The old lady of Liu Family had been busy for many years. In order to show that she was favoured, Imperial Concubine Liu requested an imperial physician from the emperor.

And in order to show her face, the Liu Family had graced her with glory when she received the imperial physician, all for the sake of showing her worth.

Unexpectedly, this imperial physician couldn't even treat a broken leg, and the prescription he gave her was pretty much the same as the one in the Return of Spring Hall. The old lady was speechless and ignored the others. She called the little girl to help her back to the backyard to vent her anger.

In the front hall of the Liu Estate, everyone from Liu Family had heavy expressions. Could it be that he really couldn't catch the leg? Not only couldn't she receive it, the imperial physician even said that she didn't dare to touch the wound at all. Because he was afraid that it would cause more blood to flow, then …

"National Uncle, this official is truly powerless. I'm afraid there is no one in this world who can receive a leg injury like this where the bones are already broken. If it was only broken, then how could it be reattached …"

"Master, that girl said she can cure him …" Xiong San interjected. He finally remembered what Dongfang Ning had said before. At that time, everyone thought that she was just spouting nonsense and didn't take it seriously. Now that he thought about it, he might really be able to treat it.

"You dog slave! "Take my son and play all over the place all day long. It's good now. If something happens, I will take your entire family's life!"

Liu Zhenyuan, who was silent the whole time, spoke up. Ever since he picked up his son, his face had always been dark. This was his only son, so how could they allow something to happen to him?

"Wuu ~ Master, don't be angry, ask where the woman is. "Earlier, the imperial physician said that he had never heard of that woman using any medicine before. Could it be that she can really accept it?

Liu Changfu was born from Liu Zhenyuan's third concubine, the Zhao Family. He relied on his son, and because he gave birth to his son, she, as a concubine, was now the owner of Liu Family.

"Women only know how to cry!" Liu Zhenyuan yelled at her in annoyance, "They're all good sons that you're used to!"

"Still not telling?" Turning his head to roar at Xiong San, his vicious gaze sent chills down Xiong San's spine. If looks could kill, it was unknown how many times he had died already.

Ever since Xiong San came back, he had been kneeling on the ground. Now, he even lowered his head, not daring to look at the expressions of others. Just like that, he kneeled on the ground and recalled Dongfang Ning's words.

"At that time, she said: 'I can improve, but I can only help him stop the bleeding. If he wants to live, I can cut off his leg. If he doesn't want to sever his leg and still wants to live …'"

"So what if I don't sever my legs and want to live?" Imperial Physician Li stood up and asked excitedly.

"According to the rules, legs can live, and you won't die even if you don't cut off the leg?"

"That's right. Back then, the Return of Spring Hall said that they couldn't stop the bleeding, but she also said that they couldn't stop it …"

As if grabbing onto a lifesaving straw, everyone stopped cursing at Xiong San. The entire crowd silently waited for Xiong San to continue.


Finally, Liu Zhenyuan asked anxiously, "There's more, why isn't there any more?"

"…" Can he really say that he was the one who interrupted her?

Actually, Dongfang Ning didn't finish her sentence. She wanted to let people guess and let them think the latter part by themselves.

"You dog slave who killed a thousand knives! "Think about what she said!" Looking at Xiong San's bedraggled look, how could Liu Zhenyuan not know that this person must have done something evil, and did not allow others to finish their sentence before interrupting him.

He no longer cared that he would lose face if he lost his temper in front of the imperial physician, and grabbed the teacup by his side and threw it at Xiong San.

With a "poof" sound, the shattering sound of the teacup fell onto the ground. This strike landed squarely on Xiong San's head, hitting the wounds which were still covered by layers of white cloth.

"Please calm your anger, Master. Please calm your anger …" This little one wants it, this little one wants it, I want it! " Xiong San did not dare to dodge. After taking this hit, he fell to the ground and kowtowed while trembling.

Tragically crying in his heart: "What the hell is this? Who knew that poor girl could really cure my leg?"

"That's right! She also called it a "comminuted fracture." When he thought of this, he regretted even more. Why didn't he let her finish her sentence?

"A shattered bone. This person has even described his symptoms like this …" "If it's like that, then it's not just bullsh * t. I wonder which great master found this bone disease …"

Imperial Physician Li's reaction was different from all the others. The people who studied medicine loved to study illnesses that others didn't know about. This was the first time he had heard of this illness, so he secretly noted it down so he could discuss it with his peers after he returned to the capital.

The words' crushed bone 'was the basis.

He had automatically ignored the word "comminuted" that he could not understand.

"Someone, go find out where this woman is!" Get back here right now! " After sending them out, he invited Imperial Physician Li to the side chamber.

"Imperial Physician, I wonder how my son's injuries are, will he die?"

"This old man has studied medicine for many years but I have never heard of a leg bone shattering that can be cured. However, those soldiers that had their legs chopped off by a knife were able to cure them, but they also lost a leg … Logically speaking, as long as you saw off your leg, you should be able to stop the blood flow.

"However, no one has ever sawed off a leg before. That doctor from the Return of Spring Hall said that sawing off one's leg could save one's life. It is likely that his medical skills are extremely brilliant. This official is unable to compare …"

"Although there's no more blood now, the broken bone is still in my flesh. It will rot after a while …" There was no need to say more about what happened next. It was an individual who understood how serious the consequences would be.


"Is that woman's medicine really that effective?" he asked after a moment of silence.

"It truly does have a miraculous effect. I have never seen anyone with a broken leg who can quickly remove swelling without leaving anything behind. It truly is a divine medicine, a divine medicine!" Today, he had never heard of too many things that he had never seen before. Until now, his mind still echoed with the discussions of the people below him.

He had carefully studied the medicine that Xiong San had brought back, and understood what was inside.

However, he still could not come up with an explanation. He had only used ordinary medicinal ingredients. Not to mention opposing and opposing, there was even poison. He also knew every single medicine, but no doctor would dare to take four or more of them and mix them together. He just didn't know if the legendary Ghost Doctor would dare to use it.

— —

Dongfang Ning had bought a lot of things from the town this time. They were all daily necessities, so it wasn't difficult to tame that ferocious woman.

Most of the family quarrels are because of economic problems, no one is willing to bear the notoriety of the wicked.

In modern times, she had seen many cases where all the prisoners had a moving story behind them, with the exception of lunatics, whose actions did not constitute a crime. Since there were elderly people in the Fang family who wanted to nurture them, then let Yang E personally come.

"Doctor Zhang, let me send you some silver." On the way back, Dongfang Ning intentionally returned to the Return of Spring Hall. She took out the 20 silver she had exchanged from the bank before and gently placed it on the counter of the Hall.

That's right, that was one of the main reasons why she went back to town. If that Young Master Liu Family wanted to save her leg, she had to. Furthermore, she was in a hurry to use the money and not show herself. How could he find out where she was?

"Doctor Zhang, Doctor Zhang, quickly come out! That young Divine Doctor with the divine medicine has arrived!" Seeing her, the small medicine boy did not go to get the money but instead started shouting at the inner hall.

It was as if the person who came was not an ordinary person, but an extraordinary deity.

"Miss, you've come. Hurry up and have a cup of tea in the inner hall. I have a lot of questions to ask you."

The sound of hurried footsteps could be heard. Zhang Jiexi, who was behind them, hurriedly ran out from the inner hall before anyone could make a sound. That's right, he was the one who ran out.

The anxiety attracted the crowd's attention, causing those who knew him to stare with widened eyes. Was this impatient person really their master who was as steady as Mt. Tai?

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