Don't Rush, Young Trillionaire/C1 You're Still a Little too Young
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Don't Rush, Young Trillionaire/C1 You're Still a Little too Young
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C1 You're Still a Little too Young

It was a dazzling neon night at the most luxurious hotel in A city.

"Ah!" A blood-curdling screech rang out.

"Bam!" The sound of a free fall hitting something.

Mo Zhan, who got out of the driver's seat with one leg in the car, only heard a dull thump on the roof. His face darkened as he quickly got off the car. Peng! The car door angrily closed.

Looking at the unknown object on his roof, Mo Zhan squinted his eyes dangerously. What the hell!? He had just brought back three of the world-limited Lamborghini poisons!

Lying on the roof of his car, an unknown object rolled over, supporting its waist as it groaned in pain, "My waist! Why would there be a metal plate on the floor of this lousy hotel! "

Then he quickly got up, looked at the roof of the car, and jumped towards him. When he saw him, he stared at him blankly with his mouth slightly open and his big round eyes staring at him.

Good, I finally saw him. Mo Zhan smirked in disdain as he quickly took a step back while suppressing the anger in his eyes.

"Ah!" Another scream. The object on top of Mo Zhan's car was lying on the ground, like a dog eating shit.

Han Xiaoxiao, who was lying on the ground, winked and kissed her nose, cursing in her heart: "Is this man going to sleep during Chinese Literature teacher class?" Did he not teach him the truth of giving someone a rose as a gift? Extending his hand to support her, was he going to die?

"Hmph." Mo Zhan sneered as he looked at the woman in the cheap T-shirt and jeans lying on the ground from under his eyelids.

Han Xiaoxiao felt goosebumps all over her body. She lay on the ground and silently cursed: "A single word from her nostrils could freeze someone to death, as if she owed him millions."

"You came to a high-end hotel to play suicide. Do all of you play so high these days?" Mo Zhan laughed coldly, his voice was full of contempt.

What? Suicide? What did you take her, Han Xiaoxiao, for! Even if it wasn't, she wouldn't have done such a stupid thing! You look down on others just because you have a pretty face?

Suffering from pain, Gu Ruoyun frowned and quickly got up from the ground. He patted the dust off his hands, then turned around and glared at the man with disdain. "Sir, please speak with more kindness!" She was already patient enough. If she wasn't in a rush to hide from that bastard in the second floor, she would definitely teach that man who despised people a lesson!

I don't have time to bullshit with him right now, running is my business.

She glanced at the window on the second floor where she had jumped down. The light was on and the bastard was standing at the window watching her.

It was unknown what he gave her to drink. Right now, her whole body was strangely uncomfortable, as if she was about to catch fire!

Let's get out of this mess first.

He turned around and was about to run away. Mo Zhan grabbed her arm and pulled hard. Han Xiaoxiao leaned back and staggered a few steps before being pulled face to face with him.

Just as she was about to explode, Mo Zhan's cold voice pierced through the scorching night and slowly floated beside her ear: "Say that again."

Han Xiaoxiao looked confused. "What?"

"The previous one."

His pitch-black eyes and ice-cold tone made Han Xiaoxiao's back feel cold.

The previous sentence? She looked back at what she had just said: Sir, please be kind.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. Did she say something wrong? Ye Zichen looked at Mo Zhan from the corner of his eyes: "Is there a problem?"

Mo Zhan snorted coldly as his lips curled up, "Since you say that my mouth is immoral, then I'll show you what 'immoral' means." As he spoke, he moved closer to her face.

Han Xiaoxiao looked at the devilish face in front of her. She was so frightened that she raised her hand to block the face. "What are you doing?!"

"What for?" Mo Zhan grabbed her hand and pushed it to the side. Han Xiaoxiao wobbled unsteadily and looked at him vigilantly.

He raised his eyebrows at her and laughed. "Can't you tell? This grandpa will let you see if this grandpa's mouth is virtuous. "

"Rogue!" Han Xiaoxiao glared at him, her face flushed with anger. She flung her hand away, not shaking it off.

Mo Zhan tightened his grip on her, "Brawler?" Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and smiled, "Then I have to be worthy of your title." He pulled her hand and gave it a tug.

Han Xiaoxiao crashed into his chest in shock, while Mo Zhan bit the side of her neck.

"Ah!" Han Xiaoxiao exclaimed and forcefully pushed him away. "I have no enmity with you, why are you pestering me to not let go!" His bite on her neck stirred the restlessness in her, alarmed her.

Mo Zhan didn't expect her to break away from him with brute force. He only grabbed onto one of her hands quickly.

He smiled at her lazily. "There's no enmity between us? You want to run after smashing my car?

What? Han Xiaoxiao was stupefied, her beautiful eyes wide open.

He looked at the seemingly expensive car, then looked at the devilish man in front of him. He howled in his heart.

This man clearly had an air of shamelessness, but the more she looked at him, the more she felt that he was handsome out of the heavens and wanted to pounce on him!

What did that bastard give her to drink!

He licked his lips that were dry from the heat and quickly said, "Sir, no, handsome, your car is still in good condition. I'll give you all the money in my pocket. Please let me go, I really have an emergency!" As he spoke, he hurriedly took out money from his jeans pocket. He was on the verge of tears.

