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C12 Old wu

The fat man also noticed this page and hurriedly told me that he recognized the words on it.

Only then did I begin to read the golden words on the page. But I found these characters very strange. I could not understand them at all.

Thus, I handed it over to the fatty. After the fatty received it and read through it carefully, he told me that it actually contained a secret technique called the Magic of Zhong Kui.

After my mother heard about it, she quickly took the ancestral book from Fatty and tore off the golden paper. After handing it to me, she told me that her ancestor once told me about Zhong Kui's magic, but she didn't find it, and she didn't see this golden paper either.

It must have been fate that allowed the two of us to see the golden page and find Zhong Kuifu's magic.

Mother said that she knew something strange had happened to me recently, and that the magic of Zhong Kui and Fu Fu would be useful to me.

I nodded, smiled at my mother, and folded the golden page into my pocket.

At this moment, I suddenly recalled that the last time I went back to get medicine for my mother, I met Wu who was sneaking around, following him about the discovery of Linglong's corpse.

Thus, I told this matter to mother and Fatty. After hearing it, Fatty wanted to take a look.

He said that it would be best if he could steal Linglong's corpse, maybe he would find something big.

I told the fat man that I had the same idea, and my mother, hearing that we were both going, told me to be careful, and let me go with the fat man.

I thought back on the route I had taken the last time, and soon found myself in the same room I had been in the last time.

I looked around to make sure there was no one around, then we pushed open the door and went in.

Just like the last time, he pushed the box open and went to the basement. Fatty brought a flashlight and searched around the place where I saw the body last time but couldn't find it.

Suddenly I saw a body directly in front of me. I hastily reached out my hand to pat the fatty beside me, telling him that I was right in front of me.

The fat man and I shone our flashlights on the body, but when the beam hit it, we stood up.

When we saw his face clearly, we realized that he was not Linglong, but a man we had never seen before.

When Pang Zi and I saw him, we hastily took a few steps back. When he saw us, a terrifying smile appeared on his face and he slowly approached us.

We quickly ran towards the back. The moment I touched the stairs, Fatty, who was behind me, was pulled by the corpse.

Fatty wanted to struggle free from him, but no matter what, he could not. Instead, he was heavily thrown to the ground by the corpse. Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

When I saw this, I gave up on the idea of crawling out of the basement and hurriedly ran back to help Fatty up.

I threw the flashlight at him. Unexpectedly, white liquid flowed out of the corner of his mouth. Then, I picked up the flashlight and threw it towards us.

I pulled Fatty away from me. Fatty took out a few talismans from his pocket and chanted some incantations that I didn't understand before throwing them towards the corpse.

The corpse's pupils suddenly enlarged. Its pale face became even more frightening as it stretched out its hand to block the talismans.

When Fatty and I saw this, we found it hard to believe. Just as he was about to take out more talismans from his pocket, those talismans that Fatty just threw out were already thrown in front of us.

However, I accidentally got hit by a talisman.

His stomach churned as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

I clutched at my chest and took a few steps back. Unfortunately, there was no way back.

I couldn't help but feel regret in my heart. If I had known that I had learned Zhong Kui's magic at home earlier on, I would have definitely used it now.

Just then, a flashlight flew out from behind us and struck the body.

The corpse fell to the ground. The fatty and I stared at the ground for a long time without raising our heads. It was obvious that we were still in a state of shock.

It was Wu who saved us, Wu told us. His flashlight was charged, and now it's only temporarily halting the body, so he told us to get out of here, and we shouldn't go into this mess anymore. If we continue like this, what happened after that won't be something we can handle anymore.

This tone carried a very serious warning.

Just as I was about to speak to Wu, the fat guy next to me suddenly smiled and looked at me mockingly.

He snorted disapprovingly, saying that he didn't have the right to care about him. It was better to take care of himself now, otherwise, he would die without even knowing where he was!

When I heard the fatty's somewhat sinister words, I couldn't help but slightly frown.

When the fat man saw me frown, he asked me if I thought Wu was a good person.

I didn't understand what Fatty meant by that. Even though I didn't have a deep relationship with Wu Dai, based on his actions of saving us just now, he shouldn't be considered to be a bad person.

After hearing what I said, Fatty couldn't help but sneer and tell me that this Wu geezer standing in front of me was the one who killed all of their villagers. After hearing the news, I was extremely shocked and sized up Wu Gelou who was standing in front of me.

Looking at his amiable expression, I couldn't imagine that he was actually a homicidal maniac!

Fatty told me that Wu Haoyuan was the person who had gone to his village to treat an old granny that year. After he had finished his treatment, it was already very late.

Thus, the old granny kindly kept him for the night. Unexpectedly, it was on that very night that he personally saw Wu Dai take out a knife and kill everyone in their village.

As he spoke, a few tears flowed down from the corners of Fatty's eyes as he looked at Wu Haoyu with endless hatred.

Wu Haoyuan was about to explain, but he was interrupted.

"I wish I could eat your flesh, tear your bones apart, and drink your blood. However, these are all things that can't quell the hatred in my heart."

I looked at the fatty's grieving expression and felt a little sad. Although they had just met, the fatty had helped me a lot.

But right now, I can't help him much. If I help him kill Wu Dai, I won't be able to do anything.

I looked at Wu, who was standing beside me. Wu had a very complicated expression on his face.

He saw the fat man crying beside me, reached out, and slapped him hard on the back of the neck.

The fatty fell to the ground. Wu told me that it really wasn't him who did those things, but no matter how I explain it now, the fatty wouldn't listen, so I could only knock him out.

I nodded my head and didn't say anything. I was rather in agreement with his actions.

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