Don't Turn Round At Night/C11 Gold family tree
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Don't Turn Round At Night/C11 Gold family tree
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C11 Gold family tree

When I heard him say this, I felt it was unbelievable. I hurriedly shouted, "How could this be?!"

How could I possibly be Zhong Kui's reincarnation!?

The fat man frowned slightly when he saw my disbelief. He bent down and flipped through a few books before lifting his head and smiling as he told me that he had found it.

Fatty said that he found a secret technique that allows people to enter his illusion mirror from his previous life. I am sure that I really want to know what happened in the end to get entangled by that woman, so I might as well give it a try.

After thinking for a long time, I nod my head. Indeed, I would like to know why Linglong is pestering me, no, pestering the jade pendant.

The fatty told me to close my eyes and stuck a piece of talisman on my hand. I kept chanting. After circling around me a few times, I found that my body was light as a feather.

When I opened my eyes again, I was in a strange place.

"Zhong Yuan, didn't you say that you would marry me as soon as you came back? Why? Why did you abandon me? "

I found that the one standing in front of me was Ling Long. She had tears on her face as she spoke to me, patting my chest.

Looking at her slightly tearful appearance, I don't know why I felt a bit of heartache.

Also, I wonder why Linglong called me Zhong Yuan.

"Linglong, I know, I've let you down."

My mouth couldn't help but utter those words. It was only now that I realized that I was completely unable to control my body.

At this, I could only look at what was happening here.

It turned out that my previous life wasn't Zhong Kui, but a man called Zhong Yuan. Some inexplicable memories flooded into my mind.

Zhong Yuan originally loved Linglong very much. However, when he was rushing to the capital to take the exam, he met a beautiful woman who saved his life. Zhong Yuan came back and told Linglong that he would not marry her again, but would marry another woman instead.

Upon hearing this news, Linglong was very sad, and thus this scene occurred.

I could not help but sigh at this in my previous life, as if I was really sorry Linglong, while I was deep in thought.

"Zhong Yuan, I hate you!" Linglong suddenly shouted.

He then bumped into a pillar beside him and died.

I wanted to go up and stop her, but I had no choice but to look at them.

At this moment, a few familiar faces appeared behind me. Stabbing Head, Sima Tong and Shen Hong.

If I'm not wrong, the secret technique that Fatty just used should be his soul leaving his body. They, who are behind me right now, should be the same.

However, hadn't they already died?

Before I could think about it, a knife appeared in front of me. It was a sharp knife, aimed directly at my chest.

Sima Tong and Shen Hong each had a knife in their hands and both of them were stabbing towards my direction at the same time. I couldn't avoid them and couldn't help but think sorrowfully, 'Am I going to die in this illusion?'

At that moment, I realized that my body was as light as ever. When I opened my eyes again, they had already disappeared.

The only person standing in front of me was Fatty. He smiled and patted his chest.

After that, he quickly walked towards me and strongly patted my shoulder. He let out a breath of relief as he told me that it was fortunate that his family had the Vajra Evil Breaking Talisman. Otherwise, I would have died in this illusion.

To be honest, it was indeed strange. How could the souls of those who had died have entered the illusion realm?

The fat guy slapped his forehead, but he couldn't think of anything to say.

I looked at the jade pendant on my chest and linked it with the contents of the illusion. The grudge between Linglong and my previous life was quite complicated.

After all, it's my fault. Guilt welled up in my heart.

However, compared to blaming myself, what I care more about now is the origin of this jade pendant in front of my chest.

He heard from the fatty that since the jade pendant's first name was Zhong Kui, why would it end up in Zhong Yuan's hands?

I suddenly remembered. This jade pendant was passed down from my family ancestors. It was given to me by my mother.

I think my mother knows the origin of this jade pendant.

As I thought about it, I told the fatty that the jade pendant on my chest was something my mother had given me, and also told him that I needed to go home now.

After Fatty heard all this, he said that he would go back with me.

He said that his ancestors were Mr. Yin Yang, and he saved my life. He was also very curious about this matter, so I must bring him back to see my mother.

I couldn't say anything about him, so I agreed.

When I got home, my mother was sitting alone in the hall, drinking tea.

Seeing me arrive, my mother's face brimmed with a smile. She grabbed my hand and happily asked me if I wanted to eat?

I thought about what had happened before and how I was really hungry since I hadn't eaten yet, so I nodded.

When my mother saw the fatty behind me, she smiled and walked into the kitchen. Not long after, she brought out two bowls of noodles.

Fatty and I wolfed down two bowls of noodles. Fatty felt that it wasn't enough and kept praising his mother for her delicious dishes.

His mother laughed heartily at the fat man's words.

At that moment, I remembered that I had serious business to attend to.

"Mother, you gave me this jade pendant. You should know the origin of this jade pendant, right?"

I asked my mother, taking the jade pendant from my chest and handing it to her.

My mother looked at the jade pendant in my hand and slowly received it. Her expression became heavy.

His mother said that the first person on this jade pendant was indeed Zhong Kui, but Zhong Kui had given it to a sworn brother of his.

It was said that his name was Zhong Yuan.

Zhong Yuan, this is my name from my previous life. The reason why Linglong had to stay in this jade pendant is related to me. That jade pendant is my personal belongings, and I was the one who betrayed her so of course she would come to find this jade pendant.

After I heard from my mother about the origins of this jade pendant, I didn't say anything.

His mother suddenly stood up and pursed her lips. She left the hall and headed for her room.

But not long after, my mother came out with a book.

He looked at me and the fatty who both had puzzled expressions. He smiled and said, "This is the family tree of our Zhong Family. Take a look!" Maybe it will be of some use to you! "

He handed it to me.

I replied and flipped open the genealogy book.

After I sent her a few pages, I found nothing special. When I wanted to return it to my mother, I found that the last page was actually gold.

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