Dream/C2 Ten Years Together
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Dream/C2 Ten Years Together
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C2 Ten Years Together

The hotel isn't fancy, but it's a little stylish. The books on the partition were filled with vigorous green roses. Soft lights, and the walls of the striped wallpaper. It made the normal restaurants a lot better, of course. Of course, none of these were important. The important thing is, we're all together again. The clear clink of the wine glasses and the sound of the green bottles being opened. This sound evoked the innocent time of our university. In a flash, dozens of years have passed. There are too many things that have changed us over the years...

"Drink, dry up! I already have 5 bottles, why are you still keeping half of the 4th bottle? For bathing?" Zha Shuai's tolerance of alcohol had gradually increased. He was more energetic than the one he used to be. He went out to throw up after drinking less than two bottles. In the end, he had to rely on his brothers to help him back. He was a completely different person. He had been doing business in his hometown for the past few years. The tables were part of his work, and it was also a very important part.

He had graduated for more than ten years. He had experienced a lot of meals at various occasions. However, most of the time, he drank very carefully. Only this kind of wine could be drunk. The wine was not intoxicating, but it was intoxicating. The brother was still the most innocent face in the university. Even though there are many marks left behind by time, his smile is still bright. One cup after another. It was as if there was an endless brotherhood between brothers, memories of the past. Even their first love in high school became the topic of conversation. "Clang!" Another bottle of wine finished blowing and fell to the ground. I really can't drink anymore. Lying on the table, I was in a daze. Their voices become more and more indistinct until a voice wakes me up...

"Hey, fellow student, wake up, you're pressing down on my exam paper..."

Who was still writing the exam paper at the table? I thought to myself, could it be that Zha Shuai became angry after working? Just as I was about to tease him, A hazy figure suddenly appeared in front of him. A beautiful girl came up to me, and suddenly there was a fresh fragrance spreading through the room. When I looked around, I found that I was actually sitting in the library. That classic oval face that couldn't be more standard. Just like the person who walked down from the most standard beauty comic book, her eyes were big and bright. There seemed to be ripples in her eyes, as if she was talking to something in silence. This feeling of wandering in a dream. Before I could recover my senses, the beautiful woman's thin and soft cherry lips slightly opened. Her jade hands moved her soft and beautiful dark hair, and it just so happened that it fell down on her slightly cut shoulders. "May I ask if there is anyone in this seat?" She pointed at the seat opposite me.

"Oh, no, no. You can sit." In my panic, I quickly packed up the scattered books on the table.

"Do you like Xu Zimo's essays as well?" Her watery eyes were filled with anticipation as she asked.

"Oh, oh, yes, not only his essays, but his poems also make people feel lively and graceful. Unfortunately, the heavens are jealous of geniuses. ..." " "Actually, I've also just flipped through his work. However, in front of the goddess, I can't possibly look like a little white.

The next conversation was very harmonious, causing the beauty to hate that they had met late. Finally, she met someone she knew. Years of literary reading finally came in handy. Otherwise, if he didn't make the right choice, wouldn't he miss the opportunity?

"Right, beauty, which department are you from?" He had wanted to ask this question for a long time.

"I'm not from your school. These two days during the sports meet, I've come to see a good sister of mine. She should be out of class by now." After saying that, the beauty said goodbye to me.

Seeing that the beauty was about to leave, I quickly asked, "Which school are you from? Leave a number. Next time I go to your school, I'll look for you. Right, I don't know your name yet.

"What's your name? Hey, can a beauty..." I called out in a daze.

"Lin Feng! Get up! The form teacher scolded. "This is outrageous! How dare you sleep in my class and sleep so soundly! What kind of sweet dreams are you having!? Let everyone share it!"

Accompanied by the laughter of the entire class, I also stood in my seat as if I had just woken up from a dream. However, I felt that it was so real, as if it had really happened. That girl, no, she should be the goddess in my dream. Who is she? Does she really exist? Can we meet? A series of questions appeared in my mind, but no one could escape from reality.

I woke up from my dream, but I felt that something was wrong. I seem to remember that I graduated from university many years ago and was drinking with a few brothers. What were their names again? What do they look like? Why was my mind completely blank! What a strange dream. I touched my dizzy head. Han Xue who is in the front row turns around and makes a naughty face at me.

My name is Lin Feng. I am in my third year of high school this year. To be exact, there are still 97 days left. I will be able to break away from the bitter sea and walk towards another wonderful part of my life. I, who loved literature since I was young, was forced to choose science by my parents. Physics. Chemistry formulas almost crushed my brain. Fortunately, my family's IQ was not bad. My father's lowest degree is also an undergraduate degree. The genetic factor is still the starting point, even if he chose science. The grades aren't bad, but I still want to sleep. It would be best if he could still dream of my goddess...