"Let you go? I think it's more like a donkey. " Mo Zhan mocked him, "Miss, can I trouble you to jump back to the second floor and let me go?"

Han Xiaoxiao was so angry that her eyes turned black and she almost fainted.

She had messed with some unlucky bastard and was framed by that trash. To think that she would meet such a person with money yet still put on airs. She must have done something to offend him today!

Mo Zhan calmly glanced at Han Xiaoxiao, who was anxiously taking out the money, then lazily lifted his head to look at the place where she jumped down from.

On the second floor, a man was standing by a window with a dim yellow light shining on his face.

It was clearly a luxurious and high-class hotel, but the man standing at the window made Mo Zhan feel that he was completely out of place with this high-class hotel.

The man was obviously shocked when he saw Mo Zhan looking at him, so he nodded politely at him.

Mo Zhan snorted from his nose and curled his lips coldly. His eyes were filled with contempt. The young master of Qin Family, Qin Yu, was really interested. She had come to him to have some fun and even forced him to jump off a building.

Even through the dark night, Qin Yu could clearly feel Mo Zhan's pair of sharp and cold eyes piercing into his body, making him shiver.

Mo Zhan was the cold underworld king of the industry, it was better not to offend him.

The duck that was about to be cooked, had flown away today! He definitely wouldn't let Han Xiaoxiao off!

He quickly left through the window.

Mo Zhan sneered. Coward.

He then lowered his head to look at the woman who had brought him a messy pile of scattered money. He narrowed his eyes and ignited a dangerous fire. Did she take him for a beggar? This pile of bad money couldn't even buy a piece of lacquer the size of Lamborghini's fingernail.

Han Xiaoxiao's head was spinning and she was sobbing softly, "That's all I've brought with me. Please spare me."

"Spare you?" Mo Zhan squinted his eyes. It was a dangerous signal. He held her hand that was holding the money in front of her and looked at her in amusement: "Do you know how much grandpa's car is worth?"

Han Xiaoxiao shook her head, her long hair billowing in the wind. "No matter how much it costs, I'll compensate you. Let me go first."

Mo Zhan looked at the woman in front of him who had a messy, helpless look and was shaking her head like a rattle-drum. Pretending to be crazy and running away? No way!

He had to punish this shameless woman today.

Han Xiaoxiao pulled her hand and flung it forcefully, causing her to stagger for a few steps. The money in her hand spilled all over the ground as she looked up at him in a daze.

Mo Zhan glanced at her from top to bottom, then laughed: "What are you going to compensate me with?" Lowering his eyes and looking at the scattered banknotes scattered on the floor, he asked in disdain, "Is this all you have?"

Han Xiaoxiao followed his instructions and looked at the few bills scattered on the ground. They looked pitiful, so it was naturally impossible to pay for the expensive looking car.

She felt that something was wrong. She raised her eyes to look at Mo Zhan, her eyebrows were twisted anxiously, and her hand that was being held by him was struggling in his palm: "I will think of a way to accompany you! Let me go first. "

Mo Zhan sneered, then squinted his eyes in mockery. He squeezed her wrist forcefully and pulled again.

"Ah!" Han Xiaoxiao fell to the ground and cried out in pain. She extended her other hand and pinched the fingers on her wrist, "What are you doing!? Didn't I say that I will compensate you?

Mo Zhan gripped her wrist steadily and snorted coldly, "Woman, you have to follow the rules in everything you do. You want to leave without paying for the goods?"

Han Xiaoxiao's wrist was about to break from his pinching. She sobered up from her dizziness and said, "Let go of me." It really hurts!

The corner of Mo Zhan's mouth curled up, and he used more strength to pinch her wrist. His dark eyes were filled with a cold light, and his eyes narrowed into an evil grin: "What a pity, with a clean face, it would be shameful." No wonder you have to jump off a building. You don't even have the basic rules for being a person. "

Han Xiaoxiao glared at him with a reddened face, indignant and ashamed. "You are the one who should act shamelessly!" Originally he was going to be fierce, but his words didn't have the slightest bit of deterrence.

Mo Zhan's lips curled up into a sinister smile, "What are you pretending for?" "Don't tell me you and that man are here for tea."

When he said that, Han Xiaoxiao became even angrier. She panted as she glared at him. "Filthy." It was because she drank a cup of tea that she became like this! Men were not good people!

"Ha", Mo Zhan laughed contemptuously, and looked at her from under his eyelids: "Dirty? It's a better word for you. "

Han Xiaoxiao gritted her teeth and seized the remaining rationality. She hesitated for two seconds before biting her lips. She then took out her ID card from her pocket and handed it to him. "This is for deposit. I'll pay you back later."

Mo Zhan casually glanced at the item in her hand and snorted. Then, he took it and threw it on the ground.

"You!" Han Xiaoxiao stared at the ID card he threw on the ground, out of breath.

The moment she raised her head and glared at him, she was dragged towards the Di Hao's lobby by Mo Zhan as if he was a piece of trash. She only had enough time to struggle and pick up her ID card from the ground.

Mo Zhan pulled her along while coldly teasing her, "After smashing my car and running away, are you going to let me play this game? What kind of woman have I not seen? "You're still a little too young."

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