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In the Jin Mansion, Jin Qinglan, who had just succeeded in detoxifying the poison, was peacefully sleeping on his bed. Mu Li stood by his side, afraid that she might feel unwell.

"Li'er, come and drink some porridge. You've been tired for a long time." Behind his mother, Qiao'er was holding a bowl of yam congee in her hands.

Mu Li stepped forward and took the congee before placing it on the table. "Mother, you don't have to work so hard. Li'er isn't tired at the moment."

Mu Li held the bowl and drank the porridge. The sweet taste of the porridge slightly relaxed her tensed heart.

Mother Jin sat on the bedside looking at Jin Qinglan's sleeping face, frowning slightly.

Mu Li naturally knew that her mother was worried about Jin Qinglan's condition. She put down the congee in her hand and said, "Mother, you don't have to worry. The cold poison in Lan'er's body has already been expelled. It will be fine as long as she doesn't suffer from the cold."

Hearing these words, Jin's mother became extremely excited. She held onto Mu Li's hand and said, "Li'er, mother thanks you. Thank you. You're Jin family's benefactor!"

Mu Li did not dare to accept the thanks. She supported her mother and said, "Mother, you can't say that. Li'er is just an orphan here. If it weren't for father and mother, Li'er would have no place to stay. The Li family is Li'er's benefactor."

Mother Jin used a handkerchief to wipe away the tears on her face, holding onto Mu Li's hand for a long time without letting go.

"Mother, let's go outside and let Lan`er have a good rest." Mu Li brought Jin Mu outside.

Outside the house, Jin Wenyuan and his father were both waiting. When they saw them come out, they walked up and looked at Mu Li.

"Father, brother." Mu Li softly called out.

"Li'er, how is Lan'er?" Jin Wenyuan asked eagerly. Father Jin also looked at Mu Li.

Mu Li chuckled and said, "Don't worry. Lan Er is already fine."

Upon hearing these words, the worry that had been hanging in his father's heart was finally lifted, and his old face was covered in tears. He said, "Li'er, you are the benefactor of my Jin family."

Mu Li helplessly said, "Father, if you say so, then it means that you don't recognize Li'er."

Jin father held back his tears and said: "Yes, yes, father recognizes you." Father Jin also knew that he had lost his composure, and hurriedly said: "I was just momentarily excited, and lost my composure, and lost my composure."

He had two outstanding sisters, his parents were very satisfied, and his family was very harmonious. In this world, there was nothing more perfect than this.

It was night. The Jin Mansion was bustling with noise and excitement, and although there was only one family, it was full of laughter. Jin Qinglan who had just woken up happily leaned against his mother's bosom. She had never been as happy as she was now, never felt as relaxed as she was now. This was all brought to her by her elder sister.

"Big sister, Lan`er is done!" Jin Qinglan left his mother's embrace and stuck to Mu Li's side.

Mu Li stretched out her hand to touch Jin Qinglan's head, saying, "Lan`er is my good little sister, so of course I have to be good."

Jin Qinglan smiled. She had always recognized Mu Li as her elder sister and had always relied on her from the bottom of her heart.

"Ai, looks like I won't need brother anymore when I have sister. Ai!" While Mu Li and Jin Qinglan were joking around, Jin Wenyuan was standing at the side, holding a glass of wine as he sighed with emotion.

Jin Qinglan glared at him, but continued to stick close to Mu Li. Upon seeing this, his father and mother burst into laughter.

"Wen Yuan, you even eat your sister's vinegar!" As everyone was laughing and joking, Jin Zhize walked in from outside.

"Uncle." Seeing Jin Zhize, Jin Wenyuan hurriedly stood up and bowed.

"Big brother, sister-in-law." Jin Zhe bowed to his father and mother.

"Why are you here now?" asked Father.

Jin Zhize looked at Jin Qinglan and said, "I heard that Lan`er has fully recovered, so I wanted to take a look."

Jin's father laughed, "Yes, it's good. Today is the perfect day."

"Greetings, uncle." Mu Li and Jin Qinglan also stood up and saluted.

Jin Zhize helped the two of them up, looked them up and down, and then waved his hand behind him. An attendant walked up with two boxes in his hands.

Jin Zhize picked up two boxes, and said, "As an uncle, I don't have anything to give you. These are Sky Clear Pavilion's jewelry, I'll give it to my two nieces to help you gain some glory."

Jin Qinglan happily accepted it and said, "Thank you, uncle."

Jin Qinglan accepted it, but Mu Li was a little hesitant. She had heard of the Clear Sky Restaurant before, the items there weren't cheap, so it didn't seem right for her to accept them.

"Li Er, take it. This is Uncle's kindness." Jin Wenyuan said.

Mu Li glanced at his father and mother, and his father said, "Take it. This is your uncle's kind intentions."

Mu Li no longer hesitated as she extended her hand to receive the box. "Li'er thanks Uncle."

"Uncle, can you help me?" The current crown prince, Mo Yi Fei, sat on the throne of the Prime Minister's Estate and lightly pecked a mouthful of tea.

Wei Fangyuan frowned as he looked at the crown prince, but didn't say a word.

