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"Sister, look! It's raining!" One morning, Mu Li was in her room having breakfast when Jin Qinglan suddenly ran in.

Mu Li put down the embroidery in her hands and asked, "Is it raining?"

"That's right! But it's not that big, it's just Xiao Yu. " Jin Qinglan said.

Mu Li smiled, and raised her head to look at Jin Qinglan, "Lan'er, why did you come here wearing only a thin dress? Don't you know you can't stand the cold? " As she finished her sentence, Mu Li was slightly angered.

Jin Qinglan looked down at his attire and knew he was in the wrong. He didn't dare talk back to Mu Li and said, "Elder sister, I was wrong."

Seeing Jin Qinglan's wronged expression, Mu Li held her forehead and sighed, "Alright, quickly go back to your room and let your maidservant boil a bowl of ginger soup to drive the cold."

Jin Qinglan didn't dare to stay any longer, and immediately ran back to his own courtyard.

When Mu Li walked to the entrance of the house, cold droplets of rain fell on her face, causing waves of cold war. Mu Li's eyes were filled with endless grief, but she hid it all in her eyes so that no one would see it.

"Qing Xue, give me an umbrella." Mu Li called out. Qing Xue was the head maid that Jin's mother gave her. When she arrived at her side, she changed her name to 'Qing Xue'. Her name was exactly the same as the little maid that was at her side in the Mu family.

"Second Miss, where are you going?" Qinxue asked as she handed an umbrella to Mu Li.

"I'll go out for a walk. It's raining today, I want to go out and take a breather." Mu Li took out a cloak for herself and put it on. "Oh, you don't need to follow me. Stay in the manor." Mu Li stopped the maidservant who wanted to follow her, and even placed the white fox that she was always teasing in her embrace in her room.

Qing Xue could only helplessly allow Mu Li to walk out of the manor.

After Mu Li left the manor, she didn't know where she was heading. It was raining, and it was in the morning, so the streets were empty. Walking alone, she suddenly thought of something sad. She was born in the first rain of spring, and her mother said she was the little princess given to her by the spring rain, so she was pampered. Mu Li still remembered her mother dying in the middle of a heavy downpour while her father died in the cold autumn rain. When her coming of age ceremony was held, the sky was still filled with the cold rain of spring. When it fell on people, it made them feel cold. After that, her cousin had schemed against her life.

Thinking about it in the rain, Mu Li smiled. In her short ten years in the modern era, it seemed that she couldn't leave the rain. But today, it was the same Xiao Yu. It was a pity that she didn't have to face those schemes and scheming again.

Mu Li was lost in thought as she recalled her first half life, when she unknowingly bumped into someone.

"Sorry, are you alright?" Mu Li recovered her wits and hurriedly apologized.

"It's fine." The person who spoke was a man. Although his voice was low, it gave people an inexplicable feeling of security.

Mu Li raised her head and looked at the man. She jumped in shock as she hastily bowed and said, "This humble one greets the Battle King. This humble one does not intend to offend the Battle King. Please forgive me, Your Highness."

Yan Xiuting looked at her and said, "It's fine, you don't have to be so polite."

Mu Li stood up. Yan Xiuting was carefully sizing her up. Mu Li wore a milky white dress with a light pink cape. Her hair was tied up with a ribbon. Although her face wasn't covered in makeup, it gave her a different charm. She was even more ethereal compared to the carefully dressed young mistresses.

Mu Li felt a little uncomfortable under his gaze. "Your Highness, is there anything else? If there is nothing else, this humble girl will take her leave. "

Yan Xiuting hesitated and asked, "Are you sad?" He could feel that Mu Li's body was filled with deep sorrow.

Mu Li glanced at him and said, "I'm afraid the words of the Prince are a bit excessive." How could a man ask a girl like that!

Yan Xiuping felt embarrassed. He just wanted to talk to her and didn't want her to leave.

"Walk with This King?" Yan Xiuping decided to attack directly.

Mu Li looked at him as though she was looking at a madman. Asking her, an unmarried woman, to accompany him for a walk. A lone man and a single woman.

Seeing Mu Li's reaction, Yan Xiu Ting knew that he had said something he shouldn't have, and felt a little vexed. If people knew that the usually cold Battle-King had actually lost twice, he would not have needed to lead his troops.

"This King is saying …"

Before Yan Xiu Ting could finish, he was interrupted by Mu Li. "Let's go."

Yan Xiuting was a bit surprised, she agreed just like that? Hadn't she refused before? However, looking at Mu Li who had already turned around and continued walking, Yan Xiu Ting still kept up with her.

Chen Kong, who was hidden in the shadows, laughed in secret when he saw the prince's embarrassment. So it turned out that the cold-blooded battle king had his moment of failure. He couldn't help but admire Mu Li.

