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These two days, Mu Li had been using needles to direct Jin Qinglan's cold Qi, and the effects were slowly being shown. Although it wasn't great, it was still much better than before.

"Sister, how much longer do we have to wait?" Jin Qinglan pitifully asked after he had finished applying the needle and soaked himself in the medicinal bath. It was too painful.

Mu Li felt helpless. Everyday, watching Jin Qinglan in such pain, she felt terrible in her heart. However, once the acupuncture started, she couldn't stop, so she consoled her, "Endure it, the cold poison in your body is too strong. If you don't clean it up, it will definitely harm your body."

Mother Jin brought two bowls of porridge to Jin Qinglan's room, saying, "Li'er, Lan'er, you guys are tired too. Mom just stewed some bird's nest for you, come and drink some."

"Thank you, mother." Mu Li picked up the bird's nest and took a sip, feeling her heart warm. In her previous life, she lived in a deceptive Mu family. Even though her identity was noble, she still needed to scheming and scheming, and even with the protection of her uncle and aunt, she still wasn't a parent. But in this foreign world, she had an adopted father and mother that cared for her.

"Idiot!" How do you do things! " From within the Jade Light Palace came the sound of something being smashed.

The palace maid at the side did not dare to make a sound as she tremblingly kneeled on the ground.

"Empress, please calm your anger." A palace maid of slightly higher status stepped forward and advised.

"Calm down!" Why should I be angry! The empress is already bullying me! "

Yao Guang Palace, Imperial Concubine Fu's sleeping quarters. It was just that at this moment, Yao Guang's palace was already in a mess.

"Empress, if you were to cause a ruckus now, I'm afraid His Majesty would take over even more power." The palace maid advised.

Hearing this, Imperial Concubine Fu stopped.

"Why aren't you guys cleaning up this place? You're not allowed to spread what happened here today." When the palace maid saw Imperial Concubine Fu had stopped, she began to clean up the mess.

"Empress, first drink a cup of tea to cool off."

Imperial Concubine Su took the cup of tea, took a sip, and threw it away.

"Calm down? "The empress had coaxed His Majesty into reclaiming his rights as one of the six palaces after the battle king's welcoming banquet. How could I let my anger go?" Imperial Concubine Fu said angrily.

"Empress, the empress is still the empress after all. It was expected that she would regain her authority. However, since His Majesty can give it to the empress once, there has to be a second time. Empress, there's no need to be impatient." Cai Chan advised. The colourful sparrow was Imperial Concubine Fu's maid, the Grand Palace Maiden of Jade Light Palace.

Imperial Concubine Su's anger dissipated when she heard this. That was true, since she could hold the power of the Six Palaces once, there would definitely be a next time. When the time came, she would make sure the empress would never be able to rise again.

"Where's Prince Xian?" Imperial Concubine Fu asked.

"Reporting to the Empress, Prince Xian did not enter the palace today." The colorful sparrow replied.

Imperial Concubine Fu looked at the exquisite armor on her hands and said, "Prince Xian isn't young anymore. It's time to take his wife."

"Yes, Prince Xian is twenty years old this year." The colorful sparrow replied.

Imperial Concubine Fu thought for a moment, then asked, "What do you think about that young miss from my maiden family?"

Imperial Concubine Su's family was Shang Shu Manor. She was Zhang Ze Qun's direct sister, and Zhang Ze Qun had a daughter named Zhirui, who was a gentle lady. The key point was that the Shang Shu Manor had a lot of power, and was also his family. With the Shang Shu Manor here, his son had a better chance of winning anything.

"The Empress is wise and wise. Shang Shu Manor is a rare aid." "The rainbow sparrow said." However, Master Shang Shu has never mixed himself with these, would he agree to marry Miss Zhirui into the palace? "

Imperial Concubine Fu smiled and said, "So what? "Zhirui has the identity of a daughter of the Minister, so in the future, she will either enter the palace as an Imperial Consort or marry a prince. My son is the best choice." Furthermore, his older brother had a good relationship with the other ministers. With the Shang Shu Manor, it was equivalent to letting the other ministers enter his camp in one fell swoop.

Zhang Ze Qun was completely unaware that his sister, who was related to him, was actually having thoughts about his daughter.

Three days later.

"Mom, that's good. There's no need to be too gorgeous." Mu Li looked helplessly at Jin Qing Lan and her mother, who were picking out pieces of jewelry and clothing.

"That won't do. Today is the day that you will officially appear in front of everyone. You cannot do as you wish." Mother Jin smiled as she interrupted Mu Li.

"Elder sister, just listen to mother." Jin Qinglan was helping.

Mu Li felt helpless and could only allow them to continue playing with her. A warm feeling flashed through her heart.

"Alright, look at my Li'er. She's so beautiful!" After a long time, she was finally done. Mother Jin smiled at Mu Li, but was so shocked that she couldn't speak. This … Was this still a mortal woman? Even Jin Qinglan was stunned.

Mu Li felt that their reactions were a little strange. Could it be that it wasn't pleasing to the eye? Even though she wasn't some peerless beauty, she wouldn't be too ugly!

"Mother, little sister, what's wrong?" Doesn't it look good? " Mu Li was a little nervous.

"No, no, no, sister, you're so beautiful!" Jin Qinglan laughed happily.

Mu Li was a little nervous as she walked towards the copper mirror to look at herself. If she wasn't worried, she would have been stunned by what she saw. The woman in the mirror was wearing a light yellow dress. It was originally an extremely difficult color to control, but when it was worn on her body, it only served to accentuate her beauty. The complex patterns embroidered on the dress added to her elegance. The forehead is Jin mother spent half a day in her mind to choose for her, to add to her glory.

Mother Jin and Jin Qinglan brought Mu Li out.

