Don't Rush, Young Trillionaire/C20 I will Settle with You
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Don't Rush, Young Trillionaire/C20 I will Settle with You
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C20 I will Settle with You

Chu Zimo's eyes softened as he calmed himself down and looked at Mo Zhan calmly. "President Mo, Miss Bai, excuse me." I wish you a pleasant meal. " Then she turned around and left with Han Xiaoxiao.

Mo Zhan's expression suddenly turned cold. He stared at the back view of the two as the two swirls in his eyes became deeper and deeper. He had to think of a way to properly manage this woman.

Bai Ruo threw away the hand that she was holding, turned around and walked quickly towards the room.

Bai Ruo was stunned on the spot. It took her a while to regain her senses. She stared in the direction that Han Xiaoxiao had disappeared in with hatred. She knew that woman was going to be trouble!

She stomped her foot and turned around to leave this place that had caused her to lose all face.

Han Xiaoxiao and Chu Zimo went back to their room quietly. Chu Zimo looked at Han Xiaoxiao and hesitated.

Han Xiaoxiao knew what he wanted to ask. He wanted to ask why she was a maid at Mo Zhan's house.

She didn't look at Chu Zimo's face but calmly said: "Please don't ask anything." Then he walked quickly back to his room.

Pushing open the door, he shouted excitedly, "Quick, quick, quick! I'm hungry. "Lin Xiao, hurry and serve me the steamed perch!"

"You've finally returned!" Lin Xiao was all smiles as she winked at Han Xiaoxiao and Chu Zimo, "It looks like you're not planning to come back until we, President Chu, go look for someone. We, President Chu, are the most charming! "

Han Xiaoxiao forced a smile on her face and recovered her energy. She glared at Lin Xiao, "You talk too much! Hurry up and gag yourself with the food! "

Chu Zimo, who was behind her, looked at her worriedly. How could she still smile after what just happened?

Han Xiaoxiao excitedly took a few steps to her seat and sat down. She rubbed her hands across the table, drooling as her eyes lit up. "Let's do it!" He picked up the chopsticks and started cooking the steamed perch.

Lin Xiao frowned as she glanced at Han Xiaoxiao. She felt that she was a little abnormal, but she couldn't tell what was wrong, so she picked up her chopsticks and started to laugh.

Chu Zimo sat in front of Han Xiaoxiao. He was expressionless and could only look at her with a frown.

Han Xiaoxiao's appetite was greatly shaken during this meal. She unceremoniously cleaned up the steamed perch as she ate it up.

Lin Xiao had always been a lawless person, and seeing that Han Xiaoxiao was enjoying her meal, she became even more fearless.

Chu Zimo didn't say much and kept his gaze fixed on Han Xiaoxiao.

The smile on her face was too forced. Chu Zimo knew that she was no longer the Han Xiaoxiao he had talked to two years ago.

After the meal, the two parties parted ways.

Chu Zimo stood in front of the car door, calmly looking at Han Xiaoxiao who was still smiling. "Xiaoxiao, Chu Zimo is still the same Chu Zimo." He opened the door and got in.

The car drove away slowly. Han Xiaoxiao stared at the back of Chu Zimo's car and hid her smile.

He was still the same Chu Zimo, but she was no longer the same Han Xiaoxiao from two years ago.

He already knew most of what he should know and shouldn't know. She would have even more face to face with him in the future.

Mo Zhan and Bai Ruo were like thorns stuck in her throat, unable to swallow or spit out.

After clearing up her messy mood, Han Xiaoxiao pulled Lin Xiao's arm. "Come on, let's go to your old Chinese medical doctor and have a look at my feet!"

It was almost dinner time when Han Xiaoxiao returned home. After an afternoon's worth of flattering with Lin Xiao, she was in a much better mood.

When he entered, Mo Zhan was already sitting on the sofa that he used to sit on, reading the evening paper.

Han Xiaoxiao's heart tightened. She did not expect him to return earlier than her. She thought he would stay overnight with Bai Ruo again.

Realizing that she was thinking about Mo Zhan and Bai Ruo again, Han Xiaoxiao frowned. What were they always thinking about? What did it have to do with him and Han Xiaoxiao that he didn't return home at night?

However, she had humiliated him today, causing him to lose face. At that time, he had looked displeased.

In the end, she even swaggered away with Chu Zimo. With Mo Zhan's personality, it was impossible for him to let her off easily.

Han Xiaoxiao, don't be afraid. We'll use force to block, and we'll use force to cover the situation!

Ye Zichen walked in and pretended to be calm.

Strangely, Mo Zhan was sitting motionlessly on the sofa without saying a word. He ignored her and continued to read his newspaper.

Han Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, felt a little uncomfortable. She immediately came to a conclusion: it was because he was in a good mood eating with a beautiful woman that he didn't have the time to bother her.

In the evening, Han Xiaoxiao was rubbing her head full of foam in the bathroom. Her eyebrows were slightly furrowed.

Mo Zhan was too weird today. From the moment she entered the restaurant, he had treated her like nothing was there. He didn't even look at her when she was eating at the same table.

This is not like Mo Zhan at all. She didn't think he would let her off so easily.

After taking a shower, Han Xiaoxiao was still struggling to answer this question.

As she opened the bathroom door, she was shocked by the sight of a wall in front of her. With a screech, he retreated a few steps, and his feet slipped as he fell backwards.

Han Xiaoxiao screamed in her heart as she closed her eyes, waiting for her butt to hit the ground.

