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"Oh, where is this?" "When Mu Li woke up, she found herself in a room." His head hurt! "Eh, that's not right. How did I come back?" Mu Li took a long time to figure out that they were inside her house. She tried her best to recall what she had done previously. She remembered that she was looking at the drizzling rain, so she went out by herself. Then, she met Yan Xiu Ting and walked together with him for a while. Then, she drank two mouthfuls of wine and … He had stayed at home. This was … What happened?

"Who?" When Mu Li heard someone push open the door and enter, she immediately became alert.

"Li'er, you're awake?" Mother Jin walked in with a bowl of porridge in her hand.

Seeing that it was Jin Mu, Mu Li relaxed herself and asked, "Mother, what time is it now?"

Mother Jin smiled, "It's already past the time for lunch." Jin's mother paused for a moment, then said, "I assume you just woke up and have a hangover headache. I've cooked you a bowl of plain porridge, come and drink some quickly."

Mu Li walked in front of the table, took a sip, and casually asked, "Mother, who sent our daughter back?"

Mother Jin answered quickly, "They are from the War King's Mansion. However, Li'er, how do you know the Battle King? Furthermore, the Battle King even sent someone to bring you back? It's raining today. What did you do out in the morning? "

Unexpectedly, when Mu Li heard the first sentence, the mouthful of porridge that was in her mouth was spat out, causing her to cough an earth-shattering cough.

Mother Jin was startled, and hurriedly asked, "Li'er, are you alright?"

Mu Li waved her hand and stopped coughing. "It's alright. Mother, there's no need to worry."

"Li'er, you haven't told your mother yet."

"Oh, it was precisely the Battle King who helped my daughter when Li'er first arrived at this place." Mu Li's expression did not change.

"Oh!" Jin mother did not pursue the matter. Since Li'er was fine now, and with the Jin family's ability, they had enough power to protect her.

Mu Li sent her off and sat back at the table, slowly drinking the porridge. When she was thinking back to when she was outside with Yan Xiu Ting, she had said something inappropriate, but after thinking about it for a long time, she still couldn't find it. She couldn't help but hold her forehead.

After pondering for a long time, Mu Li still couldn't come up with anything. Thus, she decided to give up on that idea and switched her focus to Jin Qinglan's cold poison. The cold poison in Jin Qinglan's body had already been mostly removed, allowing Lan'er to rest for a while. It was time to get rid of it completely.

After Mu Li thought over this matter, she finished her bowl of porridge and went to rest.

Within the War King's manor.

"Xiu Ting, I heard that you and the Jin family's second young miss were touring the streets this morning." Since Mo Yichuan had nothing better to do, he ran over to the Battle King's Mansion.

Yan Xiuting cast him a sidelong glance and ignored him.

Mo Yichuan was used to Yan Xiu Ting's cold attitude, so he continued, "I heard your housekeeper said she was drunk!"

This time, Yan Xiuting didn't even look at him as he went to arrange the troops on the board.

Mo Yichuan himself felt bored and said, "I say, can you say something every day? It's not easy for me to find you, but you can't even open your mouth!? " Mo Yichuan spoke with deep bitterness and hatred.

Yan Xiuting put down the chess piece in his hand and finally asked, "Is it difficult?"

Mo Yichuan was a bit guilty and retorted, "Alright, alright. We only get it two or three times a day."

"Just that?" Yan Xiu Ting asked back, "Do you know what his majesty fears the most?"

"What?" It's just a prince forming his own faction! " After saying that, Mo Yichuan reacted and said: "You mean that royal father would suspect me of forming an alliance for personal gain? What a joke! "Everyone knows that this prince is just an idle prince, and won't be able to interfere in any big matters."

Yan Xiu Ting looked at him as though he was looking at an idiot, and said: "Then what about the other princes? No doubt about it? Do you know how many generations have passed since the Nine Five Supremes' throne began, and how many generations have passed since then, and how many generations have passed since then? Do you still want to be an idle prince? "

Mo Yichuan was a little dazed as he said, "I know that because of our good relationship, those princes would not give up on me, but they also give me some trouble. But …"

Mo Yichuan wanted to continue, but he was interrupted by Yan Xiuting, "But you don't have any thoughts on the throne, do you?"

Mo Yichuan nodded.

Yan Xiuping sighed and continued, "King Mu, your persistence and desire for imperial power will make them sweep away those who obstruct you. This has nothing to do with whether or not you desire the throne."

Mo Yichuan was silent. After a long while, he said, "I am really fed up with my current identity!"

Yan Xiuting was also silent. How could he not be tired of his current identity? His official position was bumpy, and if he wasn't careful, his body would be smashed to smithereens, and his entire clan would be executed. However, since he had already entered this place, it was still quite impressive for him to be able to leave!

In the palace of the Qian Long Country.

The emperor of the Qian Long Kingdom, Mu Yi Han, brought the empress Nangong Lan and the crown prince Mu Yan to welcome an esteemed guest at the entrance of the palace.

