Don't Despise Poor Boy/C3 Arabian nights
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Don't Despise Poor Boy/C3 Arabian nights
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C3 Arabian nights

In Yang Jingzhou's eyes, Ye Yang was just a strand of grass that could trample his feet any second.

Very quickly, Ye Yang walked into the 666 room, but there was no one there. He had originally planned to meet them at the private room, but he didn't expect Ying Jiaojiao to stop him at a booth at the opposite side of the private room.

Seeing how Ying Jiaojiao was smiling at him, Ye Yang immediately went forward and hugged her.

The woman looked at Yang Jingzhou who was sitting in the corner with a gloomy face, a look of hatred flashed past her eyes as she fiercely pushed Ye Yang away.

Originally, he was happy to give Ying Jiaojiao a bear hug, but he was pushed away. Ye Yang was confused.

"Where's the money?" You won't lie to me if you say that you have money, right? " Ying Jiaojiao went straight to the point, she did not have any patience.

Ye Yang laughed enthusiastically, "I would have forgotten if you didn't mention it. I'll call you right now. "

These past few years, because she had transferred quite a bit of money to Ying Jiaojiao in succession, although it wasn't a large sum of money, but it was too many times and he had already memorized her card number.

"Clink ~ ~ ~"

Ying Jiaojiao looked at her phone, she became excited, and her eyes lit up as she calculated, "A million? Isn't it just 500,000 yuan? "

When Ye Yang saw his beloved woman smiling so brightly, he passionately hugged her and said, "This is the adopted daughter fee I gave to your uncle. We can't call him raise for free, Jiaojiao, let's quickly talk about the marriage."

Unexpectedly, Ying Jiaojiao frowned and pushed him away, "Who's talking about marriage with you? Don't think you can marry me if you get a million. What do you have left after giving a million? "But you're just a pauper, stop daydreaming."

Ye Yang's smile froze, and after a few seconds he laughed dryly, "Jiaojiao, this sneer is not funny at all, can you not joke with me like that?"

Seeing Ye Yang's frightened and confused face, Ying Jiaojiao's smile became even colder, "Who's joking with you? Aren't you thinking that I, Ying Jiaojiao, am too cheap? "Now that you have nothing, do you want me to eat with you or do you want me to raise you?"

She, Ying Jiaojiao, was born to be served by a man, born to be the Young Mistress' life. She would never marry a poor wretch like Ye Yang, ifhe had to marry, she would definitely marry a rich second generation like Yang Jingzhou.

"If you like money, didn't I give you a million dollars? Enough to get married? If you want to live the life of a rich lady, I can totally... "

"Haha." Ying Jiaojiao started laughing wildly, "Completely what? You think you can raise me? Don't be a fantasy story anymore! "

Ye Yang originally thought that Ying Jiaojiao was joking with her, but he didn't expect the other party to raise his phone with a look of despise on his face. "Let me be honest with you, the reason why I waited so long and didn't break up with you is because of today's money. "This money is a loss for youth. Do you know how sullen I have been with you these years?"

Ying Jiaojiao's every word stung Ye Yang's heart, he never thought that a woman she had loved for a few years would actually be such a thing.

"Are you kidding me?" "If I was angry, I didn't get the money in time to make you wait so long for years, and I can understand why you say that." Ye Yang still had a trace of fantasy in his heart, and explained it to Ying Jiaojiao calmly. However, when he saw the other party laughing at him, he already had an answer in his heart.

Just as expected, Ying Jiaojiao laughed disdainfully, "Who are you joking with? Who do you think you are?"

Ye Yang's face stiffened as he held onto Ying Jiaojiao's hand. "Jiaojiao, can we not joke about this? I'll have a surprise for you. "

"What kind of surprise?" "Jiaojiao has long been my woman." Just then, Yang Jingzhou walked out from the corner, his hands in his pockets, and said to Ye Yang with his nose looking down on everyone.

Yang Jingzhou immediately grabbed Ying Jiaojiao's shoulder, and kissed her face, spitting out a mouthful of saliva in front of Ye Yang, "You're not looking in the mirror, my finger is thicker than your waist, what are you going to use to support Jiaojiao? I'm not afraid to tell you, every time you and Jiaojiao are on the phone,hee's always exercising with me, and every time he's on the phone, she's just asking you for money! "But you are so stupid that you didn't even notice at all, yet you are still trying to pick up a girl like this?"

At this moment, the entire audience burst into an uproar. As if Ye Yang was a mouse poop that destroyed the entire atmosphere of the nightclub.

"You're asking for a beating!" Ye Yang clenched his fist, his face twisted and he directly threw a punch at Yang Jingzhou.

Before the fist could land on Yang Jingzhou's face, Ye Yang's face was slapped. Ying Jiaojiao quickly blocked in front of Yang Jingzhou and ruthlessly gave him a slap.

"Ye Yang, don't take it out on me! "If you don't leave, don't blame me for being rude." Ying Jiaojiao quickly checked to see if Yang Jingzhou was injured. His face was filled with pain, causing him to feel nauseous.

"Did you take a fancy to his money?" Ye Yang retorted coldly.

Ying Jiaojiao laughed, "I am only interested in Brother Zhou's money. Their nightclub's annual income is tens of millions, which is a number that you would never be able to reach in your entire life."

"Ye Yang laughed until tears came out of his eyes. He wiped his face and approached Wang Xin, asking back every single word," "If he didn't have the nightclub, and only had an empty space like me, would you still not abandon him?"

"Ying Jiaojiao was startled at first, but then walked to Yang Jingzhou's side and smiled," Brother Zhou still has a villa, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse, what are you going to use to compete with him? "

At this time, the audience started clamoring, they all looked like Yang Jingzhou's friends.

I said you better get out of here, don't embarrass yourself here.

That's right! "Pauper, how dare you disgrace yourself in front of Brother Zhou!"

At this time, Ying Jiaojiao sat on Yang Jingzhou's leg and looked at Ye Yang with a sinister look.

"Villa?" "Very good, hur hur." Ye Yang picked up his mobile phone, ignoring the commotion around him, he asked softly, "Butler, how much is a nightclub worth?"

Guan Yan thought for a moment before opening his mouth, "Young master, if you want to buy it, then you don't have to. The biggest nightclub in Asia belongs to us."

Ye Yang took a deep breath, he just wanted to give Yang Jingzhou a try to make him lose everything, he did not expect the news to be so explosive, so Ye Yang became faintly excited in his heart: "Then how do we deal with our competitors?"

"As long as it's blown up." The Yan Guan's voice was unbridled and presumptuous, causing Ye Yang's eyes to light up as well, and he only wanted to give a round of applause.

No need, just buy it." After all, blowing up a house was against the law and was against the law, so it was not a good idea. After all, blowing up a house was against the law and was not a good thing.

"As Ye Yang thought this, he looked at the proud dog-man in front of him, and angrily asked," "Where did you destroy a villa?"

Guan Yan respectfully replied, "I just need you to give me your address."

Ye Yang looked at Yang Jingzhou, his eyes filled with ferocity, and his confidence increased: "Do you dare to state the address of the villa?" Even if the steward wasn't able to blow them up, he would at least be able to intimidate them.

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