Don't Rush, Young Trillionaire/C11 It's Better If I Kill You First
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Don't Rush, Young Trillionaire/C11 It's Better If I Kill You First
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C11 It's Better If I Kill You First

He turned on the light in Han Xiaoxiao's room, walked up to the bed and looked down at Han Xiaoxiao under the covers.

She had only half her head exposed, curled into a ball, shivering, her face flushed, her eyelashes quivering, her mouth chattering, her teeth chattering.

Aunt Liu stood behind him with an anxious expression. "Young Master, what should we do?" Do you want to go to the hospital? "

"No need." Mo Zhan's tone was calm as he took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Come over, someone is sick." Then he quickly hung up and left the room.

Twenty minutes later, a tall and slender man with a gentle appearance and a cunning look appeared in Mo Zhan's mansion.

He threw the medical kit in his hand onto the tea table in front of Mo Zhan, raised his right hand, looked at Elp on his wrist, then half closed his eyes and looked at Mo Zhan who was sitting on the sofa and expressionlessly reading a financial magazine: "First Young Master, do you know what time it is? Two minutes to eleven! I'm not your personal family doctor! "

Mo Zhan looked up from the magazine and smiled at him. Here it comes again! Every time he smiled, it was definitely not a good thing!

"Young Master Chu Hann, if you don't like it, you can scram right now." "I promise, tomorrow, you will definitely make the headlines for all those things you went through."

"Alright, alright, alright. Stop talking." Chu Hann was helpless, he raised both his hands and surrendered, "I think that's it." One had to know, he wasn't afraid of the headlines, but the thousand-year-old ice mountain.

"Where is he?" He was rather curious as to who was it that was worthy of Young Master Mo digging him out from the land of gentleness in the middle of the night.

"Upstairs." After Mo Zhan said this, his eyes fell onto the magazine again. It was clear that he didn't want to talk to someone again.

Chu Hann: "..." Upstairs, in a pile of rooms.

"President Mo, can you be more abstract?"

Aunt Liu quickly replied with a smile, "Young Master Chu, come with me."

Chu Hann immediately put on a warm smile and said to Aunt Liu, "Our Aunt Liu is still the most considerate."

He glanced at Mo Zhan, who was still sitting motionlessly on the sofa, and muttered in his heart: "This black pervert, I don't know when someone will come and take care of him!"

Then he picked up the medical kit from the tea table and followed Aunt Liu upstairs.

Fifteen minutes later, Chu Hann went downstairs, put the medical kit on the table, sat on the sofa next to Mo Zhan, leaned on the back of the sofa and crossed his legs on the tea table. From under his eyelids, he looked at Mo Zhan, who still maintained his posture when he went upstairs.

After being meaningfully stared at for a while, Mo Zhan finally said: "If you have nothing to say, then hurry up and fart. Please scram."

Chu Hann was indifferent to his attitude, "Young Master Mo, you can wait a bit longer, she will become the first ghost to die in your mansion."

Mo Zhan ignored him.

He didn't care and continued to speak slowly, "The water has already been hung up for her. When she wakes up, you'd better see if she's burned to idiocy."

Mo Zhan did not even raise his head, "Is that all? "You can scram now." His tone was calm.

Chu Hann ignored him and sat up from the back of the sofa. He stared at Mo Zhan with interest and a crafty look in his eyes. "Young Master Mo, who is this little woman? "He's not bad looking, but he's a little weak. He doesn't seem to be your type of dish."

Mo Zhan finally looked up at him from the magazine, smirked at him and squinted his eyes: "If you don't f * ck off, I'll see you at the headlines tomorrow."

"Sigh …" Chu Hann let out a sigh and stretched lazily, "Then I'll stop worrying and go back to my hometown of gentleness. Young Master Mo, please feel aggrieved. There are still three bags of medicine to hang, how do I prepare the ingredients and write a prescription for you? When the time comes, just mix the ingredients and hang her up. If anything goes wrong in the middle, it's none of my business. "

Mo Zhan's face darkened. He tried his best to hold it in as he narrowed his eyes at the carefree person, "Aunt Liu, clean up a guest room for Young Master Chu."

"Ai!" Aunt Liu immediately answered and went upstairs to clean up the room.

Chu Hann looked at Mo Zhan with a fawning smile, "Young Master Mo, don't be angry, I'm in a dilemma. If you let me go, then I can't leave, but this illness, I can't not treat it. "If a person were to really lose his life and say that it was me, Chu Hann, who showed it to you, my reputation would be ruined."

Mo Zhan glanced at him coldly, "Please take care of your patient. Be careful that I don't kill her and ruin your reputation."

Chu Hann was not scared and had thick skin. He looked at him with a smile: "Young Master Mo, you only know how to scare me. If you wanted her dead, you wouldn't have called me here in the middle of the night. "

Mo Zhan squinted his eyes and smiled at him. Chu Hann felt the hairs on his body stand up one by one as he swallowed his saliva. He felt that he would have indigestion.

Mo Zhan looked at Ye Zichen's cowardly look in amusement. Weren't you so confident just now? Why did you admit to it so quickly?

"I think it's better if I kill you first." After saying that, he took out his phone and dialed a number. He put his phone by his ear and smiled at Chu Hann.

Chu Hann stared at the eerie smile on Ye Zichen's face. Wasn't he going to kill him? What was he doing on the phone again?

