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"You said that you were almost discovered?" Yan Xiu Ting looked at Chen Kong, who had just reported back. The surrounding air was a little cold.

Chen Kong felt embarrassed and said, "Yes."

"Useless." Yan Xiuting glanced at him.

"You said that Jin Wenyuan was going to wipe her face?" Yan Xiuting asked again.

Of course, Chen Kong knew who Yan Xiu Ting was referring to. However, why did he feel that his master was in a bad mood? Was it his imagination?

"Hmm?" Seeing that he did not answer, Yan Xiuting snorted coldly.

"Yes." Chen Kong did not dare to delay as he quickly answered. But after he said this word, he even had the heart to die!

What surprised him was that Yan Xiu Ting didn't have any reaction this time, and he was at a loss.

"You don't need to go. Come back." Yan Xiuting suddenly said.

"Yes." Chen Kong replied.

"Sister, let's go to the suburbs to play!" Jin Qinglan said one day after soaking in the medicinal bath.

"Lan'er, you're not allowed." Mother Jin said.

"Mother." Jin Qinglan pouted and said to Jin's mother. " Mother, Big Sister will go with me! "

"Mom, let Lan`er go out for a walk. It's spring now, and the sun is shining brightly today. Also, we need to see more sunlight due to the cold poison in Lan`er's body." Mu Li chimed in from the side.

Jin's mother looked at her two smiling daughters and said helplessly, "Fine, but your eldest brother will accompany you. Don't let anything happen to him."

"Thank you, Mother!" Hearing his mother's agreement, Jin Qinglan instantly burst out laughing like a flower.

"What's wrong? So happy? " Jin Wenyuan walked into the house.

Jin Qinglan looked at him, blinked her bright eyes and said, "Big brother, big sister and I are going to the countryside to play. Mother wants you to protect us."

The corner of Jin Wenyuan's mouth twitched. Sure enough, there was nothing good that landed on him!

"You don't want to?" Mother Jin looked at her son.

Jin Wenyuan hurriedly shook his head. These two younger sisters were the young mistresses of his family, how could he be unwilling!

Only after seeing him shake his head did Mother Jin let him go, turning around to remind him again.

"You two girls, outside, you must be careful not to let Yuan'er see you. Do you understand?" "Also, don't eat outside. Mother will ask the kitchen to prepare some pastries for all of you."

Listening to their mother's words, the two girls remained silent, not interrupting at all, neither showing any impatience, because they knew that their mother was concerned about them, and they were unwilling to part with her concern.

"Mother, don't worry. Your son will guarantee their safety!" Jin Wenyuan felt helpless, did he not believe him?

Mother Jin gave him a sidelong glance and said, "Don't worry! I am relieved! "

Just like this, with Jin Wenyuan accompanying them, Mu Li and Jin Qinglan were finally able to leave the palace to play.

Soon, they arrived at the outskirts of the city. It was spring, and the scenery of the outskirts was much better than in the city. Moreover, the air in the outskirts of the city was fresh. There were also flowers and grasses, and the sounds of birds chirping could be heard. The two girls also put down some of their modesty and jumped at the butterfly. Jin Wenyuan, on the other hand, ordered his men to guard the surroundings and protect the safety of the two ladies. He himself, was watching the two girls play by the side.

"Sister, I caught it!" Jin Qinglan held the butterfly in his hand, showing it to Mu Li.

"Lan'er is great!" Mu Li praised him with a smile.

Jin Qinglan's health was much better than before, and he hadn't left the mansion for a long time. Right now, he was having fun there.

"It's been a long time since I've seen Lan`er so happy." Jin Wenyuan suddenly said.

Mu Li was stunned, but quickly reacted. Jin Qinglan had been infected by the cold poison all year round, so he must have felt very uncomfortable.

"It's fine. In the future, Lan`er will only be happier." Mu Li said.

He only used a silk hairpin to lift up his head of black hair and wore a light pink dress. It seemed that he couldn't compare to the spring colors that filled the sky, but in Jin Wenyuan's eyes, the spring colors that filled the sky were just Mu Li's contrast. Mu Li, by herself, was the most eye-catching fairy that gathered the world's spirit energy within her body.

