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C10 Survey

But how to get close to the real estate mogul? I sat in my chair, wondering.

Just then, Huang Qiao patted my shoulder and asked indifferently, "Zhong Xin, you want to get close to that property tycoon, right?"

I nodded and asked back, "You have a way?"

Huang Qiao just smiled. After a long time, he finally told me that the real estate mogul was recently recruiting a veteran land inspector.

Huang Qiao, on the other hand, knew a famous land surveyor. He had already arranged with the surveyor that I should pretend to be his son, sneak into the property tycoon's circle, and then approach the property tycoon.

If he were to enter that person's company, he should be able to investigate something.

A few days later, as the son of a topographic surveyor, I entered the feast of the property tycoons. Before that, I read a lot about topography online.

As soon as I stepped into the banquet, I saw the person in the photo Yellow Bridge had given me. Looking at the photo in my hand, I remembered what Yellow Bridge had told me before, that although the property magnate was not that easy to get close to, he had an assistant by his side.

It was a rather fat man, sitting in a corner drinking wine.

I quickly walked towards him. Seeing me arrive, he raised his head.

I told him that I was the son of a Kansan family. He had just graduated and learned a lot from his father. He wanted to work at his company, so he asked his father about the situation.

He was overjoyed to see me, and told me that what his company lacked most right now was people like me, and that their boss was simply too odd that a real estate company of such size could only have a dozen or so employees.

As far as I know, that real estate company is one of the top companies in the world, but they only have a dozen or so employees.

When we had finished talking, I left the party.

Just as he walked out of the banquet hall, a loud and carefree voice rang in his ears, "Brat, you want to investigate that property tycoon, Qian Wudao, right?"

When I heard this, I looked to the side and saw a fat man standing next to me. I took him to a small corner and asked him how he knew what I was up to. He told me that his name was Two Weeks and that he was also investigating the property tycoon.

The ancestors of the Second Week were Mister Qian and Yin Yang. He had seen this Qian Wudao before, and there was always a sinister aura surrounding him.

Tell me, the two of us can investigate together, and he has now found the house.

He was going to sneak in and take a look in the next two days.

Even though we've only known each other for two weeks, I don't know why, but I really want to believe him. I really want to go and have a look with him.

He saw that I seemed to be hesitating, shook his head, and prepared to leave.

At this, I took his hand and told him I would go with him.

We smiled at each other, clapped our hands, and together we came to a villa.

The two of us snuck in through the back door. This villa has two floors, and the lights are all off right now.

The two of us groped around in the dark. We thought we would be able to find Qian Wudao soon, but we found that there were too many doors here. It wasn't easy to find him at all.

As I walked, I suddenly burst open a door.

A thick stench of blood came from the inside of the cave. Second Week and I quickly covered our noses.

I slightly released my hand. That unpleasant smell made me want to puke. I covered my nose a little more tightly and forcefully pushed the door open.

What entered his vision was a fish gnawing on a corpse, most of the body soaked in the water had already been eaten.

Just when I was about to get closer, Fatty pulled me forcefully and ran out of the villa.

Just as we were running out of the house, I noticed that the lights in the hall were on.

"Phew, that was close."

The fatty patted his chest and mumbled.

I saw that the sky was already getting darker. I waved my hands at Fatty before running away, returning to my home in Yellow Bridge.

When the door was opened, he saw Yellow Bridge lying on the bed.

He looked at me strangely, and suddenly he gave me a wink that startled me.

He walked quickly toward me, and I was pushed onto the bed, caught off guard.

I wanted to stand up, but I found I couldn't move. He gently took off my coat, and I felt goosebumps all over my body.


At this moment, the door was suddenly slammed open.

The person who entered was Fatty for two weeks.

When he saw this scene, he did not even think as he pulled out a stack of paper talismans from his pocket and threw it onto Huang Qiao's body.

There were even words in his mouth that I didn't understand.

Very quickly, Yellow Bridge fainted beside me.

"You didn't even leave a cell phone number, so I followed you."

The fat guy clapped his hands and laughed loudly at me.

I thanked the fat guy and slowly sat up in bed. I was still a little shaken.

Luckily, Fatty arrived in time, or else I would have been dead.

Just as I was about to speak to Fatty, a feminine voice sounded in the air. "Zhong Xin, I will come back to find you."

This voice was Ling Long's voice, and the one who had appeared on the bridge just now was Ling Long.

I knew that Linglong must have come for the jade pendant on my body. Thinking about it, I picked up the jade pendant on my chest and examined it for a while.

When the fatty saw the jade pendant in my hand, he scratched his head and suddenly patted it with force. He said that he seemed to have seen this jade pendant somewhere before, but he forgot about it now.

I told him it didn't matter. The fatty said that it would be better for me to go with him to look for ancient books, so I agreed.

After I settled the Yellow Bridge, I wrote a note and went to his house with Fatty.

All of the books in Fatty's house were in front of him, even the place where he was walking on was almost gone.

I couldn't help but be a little surprised when he proudly told me that these were all treasures left behind by his ancestors.

After rummaging on the floor for a long time, he took out a book.

Then he turned a few pages to me, and I saw that the page he had turned for me had a jade pendant painted on it, and that the jade pendant on my chest was exactly the same.

He told me that this jade pendant came from the Tang Dynasty and was called the Nine Enchantment Heaven Linking Jade. Furthermore, according to the ancient books, its first owner was Zhong Kui.

The fat man looked at me with a somewhat measuring gaze. I didn't understand, but after a long time, he told me that it was possible that I was Zhong Kui's reincarnation.

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