Actually, when Dongfang Ning had entered the mountain, she had already taken a general look at the entire terrain. She thought about how she would live her life when she got back. She was a person who was afraid of trouble, so she didn't like noisy life.

"Take the house back, then take mother back to treat her …" After entering the village, she finally made her decision. He had wanted to take someone directly back to town to buy a house, but he had also thought that his father's house could not be taken advantage of by the wicked.

Furthermore, given the size of the mountain, there must be a lot of medicinal herbs. Living in this place benefits more than it hurts. I'll stay here, then, until I'm well enough.

It was time for his afternoon nap. Along the way, he occasionally saw some birds chirping and some chickens chirping, but he didn't encounter any other villagers. This pleased her, at least not because the poor people suddenly had a horse riding back to the village.

"Why did sister and grandpa's haystack fall down?" Niuwa pointed at four thatched cottages that were surrounded by bamboo fences as he said to Dongfang Ning.

"Did little brother miss grandpa?" They were still two miles away from their home. In Fang Ning's memories, this grandfather of his had treated them very well. The reason why the two siblings had not starved to death in the past half year was because he had sneakily sent them some food from time to time.

It was only because his grandmother had passed away ten years ago and it was inconvenient for him to move forward, that Yang E had taken control of the situation. She was acting in a domineering and lawless manner, and her entire family was completely devoured by her.

"Sis, um …" Can you give me a piece of osmanthus cake? "

Along the way, Niuwa finally felt the change in his sister: she didn't talk much, just asked and replied. She was completely different from the person who kept telling him to be good all the time.

But this was really his sister who stole the camel and went down the mountain to seek treatment. His sister was really too sick, even worse than his mother's, and the little guy knew that Fang Ning's condition couldn't be delayed any longer. He was going to send his sister to seek treatment.

In order to go down the mountain and seek medical help, he would wait for his aunt to fall asleep before he would quietly go to the cowshed and rub the straw rope together before covering it with the straw, so that his aunt would not discover him.

His sister hadn't eaten or drank for three days, so his idea was to tie someone onto the back of a cow and pull them down the mountain.

Finally, after he had prepared all the ropes and straws he needed last night, he dragged the cow to his sister's bedside and laid a layer of rope on the back of the cow, as well as a layer of grass on the rope.

Fortunately, the ox was very intimate with him, standing still and still as he pleased. After all, he looked after the cow every day.

But the problem was that he couldn't move Fang Ning at all. He couldn't ask for help from his sick mother. That was how the scene in the town came about.

It was just that he did not know that his elder sister had already passed away. Her current elder sister had already become a powerful soul that came from the future world.

Even though he felt that his sister had suddenly recovered and even changed her personality, this was too unreasonable.

However, he did not think too much into it. He naturally agreed with what his elder sister said on the way, "I had a long dream. In the dream, there was a goddess that taught her a very powerful medical skill. She only woke up after learning it."

"Alright, I'll tell them about the matter of our aunt moving back."

"Will Auntie move back? "Huwa ge will be back in a few days, at that time …" He was delighted to hear that he could divide the sugar for his grandfather, but when he mentioned his aunt's family, he became worried again.

"Don't be afraid, there's an elder sister!"

Don't be afraid, there's a sister.

She had repeated these words many times, they were short, powerful, cold and without any warmth, yet they clearly made Niuwa feel at ease.

"Grandpa, grandfather!" Outside the wattled fencing, the crisp sound of a child broke the silence. An old man around 60 years old put down his sickle and raised his head, "Niuwa, my good grandson, you're back!"

"Where's your aunt?" "Don't be afraid, I'll go kill her …" He hoarsely picked up the half-sharpened sickle again.

"So what if the cow's gone? That's the second brother's cow, why should she take it? She's going to force the second brother's family to death …"

The old man's eyes and ears could no longer hold back as he nagged nonstop. He was completely unable to see the look of the brother and sister duo.

