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C7 He Was Fired

"Dong Dong Dong Dong. "

He reached out and knocked on Shu Muqing's table, scaring her. She looked up and stared at him with her watery eyes wide open.

The office manager had a round face and a big belly. He looked round and round. He looked like a Maitreya Buddha with a smile on his face. But for some reason, Shu Muqing could read his evil intentions in his smile.

The office manager twitched his mouth and revealed a row of fine teeth that were stained with yellow smoke. "Why are you opening your eyes so wide? Come to my office. "

Shu Muqing only felt her heart thump. A woman's sixth sense told her that there was definitely something bad going on. Perhaps it had something to do with Hsu Yifeng. Instantly, the hairs on her back stood up.

"Manager, what's wrong?"

In front of the office desk in the partitioned room, Shu Muqing's hands anxiously tangled in front of her. Her eyes flickered with the uneasiness before the storm as she carefully probed the director.

The supervisor smiled and a trace of strangeness flashed across his pair of small eyes that were squeezed into a line by the fat on his face. He also pushed a piece of material in his hand gently in front of Shu Muqing, "You know about this plan, right?"

Shu Muqing was stunned. Plan? What plan?

She looked at the supervisor vigilantly and frowned. She reached out her little hand to pick up the material and used her finger to read it in front of her eyes.

"Undercover Plan?" Shu Muqing's frown deepened and her pair of big eyes rolled twice. She thought for a while.

Not to mention, she really knew about the company's annual undercover plan. That was to send someone to another company to steal confidential documents from other companies.

After carefully looking at it, Shu Muqing discovered that this year's plan task was to send someone to plan for Mingyu, but not for them to steal the newly developed plan this year.

What was even more unfortunate was that this matter fell on Shu Muqing!

Shu Muqing took a deep breath. Ten thousand little monsters rushed through her heart once again. She almost bit down on a mouthful of small white teeth. Of course, she knew in her heart. How could a small fry like herself be given such a big responsibility? This matter was clearly related to Hsu Yifeng, and it was clearly Hsu Yifeng who was deliberately messing with her.

He was truly unable to say what he wanted to say! Yet, even though she knew it, there was nothing she could do about it!

"Damn it!" She cursed fiercely in her heart. She gritted her teeth and was so angry that she wore a pair of bare finger sandals. Her toes were tightly pressed against the soles of her shoes, causing a patch of green to appear.

"What did you say?" Shu Muqing accidentally said the words in her heart. Fortunately, the office supervisor did not hear it clearly. She stretched out her short neck and asked in puzzlement.

Shu Muqing was shocked and only then did she recover her senses. She looked embarrassed and opened her mouth. She hurriedly waved her hand, "No, no, hehehe. . . "

She knew that since Hsu Yifeng was determined to do it, she could not push it away herself. She could only hold back her smile and reply to the office supervisor, "I mean, since the company values me so much, I will work hard and guarantee that I will complete the task. "

Actually, she said this through gritted teeth.

"Oh. . . " The office manager did not notice the stiffness on her face. He nodded in realization. "I knew it. You look like a capable and responsible girl. No wonder the superiors gave you such a big task. Okay, I think you can do it! Oh. . . The office manager did not notice the stiffness on her face. He nodded in realization. As I said, I can see that you are a capable and responsible girl. No wonder the superiors gave you such a big task. Okay, I think you can do it!"

As he said that, the office manager nodded vigorously and made a gesture of encouragement to Shu Muqing. He smiled and handed another document in his hand to Shu Muqing. "And this. This is the diploma of a famous university that helped you forge. Take this to submit your resume. You will definitely be accepted by them. "

"Uh. . . " Although Shu Muqing clenched her teeth so hard that her heart almost broke, on the surface, she suppressed the smile on her face. Oh heavens, if it was possible, she really wanted to vomit blood to kill the head of the office.

Taking the things that the office director handed over, she nodded and said a few words that were different from what the director said. After getting permission from the office director, she took the materials and turned around to leave.

God, when she turned around, she touched her face. She had been pretending for too long, and her fake smile almost froze on her face. She really suspected that if this continued, she would become paralyzed, and she would only be able to smile.

However, before she could take a step forward, the office director reminded her from behind. "Right, this matter must be kept a secret. If someone asks you, just say that you've been fired. "

Shu Muqing paused for a moment. The smile that had just been withdrawn hung on her face again. She turned around and laughed. Her voice was gentle as she said in a motley tone, "Director, don't worry. Due to my poor performance, I have just been officially fired. "

The office director nodded in satisfaction. He looked like a child who could be taught. "Yes, yes. I knew you were sensible. " If he had goatee, Shu Muqing did not doubt that he would stroke it a few times now.

It was really unlucky to have cold water in between his teeth. Just as he returned to his seat, his colleague, Liu, who had always been gossiping, came over and asked Shu Muqing mysteriously, "What's wrong? Why did the supervisor want to see you? Did something good happen to you?"

Shu Muqing's anger had not yet subsided. She had just placed the folder on the table when she heard this and immediately blushed with shame. It was not a "good thing" at all. Was it. . .

"Hehe, that's right. " Due to the gossiping, Xiao Liu was not very popular in the company. Furthermore, Shu Muqing did not like Xiao Liu's gossiping personality, so she put on a fake smile and said in a sarcastic manner.

Xiao Liu, on the other hand, became even more excited when he heard this. His almond-shaped eyes instantly lit up. He put his hands together in front of his chest and said, "Really? Tell me quickly. Tell me what good things you have. "

Shu Muqing rolled her eyes. Heavens, this guy must be out of his mind. He didn't even know how to look at people. No wonder people were so bad!

"En, good. The good thing is that I was fired and I finally got out of the Sea of Misery. I don't have to come to work nine or five nights later!"

Shu Muqing spread out her hands. Taking a long breath, she suddenly stood up and put the things in her hands together with a bunch of personal items together, "Goodbye. . . "

After saying that, she carried the items and walked out of the company without looking back.

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