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"Lady Mu." Seeing Mu Li coming out from Jin Qinglan's room, Jin's mother, who had been waiting outside the whole time, hurried over to welcome her. "Lady Mu, how is it?"

Mu Li glanced at the room and said, "It went smoothly, but acupuncture is too painful. Qing Lan is asleep now, so when she wakes up, let her bathe in medicine."

Hearing these words, Jin Mu rushed into the room. At this moment, Jin Qinglan was weakly lying on the bed, with beads of sweat on the side of his hair. He was fast asleep. Mother Jin carefully touched Jin Qinglan's arm, it was no longer as cold as before! Jin's mother cried and ran out of the house.

"Lady Mu, thank you! Thank you!" Mother Jin held onto Mu Li's hand and cried non-stop.

"Lady Jin, don't cry anymore. I can cure Qinglan, and this is what I should do. Don't cry. " Looking at Jin Mu's tears, Mu Li felt a little sad as well. She was envious of Jin Qinglan's maternal love.

That night, after Jin Qinglan finished bathing, his whole body looked much better than before. At the dining table, Jin Qinglan held onto Mu Li and did not let go.

"Lan Er, let go of Lady Mu. Let Lady Mu have a good meal." Father said.

Mu Li looked at the little girl who was hugging her and said, "It's alright. I'm actually very happy that Qing Lan treats me as her big sister."

Jin Qinglan stuck his tongue out at his father. Big Sister Li wouldn't despise her!

Even Jin Wenyuan was laughing by the side.

"Lady Mu, thank you." Father said.

"Master Jin, call me Li'er. Furthermore, I really like Qinglan. " Mu Li smiled. The little girl from the Jin family was being protected extremely well, not even a speck of dust was left. Her mind was pure and pure, making people like her the moment they saw her.

"Alright, Li'er." said Father. " If you have anything you need help with, just say it, even though the Jin Clan is just a merchant, they will definitely be able to help you. "

Mu Li thought for a moment and said, "I do have a matter that I would like to request Master Jin's help with."

"What is it? Say it. " Father said.

Mu Li took a bite of the dish and said, "Old Master Ming knows that Li'er has no family in this world. I want to borrow some money from Old Master Jin to set up my own medicine shop. It's enough to support me."

When his father heard this, he laughed and said, "If you want to open a clinic, why don't you cooperate with my Jin family?" He rather admired Mu Li's medical skills. After all, Jin Qinglan's illness had dragged on for so many years, yet Mu Li was confident in being able to cure it.

Mu Li looked at Jin Wenyuan and said, "Alright, I believe Master Jin."

Mother Jin looked at Mu Li and said, "Child, I have a request. Would you agree to it?"

"Speak up, Madame." Mu Li replied.

"I want you to be my adopted daughter, okay? Child, don't misunderstand, it's not easy for a girl to earn her own living. You saved Qing Lan, you're the benefactor of our Jin family! " Mother Jin looked at Mu Li.

"This …" Mu Li was stunned. Take him as her adopted daughter?

Little did he know that Jin's father was also frightened by his mother's words. He hadn't discussed this matter with her at all! And Jin Wenyuan was also dumbfounded. Jin Qinglan was the only one who looked at Mu Li with a happy expression, eagerly waiting for her to agree.

"Muhou." At this time, the palace banquet had already ended, and Princess Qiuhua walked straight towards the empress's palace.

"Qionghua, come here." "The Queen waved her hand." Are you feeling wronged? "

Qionghua walked over and leaned on the empress's knee, sobbing.

The Queen patted her hand and said, "Qiong Hua, don't cry. I will think of a way." A cold light flashed in her eyes. He actually dared to reject her daughter!

Qiong Hua raised her head and said grievingly, "Imperial Mother, the Battle King doesn't like me. What should I do? This son and subject only wish to be the wangfei in this life. " So it was because of the War King's rejection.

"Imperial Mother, this matter still needs to be considered over the long term." The crown prince, Mo Yi Fei, walked over from outside.

"Crown Prince!" Qionghua glared at him angrily.

Mo Yi Fei was not annoyed and said, "Don't tell me you want to never marry Yan Xiu Ting?"

Qiong Hua said helplessly, "But he rejected me."

"That's because the value of Qionghua isn't that high yet." Mo Yi Fei said. " "Because my foundation is currently unstable."

The empress sighed and said, "Your royal father has recently pampered your imperial concubine."

"Yu Fei? "Yufei only has one princess, You Mo. She's nothing to worry about. On the contrary, Imperial Concubine Fu, Mo Yi Yu has been going against me recently." Mo Yi Fei gritted his teeth. Imperial Concubine Fu's family strength was on par with the Empress' family, and even Imperial Concubine Fu held a respectable position in the palace. A son relied on his mother, a mother relied on his son, and Imperial Concubine Fu's mother had a rather strong influence.