"Great Master Fa Jing, please." They had originally welcomed the Great Master of the Law of the World who had long since left Tsing Ning Temple to roam the world.

He saw a monk wearing a grey robe, walking on cloth shoes, holding a rosary in his hand enter the palace.

"Amitabha, sorry to bother you." The Buddhist chanting buddhist scripture said. "The buddhist scriptures are as follows:" The buddhist scriptures of the buddhist faith of the buddhist faith of the buddhist faith of the buddhist faith of the buddhist faith of the buddhist faith of the monasteries of the buddhist faith of the monasteries of the buddhist faith.

Mu Yi Han didn't have the airs of an emperor as he replied, "It's already our great fortune that the Great Master is willing to point out our couple's secrets. We don't dare to say we're disturbing them."

Nangong Lan also put down her arrogance as the country's mother and said, "Grandmaster Fa Jing, please enlighten our couple."

Wu Jing let out a long sigh and said, "The heaven's will is unpredictable, the heaven's will is unpredictable. This old monk does not dare to speak carelessly. "

Mu Yi Han and Nangong Lan's hearts sunk when they heard those words. Their expressions were extremely ugly. They were afraid that their years of expectations would be reduced to ashes.

"Great Master, please." Suppressing the despair in his heart, Mu Yi Han led the way.

The four of them walked into the main hall, where a vegetarian banquet had already been prepared.

The four of them sat down. "I wonder if Your Majesty and Empress still have any hope?"

Mu Yi Han and Nangong Lan looked at each other, not understanding the meaning behind those words. Only Mu Yan's eyes were filled with excitement as he asked, "Could it be that royal sister is still alive?"

Mu Yi Han and Nangong Lan were overjoyed upon hearing Mu Yan's question. Both of their eyes looked towards Wu Jing.

With the prayer beads in his hand, Fa Jing said, "It's true that Her Highness the Princess is still alive, but not in the Dragons."

Mu Yi Han said, "Master, please enlighten me."

"This is the fate of the world, all this old monk can do is tell you what I know," he paused before continuing, "In the northeast of the Qian Long family, His Majesty can send people to find a girl with a phoenix birthmark on her left arm."

Mu Yi Han covered the undulations in his heart and said, "Could it be that this girl is my son? My Qian Long Kingdom's Princess? "

"In the past, Her Highness had stayed away from her parents, but now that she has appeared in this world, it's only because her heart is too persistent. She has always wanted her parents to be by her side."

Mu Yi Han and Nangong Lan's hearts shook. They naturally knew why their daughter was so far away from their parents. However, they had no way to protect their newborn daughter!

"Thank you, master." Mu Yi Han walked out of his seat and greeted the man in front of him.

"There is no need for Your Majesty to do this. I only hope that Your Majesty can work hard to protect your people and ensure the well-being of your people."

"Thank you for your guidance, master." Knowing that his daughter was still alive, Mu Yi Han beamed with joy. How many years had it been? The daughter that he had been yearning for more than ten years could finally return to their side.

Within the Jin manor.

"Elder sister, I'm afraid." Jin Qinglan looked at Mu Li, who was about to be injected with the needles, with a terrified expression.

Mu Li used her eyes to comfort her, saying, "Lan'er, this is the last time using the needle. From now on, you don't have to be dragged down by the cold poison anymore. You'll be healthy again."

At the side, his mother helped him prepare the medicinal herbs, and asked, "Li'er, can these medicinal herbs be used?"

Mu Li glanced at them. They were the best medicinal herbs that could be found in pharmacies. Some of them were even dug out by Mu Li herself in the wild.

"Mother, don't worry. This is enough." After Mother Jin finished storing the medicinal plants, Mu Li sent them out, leaving only Mu Li and Jin Qinglan in the room.

As usual, Jin Qinglan took off his jacket, closed his eyes, and prepared to face the impending pain.

Mu Li picked up a golden needle and pierced it into the acupuncture point on Jin Qinglan's back. Jin Qinglan bit his lips, forcing himself not to make any sound to disturb Mu Li. Right now, Mu Li didn't care about whether or not Jin Qinglan was in pain. All of her concentration was focused on the acupuncture point that the golden needle had pierced, the nine needles had pierced through, green meridians appeared on Jin Qinglan's back, it was the result of the cold poison corroding his body.

"Pfft." Jin Qinglan couldn't hold it in any longer, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and weakly fell on the bed.

Mu Li didn't dare to delay any longer, she carried Jin Qinglan and placed her into the bath barrel that had been prepared for her for a long time. Inside the barrel was a liquid that took half a day to boil.

Jin Qinglan regained some of her consciousness as soon as she entered the medicine, only to feel that the cold poison in her body had been alleviated by a lot.

Mu Li pulled out the nine needles in succession, and the nine cyan colored blood strings spurted out, forming a thin layer of ice on top of the liquid in the bath barrel. Mu Li extended her hand to wipe the sweat off her face, she had finally forced out the remaining cold poison in Jin Qinglan's body, killing her.

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