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"Miss Mu is indeed someone blessed by the heavens." Yan Xiu Ting suddenly said.

"I thank Battle-King for his praise." Mu Li replied with a smile.

Seeing Mu Li's pretty and charming smile, Yan Xiu Ting felt that his anxious heart finally calmed down. He couldn't help but reveal a smile on his face.

"Does the Battle King know my daughter?" Looking at the two, Jin's father asked.

"I don't know him."


Two voices sounded out in the opposite direction, causing everyone to be puzzled. Even if Lady Mu said that she didn't know him, the prince said that he knew her. Who was right about the two of them? Mo Yichuan, who was at the side, endured his laughter. This was probably the first time Yan Xiuting had been smacked in the face by someone like this. Seems like he didn't make a mistake today, to think that he actually watched a good show.

Yan Xiu Ting's face darkened. This damnable girl actually dared to say she didn't know him? Then who was he taking in at the border?

Mu Li was slightly unhappy, but still respectfully replied, "I do. It is this humble girl who has forgotten to thank the Battle King for his previous help. "

Hearing her words, Yan Xiu Ting's face turned slightly better.

"Princes, please come in, quickly come in." Jin's father broke the awkward atmosphere between them and welcomed the two great buddhas into the mansion.

"Hey, wait a moment. This is a little gift from This King to the Jin family's foster daughter. I hope Miss Mu does not mind this little gift." Mo Yichuan stretched out his hand and picked up a long black box from the tray his follower was holding.

"Thank you very much." Mu Li extended her hand to receive the box as she thanked him.

Mo Yichuan glanced at Yan Xiu Ting with a faint smile. This little girl had accepted his gift. Poor famous Battle-King, she didn't want to get to know him.

Yan Xiu Ting's face, which had finally turned for the better, turned dark again. He really shouldn't have brought Mo Yichuan here.

"Princes, please." Mu Li personally invited the two into the manor.

Following the entrance of Mo Yichuan and Yan Xiu Ting, everyone followed them into the mansion. Suddenly, Yan Xiu Ting stared at Mu Li's left arm. There seemed to be something there.

"Big sister, let's go. Lan`er is hungry." Jin Qinglan pulled Mu Li inside.

"Alright, alright, alright. Let's go eat, we can't starve to our Lan`er." Mu Li raised her hand to rub Jin Qinglan's head.

Following Mu Li's actions, her left arm was revealed. Yan Xiuting was finally able to see clearly that it was a red phoenix birthmark. That phoenix seemed to be flying with its wings spread out, as it was noble and inviolable that could cause people to respect it. Yan Xiuping couldn't help but be curious, who the heck was she? Why is this birthmark so strange?

"Lady Mu." Yan Xiu Ting suddenly called out to Mu Li.

"What's the matter with the Battle King?" Mu Li tried her best to endure.

"It's nothing. I just remembered that I haven't given Lady Mu a present." Yan Xiu Ting took out a box from Chen Ying's hands.

"Thank you, Battle-King." Mu Li accepted it. Battle King, please come in. Otherwise, your foster father will say that I did not receive a proper welcome. "

Yan Xiu smiled and declined to comment.

In the palace of the Qian Long Country.

"Muhou." "The Crown Prince of the Qian Long Country, Mu Yan, entered the Empress's chamber." This son pays his respects to the Queen Mother. "

"Yan'er, sit." Empress Nangong Lan had the palace maids serve tea.

Mu Yan drank his tea and sized up his mother before asking, "Imperial Mother, are you still looking for my sister?"

Nangong Lan sighed and said, "That's right. Great Master Fa Jing said that your royal sister is still alive, but fate has yet to come. "

Back then, when the imperial clan was in a state of internal strife, his newly-born royal sister was forced to leave. Unfortunately, at that time, he was still unborn and did not know much about these matters.

"Imperial Mother, don't worry. This son believes that my royal sister will definitely be able to return." Mu Yan consoled.

Nangong Lan nodded. Her daughter had the protection of the phoenix from the moment she was born. She would definitely be able to turn the tide and return to their side as soon as possible!

Many people came to the Jin Clan's banquet, including the Mu King and the Battle King. This made many people envious, not to mention that the Battle King seemed to know this adopted daughter of the Jin Clan.

"Ladies and gentlemen," said Jin's father, "Thank you for your support, and as you know the purpose of today's visit, my Jin family has adopted an adopted daughter. "Li'er, come here." "This is Mu Li, my adopted daughter. From today onwards, Li'er will be the second young miss of the Jin family. I hope that you will give her some face."

"That's only natural, the second lady of the Jin Residence naturally has to give her face."

"Hahahaha, Master Jin is too serious. This second young miss is as beautiful as a fairy. I'm afraid that no one would be rude to the second young miss."

"Li'er pays her respect to the lords." Mu Li bowed to everyone in the hall.

"Second Miss is too polite." Someone said.

Mu Li took a cup of tea from the maid behind her and knelt in front of her father, saying, "Li'er pays her respects to father." Taking another cup of tea, he kneeled in front of Jin's mother and said, "Li'er pays her respects to mother."

Mother Jin received the cup of tea with a wide smile and took a sip.

