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C4 Putrefaction

Fatty Wang's groin had actually rotted!

Something he owned was no longer there. From the roots of his legs to his calves, there were places where it had rotted. There were even places where his bones could be seen!

The moment Fatty Wang took off his pants, a strong stench of rot assaulted his nostrils.


Even though I have seen much of the world, I couldn't stand it any longer, so I squatted to the side and retched.

What made me even more baffled was that even though the lower half of his body was in such a state, Fatty Wang was still alive!

Old Wu's reaction was not as intense as mine. She just rubbed her nose as her brows deepened.

It took me a lot of effort to recover my strength. Old Wu was holding a pair of pincers to pinch the rotten flesh on Fatty Wang's thigh, and when the pincers landed on the flesh, a piece of skin was immediately torn off.

I felt sick in my stomach, another fit of vomiting.

When I recovered, Boss Wu had already covered Fatty Wang with the blanket. He lit a cigarette with a look of disappointment on his face.

"Can't be saved?"

Looking at his appearance, my heart skipped a beat.

To be honest, I hope Old Wu can answer my question. Fatty Wang and I aren't exactly close, but we grew up together and his family only has one son. If he were to go, how pitiful would his parents be?

Old Wu took a deep breath and shook her head.

After finishing a cigarette, Boss Wu called over Fatty Wang's parents, gave them a bottle of pills, and said something that surprised me.

He actually said that as long as he took the pill on time, Fatty Wang would recover within a month.

Fatty Wang's parents were overjoyed when they heard the news. They kept praising Old Wu for being a godly doctor and even gave him a heavy red packet.

However, Old Wu didn't receive the red packet, nor did her face show any joy in being praised.

At this moment, I suddenly understood why Old Wu had so little business. It wasn't because he was good at drinking, but because he was kind!

If I'm not wrong, Old Wu probably diagnosed that Fatty Wang would die in one month. The reason he told this lie was to let his parents happily spend this month with his son.

However, he had put a lot of thought and thought into it. He was afraid that Fatty Wang's parents might end up hating him for the rest of their lives.

When I got home from Fatty Wang's house, it was already 9 PM. When I arrived, I coincidentally met my mother who had just walked out of the house. She was in a hurry and told me that she was going back to continue working on the matter.

When I offered to help, my mother hesitated.

"Mom, look at me, I'm young and strong. Even if I don't understand this place, I can still lift and move it, right?"

I remembered that I had offered to help in the past, but my mother had refused, this time hesitating rather than rejecting, and of course I had to seize this opportunity.

Finally, after some thought, my mother spoke.

"Ai, whatever. The two who died were your former classmates. You should go and burn incense."

Mother promised me, but I was not happy, because the accident was my classmate!

Before I could recover from Fatty Wang's miserable state, I found out that my classmates had died, even though my relationship with them was not deep.

However, the people in my memories disappeared just like that. My heart is still filled with unhappiness.

On the way with my mother, I learned from her that the two people in trouble were Chen Gui Er and Chen Gui San. They were brothers, and they worked in the same class as me from the first grade to the middle school.

As for the two of them, it was as if they were the two students who had made a name for themselves in their classes the day before, teasing the teachers and bullying the students. In school, they had committed all sorts of crimes, especially Chen Gui, who knew about men and women at a young age. The year they graduated from junior high, the two of them dragged a girl from their class into the woods by the side of the school.

After that, I never saw them again. I heard that they were expelled, but I didn't expect that after this separation, I would be separated from them by Yin and Yang.

As he spoke to his mother, he had already arrived at the Chen family estate.

When I saw the Chen family's villa, I couldn't help but be stunned. I remembered that I came to their house once when I was a kid, and they lived in a mud-tiled house. When it rained, the roof would drip with water, but I didn't expect that after so many years, they would actually make a fortune!

The villa looked very new. Outside the villa, there was also some sand and bricks left over from the building of the house.

When I entered the small building, I saw a table in the middle of the hall. In front of the table were censers and fruit, and behind the table were photos of the two of them.

Although their appearances had changed a bit, they still couldn't escape the shadow of their youth.

On the left and right side of the stage stood the parents of the two brothers. Their parents were about the same age as my mother, but looking at them now, they looked like they were in their seventies or eighties, staring blankly into space.

Further ahead were the relatives and friends who had been waiting in line to burn incense. When my mother arrived, she didn't need anyone to greet her before she headed deeper into the villa. I lined up and prepared to burn incense for the two of them.

"Sigh, I originally thought that the Chen family's two elders would enjoy a blissful life for the rest of their lives, but who would've thought that once the new house was built, they would lose the twins."

While waiting in line, people would occasionally talk about the two brothers.

In addition to sighing over the misery of the Chen family's two elders, I also heard someone say something strange.

However, a year later, he suddenly became rich. Not only did he start building a new house, he also bought a car. As for what they were doing to make a fortune, no one knew. Some people guessed that they were dealing in drugs, while others speculated that they had suddenly picked up a large sum of money.

Very quickly, it was my turn to burn the incense. I respectfully lit three sticks of incense and bent three bows towards the two of them. Just as I raised my head to insert the incense into the incense burner, I saw a picture of a pained expression on their faces.

I even suspect that if they had taken pictures of themselves instead of their heads, they would have held out their hands to me...

"What are you thinking about? Hurry up and burn the incense."

It was unknown who shouted from behind me. Only then did I come to my senses and insert the incense into the censer.

After inserting the incense burner, I couldn't help but once again look at the picture of the two brothers. But now that I looked at it, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary about it.

After the incense was served, I wanted to go inside to look for my mother, but was stopped by the Chen family's relatives.

Although I am a little unhappy, but the Chen family is in the middle of a funeral, so it's not good for me to flare up.

However, I did not give up, saying that I was here to help my mother. After hearing that I was here to help, the Chen family did not let me in, even though their attitude had improved a lot. They even said that it was something my mother had instructed me to do, and if I really wanted to help, I would go to the courtyard and set up the banquet table and chairs.

Speaking of the banquet, it was something many people wanted to do. It was said that because the banquet had the intention of inviting those little imps, those who set up tables and chairs would be blessed by the little imps.

When I came to the courtyard, all I had to do was set up a table and chairs, and I had nothing to do, because the rest of them were quicker than I was.

Among the tables and chairs, I also saw an acquaintance, the prickly head.

Why is the thorn here?

Although he and I had grown up together, he was still older than me. Not only were he not classmates with these two brothers, but they also had some conflicts when they were both naughty kids.

The bayonet also saw me and came over to me and gave me a cigarette, and then we retreated together under the eaves of the house and waited for the end of the feast.

I wanted to ask how Beard had come to be here, but when the words came to my lips, I felt it was inappropriate, so I didn't ask.

The tables and chairs were set up, and soon the banquet began, but those who dared to sit down were mostly elderly people in their fifties, but what puzzled me was that when I first arrived under the eaves and was about to light a cigarette, I saw a young woman sitting on the table and chair I had just set down!

This woman had long hair and was wearing a T-shirt and skirt. She seemed to notice me looking at her, and she turned her head towards me.

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