Mu Li and Yan Xiuting were walking in the rain. They didn't say anything along the way, but instead felt warm and comfortable as they walked.

The two of them walked to a tavern. It was still raining, so the tavern was not open yet. There were only a few tables outside. The top of these tables were definitely covered by the rain, which covered up a lot of the rain.

"Shall we sit here for a while?" Mu Li asked for Yan Xiu Ting's opinion.

Yan Xiu Ting nodded and said, "Alright."

They put away their umbrellas and sat on the stools. Yan Xiu Ting took out a wine jug and placed it in front of Mu Li, "Do you want to drink? can warm up. "

Mu Li glanced at him and silently picked up the wine pot. She opened it and took a sniff and a very fragrant smell wafted out. With this guy's status, the wine he drank would definitely be a very expensive wine. Mu Li took a sip. Wu, her voice actually wasn't spicy. It tasted good.

Seeing Mu Li squinting her eyes, Yan Xiu Ting was elated as he asked, "How was it?"

Mu Li took another sip and said, "It tastes good. It's about the same as what I drank in the past."

Yan Xiu Ting smiled. He felt that this pot of wine he brought was not bad, and silently complimented the old butler in his heart.

Mu Li tasted the delicious wine and drank a few more mouthfuls.

With just a slight misstep, Yan Xiu Ting had made Mu Li drink too much. Yan Xiuting wanted to stop her, but he couldn't. Yan Xiu Ting facepalmed. This wine tasted good, but the aftereffects were really great!

At this moment, Mu Li's drunken eyes were hazy and unfocused. She seemed to have returned to the time when her mother was still here.

"Mom." Mu Li called out.

Mom? What the hell was that? Yan Xiu Ting heard Mu Li's voice and felt a little puzzled.

"Mom, did you come to see Li'er? Li'er misses you so much. " As Mu Li spoke, her eyes filled with tears.

Yan Xiu Ting saw the tears in Mu Li's eyes and started to panic. He didn't know why Mu Li was crying.

"Lady Mu, Lady Mu." Yan Xiu Ting called out to her twice, but Mu Li didn't respond. She was still immersed in her own world.

"Li'er." Yan Xiu Ting anxiously walked to Mu Li's side and shook her. Mu Li seemed to have woken up from her stupor.

"Oh, I know you. You're Yan Xiu Ting, the first person I met when I first arrived here." Mu Li was drunk.

Yan Xiu Ting raised his eyebrows and asked, "Where are you from?"

When he asked this question, Chen Kong and Chen Ying, who was hiding in the shadows, felt like laughing. "Your Royal Highness must be taking advantage of me, right?" Right? Right!

Mu Li was still drunk and could not see that this was a trap. "Me? I am from the Mu family, and I am the direct descendant. I am the favorite princess of my parents, and this young lady is the rare genius in medicine that comes out of the family in a hundred years. At the end, his tone was filled with pride!

Yan Xiuping heard her words and started to ponder. Mu family? Why hadn't he heard of the Mu Clan? And, direct line of descent? Shouldn't all the heirs of a family be men? How could the Mu family be a girl?

Mu Li did not notice his thoughts as she continued to talk about her own matters, "I am the only direct descendant. But why would someone like me, who only belongs to the direct descendant, be tricked by a side branch? Is family power really that important? " Mu Li's face was covered in tears, "Our Mu family is an underworld clan, I wonder who dares to offend us? But why? How could such a family be so scheming? for making me stay here, away from my family!? " Mu Li's entire body was filled with grief.

Yan Xiu Ting didn't quite understand what Mu Li was saying, but that didn't stop him from understanding that Mu Li was currently very upset. Yan Xiu Ting didn't know how he should comfort Mu Li. All he knew was that the current him felt heartache as he looked at Mu Li crying.

Just when Yan Xiu Ting was hesitating on whether he should go and comfort Mu Li, he discovered that Mu Li seemed to be … He fell asleep!

Yan Xiu Ting shouted to the back, "Chenying Chenkong!"

Chenchen appeared out of nowhere and asked, "What orders do you have for me, Prince?"

Yan Xiu Ting pointed to the sleeping Mu Li and asked, "What do we do? This King needs a way. "

Chen Kong suggested hesitantly, "Carry him back to the Mansion first?"

Chen Ying facepalmed and quickly said, "No! Lady Mu was still a lady who had yet to leave the pavilion, so how could she possibly carry her back to the manor? It's better to send it back to the Jin Residence! "

Yan Xiuke thought for a moment, then said, "Yes."

Chen Kong thought for a moment and said, "Just say that the prince met Lady Mu by chance and they drank together. I didn't expect Lady Mu to be drunk, so the prince's estate sent someone to send Lady Mu back home."

Yan Xiuting nodded and said, "Yes."

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