Don't Rush, Young Trillionaire/C13 He Drank a Lot of Wine
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Don't Rush, Young Trillionaire/C13 He Drank a Lot of Wine
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C13 He Drank a Lot of Wine

His words stunned Han Xiaoxiao. He was concerned about her?

Suddenly, he raised his head to look at Ye Zichen. Ye Zichen saw that he still had nothing to do with it, as if what Ye Zichen just said had nothing to do with him.

The shop assistant nodded at Mo Zhan with a smile. "Got it, President Mo."

Han Xiaoxiao was in a trance and her shoes were already on her feet.

"Miss, the shoes have been changed. Please take a walk and see if they fit." The clerk reminded her with a smile.

Only then did Han Xiaoxiao come back to her senses.

She stood up and walked a few steps, looking a little surprised. Her heart cried out in disbelief; it was even more comfortable than wearing slippers at home. It was as if she was stepping on clouds and her ankle wasn't uncomfortable at all.

It turned out that the things of rich people were not only expensive, but also very useful.

After this afternoon, Han Xiaoxiao finally understood that Mo Zhan was the only one who could command all the expensive and high-end stores. He served them well from beginning to end, even more so than the emperor.

It seemed that this was the reality of the world.

At the same time, she was also surprised to find that the things Mo Zhan picked for her were all things she liked and suited her well.

And the pair of flat-heeled shoes he had chosen for her, he didn't know if it was intentional or unintentional, but he had actually taken care of her injured ankle.

After finishing a series of tasks, the two of them drove to the custom-made clothing store.

When they arrived, Han Xiaoxiao paid attention to the antique clock hanging in the shop. It was ten minutes to four!

Mo Zhan could not help but sigh. Time was life, everything was just right. How did he do it?

The boss took out the white dress with a smile and asked Mo Zhan cordially, "President Mo, should I wrap it up for you or let this lady wear it?"

"Put it on."

Han Xiaoxiao followed the boss to the fitting room to change clothes.

Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he felt that it was somewhat inconceivable.

It was clearly the same girl, but she had an extra grace.

Mo Zhan didn't force her to go see his family in a gorgeous evening dress. Instead, he made her look normal. She looked the same as before, but clearly, she was a bit different.

He felt a peculiar feeling in his heart. He couldn't explain or explain it clearly. He only felt that it was a bit itchy, as if someone had used a feather to lightly brush his heart.

Mo Zhan crossed his arms and looked her up and down.

The simple 'A' character did not appear monotonous on her fair skin. Instead, it showed elegance, covered with her childishness and added a tinge of elegance, which perfectly revealed her slender calves.

The high ponytail was always suitable for her. With a playful look, it interpreted her beautiful curves and fine lines to be vivid and vivid.

The silver flat-heeled shoes did not stand out from her feet, because she had a good proportion and long legs.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows in satisfaction, then frowned. He felt that something was missing.

When he glanced at her empty neck, his right index finger pointed across the space between them, and he knew.

He brought Han Xiaoxiao straight to a high-end jewelry store.

When she came out of the shop, Han Xiaoxiao had an exquisite necklace around her neck.

The necklace's pendant was a ten-millimeter-wide and extremely rare golden pearl. It was as lustrous as gold without the slightest flaw. It was the best among the gold beads.

The pendant was made of gold, and it had a pair of exquisite female hands, holding the golden pearl in an enchanting and beautiful way.

The pendant is a platinum ring with a ring.

The necklace had a name that sounded cruel and bloody, but after thinking about it carefully, it made one's heart tremble: Heartbreak.

The consonant sound of the pearl pearl was hidden with the meaning of reminiscent.

This exquisite necklace, on her neck, made her skin as white as snow.

Han Xiaoxiao snickered, "Mo Zhan probably doesn't care about the name of the necklace, but he saw that it was quite expensive."

Her attention was not on the expensive, low-key, and luxurious necklace, but rather on the inconspicuous platinum ring on the ring finger of her right hand.

Mo Zhan also had an identical one on his ring finger. He didn't mind at all since his attitude was different from Han Xiaoxiao's.

He had bought the rings to make up for the amount.

When Han Xiaoxiao was trying out the necklace, he inadvertently saw the ring on the counter. He suddenly remembered that they already had the identification card, but they didn't even have a ring.

Lamborghini sped along the road to the Mo family. The interior of the car was very quiet.

Han Xiaoxiao lowered her head to look at the ring on her ring finger. Her thumb unconsciously rubbed the ring finger as it rotated in the air.

In fact, it wasn't appropriate. It was too big for her.

However, her heart was in turmoil because of the ring.

While she was trying on the necklace, Mo Zhan stopped at a counter and got someone to take out the rings.

One was in his hand, and the other came over and handed it to her.

She stared blankly at the ring, and her consciousness instantly left it.

Then, Mo Zhan seemed to be impatiently waiting. He grabbed her hand, casually put the ring on her ring finger, looked at the necklace around her neck, and smiled: "Not bad."

It was Han Xiaoxiao's first time seeing such a casual exchange of rings. Perhaps Mo Zhan was the only one who could do it.