A big hand grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back into a firm embrace. Han Xiaoxiao was still in shock, but she vaguely felt that this feeling was very familiar.

"Sou", she opened her eyes and lifted her head to look. Her beautiful eyes instantly widened as she asked in a daze, "Why are you here?"

Mo Zhan smiled at her and narrowed his eyes.

Han Xiaoxiao's heart skipped a beat. The meaning of her laughter was too deep, she felt that she could not keep her little life.

Mo Zhan's voice was especially soft: "Why can't I be in my wife's room?"

It was definitely not a good thing to call her 'wife'! Han Xiaoxiao choked for a long time before she finally said, "What are you doing here?"

Mo Zhan leaned over and blew next to her ear: "I'm going to deal with you."

Han Xiaoxiao's mind exploded with anger. She knew he wouldn't let her go so easily.

After a long time, he finally found a trace of rationality left. He braced himself and stammered, "Wh … "What account?"

"There are too many accounts. We can't finish it in a short time. It's too tiring to stand here. Let's go to bed and do it slowly."

He said many words, but Han Xiaoxiao only managed to grasp one important point: Bed!

In his mind's eye, he saw all the good things they had done over and over in bed, and his face turned red.

Not giving her time to digest it, Mo Zhan lifted her up into the air. She gasped, held his shoulder, and shouted tensely: "I have a stool here, let's sit and count!"

Mo Zhanxie smiled, "Alright, then let's sit and count."

Han Xiaoxiao's tensed nerves finally relaxed. Luckily, he agreed to sit and count.

He let out a long sigh of relief.

The moment she finished, Mo Zhan carried her to the sofa and sat down.

The two of them faced each other, staring at each other.

This posture made Han Xiaoxiao feel very bad. Last time in his car …

She stared at Mo Zhan who was just inches away, and did not dare to let out a breath. Not to say... Does sitting count? "

Mo Zhan smiled mischievously. "We are sitting."

Han Xiaoxiao's face turned red. She was indeed sitting, but not in this position.

"Let's settle the score now."

Things didn't develop in the direction Han Xiaoxiao wanted, so Mo Zhan really started to settle accounts with her.

Even this posture made Han Xiaoxiao feel less awkward. She held her breath and stared at Mo Zhan.

Mo Zhan said to her slowly: "What's with the curtains in my study?"

Curtain? Han Xiaoxiao blinked several times and finally remembered that someone had said something like that.

It was fine if she didn't want to say it, but when she did, she felt worse. Last night's incident had replayed itself in front of her.

"I tore it." His tone was not friendly.

"Why are you tearing it?"

He still had the face to ask why he tore it up? "It's all because of him!" I can't go out naked. " Han Xiaoxiao looked away, not looking at him.

Mo Zhan frowned, "Didn't Aunt Liu go there?"

Han Xiaoxiao gave him two words, "It's too late." Indeed, it was late. When Aunt Liu went over, the curtains had just been torn off by her.

Mo Zhan: "..."

The silence in the room was awkward. Han Xiaoxiao peeked at Mo Zhan from the corner of her eye. Unexpectedly, a look of confusion appeared on his face.

After a long while, Mo Zhan said stiffly, "You were the one who pissed me off." This was the limit of his ability to apologize.

Afterwards, he regretted it a little. Last night had indeed been a little too long. Only she could make him angry.

She pissed him off? Han Xiaoxiao turned her head and glared at Mo Zhan. Was this man being reasonable? He was obviously the one looking for trouble with her!

When he looked again, the expression on his face was a little strange.

Mo Zhan's expression was unfathomable. Before Han Xiaoxiao could figure out the meaning of his expression, he had already revealed a fox-like smile.

Han Xiaoxiao thought what she saw was an illusion.

Mo Zhan said in a malicious voice, "So, you have to be responsible for compensation."

Han Xiaoxiao was stunned. She'll pay? Why did it still end up to her?

"How are you going to compensate?" Mo Zhan's bright eyes made Han Xiaoxiao quiver.

How to compensate? Of course: "I'll make you a curtain." Han Xiaoxiao answered quickly.

Mo Zhan laughed, "I don't need any curtains."

"..." You're wicked!

"Alright, put the curtains aside first." Mo Zhan stared at Han Xiaoxiao with a "pardon" expression.

Han Xiaoxiao did not think things were this simple. It was all thanks to him.

Hearing his words, she felt that something wasn't right. What did he mean by putting them aside? That meant he still had accounts to settle with her. The left side was only a matter of today's restaurant.

Since it was already like this, he wasn't afraid of another one.

He simply threw away everything and faced him with a heroic look, "Hurry up and say it, what else do you want to settle with me?"

Mo Zhan looked at her with an indifferent expression for a while, until Han Xiaoxiao felt that something was wrong.

He unconsciously shifted his body, ready to escape.

Mo Zhan's hand that was holding her waist quickly changed to a hug. The two of them were inseparably close.

Han Xiaoxiao stared with her eyes wide open. Only now did she realize that she had actually talked to Mo Zhan face to face for so long with such a difficult position. How did she do it?

Mo Zhan went close to her ear, "Wifey, you know you did wrong and you want to run away? As I said, it's not that simple. "

He called her his "wife" as well. Danger! Han Xiaoxiao's mind was in a mess as her hair stood on end.

Still, he stubbornly replied, "I didn't do anything wrong, why are you running away?"

"That's right!" Mo Zhan bit her earlobe, "Did you listen to my words here?"

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