"Lin Feng, I'm warning you. If you continue to be so dispirited, you will be in danger!" As soon as the teacher finished speaking, there was a slight commotion in the class. The last exam I took was the fifth in the class. According to what the teacher had just said, Five people out of the class...

"Sit down and take a good look at the questions. This is ridiculous. Come to my office after school. I want to have a good talk with you!" The homeroom teacher's lecture was practically a copy of the lines. As a result, I could roughly memorize the contents of the lecture after school.

In the end, I successfully entered the ideal Jianling University.

After countless torturous nights, I finally had three months of free vacation that I had never had before! After the anxious college entrance exam, I let loose the depression in my heart. However, what he wanted the most was to sleep with his head covered. He wished that he could make up for all the sleep he owed him. There were high frequency gatherings between friends, and the KTV was going crazy. When playing online games, he didn't need to secretly level up anymore. Of course, other than these, And my secret plan with my precious girlfriend, to go on a vacation, just like that. That place just belongs to the two of us.

"Lin Feng, what are you doing?" Han Xue called. Han Xue is my classmate. Among the few girls in the science class, she deserves to be called the prettiest girl in the class. She is not bragging to you. With Han Xue's looks and figure, even among the flowers in the humanities class, she is unique and fragrant. Han Xue is my girlfriend. She used to make all the boys in the class envious. One of my good brothers is called Yu Lei. Because he likes Han Xue at the same time, our friendship boat capsized.

"Xue Er, wait a moment. I'll be downstairs soon." I hung up the phone in a hurry and continued making breakfast. I woke up before 6: 00 today. This was the first time I woke up early in the summer. She only prepared a delicate breakfast for Han Xue - Lin's signature burger. The eggs inside were specially made into a caring shape. Speaking of breakfast, He really had to thank Han Xue. If not for the fact that she had been in high school for the past few years, Every day I urged me to breakfast with all my might, and I thought I was going to have a stomachache a long time ago. After a while, The breakfast of love was sent to Han Xue's hands. It could be seen that she had a stomach disease. She had just gotten up from the bed. Her hair was messy. Her hazy sleeping eyes, as well as that one tall and one low collar. Han Xue rubbed her sleepy eyes. After a moment of surprise and joy, she went forward and gave a big hug. Although this was not the first time, at this moment, He was so calm. We no longer have to endure the gossip and talk about affecting our studies. Because we all got into a satisfactory university.

"Dear, where are we going to travel?" Han Xue asked coquettishly in my arms. That kind of face made one's heart move. It felt like two years ago, under the moon, I lowered my head shyly and kissed her forehead. My blood was boiling.

"Where do you want to go?" I gently asked.

"I can go anywhere as long as I'm with you." Han Xue's current coquettish manner was like a docile little sheep.

"Let's go to Hainan. Don't you always want to see the sea?"

"I will listen to you."

After two hours of flying, I arrived at Sanya. A group of swaying coconut trees, a blue and pure sky, and a romantic golden beach. I couldn't help but want to dive into the sea. There was also Han Xue, who was wearing a sexy bikini swimsuit and had a hot figure.

"What are you looking at? Come over quickly." Xue Er, who had already stepped into the sea, pouted and shouted at me.

"Look at you! My wife's figure is superb!" I laughed foolishly.

"Hmph, who's your wife? I'm not sure yet. Hehe." Han Xue deliberately made a mischievous face and smiled at me.

I pointed at the "love stone" on the sea opposite the gate to the ends of the earth, "Xue Er, do you see that love stone? I, Lin Feng, will be with you in the future, day and night." I confess to Han Xue. However, the tourists around me seemed to be paying attention to us. The tone of this confession was clearly like that of a roller coaster.

"What did you say? I didn't hear it clearly." Han Xue lowered her head slightly. Her eyes flashed slyly and she said embarrassingly.

I turned around and shouted at the Love Stone with all my strength, "Han Xue, I, Lin Feng, swear to accompany you to the ends of the earth, to love you until the sea dries and the rocks rot! If there is any disobedience, heaven..."

"Okay, okay! What are you doing, everyone is looking at us. " Han Xue interrupted me. This time she is really shy. Her face instantly turns red like a mature rich man. But at this time, I really did not notice when so many tourists suddenly appeared around us. They were almost surrounding us tightly. But I can't care that much anymore and just tightly hug Han Xue. At that moment, I really hope that it can be fixed forever.

Beside me stood a middle-aged woman with a small bee microphone and a small red flag. She introduced the love stone while shouting, "Come, come, my guests, continue walking forward. There is a large market over there. There are many souvenirs and crystals are even more famous. You can pick out a few friends you like and bring them back." The tourists gradually dispersed. ...

That night, we counted the stars in the sky and talked about the beautiful future. We rode the sea breeze and listened to the sound of the rising and falling waves. ...

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