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Early next morning, Mu Li was woken up by the noise coming from outside. "What's going on?" she asked, going outside and catching a man.

"Lady Mu, we are going to leave camp and return to the capital. We are currently packing up." "Yes," the man replied.

Mu Li thought for a moment. It seemed that she had indeed said that they would return to the capital today. However, what should she do? He wasn't familiar with this place, so he didn't even know the basic situation here.

Mu Li had no choice but to walk towards the tent at the very center.

"Yan Xiuting, are you leaving now?" Mu Li asked.

"Right." Yan Xiu Ting looked at her and naturally saw the fear and panic in her eyes.

"Oh, then I wish you a safe journey." Mu Li wanted to walk out when she heard the answer. Even though she was the heir to the family, she was only a young lady who wasn't even 20 years old. Although she was the heir to the family, she was still a young lady who wasn't even 20 years old.

"Is Lady Mu not leaving?" Yan Xiuting asked lightly.

Mu Li stopped and said, "I don't need you to worry. I naturally have a place to go to." Mu Li was also a stubborn person. There was always a place for her in this big world.

"This King wishes Miss Mu a pleasant journey and says goodbye." Yan Xiuting's eyes flashed, but he didn't say anything else.

After Mu Li had left, Yan Xiu Ting said, "Chenchen."

"Your subordinate is here." In a corner, a person suddenly appeared. It was Chen Ying, one of the commanders of the Battle King's Manor's secret guard.

"Follow her when she's gone, and keep her safe." Yan Xiu Ting ordered.

"Yes." Chen Ying accepted the order. In his heart, however, he was calculating. Could it be that his own prince was interested in the unknown Mu Li? Could it be that the Prince's Mansion was going to add a new mistress? He would have to be careful of this Miss Mu Li.

As for Mu Li, after leaving the tent, she directly left without even sparing him a glance.

"Lady Mu." "Doctor Li saw her and called out to her." Where is Lady Mu going? The world is not peaceful these days, so it would not be safe for Miss to be alone. "

Mu Li's heart warmed. So there was someone who cared about her. " "Don't worry, it's time for me to find my own place. Thank you for taking care of me, Doctor Li." With that, he left, not giving him any chance to speak.

"Miss, I won't stop you if you want to leave, but your clothes aren't suitable for me. There is some broken silver here, please accept it. I have a safe journey." Doctor Li stopped her and gave her a purse.

"Thank you, Doctor Li, for your great kindness. Please accept Li'er's bow." What Mu Li lacked the most right now was silver. Moreover, she knew that her clothes couldn't be worn out here. This Doctor Li had solved a big problem for her.

Mu Li walked in front and quickly walked out of the camp's range. She did not know that behind her was a peak dark guard. It was Chen Ying.

They were in a forest, and there was even a lake. She looked around and saw many fruit trees, so she picked up some of the stones on the ground. She dropped some of the fruits and washed them with the lake water. After eating the fruit, she looked at her reflection in the water and sighed.

"Sigh!" "Although you have to contend against the successor of the Mu family, when have you ever been so helpless?" While sighing, her tears fell. However, she quickly wiped them away and comforted herself, "It's alright. I still have my medical skills. I can always live."

With this thought in mind, Mu Li stopped the grievances in her heart. No matter what, life was the most important. Crying wasn't her style.

Chen Ying followed behind her and his heart ached when he saw that she was crying. It turned out that she did not know where she was going. However, could he lead her to the capital? After all, the prince treated her differently.

Thinking of this, Chen Ying found a secluded place to appear and disguised himself as a passing chauffeur. He also quickly tied a bundle of firewood around his body.

"Hello, may I ask where the nearest town is?" As expected, Mu Li saw him and hurried forward to ask for directions.

"The nearest town? "Oh, four hours after that is Fresh Breeze Town." "Yes," Chen Ying replied. If young lady wishes to find someone that is more prosperous, you can travel all the way to the capital.

"Okay, thank you." Mu Li thanked him before walking towards the north. Sigh! He decided to go to the capital. After all, it was bustling there, and he had a greater chance of earning money to support himself.