"Mother, Big Sister Li Li is so beautiful. Even our daughter feels that she is not even half as beautiful as Big Sister!" Jin Qinglan smiled coquettishly at Mu Li.

Mu Li pursed her lips and said, "Little Sister is speaking nonsense again. In Big Sister's heart, Lan`er is always the most beautiful.

"Alright, alright, two girls, both of them are my mother's beautiful daughters." His mother laughed.

The three of them slowly walked to the corner of a corridor and saw Jin Wenyuan, who was waiting for them.

When Jin Wenyuan saw Mu Li slowly walk over, a look of astonishment flashed across his eyes. He always knew that Mu Li was very beautiful, but he never expected her to be so beautiful after dressing up!

"Big brother." Mu Li called out.

"Mmm mmm," Jin Wenyuan answered, "I didn't expect my sister to be so beautiful, I couldn't bear to let you out."

"Alright, let's go quickly. The guests have all come." Mother Jin urged with a face full of smiles.

The Jin Clan's father was a merchant, and was also the direct descendant of a long house. Previously, he chose to do business because he did not like being flattered by the government, but the second son of the Jin Clan, who was also his father's younger brother, had inherited the ancestral position of assistant minister of the military. Furthermore, his father's business was designated by the royal family as a place to obtain medicinal herbs, as well as supplies of traditional Chinese medicine.

"Greetings, second uncle." When they arrived at the entrance of the front hall, Mu Li saw a person standing there. Jin Wenyuan and Jin Qinglan hastily saluted. "Li'er, this is second uncle." Jin Wenyuan reminded.

"Oh, Li'er greets Second Uncle." Hearing the reminder, Mu Li hurriedly bowed.

"No need, sister-in-law." Jin Zhize let the three of them stand up, and then bowed to Jin's mother.

"En, go in. Li'er is already here." "Yes, Mother Jin." She then brought Jin Wenyuan and the other two along into the hall.

Jin Zhize also walked inside, simultaneously sizing up Mu Li. He still believed in the eyes of his elder brother and sister-in-law. This girl called Mu Li wasn't a vicious person. On the contrary, she was sparkling and translucent like the world's most crystalline jade stone.

Mu Li had noticed Jin Yazze's measuring gaze, but she was already on the verge of death due to her nervousness. How could she have the time to care about such matters? She slowly walked into the hall, only to hear a collective gasp. She couldn't help but become more nervous as she looked at her father.

This adopted daughter is really beautiful. In the eyes of the people in the hall, it was more than just beautiful. It was as if a celestial being had descended to the mortal world, a person untainted by dust. There was actually such an amazing person in the world! They even felt that they had been rude to such a beauty.

"Hahahaha, this is my daughter, Mu Li." "She is also the adopted daughter this old man has taken in today."

"Haha, congratulations Master Jin on obtaining such an adopted daughter."

"That's right. It's so wonderful to love your daughter so much."

"Look at this little girl from the Jin Clan. She is so pure and refined, like an immortal that has descended to the mortal world. She is so innocent and lively, and extremely adorable. This Jin Clan has such good fortune, and also has such good fortune."

… ….

Listening to the voices in the surroundings, Mu Li felt slightly at ease. She felt one eye following her, but when she looked to see if it was there, she wondered who was looking at her like that.

Chen Kong stood in the middle of the crowd as he looked at Mu Li. Ever since His Highness had found out that the adopted daughter of the Jin family was Mu Li three days ago, he hadn't made a move. Dark Guard! It was someone in the dark, and yet the king had sent him here to congratulate Meng Hao. What sort of logic was that?! Even though this Miss Mu Li is very beautiful!

Just as Chen Kong was feeling extremely resentful, a report suddenly came from the entrance of the Jin Mansion, "The Mu King has arrived, the Battle King has arrived."

Everyone in the Jin Mansion was stunned for a moment. In the next instant, they rushed to the door to welcome the two princes. Even Mu Li was brought to the door.

"This commoner pays his respects to the prince." This subject and others greets Your Highness. "

Mu Wang Mo Yichuan smiled and nodded his head, saying, "Everyone, get up." With that, he walked inside.

"I did not know that the Mu King and the Battle-King had arrived, and have not welcomed them from afar. I hope that the two Princes will forgive me." Father said by the side.

"Alright, alright. This King is just bored to death with Battle King. I came here to visit. I heard that the Jin Residence is hosting a banquet for their adopted daughter today, so I came." Mo Yichuan said. " Oh right, this is the wedding gift that This King has prepared. I wonder if I can call that girl out to meet you? " He didn't forget Yan Xiu Ting's question.

Jin's father did not dare to hesitate and said, "Thank you, King Mu." Then, he turned around and said, "Li'er, why haven't you come to pay your respects to His Highness, the Mu King?"

Mu Li walked out from the crowd and bowed to Mo Yichuan and Yan Xiu Ting, "My daughter greets the Mu King and the Battle King."

Mo Yichuan's eyes lit up. He saw that the woman in front of him was wearing a yellow dress and had a graceful body. Her small face was elegant and refined, which made people happy. No wonder even Yan Xiuting had asked about that ice cube.

"Hmm, get up, you look pretty good." Mo Yichuan said.

"I thank the Mu King for his praise." Mu Li bowed again. The truth was that his heart was about to break down. Damn, how could he meet this Battle-King again? Couldn't he just let her rest for a while? Due to the memories she had of the army camp, Mu Li didn't have a good impression of this Battle-King.

Chen Kong was overjoyed. His Royal Highness had finally arrived. No, his Royal Highness had actually come! He remembered that the prince did not like banquets. He must have been seeing things. However, when he looked at Yan Xiu Ting, he felt that the world was a fantasy.

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