dragon egg are also far from being this powerful!"

"Can't it be another Magical Beast's egg?" Fei Yu asked.

"Impossible, the aura emitted by this egg belongs to the dragon race. Even if it isn't a dragon egg, it has something to do with the dragon race. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be any Magical Beast that has such a big egg?"

"But, this is an egg. I just don't know what egg it is!" Fei Yu said.

"Yes?" Maybe we don't know. " You Lan was also a little uncertain.

During the discussion, Fei Yu also noticed that there were a few spots where the energy of the Fire Element was exceptionally dense. Could it be that there was some kind of Genius Earthly Treasure that could grow in the lava as well?

Carrying these questions, Fei Yu increased the strength of the zhenyuan s and slowly sank into the lava. Although the zhenyuan s had increased in strength, Fei Yu still felt the surrounding lava grilling his entire body. Fei Yu quickly approached where the energy in the Fire Element was exceptionally dense, and saw a fist-sized red crystal-like stone embedded into the wall.

"fire drill? The legendary fire drill? "

Fei Yu exclaimed in his heart.

The fire drill, a super high quality diamond grade crystal, was basically a legendary existence. In the entire continent, there were probably not many crystals that surpassed the concept of magicite crystal, and it was basically the condensation of pure fire element s. With the fire drill s, Fire Element Mages were able to release magic that surpassed their own Cultivation Level by a few ranks, and there was almost no need to chant, as even when fighting a profession that was several levels higher than themselves, they would still be invincible. They might even win, but their value was incalculable, and it was truly unbelievable to say that they would appear in front of him one day.

When You Lan was being surprised, she started to take action again. After a while, when they saw the priceless fire drill in Fei Yu's hands, You Lan did not know what to say. The people of the continent would never even dream that they would have such fire drill, but Fei Yu had collected so many in the blink of an eye.

Fei Yu used the spiritual consciousness to investigate for a while. After confirming that all the fire drill had been collected by him, they could not be counted as all of them.

Only then did he stop and return to the shore to prepare to collect the treasured sword. However, he had to prepare in advance, otherwise an accident would not be allowed.

He sat down cross-legged and activated the spiritual consciousness to inspect his surroundings. He checked every inch of the surroundings, not missing out on any unusual places until he was sure that there was no danger or abnormality in his surroundings.

Calling out You Lan who was still in shock and excitement, she handed a few pieces of fire drill to You Lan who was still filled with stars. The elves are no exception! She was using zhenyuan to protect You Lan as well. This was a volcano lava cave, if one was not careful, they would turn into roasted meat!

After Fei Yu calmed down, Fei Yu told You Lan his plan, and explained to him that it might take a long time to do this. There was a saying that cultivation was immemorial, and that it was not an exaggeration.

When he thought of this, he could not help but feel a little resentful. However, he knew that Fei Yu had his reasons for doing this, and if something really happened to him, he would regret it to death. Alright, looks like this was the only option.

"Fei Yu, can you hug me?"

Seeing You Lan's resentful look, Fei Yu almost gave up on his plan. He opened his arms and pulled You Lan's soft body into his embrace, softly whispering to her.

"Fei Yu, I will enter your body to sleep later. You have to wake me up as soon as possible, okay?" After being warm for a while, You Lan opened his mouth and asked.

"Don't worry!" "Darling, I'll definitely wake you up the moment I'm done!" Fei Yu promised.

"You must wake me up as soon as possible. Don't let me sleep for too long."

After You Lan finished speaking, without waiting for Fei Yu to reply, he had already turned into a golden light and entered Fei Yu's body. Fei Yu could feel that the moment You Lan entered his own body, he had entered into a dormant state.

Fei Yu could not bear to do this, but he had no other choice. It was his first time refining, and if there was an accident where he could not split his energy to protect You Lan, he might as well let You Lan avoid it in advance. This way, he could focus on refining and not have to worry about harming You Lan.

Returning back to the dimension that he originally entered, he walked in front of the altar and caressed the Big Sword s up and down a few times. The man seemed to have a special liking for blades and swords, and then he held onto the Big Sword s with both of his hands and pulled them up, thinking that he could grab it easily, but in the end, the sword did not move at all.


Fei Yu was interested, he had already carefully checked before pulling out the sword, there were no traps, traps, restrictions or anything like that, he used 30% of his strength yet he did not pull out the Big Sword. Although it was purely his power, it should be at least a few hundred kilograms, if that was the case, the sword must be heavy at least a thousand kilograms. Fei Yu temporarily gave up on drawing the sword, and started to study the sword's material, after inspecting it carefully, it took him a long time before he recognized the sword's material, and he was extremely shocked.

