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Don't Rush, Young Trillionaire/C4 Transaction Complete
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C4 Transaction Complete

Han Xiaoxiao's body tilted. She was so shocked by the thunder that her chin almost fell to the ground.

She only slept with him, she didn't make him take responsibility, there was no need for him to get married immediately!

Marriage was a major event in life, how could it be so casual!

"No, no. Sir, I, we should consider it again. "

"No need." Mo Zhan coldly threw it to her: "It's written very clearly on the indenture contract. There will be no wedding banquet and no one in the outside world will know about it. " Receiving the certificate was just for the old tutor to see.

The more Han Xiaoxiao listened, the colder her heart became. How was this marriage? Suddenly, he realized that the contract was for her marriage!

She finally understood why he looked at her as if he were looking at a commodity that was waiting to be sold. He was really treating her like a commodity.

She felt her heart ache. The air in the room was so thin that it made her tired from breathing, and her beautiful eyes were no longer brimming with energy.

She, Han Xiaoxiao, was not worth much, but she was not cheap enough to sell her marriage.

However, what could he do? Power was everything.

She, Han Xiaoxiao, wouldn't be able to handle this man just by looking at his car.

He lowered his head to look at the signed card in his hand. The words on it were neat, beautiful, and strong. The brush tip was sharp like a knife. It revealed a domineering and emotionless aura. It really did resemble him.

Mo Zhan looked at her in a daze. He knew she needed time to digest, so he gave her one day.

"Don't call me mister from now on." He paused, "Mo Zhan."

Mo Zhan? Han Xiaoxiao looked up at him slowly from the note. His name?

It suits him. A painting that was splashed with thick ink, it was mysterious and captivating.

Mo Zhan looked at her still stunned face and said, "Alright, you can go now. Remember, look over the rules of the indenture contract and come to me one day. Otherwise... You know I have a way. "

Han Xiaoxiao blinked her large, dry eyes. The transaction had been completed and she was about to be chased away.

As expected of a merchant, ruthless and cold-blooded, just like that man! Why did they all want to disrupt her originally carefree and peaceful life?

He retracted his gaze and firmly gripped the note in his hand. He turned around and dragged his heavy feet as he moved towards the door.

The door was opened, and the stubborn yet elegant figure disappeared from the room.

After Han Xiaoxiao left, Mo Zhan turned around and walked to the window. From Di Hao's 11th floor, he looked down at the exit of the building.

The little white figure appeared. Mo Zhan stared at her as she slowly walked away, but his eyes were emotionless.

"Knock knock." Someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." Mo Zhan turned around.

Lee Yang pushed the door and walked in, walking straight in front of him and passing the documents in his hands to him: "CEO, what you want." His expression was somewhat abnormal.

Mo Zhan glanced at Lee Yang's expression, then took the information from him and lowered his eyes.

Lee Yang formally reported to him: "Han Xiaoxiao, 22 years old, graduated from C University's graphic design department and is currently interned at Tian Teng, the largest design company under Chutian Group. Mother Han Suyun passed away two years ago, father … " He raised his head and looked at Mo Zhan.

Mo Zhan gestured for him to continue.

"Her father is the leader of Qin Family Group, Qin Yaowu. Han Xiaoxiao is his daughter with his ex-wife Han Suyun. Before Han Xiaoxiao was born, the two of them divorced. Han Xiaoxiao had always been with her mother and had yet to recognize her mother as her ancestor. "As far as I know, Qin Yaowu is also looking for her now." With that, he fixed his gaze on Mo Zhan.

Mo Zhan remained expressionless, but layers of mist covered his eyes.

He didn't expect that the woman he picked up casually was Qin Yaowu's daughter.

No wonder he thought Han Xiaoxiao was similar to her.

Moreover, she was actually an intern in Chutian Group.

"Alright, you go back first. I'll be back at the office later." Mo Zhan spat out.

"Yes." Lee Yang glanced at him and then quietly left.

Mo Zhan turned around and looked out of the window.

Was this deal between him and Han Xiaoxiao right? The scene which could have predicted the result seemed to have become a little blurry …

And he, actually didn't want to terminate this deal.

Han Xiaoxiao went back to her house in a daze. There was a Mercedes-Benz S500 parked in the narrow alley downstairs. She looked around with disgust in her eyes and quickened her pace. She just wanted to pass it.

A man in a suit, who looked like a butler in his fifties, alighted from the car and called out to her, "Second Lady, mister wishes for you to go home."

So annoying! Han Xiaoxiao frowned in irritation. He would harass her every day! This little one schemed against her, and she had a grudge with Qin Family!

Sou! He turned around and glared at Second Lady, "Who is your Second Lady? I have nothing to do with that Qin guy, so please don't bother me anymore! "

The housekeeper turned a blind eye to her anger and continued to nod respectfully. With a calm voice, he said, "Second Lady, identity is a foregone conclusion, denying doesn't mean that it doesn't exist."

