Dream/C3 New Students Entering the School
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Dream/C3 New Students Entering the School
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C3 New Students Entering the School

In the blink of an eye it was time for the freshman report, and although it was a little exciting, it was no stranger. I had been living on the university campus since I was young. Every year, I welcomed new students and graduated. It was like a movie was being played. Scenes of it were being played in my mind.

"Hello, classmate. Welcome. You're from the architecture department, right? Please sign here." A delicate and pretty girl enthusiastically came in front of me. Needless to say, it must be the senior who came to welcome our new students. He thought to himself, It's said that there are very few girls in the architecture department, and beautiful women are even more of a kind of extravagant hope. Looks like my luck is really good. I just came to report that I met a beautiful senior.

"Yes, senior. I'm a Mud and Wood major. What about you?" I'm feeling nervous. I couldn't wait for her to say, Oh my, what a coincidence. I didn't expect her to say something like that which surprised me.

"Haha, I am not from your department. I am learning Korean." The girl replied.

"Oh, I see. Right, Senpai. 'Then why don't you go and welcome the new foreign language faculty?' Although I feel a little disappointed, my curiosity has pushed me to the end.

"My brother works here, I came to help." The girl pointed at the busy figure at the registration counter, "Also, don't call me senior, I'm about to be called old by you. I'm also a freshman like you." The girl pouted with a mischievous expression on her face.

"Ah? So that's how it is. Hehe, alright. Nice to meet you. My name is Lin Feng. What about you? " I said with a silly smile.

"Ah! Are you Lin Feng?" The girl's calm face suddenly became surprised. That sudden surprise caught me off guard. Those who didn't know about it thought I was bullying the girl.

"What's wrong?" I was at a loss.

"Are you Lin Feng, the first prize winner of the National Youth Composition Competition?" The girl was even happier.

"Oh, yes. It's just luck, it's nothing, it can't be, right? Hehe." He did not expect that he would unexpectedly receive so many fans in an essay. This feeling was even more exciting than receiving an award.

As they chatted, they carried the school's blankets, bedsheets, and other daily necessities along the way as well as military training equipment.

They went all the way to the boys' dormitory. The girl did not seem to have any intention of leaving. She had probably long forgotten her original intention of coming over since she had fallen in love with them.

"Hey, hey, hello, classmate. Can I trouble you to ask where dormitory number 9 is?" A refined and thin boy came in front of us, panting heavily. He carried a large bag on his back and carried various items in his hands. He looked extremely disheveled, but his facial features were very delicate.

"It's not far ahead. I also came to dormitory number 9. Let's go together." I pointed to the right in front and greeted his father.

As we walked, we only cared about chatting and laughing with our Korean sister. We talked like a couple. I was going to take out the note. I looked at the floor dormitory on Building 9, but my Korean sister told me. The new students on Building 9 were all assigned to the fourth floor, and it wasn't too late to go up and see them again. Until the dormitory floor. The boy interrupted, "This school doesn't welcome you well. I've asked around for all the formalities, and I've run back and forth a few more times. I'm carrying so many luggage. " The boy complained as he carried the luggage up to the dormitory on the fourth floor with me. They walked into Room 407C together.

The dormitory was a living room with three rooms, A, B, and C respectively. It felt like home. There were two rows of tables and chairs in the living room outside, and there was even a colored television hanging on the wall. These were all shared by the three dormitories.

"Thanks, handsome. Oh right, you guys have exhausted me to death. I'll take a rest first. Which dorm do you live in? "I'll treat you to a meal next time." The boy looked at me, then secretly glanced at the beauty beside me.

I unpacked the luggage in my hands, slowly took out a piece of paper, and checked the information sheet. On it, the dorm room number 9, Dormitory 407C was clearly written.

"I'll go! It can't be." I screamed.

"What's wrong? I'm just treating you to a meal. Don't make such a big fuss. " Bro, when you're free, come and play often in the future. "Just treat it like your own dorm, don't be polite." He was shocked by my scream.

