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Within the War King's manor.

Chen Ying had already returned to the Royal Mansion and was currently reporting to Yan Xiu Ting in his study.

"Are you saying that Mu Li has entered the Jin Manor?" Yan Xiuting's tone was indifferent, but Chen Ying heard a hint of coldness in his tone.

"Yes, the Jin family's eldest son brought Lady Mu into the estate. It seems that Lady Mu wants to stay there for a period of time." Chen Ying was a little nervous.

Yan Xiu Ting lightly tapped his right index finger on the table, thinking of something.

"Prince, do you want to go to the Jin Residence?" Chen Ying asked.

Yan Xiu Ting looked up at him and said, "No need, I don't have time to waste on people I don't care about. It is time to enter the palace. " As he spoke, he walked out.

Chen Ying felt that he wouldn't be able to keep up with his mistress' train of thought. Could it be that her master didn't care about Lady Mu? Then why did he send him to protect them? Or could it be that Master didn't care about the Jin family?

Little did he know that the current Yan Xiuting also had a rare perplexed feeling in his heart. Why should he pay attention to the movements of a strange woman? Why was he always thinking of her now? However, no one answered him.

Within the Jin manor.

The Jin Family's parents brought Mu Li through the courtyard and arrived in front of a quiet and secluded courtyard.

"Miss Mu, this is my daughter's clear courtyard." Father said.

As the four of them entered the courtyard, they saw that there were many flowers and plants growing in the courtyard. It was the time for a hundred flowers to bloom, and the flowers and plants in the courtyard were blooming with great liveliness. There was also a small pavilion, with flowers and vines as the cover. It was a good place to be in shade. Under the branches, there was a rattan chair for people to rest in.

"Miss Mu, this way please." Jin's mother brought Mu Li into the room.

"Father, mother." Just as he stepped into the room, a little girl came out to welcome him.

Mother Jin hurried to support her, "Lan'er, why aren't you resting? Father and Mother knows where you are." His tone was filled with an unconcealable pain.

"Daughter wants to see mother." Jin Qinglan grabbed his mother's arm and acted like a spoiled child.

"Alright, alright, Lan'er, look, your big brother is back!" Mother Jin pointed at Jin Wenyuan behind her.

Jin Wenyuan looked at his thin little sister, and felt a stabbing pain in his heart, but he didn't show it on his face. "Little sister, I'm back."

"Big brother!" Jin Qinglan threw himself at him happily. Has big brother brought anything good back for Lan`er? "

"Of course I did." As Jin Wenyuan spoke, a small figure appeared from behind him. Didn't you always say you wanted to play Shadow? "

Jin Qinglan, who had obtained the shadow, was very happy. Looking left and right, his smile was even brighter than a flower. "Thank you, big brother."

While their family was celebrating, Mu Li was observing Jin Qinglan. The little girl's face was pale, with a hint of green. Moreover, her arms were stiff. He understood that this girl must have suffered from a large amount of cold, which caused her to be trapped in her body and unable to be discharged.

"That's right, Lan'er, big brother has someone here to treat your illness." Jin Wenyuan brought Jin Qinglan in front of Mu Li.

Jin Qinglan looked at Mu Li, her eyes filled with amazement. "Lan'er, this is Lady Mu." Jin Wenyuan said.

"Elder Sister Mu." Jin Qinglan cried out softly.

Mu Li waved her hand and said, "Miss Jin, you're too polite. Just call me Mu Li."

"Then can I call you Elder Sister Li?" It seemed that the young girl from the Jin family really liked Mu Li.

"Alright." Mu Li wasn't the type of person to drag things on, so she agreed. Lan'er, can I call you this? "

Jin Qinglan sweetly smiled and said, "Okay, big sister Li, you're so beautiful."

After all, they could tell that Mu Li wasn't a vile person. Jin Qinglan couldn't go out because her body wasn't well, and it was because she was bored at home every day. Now that they had someone to keep her company, they were naturally happy, not to mention that they could treat her illness.

"Lan'er, show me your hand." Mu Li hadn't forgotten what she had come here for.

Jin Qinglan stretched out his hand, a pair of thin and thin hands full of blue veins, looking quite terrifying.

Mu Li took her pulse and frowned. The Jin family's parents and Jin Wenyuan were looking at her with a nervous expression on their faces.

Mu Li let go of Jin Qinglan's hand, and thought for a moment before replying, "It can be treated, but there are some troubles."

"I had no idea that her words were the best news for the Jin family." How to treat it? Please tell me, Lady Mu. The Jin Clan started out with the use of medicinal herbs, so you don't have to worry about it. " Father said.

"If I'm not wrong, there must be a lot of cold energy within Lan`er's body. Furthermore, the cold Qi has already corroded her body to this extent, I'm afraid it was brought out from her mother's womb. " Mu Li said.

Hearing her words, Jin mother's face was already covered in tears, "It's me, it's me!" "I used to be pregnant and gave birth to Lan`er in winter, but unexpectedly, I caused my daughter to suffer from an illness!"

Father comforted Mother Jin and asked, "Lady Mu, please speak. No matter what you want, I will satisfy you! "As long as you cure Lan`er."

Mu Li shook her head and said, "Master Jin, there is no need for you to do this. And there's no need to go too far, I need to use a golden needle to draw out the cold energy, and you guys need to prepare medicinal ingredients to dispel the cold, and a medicinal bath for her. "

"What about the golden needles?" Jin Wenyuan hastily asked.

Mu Li untied a small bag from her skirt and said, "I'm afraid you've forgotten that I have a golden needle. I've been learning medicine since I was young. A golden needle is a must."

Jin Qinglan was dumbfounded by their conversation. Was his illness cured?

