A space of only a few hundred square meters was filled with a scorching heat. The surrounding rock walls emitted a purplish-red glow, and magma would occasionally flow down.

"Boom …"

A purplish-red flame shot out from the ground and rushed towards the dome. The terrifying temperature seemed as if it was going to burn the air. In this space that seemed like a cave, there were countless array cores that were either bright or dark. It was obviously a profound array formation.

In the middle, there was a circular base that was densely covered with lines and lines of fire. The air above the lines was severely distorted by the extreme heat.

And on this base, there were two people. The two of them looked to be in their thirties or forties. Their long robes were tattered and their hair was in disarray. There was even a trace of blood on the corner of their lips. Their hands and feet were still shackled with black steel.

Hualala …

One of them suddenly shook his hands, and formed a circle in front of his chest. A dark blue light surrounded his palms, bringing with it a mysterious light.

"Big brother, you can't do this. You will die because of this …" A miserable scream sounded out from beside the man. A thin figure crawled over with difficulty, both hands tightly grasping the hard rock on the ground. His nails were shattered, and blood dyed the ground, but he still persevered and crawled forward, hoping to stop his big brother.

"We fell into his hands and we were going to die anyway! Rather than that, I might as well give you a chance! " The one who called himself 'big brother' had a firm expression. His hands didn't hesitate at all. The dark green light between his palms became brighter and brighter. Finally, he struck out and the light disappeared in a flash.


"Big brother, don't …" Bai Yu Zhe struggled as he sat up on the broken bed. His chest was heaving up and down and his face was pale without a trace of blood. Sweat dripped down his face, and his face was full of pain and compassion.

"Where is this place?" Bai Yu Zhe, who had just recovered a bit, hesitantly looked around at his surroundings and then looked at his own body. He was somewhat stunned as if he had encountered an inconceivable matter.

"This... Success, big brother actually succeeded. " Bai Yu Zhe's dull face suddenly revealed a pleasantly surprised expression. With only a one in ten thousand chance, Big Brother actually succeeded in sending out my soul and even occupied the body of this dying person! "

No wonder Bai Yu Zhe was so excited. However, after the pleasant surprise, a painful expression appeared on Bai Yu Zhe's face. In order to give him a one in ten thousand chance, his most respected elder brother had used a secret technique and his soul had been destroyed.

Suddenly, Bai Yu Zhe raised his head and clenched his fists tightly. He said coldly, "Big Brother, don't worry. I will definitely help you take revenge, no matter how hard you try!"

His name was Bai Yu Zhe, and he was one of the top ten alchemists in the Northern Plains. He was also one of the top five poison masters in the entire Northern Plains.

"Boss, you're awake?"

"Boss, you really didn't die! That's great!" "Haha …"

Just as Bai Yu Zhe was about to check his body, a group of people suddenly rushed in through the door with sincere smiles on their faces. Bai Yu Zhe took a closer look and saw that the group of people were all dressed in shabby clothes. Most of them were thin and sallow, and their ages were around 13 or 14 years old.

He subconsciously raised his hand. When he realized that his cultivation was almost completely gone, he remembered that he was no longer the same Bai Yu Zhe from before. Instead, he had a new body. Thus, Bai Yu Zhe organized the memories of the previous owner of this body.

This person's name was the same as his, it was also called Bai Yu Zhe. He was the eldest among the group of children.

He called them big bosses, but in reality, he was just a beggar. He was just a group of unwilling beggars looking for resources to cultivate. This made Bai Yu Zhe feel inconceivable.

What was even more inconceivable was that the original Bai Yu Zhe had actually allowed him to step into the first stage of his cultivation, the Heart's Gate realm!

Cultivating required a lot of resources, and it also required a cultivation technique. Otherwise, one could only cultivate a single strand of wool.

For example, a bunch of orphans with no one to rely on, where did they get the resources to train? Under normal circumstances, being able to eat his fill was considered good, but this Bai Yu Zhe, relying on an unexpected low-level incomplete Qi Method, was deceiving others everywhere, gathering some meager cultivation resources to help him enter the Heart Realm.

Moreover, the pitiful amount of resources they had collected was distributed by everyone. Bai Yu Zhe at most took a little more than everyone else.

"I... I'm fine! " Bai Yu Zhe shook his head and slightly nodded to his subordinates. Bai Yu Zhe was only fourteen years old. To Bai Yu Zhe, whose memories were unparalleled in the world of poison, it was truly a piece of cake. Very quickly, he was able to sort everything out.

"Boss, you scared us to death! We thought … "I thought you …" A tall and sturdy youth approached him with a worried expression on his face. He was carefully staring at Bai Yu Zhe.

This person's nickname was Tie Ta, and he was also the only one among his group of lackeys who was not affected by their food and drink – someone who had gone through an abnormal growth process! He was only thirteen years old, but judging from his size, he was not much weaker than an eighteen year old teenager.

