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C1 Marriage

"Cousin uncle, this is seventy thousand worth of jewelry, can we talk about my marriage with Jiaojiao today?"

Seven stacks of red haired old man were piled high on the table. Ye Yang looked at his so-called uncle in anxiety and unease.

Ying Jiaojiao was the adopted daughter of Ying Shen, and her cousin's husband had died of an illness after their divorce. Since Ye Yang and her husband were not related by blood or kinship, they dared to propose marriage.

He only looked at Ye Yang with disdain, "Seventy thousand is just jewelry, the betrothal gift requires five hundred thousand, I raised my daughter for life, and I'm a flower in Dragon City, you don't think that you can buy my daughter for seventy thousand, do you?"


Ye Yang was suddenly like an ant in a hot pan, didn't they say that the colored gift was forgiven? This 70,000 was saved up with great difficulty from his hard work.

He said that he could talk about marriage as long as he gave seventy thousand, but this time, his uncle's tone was clearly saying that he was selling off his daughter! Was the happiness of a daughter measured by five hundred thousand?

Such a large sum of money, even if he was completely emptied of everything inside and outside him, it would still be impossible for him to have such a large amount of money even if he was sold off.

Seeing that Ye Yang didn't say anything, the student put out the cigarette in the ashtray and coldly said with disdain, "Ye Yang, I know your 70,000 yuan is the end, but doesn't your family have a massage parlor? "His reputation was not small, and the business had been poor for a few years anyway. As a prime location, he could sell for at least five hundred thousand yuan.

Ye Yang was about to say something when he stood up impatiently and said, "My daughter is not young anymore, and I can't wait for you to arrive so long. There are many young masters of Wealthy Class waiting in line for you, don't miss the chance to get the moon in the water first, don't blame me for not reminding you.

Ye Yang's face flushed red and fell to the ground in embarrassment.

As for his parents, they had disappeared after attending a bank event in Asia, five years ago, when the police announced their parents' deaths and gave them a memorial service.

At first, his relatives were able to walk back and forth, so they were very concerned about him. But then, the store's business plummeted and valuable things from the Ye Family were loaned to him, so he didn't even come, let alone return them.

Even the villa where his parents used to live had been abandoned by his eldest uncle's family because they were sick and had no room for their own.

Right now, this Tuina Massage Shop was his only property. Nowadays, there were all kinds of skilled masseurs everywhere in the city center. The competition among his peers was fierce, and it was expected that his business would not be good.

"I already said it, this is only jewelry money, hurry up and prepare the betrothal gift money. After this village, you won't have this shop, so taking advantage of the fact that you still have a store, it's worth it to exchange each store for a daughter-in-law." Five hundred thousand slaps in front of me, and we will immediately discuss the marriage. "

As long as he had money, he would be able to get it. He didn't waste any of his time. He pulled the money into his arms and immediately left.

His body was covered with wounds and bruises from being looked down upon by his ex-uncle, but he still said yes politely and left the district.

Walking on the road, Ye Yang dialed Ying Jiaojiao's number, "Hello, Jiaojiao, I'm talking to you ah …"

"Big Brother Ye, hurry up and prepare. I've heard what you and my dad told me. There's no helping it, I have to listen to my dad. You can do it, I'll wait for you to come talk about our marriage."

"Du, du, du ~ ~ ~"

Ye Yang had not finished speaking, but he had already hung up. He had originally wanted to ask Ying Jiaojiao to help him say some good words, but who knew it would turn out like this! If he called again, the line would be busy.

It seemed that he had steeled his heart to not see Jiaojiao at all, even if it was only 500,000 yuan.

Thinking about Jiaojiao's frown and smile, Ye Yang clenched his teeth. He had to think of a way.

"Ye Yang, how long has it been since you last paid the rent?" A young voice sounded out from behind Ye Yang.

Turning around, it was his friend Chen Xu.

He smiled bitterly. He couldn't even afford to pay the rent right now. 500,000 yuan was simply a fantasy.

Ye Yang was a little embarrassed as he opened his mouth with much difficulty, "Chen Xu, I will delay it for a few more days. In two days, I will definitely give you my money."

"It was given to your cousin, wasn't it?" Chen Xu interrupted Ye Yang and patted his shoulder, "I said, don't be fooled brat, there are so many people cheating on the marriage right now, even if it's relatives they have to be wary of it. Moreover, your cousin died a divorce, so it has nothing to do with your uncle.

Ye Yang took out ten pieces of paper tickets, and five pieces. He held onto one hand and pushed them into Chen Xu's palm, "Here, this is all I have. "If I earn money later on, I'll definitely return it to you."

Chen Xu looked at the money that was not even a hundred percent, "Ye Yang, what can't you do with seventy thousand? I think you should hurry up and find your uncle for help. "

After Chen Xu left, Ye Yang felt that his aunt was sick, his uncle's family had moved into the villa, it was about time to return the house.

Returning to the massage parlor, Ye Yang opened up a small drawer and opened the dusty phone book. Ye Yang dialed his uncle's number.

"Hello, is this uncle? I'm Little Yang. "

"Ye Yang?!" The middle-aged man on the other side of the phone was clearly stunned. Eldest Uncle Ye Huanguo was thinking that this brat definitely had something to discuss when he called back.

"Uncle, how has aunt been these few years?" Are you two doing well? " Ye Yang politely greeted first.

Ye Hua Guo laughed dryly, "Alright, alright. Your aunt has been doing very well these past few years. What about you? How's your work these past few years? "

Ye Yang organized his speech and spoke up, "Uncle, since you guys have lived in my villa for so many years, my business is not good. I don't have any money to pay the rent, can I return the villa to you …"

"Ye Yang, you are destroying the bridge after crossing the river, what about it? You want to go back to the house? Don't forget, I helped you with your parents' funeral. How much did you spend? Your grandpa promised me this house, and your dad took over the family property and didn't return it to me. Now that the property is returned to its rightful owner, don't ever call me again, I don't have a nephew like you! "

"Du, du, du ~ ~ ~"

Ye Yang had yet to finish speaking, but the phone call had ended just like that.

After calming himself down, he called his other relatives and refused to answer. There were even a few messages saying that they were done with each other.

Crushing the phone book into a ball, Ye Yang laughed bitterly, he actually believed in kinship!

At this moment, someone fell to the ground. Ye Yang turned around and saw a middle-aged man in his fifties sitting on the ground.

Ye Yang quickly walked out of the shop and helped the middle-aged man up, "Are you alright? Did you fall anywhere? "

"Young Master Ye, how could this old student ask you to come down and personally support him?"

Ye Yang was startled, after all falling at the entrance of his shop, if he did not go and support his, it would not make sense, so he did not bow down.

"Did you hit your head?" Ye Yang became alert, could this old man have some mental issues? You can't even afford the rent, and yet you dare to lower yourself to the nobility?

The old mister took the initiative to hold Ye Yang's hand and walked into the store, closing the door, he turned and said excitedly: "Young Master Ye, I am Guan Yan, your parents' bank's financial butler. I hope that you can take over the inheritance rights and all the shares of all the Tweet Finance Chain Shop that belongs to the Chinese Bank in Golden Street."

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