Therefore, the dean had named her Dongfang Ning, hoping that her life would be as peaceful as morning.

Since they could start talking, Dongfang Ning had an extraordinary talent. She could learn anything very quickly.

On her sixth birthday, when she was having fun with her friends in the orphanage, she discovered that she could control objects through the air. Only then did the dean know that she had special abilities.

Not long after, Dongfang Ning was taken away by the national machine's secret organization and began a long life of study and training.

Because of her young age, she was placed at the National Institute of Medicine, a secret medical institute.

In the beginning, the main knowledge she received was medical skills, such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, and internal medicine.

When her coach found out that she had other incredible talents besides medical talents, he recommended her to other departments.

As such, she was proficient in a wide range of skills. Her medical skills were only her basic skills.

Her hands were slender and her fingers were long. She had a keen sense of touch, and after checking her pulse for a while, she realized that it wasn't some serious illness. It was just that her nutrition was poor and her body's functioning was weak, resulting in her fainting.

If she was not a peasant woman with a good constitution, she would have died a long time ago.

Dongfang Ning's medicine was perfect for both of them. Today, she was very tired and even had a bowl of noodles. Otherwise, she would have fainted again due to nutritional problems.

Seeing that there were no problems, she poured out the medicinal juice. She drank one bowl before feeding the mother another.

"Yes …" Was it Ning'er? "My Ning'er …" Wang Lili woke up after being given a bowl of pills. She actually had the strength to speak, so she could only ask in a weak voice with her eyes closed.

"Mm …" "It's me. You should go to sleep first and eat a bowl of porridge later!" She discovered that she couldn't call out the word "mother". This word was too unfamiliar to her.

"Aiya! So many things were bought by that loser? " At this moment, Yang E's high-pitched voice came from the courtyard.

The air in this grass hut wasn't very good. When she opened the small window, she saw Yang Lin anxiously looking around at the courtyard full of things, looking as happy as if those things were all hers.

"Ning, Ning'er, bring little brother down the mountain. I'm afraid mother can't do it anymore. You two siblings should go down the mountain. If you stay here, you'll starve to death …"

Behind her, Wang Lin's voice rang out. It was very soft, but she could clearly hear it.

It was Madam Wang who was speaking intermittently. She could not hear Dongfang Ning's voice at all. Her lips slightly lifted as she muttered to herself.

Facing this kind of person who was still thinking about her when she was about to die, Dongfang Ning felt a kind of sadness rising from the bottom of her heart. She shook her head and said, "Don't worry, in the future, we will be better off than anyone else!"

It was like a promise, but from this moment on, she had made the decision to take on all the responsibilities of the family.

She put away the gentle expression on her face and walked outside with a cold expression. Today, she would let Yang E know who was in charge of this house.

"Take away your dirty hands. Don't touch such a precious thing. Touch 1 tael of silver!"

Yang E was fondling a piece of silk with a light blue flower on top of it when she heard the voice. She was startled and turned around to look at the owner of the voice, Dongfang Ning.

"You little bastard! "Where's my cow? Why can't I move the cloth you bought from selling cows!"

"I'll give you 10 taels of silver for 5 taels of silver. I'll give you 10 taels for this piece of cloth." Dongfang Ning didn't argue, but her cold face sent chills down one's spine.

After she finished speaking, she took out a handful of silver pieces and slowly counted them. Her actions were very slow and her expression was very haughty. It was as if Yang E was a stranger asking for food.

Although Yang E also felt that there was something wrong with the person in front of her and was a little scared, she still cursed, "You little bitch!"

Everything here belongs to me in my courtyard! "

"Really?" Arguing was not Dongfang Ning's forte, and she did not care about what Yang Mu was saying, no matter how much she scolded him, she could not hear him, and continued doing her own things calmly.

Holding the silver, he waved it in front of Yang Mu's eyes, "If you don't want it, then forget about it!"

"Silver, silver!" Yang E stopped scolding. She stared at the banknotes on Dongfang Ning's left hand along with the large bag of silver. On her right hand, there were several pieces of silver, about ten or so pieces.

"Yes, this is silver. These ten liang are yours. It's fine. However, if you continue scolding me, I will deduct a tael of silver from you …"

Yang Ming took the silver taels. It was really silver taels!

"My … My lord, come here quickly!" Her voice trembled. Silver, there was a lot of silver! And also, there was the silver notes, notes that he had never seen before in his life!

Her boss had been standing off to the side for a long time. Not only was he dazzled by the number of things in the house, he also saw Dongfang Ning slowly counting the amount of silver. He had never seen so much silver in his life.

At some point, Faang Tianhu, the honest guy, had already stood beside him with a stick in his hand …

However, Faang Tianzheng was completely focused on the bag of silver that Dongfang Ning was holding and did not notice the imminent danger at all.

When Faang Tianhu and Niuwa went to pick up their sister-in-law, they saw her sleeping in the cow shed. The woman who breathed too much and breathed too little had red eyes.

After hearing Niuwa tell what had happened today and what had happened in the past six months, he became even angrier. He never thought that the two brothers would treat their second brother's family like this while he was working every day to raise his family.

When he thought about how his two children almost died under the hooves of horses and on a street that no one knew, how could he not be angry? At that time, he wanted to rebel against the heavens.

When he heard Niuwa say that Ning'er was strong and knew how to earn money, he told him to cook. When she returned home, he resisted the urge to run down the mountain and beat her up.

He had already made up his mind that he would drive Yang E away today. If he didn't, he would beat her to death.

When he heard his sister-in-law's voice in the yard, he immediately put down his unfinished meal, picked up a stick, and rushed out.

Yes, today he was going to beat this wicked woman away!

"Put down the silver!" "You evil person, I will definitely beat you to death today!" Seeing that Yang E still had the face to go and collect the silver, he roared furiously.

The sudden voice was like a thunder striking in the clear sky, scaring Yang Mu so much that his hand trembled, and the silver fell back into Dongfang Ning's hand.

She took a step forward in shock and wanted to curse, but she was too late!

Once an honest man resists, he will be a fool who takes no heed of the consequences.

"You damned woman, how dare you treat your nephew like this."

Faang Tianhu's voice was filled with anger. His eyes were red. Without waiting for her reply, he raised the pole sized stick high in his hand and viciously smashed it towards Yang E …

"Ah ~

Yang E screamed as she fell to the ground!

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