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It was a battlefield filled with blood and corpses.

"Come on, there's a woman here." a soldier who was tidying up the battlefield shouted.

Everyone rushed over and saw a girl lying on the battlefield that was filled with an aura of death. She looked very sweet, as though she was a celestial being that had descended to the mortal world. However, her clothes … It was actually a sleeveless long skirt. Although it was a long skirt, a portion of her calf was still exposed.

"What should we do?" someone asked.

"What else can we do? Carry it back and let the prince handle it. "

"Your Highness." A deputy general enter the central tent

Behind the desk in the middle of the tent stood a man. He had an imposing manner, like a king. "This man is the battle king of Nanyu Country, Yan Xiuping. He is the only one with a different surname, Wang." "How are the casualties?"

"Reporting to Your Highness, 309 people were injured and 560 people were dead." "Vice General Chen Ming replied." However, "Chen Ming hesitated.

"But what?"

"But they found a woman on the battlefield. She was unconscious." Chen Ming replied.

"A woman?" Bring this king there to take a look. " Yan Xiuting's eyes twitched.

In a small tent, the woman lying on the bed slowly opened her eyes. "Where is this place?" She looked around, only to find that the arrangement was very unfamiliar. It was not her room, but rather what seemed like a tent.

"Shouldn't I be at home at this hour? "Where is this place?" She tried getting out of bed and touched the bottom of her skirt. There was a small bulging bag inside which was her precious golden needle. It was the base of her healing ability and also the base of her defense.

"Your Highness, this is the place." A voice came from outside the tent.

Prince? What the heck!? Was she on a film crew that was filming ancient costume dramas?

As she was thinking, someone came in from outside. When the people who came in saw her on the ground, they were all stunned for a moment. What a beautiful girl!

"Who are you!? "Where is this place?" she asked sharply. These people did not look like her good Third Uncle, Mu Jun Chao, and they were all dressed in ancient clothing.

"Impudent!" Why are you still not kneeling in front of the prince!? " Chen Ming's expression changed. This woman was really bold.

The woman saw that he was angry and could not help but be puzzled. If it was a movie, there was no need to take it so seriously. She was not an actress. "Wait, what time is it now, and where is this place?" she asked tentatively.

"You!" Chen Ming was flustered and exasperated. Was this woman really stupid or just faking it!?

"Did the girl forget something?" Yan Xiu Ting's cold voice sounded.

"Amnesia? How could I forget? I have always been at home, who the hell knows where I am! " She was stunned for a moment. Then, her voice became softer. She thought about it with great difficulty. She … Did he transcend over? "Isn't it the Soul Piece, but the entire person?" Wait a moment, let me think. " She made the request with difficulty.

Yan Xiuting wasn't in a hurry, he just let her think that she wouldn't be able to run away anyways.

At this moment, she was recalling everything that had happened before. Mu Li was the only descendant of the famous underworld medical family, Mu family's direct descendant, Mu Li. As a large family with hundreds of years of history, the Mu family had countless clansmen, and the matter of fighting for power and profit had always happened, and even though she was a direct descendant, her parents had still died early, so aside from her two relatives, her daughter was the only one left in the direct line of descendants. Since she was a child, she was gifted and had long been appointed as the next Patriarch. That's right, that Third Uncle, Mu Junchao, had 'unintentionally' broken into her room at noon. While she was taking a nap and scattering some things around, she decided to follow her plan. However, the moment she woke up, she would be here.

Alright, she accepted the truth. She had indeed transmigrated. This sad knowledge.

No matter what, she was still the direct descendant, so the material of her clothes were still good enough to distinguish others. In her previous life, she loved to wear City S's silk clothes the most, which was the best material in the country, and this prince's clothes, oh, were similar to the texture of the silk.

While Mu Li was sizing up Yan Xiu Ting, Yan Xiu Ting was also sizing her up. She was pretty, but no matter how beautiful she was, she was only a person to him. However, the clothes she was wearing made him frown.

"Hey, who are you?" Mu Li naturally noticed his gaze and felt displeased. Who would keep staring at a girl!?

"You …" Chen Ming wanted to take a step forward, but was stopped by Yan Xiu Ting. Yan Xiu Ting was not wrong when he saw the cold glint in the woman's eyes when she looked at Chen Ming.

"This King, Yan Xiuting." Yan Xiu Ting's indifferent voice sounded.

"Oh, my name is Mu Li. The admiration of the Li, the Li Li of the Liu Li. Right, where exactly is this place? " After finishing his introduction, he did not forget to ask the question he was most concerned about.

"The battlefield." Yan Xiuting replied.

The corner of Mu Li's eyes twitched. She was already worn to the body of a young miss, so not only was she wearing all of it, she even went to the battlefield. This luck of hers was hopeless. As for the fight for power over the Mu family, he could only throw it to the back of his mind.