"I'm also in this dormitory." I said quietly.

"Are you for real? Show it to me." He snatched away my information sheet in one swift motion. In addition to his suspicions, he was even more excited.

"Aiyaya! Brother, fate, haha." I didn't think that I would actually meet my brother who is about to spend the rest of the day together like this. It's just like shooting television. We hugged each other, mixed in with the stench of sweat, but we were still immersed in an inexplicable joy.

"Hello, brother, my name is Meng Yanxing. Just call me Ah Yan."

"Lin Feng, nice to meet you." He shook his hand in a friendly manner.

"Brother Feng, I will sleep on the bed next to you. I am a brother in the dormitory. If you need anything in the future, please take care of me." Meng Yanxing's smile was full of childishness.

"Alright, you brothers in the dormitory can chat slowly. Then I'll go first." The girl said. We didn't mean to neglect our Korean sister who had been helping us with our luggage just now. We shouldn't have waited for me to say thank you. But Ah Yan spoke first. His words almost choked me.

"Hey, sister-in-law, don't go. It's almost lunchtime. Let's have a meal together." Ah Yan said.

Han Yu's sister's face immediately turned red. She whispered something: "Don't, don't, don't need to. I still have something to do." He rushed out of the door in a hurry and almost bumped into the handsome man who walked in through the door.

The handsome sunshine guy was really like his name. His white face was suffused with a gentle halo. The corner of his mouth was slightly raised, and even his pupils revealed warmth. His outline was clear, and he gave people the feeling of an angel.

His name was Zha Shuai. Regarding this surname, he was very conflicted about how others would read it wrongly and read it as a check. However, the sad thing was that even those who read it correctly would intentionally or unintentionally write "scum" when chatting or editing text messages online.

Zha Shuai and we were classmates in the same class, but we were assigned to the dormitory next door, 407B. Zhao Kang also entered the dormitory with him. His first impression of him was very high, and he estimated that he was at least 190.

Zha Shuai, Ah Yan, the three of us walked into the cafeteria. There was a huge crowd in front of the food window, and no one could see the quality of the food inside.

The classic lines in his mind that mocked the dining hall of the university were like loaches. For example, why were there rice in the sand of the dining hall? "Can you not let that beggar reach his finger into my food? Using the cooking method of cooking vegetables to cook pork ribs, using the mentality of cooking pork ribs to cook vegetables, and so on.

This was the peak period, so it would be better to postpone it for 15 minutes. However, if it was late, those popular dishes would probably be few and far between. While riding on the free soup, he looked for a suitable place. When the people gradually dispersed, it was finally our turn. Yo, you really didn't disappoint us. At a glance, it wasn't bad at all. Just as he was about to open his mouth and randomly order a few dishes, he was interrupted by a voice.

"Boss, give us some dishes. Three people. Look at the amount. It was too much yesterday. It's a waste." The voice was low and deep, full of magnetism. There were three 1.8 meters tall people. They looked cold and handsome.

"Hey, boss, I've been waiting in line for so long. Come first, come first." Ah Yan was unwilling and indignant.

At this moment, the boss did not stop to serve me. He continued to serve the tall and cold men with a smile on his face. The tall and cold man held the dishes in his hands. I looked at them and saw that they were almost all the most expensive dishes. Moreover, they were obviously more expensive than the other students. What was puzzling was that they did not pay and the boss did not have any objections. He still sent them off with a smile on his face.

"Get out of the way! Don't block the way!" While I was hesitating, I was pushed half a body away by a hand. It was the boy behind the tall, cold man, and his hair was dyed yellow.

"Be careful, you almost touched me." Zha Shuai dodged nimbly, and his tone carried a little resentment. The two of them looked at each other, as if sparks would burst out in an instant. I grabbed Zha Shuai's shoulder and signaled the owner of the canteen in front of him to wait for him to pick the dishes.

At this time, I also heard the tall and cold man urging from behind, "Alright, Ah Lei, come over and eat."

