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The four siblings chatted and laughed as they made their way back to the Jin Mansion. Along the way, the estrangement between Mu Li and Jin Che disappeared, and Jin Che's friendship with his uncle's adopted daughter, cousin, deepened.

"Cousin, has second uncle been very busy recently?" Jin Qinglan asked.

Jin Che smiled, "You ghost spirit, what are you trying to do?"

Jin Qinglan was busy trying to avoid Jin Che's hand patting hers, and said with a smile, "No, it's just that Second Uncle promised Lan`er that he would give her a set of Heaven's Clear Pavilion jewelry. I wonder when Second Uncle will buy it for Lan`er?"

The Skypiercing Tower was the most famous jewel house in Nanyu Country. The jewellery that was produced there was definitely of high quality and the price was definitely not cheap either. It was just that she didn't know when Jin Yazi had promised Jin Qinglan that he would buy her a set of jewelry! Jin Che felt a little helpless.

"I don't know about that. When the time comes, let Father explain it to you." "Jin Che can't afford to hide." "Brother, I want to go. I remember that I still have to pay my respects to mother." With that, Jin Che left by himself.

"Alright." Jin Wenyuan looked at his little sister with a helpless smile.

Jin Qinglan also knew that he was a bit of a scoundrel, and stuck out his tongue.

The three of them had returned to the Jin Residence, completely unaware that the current Mu Wang was in the middle of the battle.

Yan Xiuting looked at Mo Yichuan coldly, and in the next instant, a white jade teacup was thrown at him.

"Yan Xiuting, I know you have a lot of inner strength, but if you don't listen to me, then why did you throw me away!?" Mo Yichuan barely avoided the teacup and felt a lingering fear.

Yan Xiuting glanced at him after hearing his words, "Speak, what's the matter?"

Mo Yichuan looked at him and slowly said, "Today, when I went to the outskirts to play, I met a person, a woman." Saying this, he glanced at Yan Xiu Ting.

Since Yan Xiu Ting did not wish for it, he gave a cold "En" as a form of agreement.

Mo Yichuan did not mind and continued, "Oh, that's right, she is the adopted daughter of the Jin family, the new second young miss."

"Who?" Yan Xiu Ting reacted a little.

Mo Yichuan smiled and said, "Mu Li."

Yan Xiu Ting looked at him coldly. This Mo Yichuan actually dared to make a joke out of him! Yan Xiu Ting snorted coldly, and a brush flew out.

Mo Yichuan did not dare to meet him head on and hurriedly ran outside. As he ran, he shouted, "Yan Xiuting, are you even brothers now?"

Chen Kong and Chen Ying shook their heads as they watched the battle between their master and the Mu King. The Mu King simply couldn't win against his highness, so why was he always looking to be abused? Did he really have nothing better to do? I'm so full!?

Mo Yichuan left, but Yan Xiu Ting was no longer able to calm his heart. In his mind, he recalled Mu Li's expression and smile back then. Every movement of hers felt warm to the heart. Only, on the day of the banquet, Mu Li's attitude made Yan Xiu Ting feel a little depressed.

Chen Kong and Chen Ying looked at their prince and laughed, feeling frustrated for a while. They had no idea what was going on, yet they were at a loss on what to do.

Mu Li didn't know that because of him, Yan Xiu Ting had caused his two Dark Guard commanders to be at a loss of what to do. She was currently learning embroidery and the etiquette that a lady of a noble family needed to learn.

"Mother." Mu Li had practiced etiquette at home for two hours. Feeling that her body was no longer hers, she couldn't help but ask her mother for help.

"Big Sister Li'er, you should be secretly happy. Back then, when I was learning etiquette, I was even more tired than this!" Jin Qinglan snickered on the side.

Jin's mother smiled and said, "Okay, okay, then let's rest for a while."

When Mu Li heard these words, her entire being felt refreshed, and she ran over to his mother's side to act coquettishly.

Jin father came back from outside, followed by Jin Wenyuan, and Jin Wenyuan had a land deed in his hand.

"Master, you're back." His mother stepped forward to welcome him.

"Father, brother." Jin Qinglan welcomed him cheerfully.

"Here, here's the lotus seed cake for the Xu Ji pastry that you asked for." Jin Wenyuan handed Jin Qinglan a box of pastries.

Jin Qinglan took it and happily went back to his room to eat some pastries.

"Father, brother." Mu Li walked over, and when she saw the item in Jin Wenyuan's hand, she asked, "Big Brother, what's that item in your hand?"

Jin's father smiled and said, "Don't you want to run a medical clinic?"

Mu Li's eyes instantly lit up. "This is?"

"Cough, title deed, the medical title deed." Jin Wenyuan added.

Mu Li looked at her father with a heart full of gratitude. "Li'er thanks foster father."

"Hey, family, what are you thanking me for?" Father Jin waved his hand.

A warm current flowed through Mu Li's heart when she heard these words. She had grown up in the Mu family, which had always been scheming against each other since childhood, and now that she had fallen into a foreign world, the word "family" was too far away for her.

"Hey, kid, don't cry." When Mother Jin saw that Mu Li's eyes were filled with tears, she panicked. She didn't know why Mu Li had suddenly started crying.

Mu Li wiped away her tears and replied, "It's fine, Mother. I'm just too happy."

Hearing her words, Jin's mother laughed. Father Jin placed the land deed in her hands, saying, "Now, the infirmary has it. As for when you can officially begin, your mother and I will see what you have in mind."