"Li'er greets Second Uncle." Mu Li then walked in front of Jin Zhize, giving him a cup of tea as usual.

Jin Zhize accepted the tea and gave a gift to Mu Li.

With the two princes, Mo Yichuan and Yan Xiuting, present, no one dared to be too presumptuous. The ruckus during a banquet had reached the end of the hall.

As the crowd dispersed, the Jin family slowly restored their peace. Mother Jin was served by Mu Li and Jin Qinglan with some light soup before she went to bed. On the other hand, Jin Qinglan had to rely on Mu Li in order to be willing to be with her.

"Big sis, big sis, just agree to Lan'er."

Mu Li facepalmed and said, "Alright, but Lan Er can't say that elder sister is bored."

"Elder sister, don't worry. I definitely won't." Jin Qinglan stuck out his tongue.

Mu Li smiled as she led her little sister, Lan`er, into the house. Her courtyard was called the Hearing Rain Pavilion, and it was the title written by Jin Wenyuan himself.

The two sisters turned out the lights in the room, but still refused to sleep. They lay on the bed and whispered to each other, and soon it was midnight. The pitiful Chen Kong, who was standing guard on the roof, felt his heart break down.

He pitied Chen Kong because Chen Ying had completed her mission well and had been granted permission by the king to rest. Thus, he decided to replace him. However, protecting Lady Mu was one thing. What kind of attitude would his master have? Did he really like that girl? If you like them, then go after them. Why do you need to make them, your subordinates, run errands for you!

Mu Li was completely unaware of the grievances of the people on her roof. As she whispered to Jin Qinglan, the two of them fell asleep.

The next morning.

"Lan'er, get up and eat breakfast." Mu Li called out to Jin Qinglan.

Jin Qinglan opened his eyes in a daze, and said, "Big sister, don't make trouble. Lan`er is tired."

Mu Li could only smile helplessly as she brought out the things she needed to wash up. Wiping Jin Qinglan's face, she wet the brocade handkerchief.

"Elder sister." Jin Qinglan opened his eyes and got out of bed, "Elder sister, since there's nothing for you to do today, just let Lan`er sleep for a bit longer." Jin Qinglan said coquettishly.

Mu Li tapped her forehead and said, "The one day plan is in the morning, it's not good for you to be lazy and sleep soundly."

Jin Qinglan nodded, "Yes, my good sister, Lan`er will get up immediately."

"My daughter pays her respects to her father and mother." After Mu Li and Jin Qinglan were done packing, they went to pay their respects to Jin family's mother.

"Wake up, we are not officials' families, we do not have many rules, there is no need to wake up early to greet them." Mother Jin quickly mixed up her two daughters.

"Come and have breakfast quickly." Father said.

When Jin Wenyuan came in, he saw his parents and two younger sisters happily having their breakfast together. A smile flashed across his face as he sat down.

"Today, you're not as early as your two younger sisters." Father Jin said to Jin Wenyuan with a smile.

Jin Wenyuan wasn't embarrassed at all. Instead, he smiled and said, "So, your son doesn't have to get up early in the future. You can just have your two little sisters attend to your parents' breakfast."

"You!" Mother Jin laughed.

A hearty breakfast was over. However, what happened after that was not so good. This was because Jin Qinglan was going to use the needle.

"Big sister, let Lan`er play a little longer!" Jin Qinglan pouted and acted like a spoiled child.

"No." Mu Li hadn't said anything, but Jin Mu had spoken.

"Mother ~" Jin Qinglan still wanted to act coquettishly, but his father glared at him. He didn't dare to move again and obediently followed Mu Li to perform the acupuncture.

Chen Kong no longer had the nerve to stay on the rooftop. However, Mu Li's acupuncture techniques had captivated him to the point that he even forgot to leave.

Mu Li was still using her needle when she sensed someone peeping at her. She picked up a golden needle and threw it at the roof. Chen Kong hastily dodged and stood by the side with his heart in his throat. This Lady Mu was truly rude as she greeted him with the golden needle. This was really … Luckily, his movements were quick, or else he would have been discovered!

Mu Li, who missed, had some doubts. Was she being too suspicious?

"Big sister, it hurts." Jin Qinglan's face paled, he didn't notice Mu Li's actions just now.

Mu Li's heart ached for Jin Qinglan as she said, "Lan`er, be good and bear with it for a while longer. You're almost done."

After the acupuncture was done, Jin Qinglan fainted. Mu Li had long since put her into the medicinal bath, letting her dispel the cold. Mu Li, on the other hand, walked out of the room.

Jin Wenyuan, who had been waiting outside the whole time, hurried forward and asked, "How is Lan`er now?"

Mu Li replied, "It's much better now. I've already let her into the medicinal bath. Five more days of acupuncture and the cold air will be completely dispelled."

"It's been hard on you." Jin Wenyuan felt his heart ache as he looked at the sweat on Mu Li's face.

Mu Li casually wiped her face and said, "It's alright. As long as Lan`er can recover, I'll be fine even if I get a bit more tired." It wasn't easy for her to finally have a family, so Mu Li naturally cherished it greatly.

Jin Wenyuan used the handkerchief to wipe her face again, while Chen Kong watched from afar, feeling a little broken down in his heart. Young Master Jin, you are courting death.

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