At the bottom of the mountain, it was not only the three old men who had come to pick her up. There was still a group of people waiting at the entrance of the village. The reason he had sent out so many people was to show his sincerity.

However, Dongfang Ning didn't even look at those things and just greeted her. She just nodded and continued on her own path.

To invite her into the carriage?

Sorry, people have gone far...

They had no choice but to follow until they entered the city. Dongfang Ning then stopped and waited for them to lead the way. She didn't say a word along the way.

The image of haughtiness had been deeply embedded in everyone's heart.

"Quickly, look! Who is this? What a beautiful woman ~"

"Didn't you hear about what happened yesterday? The third young master of Liu Family received his retribution, so I'll tell you …"

"Could this be the invited genius doctor?"

"I was there yesterday. It was a little girl from a village who saved Third Young Master Liu's life. I heard that Doctor Zhang said he couldn't cure Third Young Master Liu's illness and just asked him to save it with a set of medicine. I'm afraid that even a broken leg can take it?"

"But the person you're hiring now looks just like a great immortal. Old Wang, you must be mistaken, right?"

"That's right, it's her. I said she looks familiar, it's her …"

The commoners gathered around her and pointed at her. She frowned, but did not say anything. She was only thinking about how those people who went to pick her up walked so slowly.

She knew that there was no lack of gossipers in any era. In her previous life, the place she lived was secretive, and other than the organization, no one knew who she was. But now, she had only come for a day … They were all talking about her.

I'm not used to this kind of life!

"You guys don't know, but yesterday morning, her little brother used Ox-Camel to ask her for help. Aiyo, she knelt on the ground for several hours."

"Isn't that so? I was there too, and Third Young Master Liu's horse was so close to trampling her brother and sister to death …"

"If it really is her, then don't save that third young master …"


The people around her did not know what she was thinking, but they were still whispering about what they had seen and heard yesterday.

On the second floor of a restaurant, two extraordinary people were listening to the discussions of the commoners with relish. They were also sizing up the thin and cold girl on the street.

"Godly Doctor? How laughable, I think that Liu Family has gone to the hospital in a hurry, right? "

"Brother Qi, why don't we go watch the show?"

"Young Master Xiao, didn't you cause Third Young Master Liu to be like this?" If it wasn't for you meeting him early in the morning, he wouldn't have gone out and not seen the way. You're still in the mood to watch the show. "

"Be quiet, this has nothing to do with this king!"

"Be careful of your Liu Family. If I find out, I will take revenge on you. At that time, all of you … "We're going to run out of food again." Qi Ziheng continued to talk venomously.

West Ridge Nation wanted to get the food from the Shan Nation, but Shan Nation, which was the home of grain, was actually the loyal dog of the Shan Nation Imperial Family.

He could only harass the Liu Family branch.

"If you aren't going, This King will go by himself!" Can't this kid just say something nice?

"Who says I don't want to go? I like to watch the show the most!"

Liu Family were located at the most western side of the Hui Long Town, and just the buildings took up over a thousand acres of land. Every single one of them displayed the demeanor of a noble family.

This was only a branch family in one town, who knew how luxurious the other places were.

However, to someone like Dongfang Ning, who only had missions in her eyes, these tasks were completely empty. Her calm demeanor made everyone who followed her raise their eyebrows.

This aura was definitely not something an ordinary girl could possess. What kind of person was she exactly?

The Liu residence was very lively today, because what happened yesterday had already spread across this small Hui Long Town like wildfire. The fiercest news wasn't that Third Young Master Liu was about to die, but that a peasant girl had concocted a "hemostasis medicine".

"Is it really that godly?"

"Really, last night, Master Liu Family drew a wound that was half a centimeter long on the evil slave's arm. The blood flowed all over the ground, and used the medicine to wipe it … Guess what? "

"How is it?"

"The sound of flowing blood …" "It will stop flowing soon. That's fine too. There's only a red scar left on the finger length blade. Tsk tsk ~ God!"

"Oh ~ that's amazing!"

"He might be able to save a corpse's flesh and bones …"

"Imperial Physician Li, you're here too?"

"Aiya, isn't this Imperial Physician Yang? Why did you come as well?"

"I heard last night that a genius doctor appeared in Fringe City. He came to see who it was …"


"Cough, cough!" Liu Zhenyuan was not happy. It seemed like these people were here to watch the show. His son was still lying on the bed. All of them just wanted to watch the show. This infuriated him.

Yesterday, Liu Zhenyuan wasn't at the town's ancestral house, but was living in Shanyang City. He only rushed over when the servants came to report what had happened to his son. But who knew that after arriving, he would only receive people who were unconscious, and the imperial physician in the mansion would be unable to treat them? He was anxious to send someone to the Shanyang City to request a variety of doctors.

This was why people who had nothing to do with him and had some face attracted him would visit him all night. In the end, he didn't care about his son, but about that little girl …

Last night, his people had obtained that woman's address, but unexpectedly, when they left the city, they were beaten up by bandits. He wasn't sure if it was a bandit or not, but from yesterday to today, he was in a bad mood.

"National Uncle is here. Don't worry too much. I'm sure that woman can really cure his leg …"

The chattering crowd immediately stopped, and they all left their seats to pay their respects.

"Old master, you're here! That Godly Doctor is already outside the courtyard!"

"Invite him in quickly!"

Everyone excitedly went outside the door, only wanting to see this person, who had been the talk of the town for a whole night.

However, when they saw Dongfang Ning walking into the courtyard, everyone felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over them. "What a joke!"

"Truly a wasted trip, just which expert did this old man think he was?" As the senior imperial physician in the general hospital, if he didn't put on airs now, when would he be?

When he heard last night that someone had claimed to be able to keep people with bones smaller than grains of rice alive, he didn't believe it, but it wasn't impossible to treat them after he had cut off their legs.

However, the person who reported this was someone who could connect his legs without slashing. He then moved over to take a look. Who would have thought that it would actually be a girl with yellow hair?

"How disappointing!"

"Little girl, hurry up and leave. This leg injury is no joke!"

"Hur Hur, General Wang, let's go in."


"Does Imperial Physician Li really think this girl can save Third Young Master?" When Imperial Physician Yang saw that Imperial Physician Li didn't follow him back to the main hall, she couldn't help but stop to ask.

"That's hard to say. It's said that yesterday's doctors at the Return of Spring Hall said they couldn't stop the bleeding, but this girl stopped it. I'll welcome her from here!"

Imperial Physician Li didn't agree with what Imperial Physician Yang said, but there was a reason for it to come out of thin air. He wasn't a shallow person.

"Third Young Master's legs … I saw them last night as well!"

Imperial Physician Yang lightly stroked his few sparse beards and proudly said, "If I were to treat him, I wouldn't dare claim that I can save him, much less a mere little kid from the mountains."


Even if the imperial physician didn't believe him, Liu Zhenyuan didn't believe him either. But things had already gotten to this point, so he decided to take a look at the situation first. After all, there were many people who had personally witnessed yesterday.

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