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C9 It Was a Joke

Hsu Yifeng felt embarrassed. The green veins on his temples jumped a few times. He went forward and covered Shu Muqing's mouth. "Shut up!"

Fortunately, the parking lot was not very far. After a few steps, Hsu Yifeng grabbed Shu Muqing with one hand and pressed the key with the other. The black Rolls-Royce had been unlocked.

He opened the car door and threw Shu Muqing in like he was carrying a little chicken.

Shu Muqing opened her eyes wide and shrank her body. What was Hsu Yifeng trying to do? Could he be waiting for an opportunity to take revenge and do something to her?

She nervously grabbed the corner of her shirt with her small hands. Sticking her neck up. She looked like a parrot ready to fight at any moment.

Hsu Yifeng could not help but smile when he saw her like this. He shook his head helplessly. He closed the door and looked outside. After making sure that no one saw them, he suddenly smiled mysteriously at Shu Muqing.

Logically speaking, Hsu Yifeng's smile was very pretty. His eyes were curved. Coupled with his pretty face, any girl would feel emotional when they saw him. Unfortunately, in Shu Muqing's eyes this time, his smile made people's hair stand on end.

"You, what do you want to do?"

Seeing Hsu Yifeng raise his hand, Shu Muqing immediately shrank to a corner of the car. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and guarded against Hsu Yifeng as if she was guarding against a pervert.

When Hsu Yifeng saw this, he frowned slightly. He raised his hand and gently stretched it towards Shu Muqing. Finally, he leaned in front of Shu Muqing and tightly imprisoned her in the corner of the car.

"Didn't you say it very clearly in the office? I am a pervert. I want to start with you. Do you think you can escape just because you leave the company? "

Hsu Yifeng's breath was like orchids. His warm breath sprayed on Shu Muqing's face, and she could not help but let her imagination run wild.

For a moment, Shu Muqing became even more nervous, "Don't speak nonsense. Don't think that I don't know. The spy plan was arranged by you for me!"

Hsu Yifeng raised his eyebrows and looked at Shu Muqing meaningfully. "Oh? What plan? How come I don't know? Didn't you resign yourself? You don't want to work with a pervert like me?"

Heavens, there's actually such a shameless person in the world. Shu Muqing really met her match this time.

"Alright, alright, I won't mess with you anymore. Wasn't this for your plan? Didn't you ask the office director to tell me not to reveal this matter? You also have to put on a full show. Of course, I want to help you make this scene more realistic. "

Hsu Yifeng's eyes twitched. This little girl's acting was too realistic. In front of so many people, she threw the thing in her hand onto him and even said it out loud. Does she know how much trouble this will cause me?

"But what kind of consequences will your words in the office cause? Don't you know?"

What kind of consequences? Of course, Shu Muqing was very clear about it. Her eyes dodged a few times. "Consequences? The consequences were obviously for the mission you arranged for me. . . "

Hsu Yifeng took a deep breath and looked at Shu Muqing with a deeper look. "For the mission I arranged for you. . . "

As he spoke, he lowered his body even more. "If that's the case, can you make things more realistic. . . "

Hsu Yifeng was too close. His nose had touched Shu Muqing's face. Shu Muqing could even feel the cold temperature on his face and smell the nice smell of soap on his body. Shu Muqing could even see every pore on his face clearly.

Hey, hey, hey, could it be true? Shu Muqing shouted in her heart. Then you said that Hsu Yifeng never lacked women by his side, especially when it came to girls like Shu Muqing who had flat figures and average looks. Hsu Yifeng should not have any interest in them.

"I, I, I. . . Ah!" Seeing Hsu Yifeng getting closer and closer, Shu Muqing finally could not hold it in anymore. She shouted loudly and exerted force in her hand, pushing Hsu Yifeng and making him stagger.

"I'm warning you, don't act recklessly. Otherwise, I will call the police. Your so-called spy plan will also die!"

Shu Muqing reached out her hand to guard against Hsu Yifeng. At this point, she could only use the undercover plan to threaten Hsu Yifeng.

Hsu Yifeng, a big man, was pushed by Shu Muqing and staggered. Fortunately, the seats in the car were all soft. He did not feel pain, but he felt awkward. Shu Muqing looked weak and weak. Why was she so strong? Suddenly, he had the thought of teasing Shu Muqing.

He saw a cunning look in his eyes. He put his hand on his chest and pretended to be injured.

"I say, why is a little girl like you so strong? Are you a woman or not?"

Shu Muqing frowned and saw Hsu Yifeng baring his teeth. She looked at him with some doubt and said, "If you are strong, you are not a woman. Don't pretend. I just pushed you. "

"Pushed me. You pushed me with your overwhelming martial arts, didn't you? Oh, I really feel pain here. There was a hand next to the car that just touched it. It can't be that it broke the ribs, right?"

As Hsu Yifeng spoke, he bent down even more exaggeratedly. Shu Muqing could not see his face clearly. She only saw that the veins on his forehead were bulging from the pain.

Shu Muqing's frown deepened and her eyes also calmed down. She saw that Hsu Yifeng really did not seem to be pretending. "You, you, you, are you alright? I told you not to pretend. You can't lie to me. "

Shu Muqing leaned forward and asked tentatively.

Hsu Yifeng did not raise his head. He still bent over and covered his chest. Even his voice sounded a little weak. "I am already like this. Do you think I am okay? Perhaps I suffered internal injuries when you hit me in the company. It can't be that I have internal bleeding from being hit by you, right?"

Hsu Yifeng's voice became weaker and weaker. At the company, she was indeed angry. She did not grasp the strength in her hands well. The prismatic file box fell onto Hsu Yifeng's body all of a sudden. She was also nervous when she pushed him just now. She did not know how much strength she had used.

It could not be that coincidental, right? Was Hsu Yifeng really that weak? If she hit him, he would break?

But the truth was right in front of her eyes. Seeing that Hsu Yifeng's forehead was about to sweat, Shu Muqing began to panic.

"Then. . . Then what should we do now? I will take you to the hospital?"

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