"F * ck you, you big idiot. Our boss has such a great fortune, how could he die so easily …" At this moment, a youth who was not even tall enough to reach Tie Ta's chest spoke. Not only was he short, but he was also thin, with sharp ears and monkey cheeks. He looked just like a monkey.

However, before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by a young lady running in from outside.

"Big Brother Bai, Lin …" Miss Lin came, and said that she wanted to see you. " When the little girl saw that Bai Yu Zhe had woken up, her face revealed a happy smile. However, once she mentioned Lady Lin, her expression became a bit discontented.

"Humph!" What is she here for? A woman with a lowly personality and no sense of shame, a woman who would abandon everything just for her wealth and glory! " Monkey had a look of contempt and shame on his face as he spoke coldly. The others also had ugly expressions on their faces.

Bai Yu Zhe immediately searched for information about this Miss Lin in his mind.

Lin Xinyun, the young miss of Floating City's Lin Family. Of course, the Lin Clan was not a big clan in Floating City. It was just that they were relatively wealthy. It could also be said that it was an accident that Lin Xin Yun was acquainted with Bai Yu Zhe and the others. It could also be said that they were fated friends.

At that time, when Lin Xinyun went out and met a few scoundrels, not only did they steal her money, but they also took advantage of her. It was Bai Yu Zhe and the others who helped her, and from then on they became friends.

After two years of time, a relationship between a man and a woman had already developed between her and Bai Yu Zhe. Although neither side had revealed it, both of them knew in their hearts that because of the difference in status between the two of them, the Lin Family elders definitely wouldn't agree.

And just half a month ago, Lin Xinyun suddenly told Bai Yu Zhe that her family's elders helped her get engaged to a great character. She could not refuse. But she hesitated and didn't say who this big shot was.

After that, Lin Xin Yun never went to visit Bai Yu Zhe and the others.

When the others found out about this, they were all indignant. Later on, they asked a lot of questions and wanted to deal with Lin Xinyun's fiancé. However, after knowing the other party's identity, they had to endure it for now.

The other party's identity was indeed frightening. He was the third prince of the State of Yu. In their eyes, they were not even considered ants. They weren't afraid of death, but they understood that death was worth it. If they wanted revenge, they would have to wait until they were stronger before they had a one in a million chance.

As for why the dignified third prince would set his eyes on a young lady from an ordinary clan in Floating City, no one knew.

"Let her go back, just say that I'm fine!" Bai Yu Zhe said indifferently after a moment of thought. He didn't have much of an impression of these people's grudges, but he had a good impression of the original owner of this body.

Not to mention anything else, just his unyielding nature, his unwillingness to accept the heavens and his fate, and his vow to fight to the end in an attempt to break through his own world, all of this suited his taste. To use a few words to describe Bai Yu Zhe's personality, that was perseverance, unyielding!

In Bai Yu Zhe's previous life, he had been such a person. Moreover, he had a strange temperament. In the hundreds of years of his life, he could count all of his true friends with a single palm.

As for the deceitful tricks that these people usually used, Bai Yu Zhe didn't resist at all. In fact, most of the people that they deceived were people who were rich and heartless.

In front of the broken temple stood a girl of about fourteen to fifteen years old. She looked inside nervously. The young girl wore a long white dress with white ribbons tied around her waist. Her oval face, coupled with her exquisite facial features, gave off a very elegant feeling. "Her long black hair was tied up by a delicate hairpin, making her look more serene.

This young girl was Lin Xin Yun. She had sneaked out. She heard that Bai Yu Zhe had been seriously injured by the Chen family's eldest young master, and was extremely worried. Therefore, she had found an opportunity to secretly visit Bai Yu Zhe's injuries.

"Miss Lin, Brother Bai doesn't want to see you. Please go back." The little girl from before, Little He, walked up to the entrance of the temple and said to Lin Xin Yun in a cold tone. Actually, Bai Yuzhe told her to pass on the message, "I'm fine." However, Little He felt that since Lin Xin Yun betrayed Big Brother Bai, she would naturally not have a good expression.

Lin Xin Yun felt sad. Little He had a good relationship with her in the past, so she kept calling him older sister. And now, with the words' Miss Lin 'and that cold attitude of hers, it made her feel incomparably uncomfortable. Thinking of Bai Yu Zhe again, her inner heart ached even more.

"I hope he... "Take care!" Lin Xin Yun took a deep look at the inside and held back her tears as she turned around to leave.

"Humph!" Seeing Lin Xin Yun's figure disappearing in front of him, Little He snorted coldly. Just as he was about to turn back and take care of Bai Yu Zhe, he suddenly noticed five or six people approaching him from another corner. Two of them even had coffins on their shoulders.

"People of the Chen family!" Little He frowned as his heart surged with monstrous rage!

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