Dream of Centuries And Eternal Sorrow/C120 Rank 54 of the Stars(1)
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Dream of Centuries And Eternal Sorrow/C120 Rank 54 of the Stars(1)
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C120 Rank 54 of the Stars(1)

Lee Zhuohua found the Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce under Zi Lan's guidance. When they arrived, Lee Zhuohua and Zi Lan saw a group of people blocking the Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce.

He did not know the background of this group of people, so he did not immediately look for Zhao Hanyan for fear of arousing unnecessary misunderstandings. He and Zi Lan found a corner and started to observe.

At first, he thought that these people were Zhao Hanyan's guests. However, as the conversation between Zhao Hanyan and Qin Haichao started, Lee Zhuohua roughly understood that this group of people was actually here to cause trouble for the Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce.

Seeing Qin Haichao being so aggressive while Zhao Hanyan seemed to be helpless, Lee Zhuohua felt that he had to help Zhao Hanyan with this matter. After all, he had promised to help the Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce.

"Young master, that person seems to be the eldest son of Qin Family Chamber of Commerce, Qin Haichao." Zi Lan seemed to recognize Qin Haichao and reminded Lee Zhuohua.

Lee Zhuohua was not surprised that Zi Lan recognized Qin Haichao. After all, Zi Lan had always been in the Fang Seeking Tower, and there were many disciples of aristocratic families who would go to the Fang Seeking Tower to have fun. He reckoned that when Qin Haichao went to the Fang Seeking Tower, Zi Lan had seen him before.

"Is it the Qin Family Chamber of Commerce? It seems like the suppression that the Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce is suffering is even greater than I had imagined." Lee Zhuohua looked at the people from the Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce and said in his heart.

At this moment, Lee Zhuohua saw that Qin Haichao had finally revealed his true purpose. He no longer intended to watch from the side, but directly walked forward and shouted.

"Miss Zhao, do you need my help?" Lee Zhuohua's voice was not loud, but the people of Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce, Qin Haichao and the others all heard his voice.

Regarding Lee Zhuohua's actions, Zi Lan did not know why her master would stand up for the Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce, but when she saw Zhao Hanyan, she seemed to understand something.

Zhao Hanyan, who was gradually losing his calm, immediately looked over when he heard the familiar voice, trying to find the person who spoke.

When her gaze landed on Lee Zhuohua who was walking towards her, her eyes revealed a trace of extraordinary splendor, but as Lee Zhuohua approached, his eyes revealed a trace of apology again.

"Young Master, I..." Zhao Hanyan was about to explain to Lee Zhuohua why he did not go back to look for him that day, but Lee Zhuohua shook his head and stopped him.

Lee Zhuohua walked up and did not ask directly. Seeing that Zhao Hanyan was going to explain what had happened a few days ago, he immediately shook his head. A smile appeared on his face, as if saying that he understood the situation in front of him and did not blame Zhao Hanyan.

Qin Haichao, on the other hand, had wanted to take Zhao Hanyan away just like that, but when he saw that the other party could not refute him, someone suddenly interrupted, which made him feel unhappy.

He frowned as he looked at Lee Zhuohua, his eyes still sizing him up.

"Who are you?" Qin Haichao stared at Lee Zhuohua and asked.

Lee Zhuohua was just about to introduce himself, but Zhao Hanyan took a step forward at this moment and blocked in front of Lee Zhuohua.

"He's called Lee Zhuohua. He is a guest elder of Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce. He is also the one who will participate in the competition of the Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce. As long as Young Master Lee can help the Zhao Family win the competition in this competition, the Zhao Family will be able to repay the debt of your Qin Family." Zhao Hanyan said as he stood in front of Lee Zhuohua and looked straight at Qin Haichao.

When Lee Zhuohua saw Zhao Hanyan's behavior, he was a little surprised for a moment. He clearly did not expect Zhao Hanyan to introduce him to him in such a manner. However, Zhao Hanyan's words did not offend him, so he did not care.

After Qin Haichao heard Zhao Hanyan's words, his eyes flashed slightly as he looked at Lee Zhuohua with a dangerous gaze. Lee Zhuohua just shrugged his shoulders.

Zi Lan, who had been following behind Lee Zhuohua, couldn't help but secretly admire Zhao Hanyan when she saw how daring he was.

"Lee Zhuohua? With just him alone, he can take down the competition for your Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce? Don't talk big anymore." Qin Haichao's face was cold. His gaze turned from Lee Zhuohua back to Zhao Hanyan and he said coldly.

"That's right, Young Master Lee is a genius. No one will be able to stop him in the Chamber of Commerce's debate this time." Zhao Hanyan was not scared by Qin Haichao's words and immediately replied.

When Qin Haichao heard Zhao Hanyan's words that were filled with confidence towards Lee Zhuohua, a trace of anger began to surge in his heart. He could not help but sneer coldly.

"Hur Hur Hur Hur Hur, Lee Zhuohua, right? You are the one who will fight for her Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce?" Qin Haichao seemed to be calculating something in his heart. He sneered and did not argue with Zhao Hanyan anymore, but instead led the conversation to Lee Zhuohua.

Lee Zhuohua saw how the other party was provoking him and raised his eyebrows slightly. He had his own plans in his heart.

"That's right, that's me." Lee Zhuohua replied Qin Haichao with a cold expression.

When Qin Haichao received Lee Zhuohua's response, the smile on his face became even more sinister, as if Lee Zhuohua had already fallen into his trap.

"Oh? Since you are able to fight for the Zhao Family Chamber of Commerce, I believe that your strength is above Lin Wunian's?" Qin Haichao said to Lee Zhuohua in a strange tone. As he spoke, his eyes presumptuously swept across Lin Wunian and Zhao Hanyan.

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