Everyone looked and saw that it was a girl around 14 years old. Her figure was thin, as if a gust of wind could blow her away.

Her petite face had delicate facial features. Perhaps because she lacked nutrition, or because she had been sick for too long, her face was pale and devoid of any trace of blood. It was unknown how many days she had starved.

There were two apple-sized locks tied to the top of his head with twine, and he looked a little disheveled.

A blue flowery shirt had already been washed until it was white. A large patch had been sewn on his left shoulder with linen cloth. It didn't seem quite right, as if he had stolen the clothes of an adult. It was obvious that he was the child of a poor family. Such a person could cure a broken leg that even the Return of Spring Hall could not cure?

Everyone was suspicious, but when they saw her clear eyes that seemed to see through everything, it gave them a sense of trust. A large half of people were convinced by her eyes, and they subconsciously opened up a path for her.

"Hahaha, you can treat broken legs?" Xiong San would never believe it. How could such a poor person, who didn't even have enough to eat, have any medical skills?

"Take this down!"

"If you don't try, how will you know that I can't treat it? Do you have a better idea now? Let me tell you this evil slave, delay it for another hour, then that whatever Third Young Master will die, but you still have the heart to quarrel with everyone here, you don't know what kind of peace of mind you have! Could it be that you want your master to die so that there will be no right or wrong, and so that your Liu Family will not be able to do anything to you? But don't forget, so many people have seen you lecturing people, and not saving them … "

Dongfang Ning's loud and clear voice was heard by everyone. With a single sentence, he shifted the focus onto the patient and pushed all the possible consequences onto Xiong San.

"So this evil slave has this kind of intention …"

"You can't say."

"Maybe this evil slave and …" "Yes."


The commoners immediately reacted in the most basic way, whispering to each other. This was exactly the result Dongfang Ning wanted.

"You ~ You're talking nonsense!" Xiong San was about to fly into a rage when he realized that he was right. He wasn't in a hurry for his master's legs, so he decided to make a ruckus. If the family head really came … Thinking of this, he hesitated.

"Miss, hurry up and leave, don't get yourself into trouble!" The person who didn't believe it the most was the old doctor in the infirmary, Zhang Ji. He had looked at the injuries of the third young master for two hours already, but he still couldn't do anything about it. This was a huge lie.

He thought that the commoners should be helping him out, but he could not bear for such a kind child to be implicated, so he hurriedly opened his mouth to stop them.

"Teacher, don't worry. Let me ask you, is the patient constantly bleeding and unable to stop the bleeding? He is currently unconscious!"

"..." You, how did you know? " He really couldn't stop the blood from flowing out. There wasn't any blood on the third finger of the third young master Liu's left calf, and when he arrived at the infirmary, there was a huge bruise on the place. He knew that it was blood that had accumulated in his leg.

He had thought that he would be able to stop the bleeding after slicing open a hole in the wound, but who would have thought that the blood would gush out nonstop after slitting open the wound? He couldn't stop it no matter how hard he tried. He did everything he could to stop the flow of blood. He could only slow it down, but he couldn't stop the flow of blood.

Only he and the other two doctors knew about this. How did this woman know?

"You really know how to cure it?" Zhang Ji was suspicious. This wasn't a small matter, as it might even cost the life of this kid. He had to stop it. He was already old, so even if he died, he would still die. Don't let the girl get implicated.

"A little girl dares to spout such arrogant words? Hurry up and leave!" He had a stern expression on his face, which gave him a bit of dignity.

"Sister, let's go home!" Fang Niuwa did not believe her. His sister was smart, but she had never learned medicine before, and she sold the cow this time as well, but now she even said that it was necessary to treat someone's broken leg. That was a broken leg, and since his sister was not awake, he had the responsibility of holding her back. He pulled Dongfang Ning's hand backward.

The brute force of a little child was not small. Dongfang Ning's body was unexpectedly taken away by him by a few steps …

However, when Zhang Ji heard of the symptoms Dongfang Ning mentioned earlier, his shocked expression was noticed by Xiong San and he hurriedly went forward and said, "You can really save me?"

"Don't be afraid, little brother. I really can cure your broken leg. Hmm ~ It's from the Immortal Sect. I'll tell you when I get back. You can be quiet for now," Dongfang Ning said helplessly to Niuwa before ignoring Xiong San, who was walking over.

According to her calculations, it had been nearly two hours since the accident. If the arteries were broken, Third Young Master Liu would die if she didn't stop bleeding, but she couldn't let him die in the clinic. She finally understood what had happened just now. He was a prodigal son with an extremely high status. If he died, then it would be these commoners who would suffer.

Therefore, she said, "It can be improved, but I can only help him stop the bleeding. If he wants to live, then I'll cut off his leg. If he doesn't want to cut off his leg and wants to live …" At this point, she actually stopped talking.

"That's right. The doctors here can't stop his blood from flowing out. If we don't stop his bleeding now, he'll definitely die!" She lightly added. She knew medicine, but without medical tools and sophisticated instruments, it was not easy to get to a doctor. Unless...

"Hurry, hurry, hurry. Hurry and help my young master stop the bleeding. I won't hold back when you're blocking my way!" When Xiong San heard how serious the situation was, he immediately rushed forward to pull Dongfang Ning away.

How could he care about whether this person was trustworthy or not. Even if he had to drag his Young Master down with him, if their family head came by later, how would he explain the matter of him messing around until he forgot his master?

"What, is it still my fault?" Dongfang Ning would not so easily stop the bleeding. She stared coldly at Xiong San with his tiny triangular eyes, the white cloth that was tied to his head even had traces of blood coming out. She was even more certain that there were no quick hemostatic drugs in this era. In the modern world, the true function of a seemingly ordinary medicine could be brought back to life. Hemostasis was only the most basic function. If it was only used to stop bleeding, then the infirmary should have that component.

"It was my fault, my fault!" As a professional henchman, his ability to see the wind and use the rudder was something he could easily do. Xiong San immediately changed his face and bowed his head in apology. The young master couldn't drag his leg, he had to first let this little girl stop the bleeding. Even if this girl couldn't stop the bleeding, he had to let the family head see that he was doing his best.

"500 taels of silver, I'm leaving now."

"5,500 silver?" Xiong San was scared silly. Was this person really the child of a poor family?

"Fellow villagers heard that their cars flipped in the morning, causing Third Young Master Qi to be unable to treat his injuries. It was all because of this evil slave, and it had nothing to do with others …"

"Give it to me!" "Aunt, don't say anymore!" Xiong San was so anxious that he quickly went to pull people, he estimated that someone was coming from Liu Family.

There was no time to worry about five hundred yuan. The most important thing was to save Third Young Master Liu's life. With a pained expression, he took out a few silver notes and passed them to Dongfang Ning. Actually, when Fang Ning stood up to save Young Master Liu, Xiong San felt that he had grasped onto a lifesaving straw. His little life should have been saved. Right now, he was actually very lowly. Five hundred silver was nothing, he could learn to bark like a cat or a dog …

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