"Grandfather, I'm fine. I'll give you a osmanthus cake, it's so delicious …" "Also … Elder sister's illness is cured, we won't have to suffer any more from now on …"

"Good child, this grandpa won't eat it and leave it to your mother." Is Ning'er cured? The heavens have eyes, the heavens have eyes! "

"What?" Ning'er's powerful? "


"And he even ate the noodles. It's so fragrant. Big sister says that in the future, I'll eat as much as I can!"

"Aiyo, what a good child!"

Dongfang Ning was not used to interacting with others. She stood quietly by the side, listening to the conversation between an old man and a young woman. This was his family?

She had the feeling that she wanted to laugh, yes, she wanted to laugh.

It was the kind of smile that came naturally, the kind of smile that was real. It wasn't something that was caused by a comedy and didn't have anything to do with excitement, but was an emotion that came from the bottom of his heart called warmth.

"Is big sister amazing? "500 taels of silver?"

"Where is the horse …?" Ning'er can ride a horse? "


Is this how people share their feelings of joy?

Dongfang Ning found a small piece of wood and sat down, looking at the old and young talking nonstop. She talked nonstop, without much focus. Words that were useless and boring repeatedly expressed her joy. She even cheered from time to time … And yet she didn't feel that it was boring. Instead, she felt a sense of satisfaction?

"The heavens are right, the Second House is making a name for themselves!" "Ning'er, Ning'er, you must be suffering …" The old man looked at the horse from afar as he caressed Dongfang Ning's head.

Tears streamed down his face, revealing his true feelings. "The heavens aren't fair, how can I make her mother suffer such a sin!" He was all smiles, and once again, he howled out loud amidst his sorrow.

"You ~ don't cry, everything will be fine, everything in the family will be fine!" Dongfang Ning comforted him dumbly as she had another plan in mind.

She had made a decision to stay, to bring the family together. He had to live his life once more.

Old Fang's family members were not complicated. His boss was narrow-minded, but he was not an evil person. Old Third, Faang Tianhu was honest and honest. All the trouble stemmed from Yang E.

As long as he could control her, this place would be at peace. Wasn't she, Dongfang Ning, created to punish the wicked? How could a country bumpkin make her retreat?

Thinking of this, she got up and asked Niuwa to help her take off her things. She had to buy some things in the city again. Today, she must settle down this house or else she wouldn't even have a place to stay.

"Brother, you stay at home with grandpa. Big sister will go to the town to buy some things. I'll come home before my aunt arrives …" Don't be afraid, we're not leaving today, and we have to move all of us back.

You fry this medicine until I come back. After Third Uncle came back from the fields, you told him not to go anywhere, just to cook at home.

This was the first time in her life that she had said so many meaningless words. After she had explained everything clearly, she took out all her snacks to let this old and young duo eat and play, then she turned around and rode away.

"Grandpa, look. This is rice, this is pork …"

"These are mother's new clothes, and mine as well …"

"You're using such good food for fun?" Only wealthy families had such things. Now, even his family's yard was laid out on the ground. Elder Faang's face was full of smiles and tears. Could his granddaughter have done something bad?

Worried that he would be lost in thought on that mountain path.

"Don't worry grandpa, this is elder sister's medical fee …" Niuwa chattered about what happened in the morning again. His vivid appearance filled the orphanage with laughter.

"Keep it for your mother!"

"Mother has it, there's still medicine for mother to catch, I'll go and fry it right now!"

"… …"

Liu Mansion

"Imperial Physician Li, are my grandson's legs really, really broken? Can't you connect them?" Liu Family looked at his grandson who was lying on the bed with a pained expression, while lightly asking the old imperial physician whom his granddaughter had invited from the palace to treat him.

Of course, she didn't dare to loudly and angrily ask the people in the palace, so she suppressed the discontent in her heart and humbly asked.

But there were complaints in his heart. Wasn't the imperial physician in the palace the best doctor in the world? If she couldn't even connect to the imperial physicians, then wouldn't her grandson be missing a leg?

There were no precedents for amputations in this era. There were very few who could have died without losing blood, and very few who could have survived if they had lost their legs. She didn't even dare to think about that scene.

"About this … This old man deals with rheumatism with internal heat. There are very few cases of bone-breaking injuries …"


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