The boss told us that the three of them had some background. He heard that their family had a very strong background, so the teaching director gave way to them. The tall and cold man called Yan Ninjie, the eldest of the three, and the other two, the yellow-haired man was called Wu Lei. He was very good at fighting. He had just been a kid, but he had already caused trouble. The remaining one was Hong Dingzhi. Currently, he was in his third year. Overall, he was fine. After his second year, for some unknown reason, they rarely caused trouble.

In the canteen, the dishes were good. The price was reasonable. Returning to his seat, he didn't think too much about it. He was a freshman, and he had just arrived. Why did he have to ask for trouble? He savored the first meal in the university with satisfaction. He imagined that he would be able to spend four years in such delicious food. It was truly a pleasant thing. From this year onwards, the school reforms. They will adopt a contract system based on their own abilities. There are a total of seven windows, and the specialty dishes will be released every day. We're tasting window number 5, the most popular dish we've ever tasted. Secretly rejoicing, Good luck.

Zha Shuai's eating speed and appearance were the same as eating rice. It was hard to relate it to his bright appearance. He really suspected that he had been abused by his stepmother since he was young. It was only when he saw such delicious food that he could not stop himself. We had just immersed ourselves in enjoying the food. He had finished eating and drinking the soup. It could be seen that he was very satisfied with the food from the university.

"Not bad, much better than my high school." Zha Shuai wiped his oily mouth with the back of his hand without any restraint. "Hey, did you know? I once asked the canteen staff on the message sheet if they were cookers or breeders. ..." "Zha Shuai pretended to be mysterious.

"What was the result?" Ah Yan asked quickly.

"When I opened it a few days later, there was a row of beautiful words below: Magic breeder. I added: Why is it magical? You guys guess, what happened after that? " Zha Shuai smiled wickedly.

"Hey, tell me," the man said. Ah Yan and I both had the urge to beat this kid up.

"Okay, okay, I'll say it. Later on, the same words appeared again. It said: Magical breeder raised a cool pig like you playing basketball! Hehe!"

"This... if it was written by a girl, then it was clearly a confession to you." I praised.

"Yeah, but other than this line of text, there's no other information. How do you know which girl it is?" Ah Yan asked in confusion.

"Hehe, she's my girlfriend now." Zha Shuai seemed very pleased with himself.

"Huh? How did you find her? Tell me." While Ah Yan and I were listening to Zha Shuai talk about his romantic past, my phone rang.

"Hello, baby Xue'er, I'm at school. I just settled down. I'm going to call you later. How are you?" Ah Yan and Zha Shuai stopped talking and smiled at me.

"Yeah, it's good that you're here. I'm fine here, but I'm not used to eating here. I made a dish and thought it was catfish. It turned out that the bullfrog hadn't shed its skin. It almost puked out. I seemed to see Han Xue's disgusted expression on the other end of the phone.

"Your school is more advanced than mine. Why is this canteen so unreliable? You should eat some scrambled eggs with tomatoes. It's appetizing. You like it." I comforted her.

"Forget it. Don't even mention it. The scrambled eggs are actually used to cook the entire egg. I'm drunk as well. Quite a few students are protesting with the cafeteria. I heard that it's going to be tidied up. "Sigh, sisters asked me out to eat. I'm starving. I'll tell you later, bye."

I hung up the phone and Ah Yan jokingly asked," Brother Feng is so lucky. There are sister-in-law in and out of the school. When are you going to introduce her to me? "

What nonsense are you talking about? I'm just a boyfriend. If your sister-in-law hears this, she'll skin me. "

When Ah Yan heard this, he did not care. "Then, the Korean sister who accompanied you into the dormitory is...?"

"You talk about her. I just met her and she is also a freshman. She came over to help."

Ah Yan was engrossed in the conversation. He wanted to continue asking but was interrupted by Zha Shuai and I. Just asking about us is not enough. He has to talk about himself. When he asked about his personal feelings, he was like a flower after a storm. He was so handsome. He had never talked about a girlfriend? Who would believe him if he said that? However, Ah Yan is one of the few virgins in our class.

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