Seeing this, Mo Yi Fei naturally did not say anything. The entire hall was silent.

"Father, daughter is back." The Prime Minister's only daughter, Wei Yao, entered the hall from outside.

When Wei Yang saw his precious daughter return, a trace of a smile blossomed on his originally gloomy face.

"You don't have any rules, hurry up and greet the crown prince." Wei Yang said with a smile.

Wei Yao looked towards Mo Yi Fei, who was seated in the main seat. She bowed and said, "Your servant greets Your Highness."

Mo Yi Fei sized up Wei Yao. He remembered that Wei Yao had always liked to follow behind him and called him "Cousin". Now that his cousin had grown up, she was separated from him by quite a bit.

"Get up." Mo Yi Fei said. What does the Prime Minister think of my proposal? " Following that, he turned his head towards Wei Yang Yuan.

Wei Yang was silent for a long time before he finally said: "This humble subject thinks that we can't."

This phrase "I" and "I" were a clear distinction between the king and his subjects, and were no longer the blood of uncles.

Mo Yi Fei's complexion darkened. However, he knew that he couldn't lose decorum with the Prime Minister's Palace. After all, his position as the Crown Prince had been secured, and the contributions of the Prime Minister's Estate had been made possible.

"Then I will take my leave." Seeing that he couldn't convince Wei Fangyuan, he got up and said goodbye.

"Take care, Crown Prince." Even though Wei Yang felt uncomfortable in his heart, he still had to complete the etiquette.

"Father, what's wrong?" After seeing Mo Yi Fei off, Wei Yao carefully asked as she looked at the unsightly expression on Wei Fangyuan's face.

Wei Fangyuan shook his head and said: "Yao`er, remember, don't get involved with the imperial family too much."

"Yes, Father." "Yes." Wei Yao agreed, but she felt strange in her heart. Her own aunt, the young mistress of the Prime Minister's Estate was the empress of the palace, and the Prime Minister's Estate and the Imperial Family were inseparable from each other. What did her father mean by this? However, the Prime Minister couldn't even compare to ten of them. Since his father didn't want to touch the royal family, then so be it.

"Mufei." Within the Palace, Third Prince Mo Yi Rui and Lian Fei were playing chess.

"Why do you have the time to enter the palace and talk with mufei today?" Lian Fei gently put down a black piece as she asked indifferently.

Mo Yi Rui chuckled, "Imperial Consort, are you blaming me for not coming to the palace?"

Lian Fei glared at him. Lian Fei was an extremely beautiful woman. Even within the imperial harem filled with beauties, Lian Fei's appearance was one of the highest. The light that she shot at Chu Feng with contained a unique charm.

"When did I ever blame you? However, you haven't entered the palace in a long time. Lian Fei asked.

Mo Yi Rui looked at the chess board as if he was thinking of a plan to deal with it.

"Today, the Crown Prince went to the Prime Minister's Estate."

Lian Fei's expression did not change, but her well-maintained hand kept stroking the chess pieces.

"It's alright. That old fox Wei Yang Yuan will not easily join the group." Lian Fei suppressed the waves in her heart as she said indifferently.

Mo Yi Rui casually picked up a cup of tea that was placed on the table and said with a smile, "Mufei is right. Wei Fangyuan has indeed refused the Crown Prince's invitation to marry."

"Heh, the Empress's scheme is really good. She is the direct descendant of the Prime Minister, and her son is the Crown Prince. If she marries Wei Yao, the future throne will definitely belong to Mo Yi Fei. Unfortunately, she didn't expect her own brother to actually reject it. " Lian Fei smiled.

Following her laughter, the atmosphere of the Sage Yin Palace also became warmer.

Right now, the palace wasn't as warm as the palace. Right now, the empress's face was gloomy, and the palace maids and eunuchs were kneeling on the ground.

"Imperial Mother, Uncle isn't willing. What should we do now?" The crown prince Mo Yi Fei said from the side.

"Don't worry." The Queen said while rubbing her nails.

Mo Yi Fei was no longer anxious after hearing that. He calmed down and waited for the empress to make up her mind.

"Did you see Yao'er today?" The 'Yao' that the empress had mentioned was naturally her niece, the direct descendant of the young mistress of the Prime Minister's Estate, Wei Yao.

"Yes." Mo Yi Fei replied. He paused for a moment before continuing, "However, Yao'er seems to be distant from me."

The empress sneered. "Looks like my big brother is on guard against me."

The Crown Prince was confused.

"The Wei Mansion will not easily form a team, even if his nephew is the current crown prince!" The empress gritted her teeth. "Not to mention that the Prime Minister's estate has always been loyal to his Majesty."

"Queen Mother, what should I do there? At this moment, both Mo Yi Yu and Mo Yi Rui are eyeing the position of crown prince covetously.

What are you panicking for! "You are the crown prince and the eldest son of the emperor. Don't forget your identity!" the queen scolded.

"Yes, this son has remembered it!" Mo Yi Fei's body shook and his facial expression gradually relaxed. Yes, he was the eldest son, the legitimate crown prince, and he also had his own direct line of descent. Even if those princes were to fall out with him, he would still not be able to win against them.

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