"Big brother, what's wrong?" Mu Li curiously asked after noticing Jin Wenyuan's gaze.

Jin Wenyuan laughed and said, "It's nothing. I just feel that this adopted sister of mine is even more moving than this spring beauty." As he said this, he suddenly regretted taking Mu Li as his younger sister.

"Big bro, big sis, come quickly." Jin Qinglan shouted.

Jin Wenyuan and Mu Li were so frightened that their faces filled with anxiety, as they hurriedly ran to Jin Qinglan's side.

"What's wrong, little sister? Are you okay? " Jin Wenyuan asked eagerly.

With her sharp eyes, Mu Li saw a soft white mass in the grass. She carried the little thing out and turned out to be a white little fox.

"It's a white fox." Jin Qinglan looked at the fox with a happy expression.

"Right." Mu Li replied. However, she saw traces of blood on the white fox's hind legs. She examined it and said, "This white fox is injured. I'll help it bandage it."

Jin Wenyuan also saw the wound on the white fox's leg. He nodded and started to help Mu Li bandage it.

"From the looks of it, he must have been injured by other animals." Jin Wenyuan said.

Mu Li responded and swiftly bandaged the little fox's wound.

"Sister, can we take it home?" Jin Qinglan couldn't bear to part with the little fox, so he asked.

Mu Li glanced at Jin Wenyuan. After all, she couldn't bear it.

Jin Wenyuan was speechless and said, "Alright, I'll let you keep it, okay?"

Hearing Jin Wenyuan's words, Jin Qinglan smiled. She reached out her hand to hug the little fox, but who knew that this fox would continue to stay in Mu Li's embrace?

The corner of Mu Li's mouth twitched as she said, "Since it still doesn't want to leave, then let me carry it."

Jin Qinglan wasn't holding onto the little white fox, and was somewhat disappointed. However, it was quickly attracted by something else, leaving only Mu Li standing there with the little white fox in her arms.

While Mu Li and the others were sightseeing, in another direction, there were also people coming out to enjoy the spring.

"Prince Mu, the spring color is so good today. How about we drink here?" One of them suggested. They came out with wine.

Mo Yichuan smiled and said, "Drinking is good, but just drinking is boring."

"Then how does Your Highness want to play?"

Mo Yichuan looked at the wide area and said, "Horse racing. Whoever loses gets to drink, how about it? "

"Just as Prince said, whoever loses gets to drink." a man echoed. This person was the son of Jin Zhize, the assistant minister of the Ministry of War, Jin Wenyuan's cousin, Jin Qinglan's cousin, Jin Che.

"Alright, then let's begin." Mo Yichuan said. After saying that, he took the lead to ride his horse and run out.

"Giddy up!" "Giddy up!"

"Giddy up!"

These people were all members of the royal family, descendants of the Shangguan family. They had learned how to ride horses since they were young and were very skilled in it. In the blink of an eye, only the guards following behind the young masters were left behind.

"Li'er, Lan'er, be careful!" Seeing many horses galloping over from afar, Jin Wenyuan hurriedly warned them.

Mu Li reacted quickly, pulling Jin Qinglan to the side.

Seeing someone at the front, Mo Yichuan and the others immediately pulled on the reins.

"Miss, are you alright?" Mo Yichuan asked.

Mu Li pulled the frightened Jin Qinglan to the side, and upon hearing Mo Yichuan's question, she couldn't help but roll her eyes, "It's alright!" It would be weird if he was fine!

"Li'er, Lan'er." Jin Wenyuan hurried over and looked at Mu Li and Jin Qinglan from head to toe. Only after seeing that the two girls were fine did he let out a sigh of relief. They had really scared him to death!

"Miss, are you alright?" Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, Mo Yichuan asked again.

Jin Wenyuan turned his head and saw Mo Yichuan riding on his horse. He hurriedly bowed: "This commoner pays his respects to the Mu King."

Mu Li and Jin Qinglan also saw him and hurriedly bowed, "This humble woman greets the Mu King."

Mo Yichuan also recognized Mu Li and said while dismounted, "So it's Young Master Jin and the two misses. "Miss Jin, weren't you frightened just now?"