While he was still confused, Mo Zhan's call connected.

"Lee Yang, contact the major publishing houses and television stations immediately. The headlines for tomorrow …"

Without waiting for him to finish, Chu Hann was already in front of him like the wind. He grabbed the phone from his hand and jumped a few steps away, looking at him vigilantly, afraid that he would snatch the phone away from him.

He laughed into the phone, "Lee Yang, Secretary Li, it's Chu Hann. Don't listen to your family's President Mo, he drank too much. Don't worry, he's hanging up."

Mo Zhan sat on the sofa leisurely and looked at him with a funny look on his face.

After hanging up, Chu Hann heaved a sigh of relief. He glared at Mo Zhan for a second, then clasped his hands together and bowed towards him with a face full of pleading flattery, "My young master Mo, I was wrong, alright? I'll take good care of the patient and you should rest. I won't say another word. "

"Hmph" Mo Zhan sneered, "If you were so obedient earlier, you would have been fine."

Chu Hann smiled mischievously, greeting his ancestors in his heart. "Then you can read slowly and rest properly. I'll be taking care of the patient." With that, he threw the phone back at him and ran upstairs like a wisp of smoke.

When there was no more activity upstairs, Mo Zhan threw the magazine on the table and also went upstairs to his room.

In the other room, Han Xiaoxiao remained in a daze for most of the night, talking and crying until the second half of the night.

Chu Hann did his duty and only went back to his bedroom to rest after her fever subsided.

Han Xiaoxiao had been dreaming.

Her dreams were very messy. Sometimes it was the hard but satisfying lives they lived together, sometimes it was their mother's suffering, sometimes it was Qin Family's people, sometimes it was their mother's smiling face, and sometimes it was Qin Yaowu's viciousness …

They were all jumping segments.

In her dreams, she felt a splitting headache. Her brain was like a broken film from a black and white movie, sizzling as it went blank.

Then there was a long silence, and she too fell into darkness.

By the time she opened her eyes, the day was bright and bright. Her head was aching and her body was sore and heavy, as if it were not hers.

What happened to her?

Before she could figure it out, a man's face came up to her and he smiled. "You're awake."

Han Xiaoxiao jumped up from the bed and pulled at her blanket warily. "Who are you?" He looked around and saw that it was her room.

The man didn't answer her. He just moved away a little and sat down on the edge of the bed. He then said to himself, "Mmm, very energetic. It seems that it's good enough."

What's done? Han Xiaoxiao frowned. This was not the main point, the main point was, "Who are you? "Also, please stay away."

When the man saw that her face was so pale that it was pitiful, and that her big round eyes were guarded, he lamented in his heart: Alas, the sick are the biggest, so let's not bother with her now and let her be.

He got up and brought a stool from a distance, placed it on the side of the bed and sat down.

Han Xiaoxiao stared at him and asked again, "Who the hell are you?" She knew that ordinary people wouldn't be able to enter Mo Zhan's mansion.

"Miss, I was the one who served you all night, saving you from going to see the King of Hell." The man was Chu Hann.

Before Han Xiaoxiao could understand what he meant, he took out a thermometer and held it to her mouth. "Here."

Han Xiaoxiao instinctively took a step back and looked at the thing that was stuck to her mouth. She looked at Chu Hann in confusion and asked, "What's wrong with me?"

Chu Hann shook the thermometer at her. "Apparently, you're sick, with a high fever. Mo Zhan called me over in the middle of the night to see you. "

Han Xiaoxiao frowned as she did not expect herself to be ill.

She always thought she was Hua Mulan, but because of a small matter she became Lin Daiyu.

As expected, the pain in his body was not a match for the pain in his heart.

He looked at the thermometer in Chu Hann's hand, took it, and looked at Chu Hann: "So, you're a doctor?"

Chu Hann's eyes curved into a smile as he nodded.

The corner of Han Xiaoxiao's mouth twitched as she smiled. She had really never seen a doctor who was so unlike a doctor.

However, since she was saved, she still had to thank him. She nodded and said, "Thank you."

Then, she put the thermometer in her mouth and pressed it under her tongue. She looked at Chu Hann with a bit of interest. She always felt that he was familiar with her, but she couldn't remember where she had seen him before.

Chu Hann was scared out of his wits by her gaze. He touched his face: "Is there something on my face?"

Only then did Han Xiaoxiao realize that she had lost her composure. She hurriedly shook her head and looked away, a little embarrassed.

Chu Hann finally found a chance to gossip, how could he let it go so easily.

He moved closer to Han Xiaoxiao, wanting to befriend her. He raised his eyebrows at her mysteriously and whispered, "Ai, Mo Zhan is very concerned about you." In his heart he asked God to forgive him for lying.

Han Xiaoxiao looked at him as if she was looking at a lunatic.

If not for the thermometer in her mouth, she would have cursed. To be able to say such words, it was clear that he was either blind or insane.

He was too lazy to respond to him and looked away.

Chu Hann was persistent, "He called me over to treat you in the middle of the night. This has never happened before."

Han Xiaoxiao leered at him, the corner of her lips twitching slightly. Was he sure it wasn't because she was dying that Mo Zhan called him here?

Chu Hann saw that she was being stingy and ignored her contemptuous expression. He was too lazy to waste time so he directly asked, "What's your relationship with him?"

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