Don't Despise Poor Boy/C4 Complete disappearance
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Don't Despise Poor Boy/C4 Complete disappearance
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C4 Complete disappearance

Yang Jingzhou and Ying Jiaojiao looked at each other, thinking that something had happened to Ye Yang, who was agitated. Ying Jiaojiao crossed her arms across her chest and asked arrogantly, "Brother Zhou, on what basis do I need to tell you the address?"

Yang Jingzhou blocked Ying Jiaojiao without a care, "It's okay, you're still destroying the villa? You think that you can get rid of your diaosi identity just by making a phone call? See what he can do. I don't believe it. He can still come to my house and cause trouble, unless he wants to die. "

So, Yang Jingzhou gave his home address to Ye Yang.

Ye Yang pointed to the phone and asked for the address, "How long will it take?"

"Go back, young master." It was a little far from where I was, but it could be settled in half an hour. The young master just had to wait. "Did something important happen at your place? Do you need me to bring someone over personally?"

"Ten minutes later, I want to disappear completely."

After Ye Yang finished speaking, he hung up the phone, causing the entire room to laugh even louder than before.

During this period, Ye Yang did not say a word, but his heart was pounding, he was not sure if this sudden windfall was real or fake, but he himself did not have anything to lie about, so he thought that the money he saw in the bank was real. This time, it was all a big joke, what if Guan Yan took advantage of these 10 minutes to run away, wouldn't it be awkward?

Watching Ying Jiaojiao and Yang Jingzhou purposely interact intimately in front of him.

Ye Yang's clenched fist had not relaxed at all. He had already given up on Ying Jiaojiao, so whether or not this matter could be resolved, it was impossible for the two of them.

"You only know how to boast, but now you have become a wooden stake?" "Even after becoming a green haired turtle, you still haven't left, and you still want to embarrass yourself here?"

"Please, I beg of you. Please give me some money, or I'll be a beggar for the rest of my life."

Haha …

In ten minutes, Ye Yang turned a deaf ear to the entire arena's taunts and ridicules. He had received enough, and only hoped that this time Guan Yan did not fall for their trap.

The sound of heavy footsteps could be heard from the outer sect. It was obvious that a lot of people had come.

The smiles on everyone's faces froze as they all turned to look at the door.

At that moment a bulldozer drove in, pushed through the door, and pushed into the bar and booth. In an instant, the entire room was thrown into chaos. Countless cups and plates were shattered on the floor.

Everyone was shocked, the group of men and women screamed out, the most excited being Yang Jingzhou.

He pushed Ying Jiaojiao to the ground, pointed at the bulldozer and roared, "Who the hell dares to destroy my nightclub!? "Everyone doesn't want to f * cking live anymore, right?"

Just as Yang Jingzhou's voice fell, a large group of people walked in with a majestic aura. There were strong men holding iron rods, policemen holding electric batons, and they had even dispatched their armed troops and demolition army!

Waah! A terrorist robbery!" One of the red-haired men cried out in alarm.

Yang Jingzhou smacked the red-haired man's head, "Didn't you see a note? What terrorist?

"This place will be taken down very soon. If you're smart enough to throw away your weapons, all of you, squat down!" One of the captains of the demolition team, who was also the captain of the police force, shouted loudly.

The group of people were scared out of their wits. Those who had thrown down their sticks and knives were all squatting on the ground, covering their heads with their hands.

Yang Jingzhou rushed in front of the policemen and roared without any sense of reason, "All of you get out!"

"We, the police, have found out about the illegal acts of drug trafficking in your nightclub, the abduction of young girls, the gathering of people to open casinos, and so on. Today, we received instructions from Mr. Night and have come to capture you!" The leader of the police officers had no doubt of his authority and stated his stance harshly.

The group of people were so scared that they didn't even dare to raise their heads. Yang Jingzhou angrily roared, "Laozi's nightclub hasn't had anything like what you said before, get out of here!"

"Bang, bang ~ ~ ~"


The group of people started to scream again, the scene immediately became chaotic. The bullet grazed past Yang Jingzhou's right ear, causing him to scream miserably as he covered his ears.

"You did something that violates the law and you still have the face to insult the police officer. Even if it wasn't Mr. Ye's order, we will catch you!" The leading fat police officer roared.

Ye Yang?

Yang Jingzhou and Ying Jiaojiao looked at each other in disbelief, just who could he, Ye Yang, be? However, a poor bastard like him was actually able to instruct the police?

It was only then that Yang Jingzhou realised, what kind of person this Ye Yang was. To be able to bring such a large group of people, how much weight could he possibly have? He and Ye Yang were classmates in primary school, and ever since his parents died, this sour trash had become an orphan.

But the nightclub had been half destroyed, and he was afraid he would have to eat prison food today. After all, the lightest things he had done in the past few years were enough to make him lose his life.

Ye Yang was also puzzled. Originally, he only wanted to recover his aura to avoid being embarrassed again, but he did not want to create such a big scene.

He was as calm as ever, and his heart was already filled with emotions.

Did he really have that much ability? Could it be turned into a demolition zone in such a short period of time? It seemed that he had underestimated his ability!

This group of people were previously haughty and arrogant, but now, they were trembling like fallen leaves.

Guan Yan then walked in front of Ye Yang, and respectfully said: "Young Master, are you satisfied? It's been a shock to you. "

Ye Yang laughed politely, "It's fine, it's just that it's better to arrest the criminal early in order to avoid harming the society."

The group of people wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves. They knew that Yang Jingzhou was unreliable and directly told the police about what happened at the nightclub. "Even Mr. Ye dares to make a move."

The leading officer nodded at Ye Yang, "Mr. Ye, are you alright?"

Ye Yang smiled lightly, "I'm fine, thank you."

If not for the fact that Guan Yan had to keep a low profile, he would have sent people to stop the car.

The fat policeman walked in front of Ying Jiaojiao and slapped him, "It's not good for a lady to do something like this, you are trying to scam me for money, do you know what you are doing?!"

Yang Jingzhou naturally did not dare to be angry at the police, and vented all of his anger on Ying Jiaojiao, "Hurry up and give the money to that poor bastard, don't hurt me!"

Yang Jingzhou snatched the phone away, "Where's the password? How much is the Alipay password! "Speak!"

Ying Jiaojiao roared, she angrily kicked Yang Jingzhou's crotch, and then grabbed onto Ye Yang's leg, almost prostrating at Ye Yang's feet, "Ye Yang, I did not do it on purpose, do not listen to his nonsense, he has my privacy photo, I was coerced!"

In the end, Ye Yang could not bear to see a woman that he had loved for a few years, but he clearly did not believe that Ying Jiaojiao would lie at the moment!

"Where's the privacy photo?" Ye Yang looked down at him condescendingly.

Ying Jiaojiao frowned, his face was covered in sweat. She had only said it in a perfunctory manner, she thought that Yang Jingzhou, the wooden fish, would not question him in the head.

In his panic, to cover up the fact that Ying Jiaojiao was pointing at Yang Jingzhou, "Yes, yes, it's him! It was him! Then he said he'd torn the picture! Ye Yang, believe me! "

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