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C16 Witch

I curiously asked, "You're called Zi Yue, but you don't know me, so I don't know you either."

To be honest, Chu Feng had never seen such a generous woman before. Yet, in front of these two strange men, he actually allowed her to be as she wished. As expected, Miao Renlong was different from the women of the outside world.

"But now you know me. Didn't you just call me Zi Yue?" Zi Yue giggled.

The fat man and I fell silent.

"Don't go out too much tonight, don't go into other people's homes, or else …"

Zi Yue reminded us. Although I don't know why we can't walk around randomly, I'm too lazy to ask. Since she's so enthusiastic about it, I'll ask her if she knows where the antidote for the Miao Jiang poison is located.

When I asked her, her answer did not surprise me at all.

She said that she only knew about Gu poison, but did not know the specific direction of the antidote. I looked at Zi Yue. Her appearance was really like that of a local village. Aside from her appearance being similar to Ling Long, she also seemed a little more adorable. When she smiled, there was a small dimple.

The fatty saw that Zi Yue didn't reply to his question, so he simply said, "Since little miss is familiar with this place and isn't afraid that we're bad people, you should bring us to understand the terrain of this place!"

Zi Yue agreed as soon as she finished.

I didn't expect her to agree so quickly.

"Alright, since I have nothing to do all day anyway, the two of you really don't look like bad people."

"Do your parents ignore you?" I asked curiously.

Zi Yue didn't say anything.

How long would it take to find a Miao Jiang? Mother is still waiting for us to save her when the insect poison breaks out from time to time!

Day after day, three days passed just like that. Fatty and I brought Zi Yue to visit the homes of many people who might have found the antidote, but to no avail. Thus, we decided to search for it ourselves.

Ziyue had told me not to wander around at night, and even if I had a big clue, I couldn't just barge into other people's houses recklessly. But I didn't take it to heart, because she hadn't even told me why, so why should I listen to her? Besides, she didn't know where she came from, so she didn't say a word when she asked her family. Even if it was better in the beginning, I still had to guard against her. After all, the world is dangerous!

That night, Zi Yue didn't follow Fatty and I. She said that she had something to do and left so mysteriously that people couldn't help but suspect that she was hiding something from us.

Fatty told me that we should indeed guard against a girl like Zi Yue. Who knows if something unexpected might happen to her again. By that time, it would be too late for regret.

We walked in the night, and the night road of Miao Jiang was much better than I had imagined, because at first I would think it was very dark, and then we would encounter some kind of ghost or witch, but when we left, we found out that this place was still very human, with streetlights installed all along the mountain side, and we didn't encounter any strange people along the way.

I should be glad.

We didn't have a clue about the antidote, so we didn't know each other well. Plus, we didn't have any experience, so anyone who asked for directions wouldn't pay any attention to us. This caused us to be covered in dirt along the way.

After walking for a while, we arrived at a small river. The street lamps shined on the river, causing shallow ripples to form. From afar, it reminded me of Clear Water Town.

At this moment, the fat guy seemed to have heard some footsteps. He came over and pulled me to listen. When I calmed down, I also seemed to have heard some footsteps.

From a distance, it turned out to be an old woman walking towards us.

This old lady was walking towards the outside, so we went together.

"Granny, it's already so late, why are you still coming out to exercise!" The fat man said to the old lady with a smile.

This old lady seemed to be very old. Just the wrinkles on her face were enough to make one's hair stand on end. In addition, the old lady seemed to be a bit crippled. This gave us a kind of visual illusion.

In fact, the old granny was very good at speaking. Furthermore, her words would give people a sense of shrewdness and competence. She must be the head of the family.

She told us that she had come out to look for her granddaughter, that she had gone out for a private meeting with a man during the day and had not come back yet.

When we asked around, we found out that this old lady was a local witch. I don't know why, but I was a little unhappy to hear the word witch. The witch's work didn't look any better on our side, so my impression of this old lady was greatly reduced.

With that, I pulled the fatty along and left. If I can avoid trouble, then I'll avoid trouble.

As we were leaving, the old witch turned around and said to us, "Don't wander around in the middle of the night. The Miao territory is big, so you must be from somewhere else!"

None of your business!

The reason why I felt so disgusted with witches is because I've been talking about it ever since I was a child. All I have to do is think about how my mother almost died when she gave birth to me! If he said too much, he would be infuriated!

"Zhong Xin, what's wrong? This old granny didn't offend you, right? " Fatty could not help but ask.

I didn't reply, but only said lightly, "Let's hurry on our way."

Then we crossed the river. The people who lived by the river had not slept, and there were even people out in the cold. I think it's not very late, but it's about time to go to bed, isn't it? Of course, Fatty and I are exceptions. But the houses on the other side of the river were wide awake and full of spirit. Fatty and I walked over to inquire about the whereabouts of the antidote.

There was an older man, perhaps sixty or seventy years old, who told us that only Grandmother Sun, who lived at the end of the river, knew about the antidote, since they had only heard of it, and did not describe it to us in any particular detail.

We walked in the direction indicated by the elder and came to the end of the river. It was now eleven o'clock and the lights of the houses nearby were going out, but only Grandma Sun's house was brightly lit.

Fatty walked in front and knocked on the door, but no one answered. Wei Ling didn't want to delay any longer. I was planning to ask that old granny Sun about the antidote tonight, but no one opened it.

As for the time I spent climbing the wall, no one on our side could compare to me. Although I worked outside for many years, my power was still not reduced at all! I scuffed my way up the outside pipe from the side of the wall. Their house was only two stories high. When I reached the second floor, almost to the top, I found a woman inside!

A retard? Someone was not opening the door. If the doorbell rang so loudly, could it be that they didn't hear him? This time, I was extremely furious. Maybe it was because I wanted to find the cure quickly to save my mother, so in a moment of desperation, I broke through the window and entered the house.

"Putong —" I didn't care what the woman thought of me. I went straight in, and she looked at me in surprise.

How could a boor like me understand such a gaze?

"Didn't you hear us knock on the door for so long? Not to mention the fact that I've offended you, even if you don't open the door, I would have already come in and told you that! "

Weird, weird. After hearing what I just said, this girl's face actually turned red!

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