Mo Zhan's unintentional action threw a small stone in Han Xiaoxiao's heart, causing her to lose consciousness as ripples spread out.

The phone screen suddenly lit up. Han Xiaoxiao instinctively looked at the screen and the words "Bai Ruo" were clearly imprinted in her eyes, pulling her back to reality.

She gathered her thoughts and raised her head to look straight ahead.

Mo Zhan pressed the answer button and connected the Bluetooth earpiece.

"What is it?" His cold voice made the air pressure in the car drop.

Han Xiaoxiao felt a chill run down her spine.

After a while, he said, "I'm going to the Mo family now." There was impatience in his voice.

Then there was a long silence.

Han Xiaoxiao smelled a heavy scent in the air.


"Alright, I'll be there now."

Han Xiaoxiao's heart skipped a beat. A sour feeling spread from her left chest.

With a "Ga" sound, the ear-piercing sound of the tires grinding against the ground made Lamborghini stop abruptly. Han Xiaoxiao suddenly leaned forward and threw her body back into the seat. She slowly turned her head to look at Mo Zhan.

Mo Zhan held the steering wheel tightly and looked straight ahead, "Get off."

Han Xiaoxiao was stunned.

"Get out." Mo Zhan's voice was ice-cold.

Han Xiaoxiao's heart chilled. With some slight pain, she silently opened the car door and stepped out.

Just as the car door closed, Lamborghini left in a hurry.

Han Xiaoxiao stared unblinkingly at the direction the car disappeared in, her eyes dry and aching.

The little bit of joy that had just risen in her heart was instantly killed by Mo Zhan without a trace.

She stood there in a daze for a moment before looking at the unfamiliar scenery around her. Under the dazzling sunlight, they were like lanterns, unable to leave even a single image in her mind. The rumbling sounds of the cars beside her were getting farther and farther away, causing her to feel at a loss.

She was penniless, so Mo Zhan quickly pulled her out. She didn't even bring her phone.

So what? He wouldn't just die on the street.

He collected his feelings and walked forward with a limp.

A taxi came slowly up behind her. She stopped, hesitated, opened the door, and got in.

After returning to Mo Zhan's mansion, she went back to her room and took off the expensive items on her body one by one.

He remembered the look of disdain in his eyes when she had gone back to the house to get the money and give it to the taxi driver.

She smiled wryly. Even a taxi driver had a low opinion of her and knew that she was worthless.

No matter how well one dressed and lived in luxury, it was always worthless to be worthless, just like a fake that would never turn out to be real.

Put the necklace in the empty drawer under the dresser.

She folded the skirt and put it carefully in the closet. She put on her T-shirt and jeans.

Staring at the silver leather shoes, which were neatly arranged on the ground, he felt a little dazed. It was like Cinderella's crystal shoes. When the time came, it would lose its magic.

The only difference was that she would never find the prince who had made her a princess.

Mo Zhan returned late. When he returned, Han Xiaoxiao had been tossing and turning in bed for two hours.

Hearing the sound of him going upstairs, "Dong …" "Knock, knock …" It was different from the usual heavy and messy.

What's wrong with him? After leaving her by the roadside, the Mo family didn't even return. They were in a hurry to go out on a date with a beauty. Shouldn't they be very happy?

He immediately laughed to himself: "If they don't take you seriously, what are you worrying about?"

He turned over and was about to close his eyes when, with a bang, he heard a loud noise coming from the corridor. It was especially terrifying in the silent night.

Her body had already jumped up from the bed and rushed out before her consciousness.

The door was still shaking, but she had already rushed into the corridor. She looked with disbelief at the person curled up in the spacious and empty corridor. Was that Mo Zhan?

He leaned against the railing of the walkway and slid down to the ground. He buried his face in his hands and muttered in pain. Han Xiaoxiao was shocked by the pain and depression in his words.

Beside him was the potted perfume lily he had knocked over. The plain pottery pot had been split in half, the peat, river sand, and perlite had scattered all over the place, and the blooming perfume lily lay in a mess, still holy in its decadence.

A sudden pain came from her left chest, and her eyebrows knitted together slightly.

Aunt Liu, wearing a coat, ran out from a room at the other end of the stairs with a worried look on her face. She asked anxiously, "What's wrong?"

Han Xiaoxiao stared at Mo Zhan, who was lying on the ground, and walked towards him step by step. "It's fine. Aunt Liu, you go rest. There's me."

"Sigh." Aunt Liu answered hesitantly. She looked at the fallen perfume lily, then looked at Mo Zhan on the ground, sighed, shook her head and went back to her room.

Han Xiaoxiao squatted down beside Mo Zhan. The pungent smell of alcohol made her cough lightly. He drank a lot.

Mo Zhan was alarmed by her light cough. He raised his head from his palm and looked at her in confusion.

From his confused black eyes, she saw a pain as deep as the ocean.

His face, reflected in his confused black eyes, was as blank as a floating boat on the sea.

"Who are you?" Mo Zhan's puzzled voice sounded in the empty and dark corridor, but it still carried a hint of coldness.

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