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C3 See a doctor

After coming back from the antique shop, I was so bored that I chose to set up a stall.

However, when I set up the stall, I found that there were a lot less paper products. I thought that my mother must have gone to help someone do something wrong and taken the goods from home.

The weather is really unpredictable. Just now, when I came back, it was still scorching hot. Not long later, the sky darkened and a cold wind blew. Occasionally, I could hear the faint sound of thunder.

Seeing that it was about to rain heavily, I hurriedly packed the paper products away. These items were all made of paper, so once they met water, they wouldn't be able to be used anymore.

While I was busy, a silver van drove up and stopped right in front of my grocery.

When the car stopped, a man stepped down from it. He looked destitute, his hair was disheveled, his mouth was full of stubble, his eyes were bloodshot and unfocused, and his gait was a little shaky. If he wasn't decently dressed, I would have thought he was a beggar.

"Don't keep them, move them to my car." The man spoke with a hoarse voice. This kind of hoarseness wasn't innate. It was more like a voice that hadn't returned even after a night of hysterical shouts.

"You … You want them all? " I stopped and looked at the rest of the paper. It wasn't much, but it was worth three or four thousand yuan based on the price.

"Yes, I want them all." As the man silently opened the back of the van, I saw that the van was empty except for the driver's seat in the front row.

Of course I'll do business, and I'll sell it all at once. That's what I'm hoping for.

I quickly loaded the paper products into the man's van one by one and calculated the price as I moved them around.

Not long later, the paper products were all placed in the man's car. I did some calculations and said to the man, "A total of 3,503. I'll give you a zero. 3,500."

"Three thousand. Three thousand will do."

Just as I said that, Old Wu's voice came from behind me.

I looked strangely at Boss Wu. At this moment, he was carrying a small wooden box. With a cigarette in his mouth, he was walking over with a smile.

Three thousand! Isn't that just to recoup the cost?

I was about to flip out when I saw Boss Wu shushing me. He then whispered into my ear, "The remaining five hundred is mine."

In the end, I sold all the rest of the man's paper products at the price of three thousand yuan.

As the silver van moved further and further away in the scattered rain, I couldn't help but cast a puzzled look at Boss Wu.

"Is the man your relative?"

Old Wu didn't answer my question and just looked in the direction the man left. She took a deep breath and sighed. "What a pitiful person."

Poor man? There were so many pitiful people in this world, would Old Wu even help them pay?

Before I could say anything else, Old Wu told me about the man's background.

He said that this man was called Chen Taitai, thirty years old. Originally he had a wife and children, and was in the vegetable business. He was not rich, but he was also well and happy. Just seven days ago, his wife and children suddenly died.

Hearing this, I can't help but sigh. Sometimes, life is really fragile, and a good person would always be surprised by something. I looked in the direction where the man left once again. I finally understand why men look so sloppy.

I thought the man's story was gone, but what Wu told me next made me feel even more sorry for him.

He said that the day after the man's wife and child were buried, his wife's grave had been dug up! He reported the case, but after six days, there was still no news of him. He did not know which wicked person would actually do such a thing.

Today was his wife's seventh, which was why he had bought so many paper products.

The top seven referred to the seventh day after a person died. There was a rumor that on the seventh day, the soul would return to see the family one last time.

In some places, people don't bury their bodies immediately after they die, but rather leave their bodies for seven days and then bury them again. But we are different here, what we want here is to bury someone in peace, as long as he dies, the sooner he is buried, the better. But for the first seven places we don't change, at this time, the main house will burn a lot of paper money, and we will also prepare a table of sumptuous dishes at home to await the return of our loved ones.

"Five hundred silver taels for you." Old Wu took out a stack of money from her pocket. The money was deeply wrinkled, most of them were ten yuan, and most of them were tied up with rubber bands.

Looking at the money, I can't bring myself to pick it up.

I know that Old Wu must have saved up this money for a long time!

If I accept this money, then my conscience will never be able to live with me. I didn't accept it, I just said that I miscalculated, but those goods were actually only worth 3000 yuan.