Mu Li did not dare to say that something had happened and hastily replied, "It's nothing."

As he was speaking, those princes behind him also saw the person in front of Mo Yichuan.

"Prince Mu is indeed powerful. It looks like we won't miss this round of wine." The son of the Minister of Revenue, Jane Shaoqing, said.

"Hey, where did these two girls come from?" Some people noticed Mu Li and Jin Qinglan.

"Oh, these are the two Jin girls." Mo Yichuan said.

"Greetings, young masters." Mu Li and Jin Qinglan saluted them.

"Cousin." Jin Che came up from behind and said, "Cousin, what are you doing here?"

Jin Wenyuan shrugged and said, "There's nothing we can do. My two younger sisters are coming. I'm here to protect them."

"Cousin." Jin Qinglan walked up to Jin Che and obediently greeted him.

"This is Second Uncle's son, Jin Che. You can just call him cousin. He and Lan`er have always had a good relationship. " Jin Wenyuan reminded Mu Li in a low voice.

Jin Che glanced at Jin Qinglan, and reprimanded him, "Lan`er, you can't mess around. How could you come out and make a fuss?"

Jin Qinglan was scolded, but this cousin of hers held more authority in her heart than Jin Wenyuan, hence she didn't dare to refute.

"It's nothing. Lan'er's body is much better than before." Mu Li walked up and said.

Jin Che sized up Mu Li and said, "So it's Eldest Uncle's adopted adopted daughter."

Mu Li nodded and said, "Mu Li greets her cousin."

When Mu Li walked out, everyone saw her. These young masters who were used to seeing beauties all had stunned expressions on their faces. Such beauty was truly rare.

Mo Yichuan coughed, and everyone came to their senses.

"Miss Mu, why are you two here?" Mo Yichuan asked.

"It's the perfect time for spring today, so I decided to come out to get some fresh air." Mu Li replied.

"I wonder if Miss Mu is interested in enjoying the spring with us?" Jian Shaoqing asked.

Mu Li looked at him with a smile and said, "I'm afraid that's against the rules." Although Mu Li had transmigrated here, she still knew about the concept of being a man and a woman after staying here for so many days. Even though a woman could come out to play, it was better to forget about it with an unfamiliar man.

"Young Master Qing." Mo Yichuan's indifferent voice carried a warning.

"It's my fault." When Jian Shaoqing heard Mo Yichuan's voice, he broke out in a cold sweat. The Mu King was clearly interested in this woman, but he still dared to invite her. He must be tired of living.

Jin Wenyuan didn't want to waste anymore time with these princes, so he said, "If Prince has nothing to do, this commoner will leave with my two younger sisters. I've been out for long enough, I'm afraid my mother will worry."

"Mm, both of you can leave." Mo Yichuan was also not an unreasonable person, so he agreed immediately.

"Your Highness, since everything is fine, this subject shall take his leave now." Jin Che said.

"Mm. Go." Mo Yichuan also agreed.

Just like this, Jin Wenyuan brought Mu Li and Jin Qinglan back to the carriage, preparing to return to the mansion.

"Cousin." Jin Che called out to Jin Wenyuan.

"What is it?" Jin Wenyuan said.

"Take me with you. I also want to return home." Jin Che said.

"Cousin, come quickly." Jin Qinglan was very excited when he saw Jin Che coming over.

Jin Che urged his horse to the side of the carriage, and Mu Li and Jin Qinglan sat inside.

"Lan'er, are you alright?" Jin Che asked.

"Yes, yes." Jin Qinglan nodded with all his might, saying, "Cousin, don't worry, Elder Sister Li has already cured me. Lan'er is much better now. "

Only then did Jin Che turn to look at Mu Li. He was also attracted by Mu Li's appearance, but he had always been paying attention to Jin Qinglan, so he had somewhat neglected Mu Li.

"Thank you, Miss." Jin Che immediately bowed towards Mu Li.

Mu Li did not dare to accept his bow and said, "Cousin, there is no need to be courteous. Just call me Li'er." Pausing for a moment, he then continued, "It's my foster father who took me in. I do some things for my mother and father so it's only right that I share some of my worries. Furthermore, I really like Li'er."

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