Knowing his wife's thoughts, Father Jin quickly came to his senses. This child Mu Li was truly not bad. If she were to adopt her as an adopted daughter, that would also be a good thing. A trace of a feeling that even he did not know himself flashed through Jin Wenyuan's heart. He shook his head and threw that feeling away.

Mu Li looked at Jin Qing Lan, at a loss of what to do.

"Li'er, just agree to it. This old man can also have one more daughter." His father smiled.

"This …" Mu Li still hesitated.

"Sister Li, just agree." Jin Qinglan carried Mu Li and continued acting coquettishly.

"This …" Mu Li still hesitated.

"Li'er, don't hesitate. Qiao'er, bring me my jade bracelet." Mother Jin immediately called for her personal maid.

Qiao'er took out a bracelet and Mother Jin placed it on Mu Li's hand.

Mu Li could no longer refuse and could only put on the bracelet. Mu Li held a cup of tea in her hand as she knelt down and said, "Li'er has accepted Li'er as her foster father and will not abandon her. Li'er will use this tea in place of wine to honor my foster father and foster mother."

His mother took the tea from Mu Li's hands and said, "Li'er, quickly wake up." He then said to the servants within the manor, "From now on, Li'er will be the second young miss of the Jin manor, just like young miss Qinglan, you must not neglect her."

Mu Li looked at Jin Wenyuan and called out, "Big Brother, little sister Li'er greets Big Brother."

Jin Wenyuan answered with a smile, "Yes, Second Sister." He then turned to Jin Qinglan and said, "Lan`er has a big sister, are you happy?"

"I'm happy." Jin Qinglan saw Mu Li put away the bracelet, gave her tea, and even called her big brother. In his heart, he was overjoyed as he called out, "Elder sister."

"Yes, little sister." Mu Li also smiled.

Father Jin was so happy tonight that he drank a few more drinks and did not go to rest until after his usual break.

The next day.

"Is the Battle King here?" Early in the morning, someone opened the doors to the Battle King's Manor.

"It's Prince Mu. My prince is in the manor. Please come in." The people from the War King's manor opened the door.

"Reporting to Your Highness, the Mu King is here." Chen Kong replied as he entered the study.

"Please come in." Yan Xiuting said.

"Brother Battle-King is so rare, even This King is not allowed to see him!" Mu Wang walked into the study and joked.

Mu Wang, the fourth son of the Emperor Mo Yichuan, the son of Jin Consort, was born with a free and easy life.

"Why are you here? Aren't you accompanying your mufei in the palace? " Yan Xiuting, who had a face of ice all year round, had a rare smile plastered on his face.

Mo Yichuan burst into laughter and said, "I wonder if you are well after you rejected Princess Qiong Hua and came to see if you are?"

Yan Xiu Ting laughed coldly and said: "I won't reject, are you really going to marry me back? What are they planning? Do you think I don't know? "

Mo Yichuan was also helpless and said, "Alright, alright, I know you're bored. I came to find you to relieve my boredom. " He knocked his head and said, "I remember now, the day after tomorrow, the Jin family is going to take in their adopted daughter. Are they going to hold a banquet?"

Yan Xiuting, who was originally rather carefree, asked after hearing the name "Jin", "Which Jin family?"

Mo Yichuan said, "Who else? Naturally, it was the Jin family that dealt in medicinal herbs. All the medicine in your army was provided by the Jin family. "

"Then who is the adopted daughter?" Yan Xiu Ting asked.

Mo Yichuan was curious, but he still said, "I don't know. I heard that he was brought back from the border."

When Yan Xiuting heard his words, his expression turned unfathomable. Frontier? Could it be her?

"Train?" What's the matter with you? Is there a problem? " Mo Yichuan was still curious. Why was this Yan Xiu Ting so curious about that adopted daughter of the Jin Residence? However, after taking a look at Yan Xiu Ting's expression, he decided to not ask anymore, so that he wouldn't be thrown out.

After Mo Yichuan left, Yan Xiu Ting called for Chen Kong.

"My lord." Chen Kong appeared out of nowhere.

"Go and check the identity of that foster daughter of the Jin family." Yan Xiu Ting ordered.

"Yes." Chen Kong accepted the order and left.

Mu Li still didn't know that Yan Xiu Ting had sent people to investigate the identity of her adopted daughter, but she was still busy all day cleaning the cold air in Jin Qinglan's body.

"Big sister, Lan`er feels much better these days." Jin Qinglan felt his body getting better and better, and couldn't help but feel happy.

Mu Li was also very happy, and seeing Jin Qinglan's recovery, she was also very happy. Moreover, she also had parents in this foreign world, brothers in this world, and a little sister who acted like a spoiled child, and she even cured her little sister's illness.

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