"Wasting, wasting, wasting!" The Big Sword was made entirely from top quality chaos gold crystal, and without exception, it was the same as even the sword hilt! "

This chaos gold crystal could be said to be the legendary top quality material that made divine instrument.

The metals in the casting materials were divided into three grades: chaos gold crystal, taiyinjin, and each grade was then divided into four grades: Low grade, Middle grade, High grade, and Extreme grade.

A thousand kilograms of refined steel could be refined using three kinds of true fire to produce a single gram of low-grade Mysterious Sky Fine Gold. Normal Cultivator s could only refine Flying Sword with a small amount of other materials, but taiyinjin s could only be refined from Mysterious Sky Fine Gold with nine types of True Flames. Only top tier Cultivator s could refine a single gram of refined steel out of the Mysterious Sky Fine Gold with a few hundred kilograms of True Flames. The Big Sword s were six inches long, nine inches wide and one inch thick. Fei Yu really didn't know how much thicker it was!

Slowly, the Big Sword began to rise out of the ground inch by inch. Every inch it rose, Fei Yu's heartbeat would quicken, and finally, the six inch long Big Sword was pulled out of the stone altar by Fei Yu. Fortunately, it had come out, otherwise, even with Fei Yu's current powerful Cultivation Level, it would still be able to cause a violent heart attack.

The Big Sword was extracted, so Fei Yu put the Big Sword on his knees and was a little unsure of what to do. Although the chaos gold crystal was a top quality Flying Sword material, it couldn't be refined using the Cultivator's True Fire, or at least it needed to be refined using the Heaven Flame. Looking at the chaos gold crystal that could not be refined, Fei Yu felt very uncomfortable in his heart. He had never thought that there was such a thing as a treasure or treasure that could not be refined.

"chaos gold crystal, oh chaos gold crystal, there's nothing as legendary as you ?"

Wait, Fei Yu seemed to have thought of something, and carefully recalled the words "legendary ?".

"Ah ?" Fei Yu patted it and remembered. Fei Yu took out a hot yellow-white ball the size of a basketball from his storage ring. Using zhenyuan to hold it in midair, the ball emitted a scorching heat wave that was even more scorching than lava.

The stellar nucleus was one of the few materials that Shen Nong had left behind. According to Shen Nong's elder, the stellar nucleus was a larger astral core than the sun, refined using heavenly fire essence for billions of years. It was a refining material that was on the same level as the chaos gold crystal, and it was not obtainable. At that time, Shen Nong's Cultivation Level was already a high level god. Seeing this stellar nucleus, Shen Nong knew that it was not easy to refine these materials, but after they cooled down, even if his own heavenly fire could not be melted easily, he still used his supreme divine ability to seal it and keep it in a melting state.

Shen Nong had left a message for his descendants. As long as the people who gathered the materials had of the aurine stage, they would mix the materials together and use the method given to them to unlock the seal on the stellar nucleus. Relying on the power of the remaining heavenly fire in the stellar nucleus, all the materials would be melted away, and the refiner only had to form the magic treasure within fifteen minutes and add the formation array formation.

Fei Yu took out the stellar nucleus, his heart surging with emotions.

"Calm down ?" Calm down... You have to be calm ? "

Fei Yu reminded himself in his heart. Only after a long while did he finally calm down, and carefully planned out the method and process of refining in his mind. After a long time, Fei Yu finally discovered that even if it was so, his zhenyuan was still insufficient to last until the end.

"What should I do? Not enough zhenyuan...? the zhenyuan ?? "

Fei Yu thought hard but could not come up with anything.

"Yeah, there is. After gathering so many spiritual medicines, why not refine some Spirit Dans. I believe that with the Spirit Dans to supplement my own zhenyuan, I can last until the end."

Fei Yu started to organize the various spirit medicines in his storage ring. The Shennong's Grimoire had recorded countless of Pills formulas, and it could be said that there were many different types of medicinal effects that only you could think of.

took out the thousand year ginseng, Fei Yu planned to use that thousand year ginseng to refine a cauldron of good Pei Yuan Dan s. The Pei Yuan Dan s had a medicinal effect that fortified their core and nurtured their core, and the medicinal effect was so great that ordinary people could not endure the tyrannical medicine, to the aurine stage, it had the effect of strengthening their core and raising the Cultivation Level, it was an effect of quickly progressing through the realms as a true cultivator, but for Cultivation Level s and above, it was merely a good medicine that could replenish the zhenyuan, and could quickly replenish the zhenyuan and replenish the energy.

Fei Yu sat cross-legged in the middle of the altar and took out the medicinal cauldron left behind by Shen Nong. Although this cauldron was not some immortal equipment, divine instrument or the like, it was still a rare top-grade medicinal cauldron.

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