"Right, your illness can be cured now. I can help you. " Mu Li looked at the foolish Jin Qinglan as she spoke with a smile.

Only then did Jin Qinglan react. She hugged Mu Li and cried, "Big Sister Li Li, Lan'er is too happy. Lan'er can be healthy again!"

"Yes, but the process will be painful. Can you endure it?" Mu Li reminded. After all, it was very painful to insert a needle into one's body.

Jin's mother couldn't help but be nervous, could her daughter still hold on?

"Sister Li, don't worry, Lan`er will do her best." Jin Qinglan laughed.

Mu Li was relieved, and let the people from the Jin family prepare the necessary medicinal herbs. Since it was so early, she didn't hesitate anymore.

Mu Li helped Jin Qinglan back into the room and closed the door. She took off the complicated clothes on her body and took out her own golden needle. He began to treat her. Meanwhile, the servants of the Jin family also gathered medicinal herbs to ward off the cold and began to make medicinal baths.

Right now, the Imperial Palace was a field of song. In order to give Yan XiuTing a welcoming reception, the emperor, Mo Lingtian, ordered the empress to arrange this palace banquet. Not only the court officials, but also the princes who had long been crowned kings, the empress, and the princesses.

"My beloved, I toast this goblet to you. I thank you on behalf of the people of my country of Nanyu." Mo Lingtian seemed to put down the airs of an emperor and took the initiative to toast.

"This subject does not dare, it is all thanks to His Majesty protecting the peace of Nanyu Country. This humble subject does not dare to accept it." The Emperor was able to put on airs, but as an official, it would be a joke if he were to take it seriously!

The Emperor drank a cup first, but no one noticed the light in his eyes.

"Battle-King, I offer you a cup." The First Prince, Mo Yi, told Yan Xiu Ting.

"Thank you, Your Highness." Yan Xiuting glanced at him and downed a cup of wine. Crown Prince, Mo Yi Fei, the eldest son of the empress?

The empress watched the crown prince's actions with a smile on her face. Yan Xiuting was a man with military authority and a rare talent. If her son really could tame him, then the crown prince's position would be as stable as a boulder, even the throne would be within reach!

"Hur Hur Hur Hur. The Crown Prince truly loves talent. Even so, I wish to toast to the Battle-King. " The one who spoke was Imperial Concubine Fu's son, Second Prince Mo Yi Yu.

"Thank you, Prince Xian." Yan Xiu Ting did not refuse anyone.

The empress and Imperial Concubine Fu had never been on good terms with each other, and even the crown prince and Prince Xian were on fire and water.

"Hehehe." "Haha …" Are the two royal brothers going to get drunk, Battle-King? " The one who spoke was the empress's youngest daughter, Princess Qiuhua. The empress had one son and one daughter, the first son was the crown prince, and the second daughter was the princess.

"My royal sister must be joking." Since royal sister has spoken, then royal brother shall not drink anymore. " Mo Yi Fei said with a smile. He didn't forget that his own sister liked Yan Xiu Ting, so she stopped toasting him. He had been counting on Yan Xiuting to marry Princess Qiuhua.

Yan Xiuting looked at the siblings singing the same tune without saying a word. No matter who he married, these two wouldn't be able to interfere. With this thought, Mu Li's figure suddenly appeared in his mind. Yan Xiu Ting shook his head angrily. Why was he always thinking about her?

However, he still needed to rely on Mo Tian to protect the border. The emperor, who was well versed in the ways of men, thought for a moment before saying, "If I remember correctly, Qiong Hua should be talking about marriage, right?"

Yan Xiu Ting was on guard for a moment, but then he heard the Queen say, "Yes, Qiong Hua is already 15 years old last year. It's time for her to get married."

Mo Lingtian looked at Yan Xiu and said, "What do you think, Qing Xin?"

Yan Xiu Ting still had his usual smile on his face as he calmly said, "The marriage of the princess is naturally the decision of the emperor and empress. This humble subject dares not interfere."

Mo Lingtian laughed, "Hahahaha, do you think that I, your beloved official, will grant you the promise of the Jade Glow?"

Yan Xiu smiled, "This humble subject is fighting everywhere, I am afraid that I have wronged the princess, I am afraid that it is not appropriate."

All the ministers gasped. The imperial court was looking forward to marrying a princess from the imperial family so they could get closer to the imperial family and help consolidate their family's position. Yet, this Battle King had actually pushed it away!?

The Emperor's words were rejected, but he wasn't annoyed. He also knew that it was impossible for Yan Xiu Ting to marry a member of the royal family. But Princess Qiuhua didn't think so. She was the Empress's direct daughter, the noble Grand Princess. Even the palace's most favored concubine, the Moon Princess, couldn't compare to her. Why did Yan Xiuting reject her!? The empress's face turned ugly, but she was still the mother of a nation. No matter how angry she was, it didn't show on her face. Imperial Concubine Fu, Lian Fei, and Jin Concubine all heaved a sigh of relief. They also had their own princes. If Yan Xiu Ting agreed to this arranged marriage, it would be extremely bad news for their son. However, Yu Fei remained indifferent. She had no son, so these struggles for power could not hold her back.

The palace banquet was passed in each of their minds.

"Battle King." Someone called out to Yan Xiu Ting.

"Prime Minister." Yan Xiu Ting respectfully bowed. The person who called him was the Prime Minister of Nanyu Country, Wei Fangyuan. He was also a person that he admired.

"The Battle King has returned with a great victory, but you still have to be careful of your master's outstanding achievements." Wei Yang reminded him in a low voice.

Yan Xiu Ting's eyes flashed as he said, "Thank you for your reminder, Prime Minister."

Wei Yang sighed and left. After all, letting the Emperor know that the War King's Residence and the Prime Minister's Residence were too close was not a good thing.

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