Chen Ying smiled as he looked at Mu Li, who was walking towards the north. He changed his disguise and became his secret guard.

With a goal in mind, Mu Li no longer wandered around aimlessly, but instead headed towards the north.

She arrived at a small town after four hours. It was Fresh Breeze Town. Looking at his clothes and touching the money pouch that Doctor Li had given him, he couldn't help but sigh.

"Coo, coo..." A sound that made Mu Li helpless rang out. It was a sound that made one starve to death.

"Boss, give me four buns." Mu Li thought for a moment and chose the relatively cheaper steamed bun.

"Alright. "Four buns and two coins." "The boss of the steamed buns quickly put on the steamed buns." Take care. "

Mu Li picked up the steamed bun and started to eat it. The taste wasn't bad. She looked at her clothes again. Sigh, she might as well buy one. The pedestrians were already pointing at her. Thinking of this, Mu Li entered a clothing store.

"Boss, buy some clothes."

"Hey, girl, what kind of clothes do you want?" A waiter walked out.

Mu Li thought for a moment before saying, "Take out two sets of clean clothes."

The clerk acknowledged and went to get his clothes. After a while, the clerk came out, carrying two sets of clothes in his hands. One moon-white and one light pink.

Mu Li picked it up and looked at it, "These two sets will do. How much is it altogether? "

"Five taels of silver." the man replied.

Mu Li's lips twitched. Five taels of silver? She only had a little more than 10 taels of silver left in total. In the end, he still resigned himself to paying.

"Wait, is there anywhere to change clothes?" Mu Li asked as she hurriedly changed her clothes.

"Yes, this way please." The waiter led her to a small room.

After Mu Li finished changing her clothes, she looked at herself from top to bottom. Hmm, not bad. She didn't disappoint her aunt's praise of her as a beauty. Thinking of her aunt, Mu Li couldn't help feeling sad. He was here, but he only had his uncle's son, who was ten years old, left. His cousin was still young, and although he was talented in medicine, he was still a child. Mu Li let out a long sigh. She had already reached this point, so it was impossible for her to go back. It could only be like this. She hoped that the heavens would bless her direct line of descent.

Mu Li changed her clothes and walked out of the shop, instantly attracting countless gazes. She wore a moon-white dress that was plain in color and had very low profile patterns. However, it couldn't hide Mu Li's innate beauty. When this moon-white dress was worn on her body, it made her look like a celestial being that had descended to the mortal world, untainted by the dust of the mortal world. Even Chen Ying, who was always calm, was stunned. My god, this Miss Mu doesn't seem like a mortal. She's an immortal!

Mu Li saw the helplessness in the eyes of the entire street. She could only ignore it and rush on her own path. She didn't have any money now, so she didn't want to stay in the hotel. Traveling was more important, and she had already asked around. Once she left Fresh Breeze Town, she would be in the forest.

At this moment, Yan Xiu Ting was on his way back to the capital. Along the way, he would receive a message from Chen Ying. When he found out that Mu Li was rushing in the direction of the capital, a smile appeared in Yan Xiuting's eyes, something he hadn't noticed before. The other dark guard, Chen Kong, who had been secretly following him to protect him, had seen it and had almost exposed himself. Was he seeing things?! The prince laughed! The usually cold Battle-King actually laughed! What did that fellow Chen Ying say in his letter? Could it make the prince laugh!?

Mu Li didn't know that her whereabouts were being firmly grasped by someone as she walked quickly, hoping to leave the town as soon as possible.

It was almost evening when Mu Li finally walked out of the town. As she walked, she looked all around her, hoping that there wouldn't be any danger. However, the heavens did not seem to care for her.

"Who are you people? "How dare you rob our Jin family's car!" Mu Li heard a man's stern voice.

Robbery? Mu Li looked up at the sky and sighed. How unlucky she was! She turned around and was about to leave when she saw a man approaching her with a large saber in his hand. She immediately took out a golden needle and shot it out.

"Young master, be careful, there's a sneak attack." Mu Li reminded.

The man quickly turned around, picked up his sword and stabbed forward.

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