"Yan Xiuting, uh, that king, believe me, I really don't know how I got here. I'm also very strange, so you don't need to suspect that I'm some spy. I'm just a doctor." Ye Zichen quickly made his stance, so as to avoid getting hurt.

Yan Xiuting looked at Mu Li and nodded his head. He could tell whether a person was lying or not. Chen Ming was stunned. Why was this prince so easy to talk to? However, before he could think of this question, he heard Yan Xiu Ting's orders.

"Find a place for this girl to stay."

"Chen Ming could only accept." "Lady Mu, this way please." Mu Li also consciously followed him out.

After she was done with her arrangements, Mu Li walked outside. The thick smell of blood made her uncomfortable. She wrinkled her nose as she walked around. She discovered that one of the tents was full of wounded people. There were roughly three hundred people inside, while the doctor who was busy with work only had two people inside. She frowned and walked in. Neither of the doctors saw her. Mu Li walked over to the box containing the medical supplies and picked up some bandages and alcohol. She then walked over to one of the wounded and prepared to bandage him.

"Who are you?" The injured person looked at Mu Li in confusion. Furthermore, her clothes were out of the ordinary …

"I'm a doctor, I'm saving you."

The two doctors who were bandaging the wounded when the wounded man asked her a question also looked over. The two of them had naturally seen Mu Li before.

"Lady Mu, leave it to us. Go and rest." Dr. Wang, who was with the army, said. He did not think that this seemingly delicate young miss knew medical skills.

"It's fine, I know medicine." Mu Li said with a smile. [I don't know much about medicine. I am the most talented man in the Mu Clan!]

Dr. Wang and another doctor Li did not think much of it. It was best to let her know the difficulties and retreat. However, what happened next left them stunned.

Mu Li's hands moved nimbly. The final knot on the bandage was crisp and clean, and it was beautiful and crisp. Mu Li, on the other hand, glanced complacently at the two of them. What a joke, she had 5000 years of medical experience in China. If she couldn't even compare to these two ancient doctors, how could she still have the face to inherit her family in modern times?

In short, when Yan Xiu Ting arrived at the injured person's tent, he saw Mu Li and the other injured people fighting. Even the two imperial doctors were chatting happily with Mu Li.

"Humph!" Yan Xiuting snorted coldly upon entering, and everything went quiet in an instant.

"Greetings, Prince." Doctor Wang and Doctor Li were the first to react and saluted Yan Xiu.

"Greetings, Prince." The wounded also bowed to him. Only Mu Li was still standing. She had even brought one of the injured men back to his seat and bandaged him up.

"Prince Yan, do you need me to bow to you?" After she finished bandaging the injured person, Mu Li looked at Yan Xiu Ting with a smile.

"Since Lady Mu is special, of course you won't use her." However, This King is very curious. Where did Miss Mu obtain this medical skill? " Yan Xiu Ting asked. He saw that Mu Li appeared to be a young miss. Her ten fingers were not touched by the Yang Spring Water, but her medical skills were truly too good. He couldn't help but feel that it wasn't strange.

"Oh? Is Your Highness interested in exploring other people's secrets? But I'm sorry, I've never liked people asking me about my secrets. " Mu Li continued to laugh, unaware that the crowd was sweating for her sake. There didn't seem to be anyone who would dare to speak to a Battle-King like that.

Yan Xiuting did not get angry, and apologized, "Then it seems like This King was wrong."

The people in the tent were petrified once more. "Your Highness has apologized?" His Royal Highness actually knows how to apologize? To an unfamiliar woman!

Yan Xiu Ting no longer paid any attention to Mu Li as he said to the crowd, "You will leave the camp tomorrow and return to the capital. You should rest well tonight." With that, he walked out.

It was night. Mu Li checked the surroundings of her tent to make sure it was safe before daring to fall asleep. After all, this wasn't her territory. It was best to be cautious! However, she did not notice that an additional Phoenix birthmark had appeared on her left arm.

At the same time, in the outskirts of the capital, at the Tzu'an Temple, the High Monk Wu Jing, who was in meditation, suddenly opened his eyes and pinched his fingers together to calculate something. Then he sighed and said to himself, "Heaven's will is unpredictable, heaven's will is unpredictable." After which, he turned to a small tomb in the courtyard and an indescribable expression appeared on his face. On the second day, news came that the High Monk had left in all directions.

In the center of the tent, it was rare for Yan Xiu Ting to lose sleep. As long as he closed his eyes, all he could think about was Mu Li's smile and the gentleness of her bandaging the wounded. What had happened to him? Yan Xiu Ting asked himself. However, he was still unable to comprehend it.

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