Don't Despise Poor Boy/C5 Be self-willed
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Don't Despise Poor Boy/C5 Be self-willed
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C5 Be self-willed

She could only blame herself for lacking a move. Some celebrities and rich people liked to pretend to be poor, because they lacked love, and thus did not dare to reveal their identity. Ye Yang was exactly that kind of person!

If she knew that Ye Yang was so awesome, why would she purposely go to bed with him?

Right now, she could only continue to pretend she was poor. Yang Jingzhou's path was already ruined, if she could really handle him, then she would really be able to live a life of a rich lady with her clothes spread out.

Ye Yang laughed self-deprecatingly, "You want to say that you were tricked by him? If you know he tore up the picture, why are you being bullied by him? Continue to be with him? "

"I will not charge you with fraud. This is the last bit of dignity I have left for you."

"No!" Ye Yang, I really love you! " Ying Jiaojiao started to pester Ye Yang incessantly, hugging him from the back.

"Love me?" Ye Yang asked with a cold smile, but he did not push Ying Jiaojiao away.

Guan Yan frowned, his heart was in turmoil, could it be that the Young Master has forgiven this woman?

Ying Jiaojiao's eyes flashed with calculation, and she leaned into Ye Yang's embrace: "I knew it, you would understand me and love me. Darling, you're a rich man, aren't you? Why did you hide it from me? Just to give me a surprise? You are so bad. Do you think you are very rich? "


Of course he knew her well, he knew perfectly well that she was a gold digger!

Ye Yang sneered and allowed Ying Jiaojiao to hug her waist. "Jiaojiao, I'm not some rich person, I'm just a diaosi. This time it's because I called a friend beforehand, that friend went to find the police."

Ying Jiaojiao suddenly raised her head. Her eyes were sharp as she observed Ye Yang's expression, trying to find some clues within. However, Ye Yang did not reveal any traces.

He secretly sent a glance to the police, who immediately understood and walked up to him, "Yes, it was Mr. Ye's friend, Mr. Guan who reported it, that's why we brought the demolition team over."

Since the police had already said so, Ying Jiaojiao was stunned.

"Jiaojiao? What's wrong? " Ye Yang patted Ying Jiaojiao's shoulder purposely with a confused face.

He pushed Ye Yang away and recovered his cold and contemptuous gaze, "How can you be like this? I didn't expect you to take revenge on me in such a way! " Ye Yang, you truly have a diaosi nature! "

Ying Jiaojiao was so angry that her entire body was trembling, her beautiful eyes glared at Ye Yang. Yang Jingzhou was arrested, and Ye Yang was still a pauper.

Ye Yang shook his head and laughed, coldly spitting out four words: "Do your best."

"Let me go!" Ying Jiaojiao was handcuffed by the police and was unreconciled: "Ye Yang, I was wrong, you saved me, you love me right? "As long as you save me, I can do whatever you want. Didn't you want to marry me …"

However, Ye Yang did not turn back to look at her again. Back at the push shop, when Guan Yan saw that he was not in a good mood, he respectfully said, "Young Master, you should rest today. I'll explain to you what the financial and banking regions are all about tomorrow."

Just as Guan Yan finished speaking, Ye Yang's phone number suddenly called. It was an unfamiliar number.

"Hello, who is this?"

"Young Master Ye, I'm the captain of the demolition squad. You have seen me before, Dazzling Night Club has been completely demolished, and the land has been bought by Mr. Ye. I would like to ask what you need to do with the land here."

"Let's open a clinic. It can treat more patients." Ye Yang thought for a while before replying.

Guan Yan nodded at Ye Yang, "Young master, you should rest after I leave."

After he left, just as Ye Yang sat down, before his butt could even warm up, he heard movement outside his door, "Brother Ye, are you there?"

When Ye Yang went to open the door, he found that it was Wang Xin outside. This girl was his primary school classmate, and was also childhood sweetheart. She was younger than him by three years, and had always been giving him help, concern and encouragement when he was poor.

He looked at his watch. It was already ten o'clock. Something must have happened to him.

Ye Yang opened the door completely, and when he saw that Wang Xin was about to carry his mother who was sitting inside the carriage, he quickly went out and carried her into the shop.

"Why is it all blood? What happened? "

When Ye Yang asked this question, Wang Xin was so anxious that he started crying, "Brother Ye, didn't our family have to go through with the demolition process? "We're the only family left, and my mom thought the money they gave us was too little, so that tyrannical rogue injured my mom with a stick."

"What about your stepfather? Don't I have to protect you? "

These past few years, the mother and daughter had lived an inhuman life. She thought that if she married again, she would be able to lead a comfortable life with her daughter, at least she wouldn't have to suffer so much, but she never thought that …

No matter how bitter Wang Xin's past few years had been, he was still a strong lady who had helped Ye Yang quite a bit.

He quickly brought Ye Lan to inspect, and after a while, he let out a sigh of relief, "Your mother is fine. It's just a superficial wound, but her back was beaten purple. She needs to push for a few days to disperse the blood clot."

Just as they finished speaking, they heard a rude and angry male voice at the door. The two of them looked up and saw that it was Wu Heiguo.

Wu Heiguo was Wang Xin's stepfather. Forget about sex and food, there was violence as well.

He would only be furious when he saw how injured Ye Lan was.

"A little injury and you actually came to Ye Yang's shop to lie down. I say it's fine if she comes, but why did you follow his? Why aren't you coming back with me? " Wu Heiguo stepped forward and reached out to grab Wang Xin's hand.

Wang Xin was not afraid, and asked indifferently: "If you don't bring my mother to see a doctor, can it be that you don't allow me to accompany you there?"

"Alright, your wings are getting hard, aren't they? How dare you talk to me like that? I wonder if young master Shangguan is panicking? " Wu Heiguo angrily pinched Wang Xin.

The young master Shangguan that Wu Heiguo had mentioned was called Shangguan Xiong, he was a young master from a certain real estate agency and Shangguan Xiong had bought that piece of land that the Wang Xin family had demolished.

After arguing with Ye Lan today and finding that Wang Xin was very beautiful, she had an ulterior motive, saying that as long as she could make Wang Xin her lover, he would give them some money. Wu Heiguo's eyes lit up, he was not his own daughter, so once he followed Shangguan Xiong and saved a pair of chopsticks, he would still think of Wang Xin as a money lender.

Wang Xin was unhappy, "I won't go. I have to take care of my mom, that local scoundrel. You want to marry him? "

What was wrong with Wu Heiguo when he heard it? This girl really dared to argue with him?

The man pulled the girl's wrist and dragged her out. In a moment of desperation, Wang Xin swung her arm and hugged Ye Yang, "Me, me and Brother Ye already have a relationship, Old Long has a relationship, I'm Brother Ye's man."

This angry face of his was even darker than the bottom of a pot. Pointing at Wang Xin, she trembled in anger, "You shameless girl, if a good rich person does not follow, he must follow a poor and stingy person! What good can you do with Ye Yang? "

"Although Brother Ye doesn't have any money, he's good to me. I'm willing to eat pitter-patter even if I have to!" Wang Xin hugged Ye Yang with one hand and pulled Ye Yang's arm with the other. His face was flushed red, but the words he spoke sounded like he was speaking from the bottom of his heart, as if he was confessing.

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