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Even if Mu Li wanted to leave, she could not do so. Fortunately, Young Master Jin's subordinates were not ordinary people. Thus, they were able to quickly settle the issue of the robbery. As for Chen Ying, he no longer needed to show himself.

Only now did Jin Wenyuan have the time to look at the woman who had just helped him. This woman wore a moon-white dress, and her appearance was absolutely beautiful. She was actually like a celestial fairy. This caused him to be ashamed of himself for having been caught by such a wonderful person.

"May I know how to address you? "I am Jin Wenyuan." Jin Wenyuan said.

Mu Li was sizing him up as well. This person looked so much like a young master from a large clan.

"Mu Li." Mu Li replied.

After saying that, Mu Li prepared to leave. But who knew that Jin Wenyuan would stop her.

"I see that you are not safe. If you don't mind, you can come with us." Seeing Mu Li turn and leave by herself, Jin Wenyuan became anxious.

Mu Li looked into his eyes and saw sincerity in them. She didn't see any trace of those filthy thoughts at all. She thought for a moment, then asked, "May I ask where Young Master Jin is going?"

"I am from the capital. I am returning home." Jin Wenyuan was not ambiguous.

"In that case, I think I'll have to trouble young master for a few days." Mu Li agreed. After all, she had no money now, so she couldn't sleep outside every day.

When Chen Ying saw Mu Li agree, he felt a little anxious. Did he not know of Jin Wenyuan yet? The Jin family had the only direct descendant, and they even had a direct sister. The Jin Clan started their business with medicinal herbs. Although they were a merchant house, they were indeed a rare book family. When doing business, there were also many people who entered the Imperial Court. But this Jin Wenyuan, although he hadn't stepped into the government, his ability wasn't weak either. The most important thing was that Jin Wenyuan was gentle and courteous like jade, he even possessed both martial and civil skills, and he also knew how to do business. He had a much better temper than his cold-faced prince.

Mu Li didn't know what the hidden Chen Ying was thinking. She only knew that she could finally have a good rest.

As the caravan left, Jin Wenyuan rode a horse to avoid being suspected by others and gave the carriage to Mu Li. Mu Li felt a little embarrassed.

"I don't know what Miss Mu is doing in the capital. Perhaps I can help you and treat it as thanking you for your golden needle." Jin Wenyuan asked.

"Wu, we should be considered friends. Stop calling me 'Miss'. Just call me Mu Li. Don't call me that. It would be too much trouble if that were to happen." Mu Li slightly frowned as she heard him address her.

Jin Wenyuan smiled and said, "Okay, Mu Li, is there anything that I can help you with?"

"Eh …. I'm hungry. " After holding it in for a long time, Mu Li finally spoke.

Jin Wenyuan was stunned for a moment, but then he quickly got someone to send some food over. "Is this young lady going to her family?"

Mu Li paused. Family? "She is alone, how can she talk about family?" No, I have no family here. "But I don't know where to go, so I want to go to the capital."

No family? It was Jin Wenyuan's turn to be stunned. "But after being stunned, he felt boundless pity for her." If Li'er doesn't mind, she can follow me back to the Jin Mansion and wait for our exit before leaving. " Just as he finished speaking, he was already regretting his decision. He must have been foolish to invite a girl like this!

Mu Li didn't mind. After all, she was a person of the twenty-first century. Even though she was from an underworld clan, she was still a modern person after all. There weren't that many men or women defending her.

"Will it be very troublesome?" Mu Li was a little worried. After all, they weren't familiar with each other.

Jin Wenyuan did not expect her to agree, but he quickly regained his senses. "It's no trouble. I have a sister who is about the same age as Li Li. You two should be able to be good friends."

Chen Ying was dying of anxiety outside. Lady Mu, you can't agree to this! What should our prince do! However, he couldn't show himself. His Royal Highness had issued a death order, so he could only protect him from the shadows. However, looking at Lady Mu's acupuncture techniques, she probably didn't need his protection. If Mu Li heard his words, she would definitely laugh at him. Although Mu Li was skilled in medicine, she was a thorn in the eye of others. If she didn't know martial arts, how could she live?

Just like that, Mu Li followed the Jin Clan's convoy for three days. The city gates of the capital appeared before his eyes. But now, this place was filled with people.

Chen Ying heaved a sigh of relief. At last, he was back, and the person blocking the city gates was none other than the victorious army of Yan Xiuping. The emperor led his officials and came out of the city to welcome them.

"What's wrong?" Mu Li noticed that the car wasn't leaving, so she asked.

Jin Wenyuan frowned and said, "It just so happened that the Battle King led an army back to the city. The Emperor left the city to welcome them."

Mu Li chuckled. They had just reached the capital when they met. Could she say that her luck wasn't good?

"Mu Li, we can only wait for a while." Jin Wenyuan felt somewhat helpless. However, when the War King returned to the capital, the emperor and many ministers welcomed him. He also didn't dare to enter the city first!

