Dongfang Ning was still wearing the same shabby clothes and her hair was still messy with straw chips mixed in. However, no one looked at her strangely now. Their eyes flashed with worship.

Her expression was cold without a trace of emotion. No one knew what she was thinking, nor could they guess her happiness or anger.

She was able to remain as calm as ever after being asked for advice by a respected doctor. She definitely wasn't an ordinary person. Imperceptibly, her cold breath had already caused everyone to feel fear and awe.

"There's no need to be polite, Dr. Zhang. I have something important to do at home, so I won't be sitting down. I'll come over to chat with you when I'm done." "I came here this time to give you the money. Please take it. Also, this is for your injured medicine boy to smear on his wounds …"

After she finished speaking, she magically took out a small paper bag. It was the one she had wrapped up when she was making medicine, intending to store some medicinal powder for herself.

"I'll take the medicine, but there's no need for silver. Just now, my Liu Family paid for the consultation fee." When Zhang Ji heard this, he hurriedly said that he didn't want the money, but his hand quickly went to receive the small paper bag. He held it tightly and stared blankly at Dongfang Ning, as if he was afraid that Dongfang Ning would leave again. That nervous look made him want to laugh.

"May I ask what your name is, and where your family is? If there's anything urgent, I won't keep you any longer. I only wish to inform you of your residence so that you can come and ask for advice in the future!"

"Dr. Zhang is too serious. My surname is Fang and I live in the upper village of Shan Yang Mountain. I only know a little side of the way, how can I possibly ask for guidance? If you don't give up, I'll send some medicine over one day. Please help me sell them and at that time, I will definitely not mistreat you, Doctor Zhang. "

"Alright, alright, alright. Just bring it over. Come, come, come in and drink a cup of water first before leaving!" When Zhang Ji heard that the other party would still come, he felt relieved.

He opened his mouth again to keep her in. He had too many things he wanted to ask, what was the meaning of that powder, were there any legends … Could a leg really live after being sawed? Previously, he had said that sawing a leg was because he had researched it before, but he had never actually done it …

"If there's anything urgent today, I'll be taking my leave." Dongfang Ning had achieved her goal and left immediately. She really didn't have the time to chat here right now.

"If that's the case, then I'll wait for Miss Faang's medicine at home. Miss Faang, take care … " The old man who loved medicine and lived like a life of his own directly chased after his horse's butt and shouted loudly without caring about his status.

"What are you laughing at? Hurry up and do something!" Only after the horse had left did he turn around and scold the group that looked at him like he was looking at a panda. Then, he hurried towards the back hall. He was in a hurry to try the medicine in his hand.

"Hahahaha …"

Everyone finally laughed out loud. Their manager's reaction was too abnormal today.

— —

Only two hours had passed and Dongfang Ning had already returned with a great harvest. "Boss, look quickly, that money-losing deal is back!"

After walking for eight hours, Yang E and her wife finally returned to the village entrance. Unexpectedly, the sound of horse hooves could be heard again, and he saw who it was that was not Fang Ning.

Two hours ago, when they were on their way and saw Dongfang Ning riding on her horse towards Hui Long Town, she was once again scolded. However, she was ignored. Why did she come back after only two hours?

"I'm so tired, stop being so noisy!" "I'm going home to have a drink first!" Tired and hungry, Faang Tianzheng didn't even bother to turn his head back to take a look. He just started walking, and for the past eight hours, he was on the way.

"Look, there are so many things on a horse. Is it a windfall? This horse isn't rented, but is it his own?"

"…" Leave quickly, and you'll know what it is when you get home! The two of them could no longer move, they could even find ants if they were slow.

"Da Da Da ~" The sound of horse hooves could be heard. Dongfang Ning's horse roared past them again. She pretended that she didn't see the two men. If there was anything wrong, she would go back home and talk about it.

"Aiyo, you're really incredible! My little niece is looking down on everyone, quickly come and see! The sky's about to turn upside down! Hey …"

"I'll leave now." Faang Tianzheng couldn't stand it anymore, so he left his wife and rushed home.


"Wait for me!" "You heartless bastard!" Yang E finally stopped quarreling. With the thing on the horse reclining in her arms, her strength seemed to have returned to somewhere else. She actually started running after exhausting all her strength.

When Dongfang Ning returned home, the smell of oil was already coming from the furnace room. It must be that Third Uncle Faang Tianhu, whom she had never seen before, was cooking according to her request. Her brother, who had been waiting in the yard, was already waiting outside the fence when he heard the sound of hooves …

Her heart felt warm, and she suddenly thought of something: What a fucking good feeling! Yes, being waited by others, being looked forward to by others, and being without benefits was something she had never experienced before in her previous life.

Releasing her gentle expression, she dismounted. Although her body was very weak, it was still enough to support her in doing those instinctive movements.

"Elder sister is back!" "Sister, grandpa and third uncle brought mom back. Right now, she's over there." Niuwa immediately ran over to lead the horse when he saw her dismount, talking about family matters at the same time.

"Big sister, after you left, grandpa told me to find Third Uncle on the ground. I brought mother back, and I even cut off some meat …"

"Yes, brother is good at home."

"I'm so good, Third Uncle and I even cut a lot of horse grass … Ah!" "There are so many things. Sister has bought so many." Fang Niuwa was jumping and laughing around the horses in the yard. "I'm going to call Third Uncle to unload some things. I still need to take my horse to eat some grass!"

"Alright, sister will go see mother first!"

Dongfang Ning felt that she wasn't alone anymore. She didn't expect that they would take the initiative to fetch her mother, and even prepare horse fodder. It seemed that the young master of this family was someone who could manage the affairs of the house while she was in charge.

The grass hut on the far left was where Wang Lili was located. Dongfang Ning walked in and frowned. It was a bed of wooden planks, supported by two long stools and covered with an old, broken straw mat.

Her mother was lying on top of it, covered with a new quilt she had bought, probably because Niuwa was afraid of getting dirty. The quilt folded itself over her, and she even made a circle on the ground in front of the bed with straw, as if she was afraid that the quilt would be stained with dust if it fell … There was also a small wooden stool beside the bed, and on it was a black medicine jar and a bowl with several missing mouths.

Dongfang Ning stepped forward to take her pulse.

In her previous life, medical skills were her specialty. She had photographic memory, just like a camera. The things she had seen were automatically stored in her brain and could not be deleted.

She also had a strong sense of understanding and could learn anything. However, no one knew who she was or where she came from, because she had been an orphan since she was young and had grown up in an orphanage.

According to the old dean's recollection, it was a quiet morning. Suddenly, a burst of bright crying sounds came from the entrance of the orphanage. She was wrapped in swaddling clothes, placed inside a cardboard box, and placed outside the door … Such a lousy storyline.

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