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C1 Whomever evil


Why did this happen?

She felt helpless.

Something was biting her finger!

Her eyes widened in disbelief!

After a cloud of mist, an unfamiliar man appeared.

"Hurry up and return the immortal pills to me!"

The man's voice was deep and powerful.

But even with the clouds and mist shrouding him, Hua Xiaobao still could not see his true appearance.

"What …" When can you let me go …, I … I'm a little hungry. "

In her eyes, there was a purposely trembling spring of water.

"Don't even think of finding excuses to be lazy. We'll talk about it after you've paid off all your debts!"

He was so unyielding that it caused Hua Xiaobao's peachy lips to twitch. Damn this bastard, wasn't it just stealing your sour things? Was it worth you tying me up for such a long time? Humph, you can't pretend to be pitiful, I have to think of another way out!

A cloud of rosy pink smoke started to wrap around Hua Xiaobao's body.

A moment later, she felt a terrible heat wash over her.

She was currently sitting cross-legged in the air, her hands stretched out in front of her.

This ball of evil, it said that it wanted to borrow her power to dual cultivate with it.

Her condition was also very simple. She could not be molested; however, now …

She could feel a hot air rising from beneath her feet.

His body felt like it had been thrown into hot water.

"How can this be? I'm in so much pain."

"It'll be fine in a moment. Don't move!"

As soon as the rapid and rich magnetic sound was heard, Hua Xiaobao realized that he couldn't move anymore!

It was as if there was a lively and hopping fish slithering over from beneath her feet.

Her breathing became rapid and helpless, but she was unable to move.

I feel it!

How strange …

Yes... Something had wrapped itself around it.

It was wound up like a rope, tight and tight, but stronger and stronger than a rope.

In the misty smoke, she seemed to see a golden light …

Looking at his body, he actually saw this golden light. In a flash, it was as if he could see golden scales.

Golden scales?

This is...

However, before she could come up with anything, she found —

Uh, what is this thing?

Hua Xiaobao's eyes were wide opened — — Heavens!

What was going on?

What kind of creature did she meet, ah, ah...

Even though this human woman was very troublesome and long-winded, she even secretly ate his Life-Saving Immortal Pill.

However, fortunately, dual cultivation still had some effect.

Uh, he actually didn't hate her, instead, he had the thought of continuing with her …

He must be crazy!

He would only like this kind of weak woman, but …

Her smell was really good.

It was even better than immortal pills.

If she continued to be so disobedient, then don't blame him for being impolite!


A light flashed through his golden eyes — he absolutely couldn't let this woman fall into someone else's hands. If it was something that passed through his hands, he would either hide it or destroy it!

A smile that was like the wings of demons brushed past the corners of his mouth.

Inadvertently, a piercing pain came from Hua Xiaobao's ears.

She only saw two blood-colored teeth marks appearing behind her ears.

It took only a moment for the bite marks to seep into her skin.

In her ears, there was a patch of flickering golden scales.

"It hurts!"

"It's good to know the pain. I have already planted my imprint on your body. "

Hua Xiaobao said with a cold sweat on his face, "What do you mean? "What do you want to do to me?"

"Once you are infected with my Gu, you will never be able to escape from my clutches. From now on, your life is mine. I am your Lord! "You will serve me for the rest of your life. You are not allowed to betray me or disobey me."

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