"The Emperor's figure could be seen from afar, and as soon as he arrived at the city gate, he dismounted from his horse." "Your Majesty."

"Greetings, your Imperial Majesty." The soldiers that were following behind Yan Xiu Ting also bowed to the emperor.

The emperor smiled and said, "It has been hard on you, my beloved. You have done a great service in this expedition." "Emperor Mo Lingtian helped Yan Xiuting up." "Please rise."

"My beloved one, you have worked hard. I have already set up a banquet in the palace to welcome you." The Emperor said.

"This subject thanks Your Majesty. I request that Your Majesty allow this subject to return to the palace and change his clothes before heading to the palace. " Yan Xiuting said.

The emperor allowed Yan Xiuting to leave, then left with a group of ministers.

When Jin Wenyuan saw the group of people leaving, he let out a sigh of relief. He could finally enter the city.

After another incense stick of time, the carriage stopped.

"Mu Li, we're here. This is my home, the Jin Residence." Jin Wenyuan said.

Mu Li got off the car and felt a little embarrassed in front of the Jin Residence. After all, she didn't know any of the people inside the manor.

Seeing Mu Li's hesitation, Jin Wenyuan smiled and said, "It's alright. My parents are easy to get along with. They won't make things difficult for you."

"Young master, you're back!" As he was speaking, the gates of the Jin Mansion suddenly opened, and a steward walked out.

"Yes," Jin Wenyuan nodded, "Where are father and mother?"

"The master and the mistress are waiting for their master in his room!" the butler replied.

"Mu Li, this is the mansion's housekeeper, Old Li." "" Jin Wenyuan said to Mu Li. Old Li, this is Lady Mu. She saved me. "

Old Li looked at Mu Li, who was standing behind Jin Wenyuan, as he felt that it was a little strange. However, since it was the young master who brought them back, they probably weren't evil people.

"Old Li, these are the herbs we just brought back. Tell them to bring them to the warehouse." After Jin Wenyuan finished giving orders, he brought Mu Li into the mansion.

The Jin Mansion was not really that big, and its layout was very exquisite. Even though it was still a bit worse than the Mu family, it was already very good.

"Father. Mother." As Mu Li thought of this, she had already walked into the main hall. Jin Wenyuan also quickly entered.

"Hey, Yuan, have you come back? Have you been well?" Jin's mother couldn't sit still any longer, so she came out when she heard the sound.

"Mother, don't worry. Your son is doing fine." This is what's worrying Father and Mother. " Jin Wenyuan smiled as he held his mother, then looked at his father who was sitting in front of him.

"As long as everything is smooth." Although he was happy, he was still able to control himself. He was the head of the family, so naturally, he had to preserve his dignity.

Mu Li looked at the scene in front of her and felt her heart ache. Her parents had died long ago and only her uncle and aunt were able to take care of her.

"Yuan, this is?" Jin father asked curiously when he saw Mu Li standing outside the main hall.

"Father, this is Lady Mu. Your son met a bandit on his way back. If it wasn't for Lady Mu's son, he wouldn't have returned." Jin Wenyuan was afraid that his parents would misunderstand, so he quickly opened his mouth.

"When Jin Wenyuan's mother heard him say this, she looked at Mu Li with gratitude." "Lady Mu, please come in." As she spoke, she invited Mu Li into the room.

"Mu Li greets Master and Madam Jin." Mu Li entered the room and paid her respects.

"Father, mother. Lady Mu is by herself. Your son wishes for Lady Mu to stay in the manor for the time being. Does Father, Mother, agree?" Jin Wenyuan asked his father.

"Of course. I should be grateful to Lady Mu for saving my son." Father nodded and said in a low voice.

"Master Jin, there's no need to be polite. Just call me Mu Li. Saving Young Master Jin is a small matter. However, Mu Li will have to trouble Master Jin for a few days. " Mu Li said with a smile.

Father Jin secretly nodded his head. This girl, she was indeed a good one, not only did she not take all the credit for herself, but she was also so polite to him.

Jin Wenyuan was naturally happy. He scanned the hall and asked, "Mother, where is little sister?"

When Jin's mother heard his question, she felt a little sad and said, "Lan'er is not in good health. She is resting in her room."

Jin Wenyuan was a little nervous, and asked, "Weren't you taking medicine all this time? How can it not be good? "

"Ai!" Mother Jin sighed.

Mu Li's heart trembled as she listened. Was there a patient? That's great, she's the best at treating illnesses. With the golden needles in her hand, I have the world!

"Are there any patients in your residence? Maybe I can see it for her. " Mu Li said.

Hearing her words, the gaze of Jin's father fell on her. Is what you said true? "

"Seriously, I've been studying medicine since I was young and I believe in my own medical skills." Mu Li looked at the two of them and smiled. Mu Li has disturbed your estate, so it is only right for you to do me a favor. "

Her words delighted his mother. His youngest daughter's illness had been brought out from her mother's womb. She had been frail since childhood and had invited many doctors to drag it out without any signs of improvement. Mu Li's words gave the two of them some hope.

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