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C2 Psychopath

The people of Dragon City all knew that Gold Street was a golden district, a gathering place for the rich. As for what kind of Chinese bank's Tuina Financial Chain Shop, what the hell was that? Is there something wrong with this old gentleman's head?

Ye Yang remained calm and collected. Instead, he poured Guan Yan a cup of warm water, "Drink some water, I see that your arm is injured. I will go and get some Cream to wipe it away to prevent it from getting infected by the hot weather."

Guan Yan fearfully received the cup, he did not expect this young master to be so polite.

As soon as Guan Yan took a sip of water from the cup, he heard Ye Yang making a call. "Hello, I have a middle-aged mental patient here, please come over."

Puff …

He did not want Guan Yan to stop him, so he hung up the phone, "Young Master, you misunderstood. "There's nothing wrong with my mind. I'm telling the truth."

Ye Yang saw that Guan Yan did not seem to be joking, he opened his mouth and said, "I can trust you, but I need five hundred thousand, if you charge into my card, I will trust you."

Jian Guan Yan had a difficult expression on his face, "Five hundred thousand..." "You are …"

He couldn't even take out 500 thousand, much less say he was the successor of the Chinese Bank Tweet Chain Shop …

It's obviously a psychopath...

"Young Master Ye, aren't you asking for too little?" It's only a few hundred thousand, it doesn't match your status. Shall I give you five million first? "

After Guan Yan finished speaking, he took out his phone, and his fingers started moving.

Very quickly, Ye Yang received a message from his phone: Your middle. The bank account was recorded at $500,000,000, leaving a balance of $500,0055.

Seeing so much money, Ye Yang's heart jumped, he thought that he was seeing things, and immediately became anxious and anxious.

Being excited was being excited. Ye Yang suddenly thought of how the other party knew of his bank card account number.

"Young Master Ye, I'm not lying to you, am I?" Guan Yan said with a smile.

Ye Yang came back to reality. When his parents were here, he was still considered a rich second generation, but he didn't think that he would have so much money. After being penniless for a long time, he had long forgotten about the smell of Grandfather Mao.

"Wait a moment, let me slow down." He pinched his face and bit his finger. The pain felt so real that his whole body began to tremble. "Where's the bank's massage chain?"

Guan Yan earnestly took out his documents and held it in front of Ye Yang, showing it to him, while explaining to him, "Banking is just a financial nickname, there are currently ten thousand chain stores."

"Holy sh * t?" "Ten thousand." Ye Yang's head started to spin from the sudden news, the hand flipping through the documents also started to tremble, he was so excited that he couldn't even speak, he could only laugh foolishly on the spot.

"Young Master, Young Master." Guan Yan extended his hand out, and waved it in front of Ye Yang's eyes.

Only now did Ye Yang regain his senses, he was so excited that he did not know what to do. Do I really have that much money? "

Guan Yan laughed, "Yes, young master. Your assets are the top five on the global Newcomer Ranking, you are the richest in Asia."


Ye Yang fell down onto Guan Yan's body and was supported up, he quickly opened his eyes, and looked at the many zeros on his phone, feeling dizzy.

"But young master, if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight. The burden that you carry on your body is very heavy. Here is my name card. Young master, please accept it. I am prepared to serve you at any time." Guan Yan passed the name card to Ye Yang, and said sincerely and sincerely, but Ye Yang was completely unmoved.

Ye Yang simply did not hear what Guan Yan said. His mind was filled with Ying Jiaojiao's figure.

He could marry her! He could marry her now!

Ye Yang was so excited that he immediately called, but he did not pick up, so the second time he called, his phone was cut off.

He thought that his uncle wouldn't let Jiaojiao pick up the phone, so Ye Yang didn't give up. After listening to it for the third time, Jiaojiao's impatient voice came from the other end of the phone, "We couldn't get the money, so don't make any calls."

"Jiaojiao, I can marry you now, I have money, and it's not only 500 thousand!"

"On the other end of the phone, it was obvious that she was stunned for two seconds. She had to change from her previous ice-cold look to a pleasant surprise." "Big Brother Ye, you're so awesome. But, um, you really managed to get so much money?"

Ye Yang at Ye Yang's corner had too big of a difference. Was it because he was as excited as to the point that he couldn't get more excited to the point that he could speak strangely.

"What's going on?" "Is it my cousin who won't let you out?"

"No, no, I'm running on the treadmill. Brother Ye, I'll be waiting for you in room 666 of the Dazzling Night Club at two o'clock."

Ye Yang wanted to say something more before he hung up the phone. He did not think anymore and only felt excited.

In these past few years, he had thought that his parents had died. In order to coax Ying Jiaojiao, he worked diligently and frugally, ate a meal a day, and when she was hungry, she would pick up the cigarette butts left behind by others. Or else she would drink water, sleep when she couldn't stand it any longer, and rent a house to rent the cheapest slums.

Now that he'd become a rich man, the good days in the future could be imagined.

He hated that he couldn't fly in front of Ying Jiaojiao right now, and told her that she had an entire Chinese City storefront, and that she was ranked fifth on the new top five!

When Ye Yang thought about his uncle's tone of voice, he could not help but associate it with his face that had filled with flattery when he found out his identity.

"Young master, you've suffered so much for that young lady all these years. I don't think there's a need for you to suffer so much for her now …"

Ye Yang laughed excitedly, and interrupted Guan Yan's words, "Right, I have money, so there is no need to suffer anymore for her, I will spend money for her, just to make her laugh!"

Sigh! It seemed that the young master had misunderstood him. That girl had a questionable character!

Guan Yan had originally wanted to send Ye Yang over with a Lamborghini, but Ye Yang felt that he should keep a bit of a low profile.

He didn't want to reveal his identity at the moment, so he took a taxi to the Dazzling Club.

As Ye Yang hung up the phone, Ying Jiaojiao got up from the bed of one of the rooms in the nightclub to put on some clothes. There was a young yellow-haired man smoking beside the bed.

"Look at you, you know he's talking on the phone and you're still charging at him. What if that idiot sees it?"

The yellow haired man's name was Yang Jingzhou. He was the owner of this nightclub, and was also Ying Jiaojiao's first love.

Yang Jingzhou extinguished his cigarette with a cold and arrogant smile, "Could it be that you're blaming me for nearly exposing you? "Are you trying to get married tonight and not break up?"

Ying Jiaojiao pouted her red lips, looking extremely flirtatious, "I've long been yours. I don't even want that kind of pauper as a gift, but tonight I just wanted to make him suffer even more. Who told him not to have a clear understanding of himself. "

The woman leaned into the man's arms and sucked the last of the smoke from his mouth through a hot kiss.

Three years ago, the two of them were already together. It was just that at that time, Ying Jiaojiao kept thinking about the seventy thousand yuan in's hands and that business and the Japanese opera store.

"Don't have a bitter face, listen to me tonight, I can help you vent your anger, and serve that poor bastard for so many years. If he doesn't face you and your father's scheme of joining forces to set him up?"

Ying Jiaojiao covered her mouth and coquettishly pushed Yang Jingzhou away, "Fuck you."

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