Han Xiaoxiao's anger had been completely set off. Now he was here to tell her that his identity was destined? What did he do that time!?

Hengmei frowned: "Who is willing to be your Second Lady! Wasn't it easy for him, Qin Yaowu, to find a daughter? There were many queues waiting for him to choose! Let him open his eyes wide and choose. If he doesn't, I, Han Xiaoxiao, can help him pick someone who can help him ascend to heaven early! "

After shouting, he turned around and quickly ran into the building. He no longer cared about that butler who was obedient to Qin Yaowu.

The butler raised his head to look at her back, "Second Lady, escaping isn't an option. I'll come again."

Han Xiaoxiao took even more hurried steps to avoid the plague.

The butler watched her disappear at the door, shook his head and sighed. He turned around, opened the car door, got into the car, and slowly drove away from the narrow alley.

Han Xiaoxiao stood in the dark corridor with her back pressed against the mottled wall. Her legs were trembling, her eyes were red, and she was breathing heavily.

Hearing the sound of the throttle of the car leaving, he moved it to the building and watched as the tail of the car slowly disappeared.

Suddenly, all the energy in his body was sucked away. He slumped down his shoulders, closed his eyes in pain and slowly went upstairs.

When he got home, he snuggled himself into the sofa and curled up into a ball. His face was buried between his knees, allowing his tears to flow freely.

After crying, he wiped his face randomly and stood up from the sofa, sniffing at his red nose and blinking his swollen eyes.

After crying, he became a true man again. Could she, Han Xiaoxiao, be defeated by such a trifling matter? No matter how hard it is to live, you still have to continue. No one sympathizes with you, you can only save yourself!

He could not stay in this place any longer. The surnamed Qin would never leave this place. Now that he had a black-bellied evildoer chasing after his debts, it would only be a temporary matter of time before he could hide.

He quickly picked up a few clothes, stuffed them into the 26-inch blue Oxfordcloth suitcase and headed straight for his best friend Lin Xiao's house.

In Lin Xiao's living room, a 42-inch LCD TV was broadcasting the financial news. The two women were sitting cross-legged on the floor around a small table, sucking on noodles and making loud noises, as if they were eating the world's best delicacies.

Lin Xiao raised her head from the noodles and looked at Han Xiaoxiao with disdain. Her face was engulfed in a large bowl of noodles as she worked tirelessly, "Hey, woman, did you just come out of the refugee camp? "He came to my place to escape."

Han Xiaoxiao couldn't be bothered to respond to her and continued to work hard with the noodles.

That's right, she hadn't eaten a single grain of rice since last night. Furthermore, after battling with that monster for 300 rounds, she was already starving to the point that her chest was close to her back.

Hunger can give in to a good man. No matter how difficult it was, she couldn't starve to death! She had indeed come here to escape.

"Hey!" Say something! " Lin Xiao beat Han Xiaoxiao's bowl with her chopsticks, shouting, "From the moment I entered the restaurant until now, I didn't say a word. I just ate." Aunt, I took your call, but risked my life to ask for a leave of absence to accompany you. And you gave me silence. If you continue to eat like this, I won't be able to support you anymore. "

Han Xiaoxiao finally raised her head from the bowl. Chewing the noodles stuffed into her mouth, she used her chopsticks to knock on Lin Xiao's bowl. She glared at her and mumbled, "Can I have a meal in peace? "Don't worry, I won't let you eat too much, and you won't lose your job either. If you want to lose your job, I'll support you, okay!?" With that, he glared at her and continued fighting with the noodles.

Lin Xiao opened her mouth wanting to say something, but her attention was attracted by the scene playing on the television. His face immediately turned bright as he opened his mouth with an intoxicated look on his face. His tone changed as he said in a flattering tone, "Since when has my Prince Charming been so handsome, charming and attractive?"

Han Xiaoxiao's skin tensed up and her body trembled. She felt a chill run down her spine.

Disgusted, he rolled his eyes at Lin Xiao, inadvertently glancing at the TV screen that made her feel hot.

With this sweep, he was choked by the mouthful of noodles. With a "pu" sound, he spat out a mouthful of noodles and his chopsticks almost fell to the ground.

He quickly took a sip of the water beside him and glanced at the TV screen on the rim of the glass. Wasn't he the freak who slept with her? To be able to appear on television, his background was not small.

He put down the cup and pretended to be calm as he continued eating the noodles. However, his speed had obviously slowed down. He asked casually, "Who is this?"

Lin Xiao tilted her head and looked at her as if she was an alien, "Han Xiaoxiao, are you from Earth? You've been living on Mars for a long time and you're not familiar with the Earth business? You don't even know him? "

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