Mu Li nodded her head and said, "Let's wait until the cold poison in Lan`er's body is removed."

Mother Jin nodded, "I'll do as you say."

Just as everyone was talking, a small white thing suddenly leaped into Mu Li's arms.

"What is this?" Mother Jin asked.

The corner of Mu Li's mouth twitched as she looked at the little white fox in her arms. "This is a white fox that I picked up." It's just that this white fox always stuck to her. Mu Li silently ridiculed him in her heart. However, the current her couldn't imagine how much this White Fox would help her in the future, helping her escape from the clutches of some heartless man.

"Elder sister, this white fox has eaten my lotus seed cake." While everyone was paying attention to the white fox in Mu Li's embrace, Jin Qinglan walked out of the room and started to complain.

"Eh …." Mu Li looked at Jin Qinglan's aggrieved face, then looked at the little thing in her arms, three black lines forming on her forehead. How come she didn't know that the white fox liked to eat lotus seed cakes!? Mu Li looked at the white fox in her embrace and said, "Lan Er, are you sure it ate this?"

Jin Qinglan looked wronged, "Elder sister, you don't believe me."

Mu Li felt a little helpless and said, "Elder sister naturally believes in you, but it's a fox!"

Jin Wenyuan, who was standing at the side, twitched his mouth. A fox, and he could even eat lotus flower cake, was this really a fox?

The white fox in Mu Li's embrace surreptitiously stuck out its soft and tender tongue and burped. Upon hearing this voice, everyone was once again shocked. It seemed like this fox had really eaten!

Jin Qinglan was originally pursuing the white fox's mistake, but the way the white fox belched was too cute! Her heart immediately softened as she took the white fox from Mu Li's embrace and led it away to play. Jin Qing Lan's father, Jin Wenyuan, and Mu Li watched Jin Qinglan's expression change, feeling helpless.

"Li'er, how is Lan Er's body now?" Jin's mother asked as she recalled the important matter.

Mu Li said, "Mother, you can rest at ease. Currently, there is not much cold poison left in Lan`er's body, so I only need to give her two acupuncture sessions." However, Lan`er still could not catch cold in case of a relapse. "

Hearing her words, Jin's mother heaved a sigh of relief, and said, "That's great, Lan`er's illness is about to recover. Heaven bless us. "

In the palace.

After Mo Yichuan left the War King's Mansion, he went straight to Jin Concubine's sleeping quarters.

"This son greets mufei." Mo Yichuan bowed towards the woman sitting in the main seat.

"Get up." Jin Fei said.

Jin Concubine wasn't the daughter of an official, she was just an ordinary commoner. The current emperor had met her in her twenties and brought her to her place in the harem. Step by step, she came to her current position. Jin Concubine knew that she did not have the support of her powerful mother. After she gave birth to Mo Yichuan, she did not even think about letting her son fight for the throne. Mo Yichuan had also learned her indifference and was not interested in the throne. Instead, he enjoyed sightseeing and became a idle prince.

"What's the good news? Can you tell me about it for mufei? " Jin Fei couldn't help but ask when she saw Mo Yichuan smile.

Mo Yichuan laughed, "It's not a happy occasion. I just met an interesting person."

Jin Fei became interested and asked, "Oh? Who is it that is able to cause my son to be so interested? "

"Mufei, do you know that the Jin family accepted an adopted daughter a while ago?"

Jin Concubine paused for a moment, as if thinking of something. After a while, she said, "I've heard from the palace maids that there's something special about it."

Mo Yichuan smiled and said: "Of course it's not small. The Jin Clan's second son is the assistant minister of the military, and the main house is the royal merchant's house. Even I have gone. "

"I wonder what kind of adopted daughter the Jin family is?" Jin Fei asked curiously.

"It's a girl called Mu Li. This son has seen it. This girl's appearance is extremely outstanding. I'm afraid that even the number one beauty, Princess Qiuhua, would be suppressed by her."

"Oh? To think that she would be so beautiful! " Jin Concubine was a little surprised. Princess Qiuhua was a direct descendent of the empress and was doted upon by the emperor ever since she was young, so all of the things she used were top of the list. Furthermore, Princess Qiuhua herself was already extremely outstanding, she was truly a goddess that gathered all the spirits of heaven and earth.

Mo Yichuan looked at Jin Fei's surprised face and said, "Mother, please don't not doubt me. Moreover, your son has seen that this adopted daughter of the Jin family doesn't seem to be restrained by the rules of the world. She seems to be more spirited than any other noble girl."

Jin Concubine smiled and said: "You praise this woman so highly, is it in your heart to take her so? If that's the case, mufei can meet this woman and take a look at her. "

Mo Yichuan laughed dryly and said, "There's no need for that. I can't accept such a woman." In his heart, however, he was thinking, how could he dare to touch someone whom Yan Xiu Ting was interested in? If he moved, the sun the next day would probably be out of his reach!

Yan Xiu Ting didn't know that in Mo Yichuan's heart, he had already become a person of the opposite sex. He was still thinking about Mu Li. Perhaps, the most wrong thing for him to do was to let Mu Li leave his side. However, he didn't even know if he was interested in Mu Li or if he liked her. He just wanted Mu Li to never leave his side and stay by his side.

It was fortunate that Mu Li did not know of his thoughts. Otherwise, the golden needle in Mu Li's hand would have pierced a certain someone's fatal spots and she would have told him that she was crazy.

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