Old Wu smiled. He looked at me with a pleased smile on his face.

At this moment, I saw that Old Wu was no longer that old man who only knew how to smoke and brag. Even though his back was slightly hunched, I felt that he was exceptionally tall …

"You're almost done selling out. Why don't you come with me?"

Hearing Boss Wu's words, I noticed that his clothes were a little different today. Normally, he was only bare-chested or had a tattered shirt hanging from his neck. However, today, he was wearing a Chinese tunic.

"Where are you going?"

I looked outside. It was raining.

"Of course it's to treat people." Old Wu patted on the small wooden box hanging around his waist.

At this time, I also remembered that Old Wu was a barefoot doctor. When I was young, I had a fever and I couldn't go to the hospital.

However, even though he had studied medicine, he did not have any proof. There were not many people who believed in him, and even if there were occasionally, they would come looking for him because he had no other choice but to die.

There was also a reason behind this. Besides good cigarettes and alcohol, Old Wu felt uncomfortable every day without even drinking a bit. Who would let a drunk doctor who didn't have a proper certificate treat her?

I didn't want to go, I didn't have much interest in medical skills, but I didn't know what kind of magic Old Wu was under, and it was both hard and soft for me. Sometimes I said that I was from the world, and sometimes I said that I really needed someone to help me, but his tricks, in that city full of schemes, I was already not used to it.

But in the end I went, not because he had succeeded, but because he had mentioned my mother.

He told me that the illness he was going to see had caused the sudden death of two young men in the town.

The dead meant that my mother had to work hard. After receiving the fifty thousand yuan, I decided to not let my mother toil anymore, so I went. It didn't matter if I could help, I still wanted to give it a try.

If he could save a life and make his mother work less, why not?

After walking for half an hour or so through the wind and rain, we arrived.

When I arrived at the door of the hospital, I was stunned. This was actually Fatty Wang's home!

Fatty Wang is one of my playmates from childhood. His real name is Wang Er. Because he is very fat, we all call him Fatty Wang.

Entering the house, Fatty Wang's father was pacing back and forth in his room. His brows were furrowed so deeply that he almost covered his eyes. When he saw us enter, it was as if he found his lifeline and rushed over like the wind.

"Elder Wu, you're finally here. Hurry up and save my pitiful child." Tears flickered in his eyes as he held Old Wu's hand.

He truly felt pity for his parents...

Looking at this scene, I couldn't help but feel a little sour in my heart.

Old Wu seemed to be very calm as she nodded and said to Fatty Wang's father.

"Bring me to take a look."

Fatty Wang's father led me and Old Wu into the room. I saw Fatty Wang lying on the bed with a blanket over his head. His eyes were tightly shut and his forehead was full of cold sweat. Don't... It's not me. "

However, the current Fatty Wang was not like Fatty Wang at all. His chubby face had disappeared, and in its place was a thin, skinny face, so thin that one could see the protrusion of his bones.

When I walked into the room, I could smell a faint odour, like the smell of rotten meat. I thought that there should be dead mice in the room, so I didn't pay much attention.

His mother sat at the head of the bed and kept using a cloth to wipe the cold sweat off his forehead, crying nonstop.

Seeing that Old Wu had arrived, Fatty Wang's mother's tear-filled face revealed a glimmer of hope. She quickly gave way and stood to the side.

Old Wu first checked Fatty Wang's pulse. Because I was close to him, I could see Old Wu's pulse as well as his frown.

"Haha, it's nothing serious, but I need to examine it carefully. You guys can leave first."

Old Wu smiled at Fatty Wang's parents.

Seeing Old Wu's smile, Fatty Wang's parents relaxed and left the room.

However, I know that the situation isn't looking good because after Fatty Wang's parents left, Old Wu's face became serious.

"Come here and help me take off his pants."

Old Wu's expression made me feel depressed, so I didn't dare to hesitate and went up to take off Fatty Wang's pants.

"This …"

With my pants off, the scene that appeared in front of me completely overturned my understanding of the world!

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